Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions

Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions


Bwindi forest has 4 gorilla tracking regions, Only 8 people are allowed to visit a gorilla family per day and it has 15 Gorilla families, The best time to visit them is June to August. Because its a dry season, the number of clients tend to increase. This requires Booking a gorilla permit in advance. WE DO HANDLE THAT FOR OUR CLIENTS. Weismann Safaris& Expeditions Uganda. Reach us on [email protected] or 256751807085 whatsapp
The first group that booked on our "" program has completed their hike to Margherita peak on Rwenzori mountain. Another group has booked( from 18th- 24th December 18). You can too join this group or book for your own date. Link with us on Email: [email protected] or Whatsapp +2456751807085 for our Exciting offers interestingly at lower rates
for the Season

Birds will make the sounds/ melodies that will keep lingering in your ears while on beautiful safari/ trip in UGANDA. You can combine watching with either tracking in bwindi forest or Viewing in Kibale forest or do . Contact Weismann Safaris& Expeditions- Uganda on email: [email protected] or whatsapp +256751807085

The world is God’s gift to us & we intend to discover this gift one step at a time ; Kenya, East Africa and the world capturing moments and making friends.

To unwrap the world, one destination at a time. The world is God’s gift to us. To enjoy a gift, you need to unwrap it. Mountain Slayers seeks to unwrap this gift through exploring various destinations in Kenya, East Africa and the world at large. There is no better way to see the world than on foot. Motto
‘One step at a time’
It simply is all about taking the first


Eburu Forest hike.. After a 7 year hiatus, we are ready for a comeback. Are you gonna join us as we make our way to this beauty that has a very special place in our hearts? Sign up! And let's go discover the magic together.


How our Saturday begun



Can't wait for the weekend!! Are you joining us? WhatsApp or call +254-719 830 090 to book your slot. Only 3 slots remaining!

Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 02/03/2022

Only one who has been up a mountain can tell of the secrets they uncover along their journey. This is as experienced and as narrated by .mbiyu who scaled the majestic Mount Kenya in July 2021.

"So, it has finally sunk in, it was such a great week and I am grateful for the experience.  I learnt that it is okay to take baby steps as this means that you always move forward. In the baby steps, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the banter and the company. Baby steps also meant that the energy was well utilized and not wasted...Prepping my day bag taught me to carry only what was needed for the day with emergencies planned for (rain gear) ...Lesson... Don't dwell in the past or carry things that will weigh you down. (self-doubt, fears, people’s opinions etc.) At the summit, I was in awe of the view and the accomplishment (savour the moments in which you succeed). It was great to have company at the top to enjoy the view. we then had a new target, Lake Michelson, ...taught me to always keep moving, set new targets always. I was humbled by the men behind the scene and in a sense, they represented our support systems, the people whose shoulders we stand on. Respect and appreciation for their hard work that helped us get to the very top"

Give yourself permission to experience the magic of Mountaineering with Call or WhatsApp +254-719 830 090

Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 25/02/2022

Mount Kenya as experienced by in December 2021: To hike Mount Kenya is a psychological , physical and spiritual decision. I had to get over the fear and embrace the possibility of a successful hike. Having summited the peak it was a journey of deep personal reflections that will definitely mould my future. The endurance of tough conditions and the survival of the team as a unit taught me the virtues of patience and teamwork, always seeing your team mate as better than yourself.

All in all, I emerged out of the mountain a better person than I went in; Having realised that nature is more organised and peaceful than the so called civilization. I recommend mountain climbing therapy to all out there. It is doable and enjoyable.

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March hikes are coming in 🔥 Sign up and let's go make memories!

Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 22/02/2022

The allure of the mountains is best told by those who have fallen in love with them.
This is what had to say about his experience scaling this beast of a mountain in July 2021

"When my friends have asked me about Mount Kenya, my answer has been it was hard hard hard! But even more than that it was amazing, spectacular and life affirming. I rediscovered what it means to have a great team to push and support you because without them I definitely wouldn’t have made it. The banter and camaraderie we cemented in the first 2 days became a strong backbone to push me and us to the summit. All of this in an area of such stunning beauty that it hurts the eyes. I loved every amazing..painful …cold minute of it."

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When we say we are a community, we mean exactly that. The weekend that was, Mount Kenya up the Naromoru route.

Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 21/02/2022

When we say we are a community, we mean exactly that. The weekend that was, Mount Kenya up the Naromoru route.

Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 20/02/2022

Always a pleasure having you on the trails..🤩🤩

Reposted from Here we are taking time out to pause and marvel at the grandeur around majestic Mt.Kenya.
Some hikes are for pushing your limits to get to the summit, and some are for slowing down to soak in the beauty all around you.

Amidst ancient trees, mossy rocks and fields of wild flowers, I found my happy spot half way up a mountain.

How blessed are we to call this country home?


Thank you for a perfect day out .fabulas

Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 17/02/2022

I long harboured a desire to climb Mt Kenya, borne of a desire to achieve and conquer. Made it to the Summit of Point Lenana on 16.12.21 at 1.35pm. From 12th to 18th December 2021, I got the chance to hike the Mt Kenya National Park. A 7 days and 52 kms hike of self discovery and awareness. Forced to confront my fears and weaknesses and build up on my strengths and belief system. At the summit, I felt that sense of great achievement. As I descended, I made a choice to leave behind all those negative things at the Mountain. Somethings are best left safe at God's house. Felt renewed and rejuvenated. 

Lessons learnt: Fear is oftentimes more overwhelming than the reality. Even the tallest Mountain can eventually be climbed one step at a time in small baby steps. Getting out of our comfort zones enhances our survival instincts and sharpens the mind. We walked as a team and supported each other and aced it. Good company helps make good choices. We placed God at the center of our endeavour and he blessed us with success.

What are you waiting for? Take a chance on yourself!


Today we celebrate the fact that we are . And this is what .wamucii had to say:

"There is a bond that grows when you hike together. You become a family. Mountain Slayers Kenya is that special family to us. When you share the last packet of biscuits, when you struggle uphill together, when you learn to fix shoes in the mud and rain, when you happily bunk together despite the sweat and mud when you see each other through the literal and metaphorical ups and downs and when you swear to never hike again only to meet everyone again at the next hike, then you are family"

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😆😆😆Caption this


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Another challenging hike coming up. Are you planning on doing a BIG mountain this year? Or have you been hiking for a while and looking for a challenge? Then this is perfect for you. Sign up! And achieve one of your goals.


Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 07/02/2022

Ragia Falls was exactly what we needed. Good weather and great company made for a lovely Saturday.
Don't miss out on the next!



Great connecting with 5:00am crew member on the trails. Reformed dining hall captain, Munyi ready to climb those mountains!

Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 05/02/2022

So last year, September 2021, we did our inaugural hike to Rwenzori Mountains. The Rwenzoris or Mountains of the moon are known as the rainmaker mountains. We experienced that in all it's glory. Rain was our daily portion. We were prepared for it- good gear, mental strength and good cheer. The bog was the boggiest bog ever to bog!😑😑
We weren't ready. Whatever we had previously encountered as bog during other hikes was little puddles of mud in comparison to the Rwenzori bogs.

Our trip was good. Out of a team of 5pax, 2 made it to Margherita Peak and 3 of us didn't make it. The decision to turn around at the beginning of the Margherita glacier was a safety decision. Due to the technical nature of this climb, 3 of us were harnessed together, and when it was clear that 1 of us was struggling, I made the call to turnaround . Wilderness training and numerous years of hiking informed this decision. It was the best decision to ensure the safety of the team. As we turned around, we agreed to come back to this Mountain.

January 22nd 2022 saw us head back. Anyone who has climbed this Mountain, questioned our sanity🤪🤪. It's not a mountain for the fainthearted and as we say, this is a mountain that isn't fit for children. It's strictly for grownups. If you know, you know.😉

This time around, the weather. Not a drop of rain. At. All. Dry weather from Day 1 to Day 7. The bog was "normal" bog. The nights were hot (well, mountain hot isn't your regular hot eh?) 😛😛

We had unfinished business with this Mountain. We were here to humbly set the record straight. Humbly because, you can do all you want to prepare and get ready. But, if the mountain doesn't want you to access her, you shall not access her. Each day was a win, and closer to our target. On day 3, I felt the altitude, when your heart monitor beeps persistently due to low heart rate as you sleep, you know you're at a high altitude. Again I reaffirmed that I was ready to do whatever needed to be done, to stay safe. Summits are good but life is better😊😊

Day 4 was a good day as we walked to Elena Camp, the base camp. As we turned in for the night, I said my prayers and left it all in God's hands. 3:00am wake up call, and departure at 4:00am for the summit. 1 member of the team had opted out of the summit attempt so it was 4 of us were making our summit attempt of Margherita Peak.

One of the guides had assessed my ability and decided to pull me away from the group to make a solo summit attempt. I cleared this with , my return partner, who gave me her blessing to go.

I was not ready. Go is to go. The guide pulled away, with me steadily following his footsteps, and in under 4 hours I was at Margherita Peak. Emotions overcame me when I saw the summit sign boards. God had granted me this summit on my second attempt.

Rwenzori has been a mixed bag of emotions for me. I've learnt numerous lessons through this 4 month journey. From September 2021 to January 2022 I have learnt a lot. I have chosen to learn through the process and grow.
The one lesson I will share with you is this: If you don't achieve your goal on the first attempt, it doesn't mean that it isn't yours. You may just need some more time to get to it. You may still need to go through some character development to prepare you to successfully handle your win/goal.

What's your one goal for 2022? Are you willing to push through the pain to attain it? Challenge yourself, go forth with single minded clarity and I wish you success in your pursuits.


Weekend plan loading. Few slots remaining.. Sign up!



🙈🙈 Old wives/mother's tales had me almost throwing this litu creature away🥴🥴🥴

Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 31/01/2022

Rwenzori Mountains are a beauty and life changing experience for those who dare to explore her.
This was our second time in under 4 months. September 2021 the mountain was rainy and boggy from Day 1. This time around, the mountain was dry, dusty and warm from day 1 to the end. Full of hope and a constant prayer on our tongues, we made our way up the mountain.
Each day was a gift as well as a challenge. We made peace with our lot and left the journey in God's hands.
We did what we prayed we would do and are thankful for the amazing experience.



Wanderlust2022-03 is now live. You know the drill.. Sign up and let's go explore and create magical memories..
*limited slots

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Reposted from It wasn't me! 🤭🤭 But, the kamole AKA guacamole slaps different on the mountain😋😋😋😋. Sorry



It wasn't me! 🤭🤭 But, the kamole AKA guacamole slaps different on the mountain😋😋😋😋. Sorry

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Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 18/01/2022

There is something magical about Mount Kenya. This past weekend we were not disappointed. The Likii North day trip was a success and we came away happy and refreshed.
You do not want to miss out on the next trip. Limited slots as always


The first of 100 boardwalks on the magnificent Rwenzori mountains.. The countdown begins..

Photos from Mountain Slayers Kenya- Hiking & Expeditions's post 18/01/2022

Always such a treat having you join us..

Reposted from Playing along the trail to Likii North Viewpoint... took a day hike to enjoy the wild fauna found only at high altitude.
The skies were clear till we got there, we walked through a hailstorm and got to freeze off our noses. Can't wait for the next one ☺️


How it started...

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Wanderlust2022- 01 in progress...

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Hiking Boot 101 13/01/2022

Hiking Boot 101

Hiking terrain Generally, there are 3 types of hiking terrain: Easy trails: The track surfaces are stable and even, with a few slight hills. Uneven trails: This is a technical terrain and can be found in the mountains or undulating landscapes with slanted trails. Off-trail: this terrain is uneven, often unstable with loose rocks, grass tussocks and the trails are not usually marked....

Hiking Boot 101 Hiking terrain Generally, there are 3 types of hiking terrain: Easy trails: The track surfaces are stable and even, with a few slight hills.Uneven trails: This is a technical terrain …


Only 2 slots remaining for Wanderlust #01 2022. Grab yourself a slot before it's too late.

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Today we celebrate one of our community members. Alice] did a thing. She begun her year scaling Mount Kenya. Her target was Batian peak, 5199M ask but the weather conditions weren't favourable so she got to Nellion 5118M asl. She is an amazing mountain lover. Fierce Mountain conqueror! And today we take our hats off to her and celebrate her!! Well done Alice] and may the weather be favourable at your next attempt!

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