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Awaking the 🐉 dragon at Hualien
2019 ADATA Pacific International Dragon Boat Festival
Yasha Dragons Okinawa 夜叉龍 - Dragon Boat Team
Thanks Anne, I like it
For your ocean and uninhabited island adventuring please visit Crystal Blue Persuasion Charter Boat Okinawa or Crystal Blue Adventures
QS.... a young man ahead of his time and still creating

Connecting you to the amazing experiences and epic beauty of Okinawa!


Photos from OkiLife's post 05/03/2022

Reminder that the Garden Pool at Hotel Nikko Alivila will open for the season tomorrow!
This pool is for guests only, surrounded by Spanish colonial-style buildings
and the nature of Yomitan village.

A perfect place for an #okilifestaycation and you can book it now at www.staycations.okilife.jp

Timeline photos 04/03/2022

Boogie boarding at the Sunabe Seawall, an Oki Bucket List must do! @shokoatsumi is our #okilife Feature Friday Photo!


Book a stay at the beautiful @mercure_okinawa_naha and take advantage of our #okilifestaycation rates. Enjoy a fabulous night out in the city, and make your way to @okinawaworld_official to soak in the local culture.

Visit www.staycations.okilife.jp


Photos from OkiLife's post 15/02/2022

Japanese onsen culture is something you really need to experience while you’re here in Japan. There are fewer onsen here on Okinawa than you’ll find on the mainland, but if you stay at Island Breeze you can enjoy a relaxing soak at the end of the day. This vacation home has a great barbecue area, and an all-wooden hot tub just a few feet from your front door. Visit their website at www.en.islandbreeze.okilife.jp to book a stay at one of our favorite Okinawa accommodations.

#okinawa #islandbreeze #okilife

QBNTO1 My life In Okinawa - YouTube 13/02/2022

QBNTO1 My life In Okinawa - YouTube

QBNTO1 My life In Okinawa - YouTube I'm a military spouse living in #Okinawa Japan. Follow along with me as I go on my adventures on this beautiful island! From beaches to bull fights Okinawa h...

Photos from OkiLife's post 08/02/2022

One of the most striking features of the Alivila Resort are its corridors. The blend of Spanish Colonial design and the nature and culture of the surrounding village make for a unique stay experience. You'll often see guests taking a walking tour or congregating near the hotel's artistic spaces. It often feels like you're in another country when you stay at the Hotel Nikko Alivila.

Book your stay here and take advantage of our guaranteed best rates for military families. 👇👇👇


Photos from Okinawanderer's post 01/02/2022


Timeline photos 28/01/2022

What a fun place to explore during Oki Winter!

#repost @okinawan_lux exploring the @southeast_botanical_gardens

Photos from OkiLife's post 25/01/2022

Have you ever paddled a clear bottom canoe or SUP? It's just one of the great activities you can do at Hotel Nikko Alivila.

The heated indoor pool and jet spa is also an ideal place to relax and unwind.

Free your mind and be one with water at Hotel Nikko Alivila. Visit our Staycations page at www.okilife.jp to book your stay.


Help Oki

Keep doing all the Good Things Help Oki👏👏👏


Churaumi Aquarium

The Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu is one of the world's largest aquariums. It's about 90 minutes drive from Kadena Gate 1 and a fun, educational way to spend a day with kids.

Find details about other sight seeing, activities, and places to eat while in the Motobu area at www.okilife.jp 🤩

Timeline photos 21/01/2022

Have a great weekend OKILIFERS!

@kate_goes_outside is our #okilife feature this week👌👌👌


1:10Dive Oki Moment #6

What do you know about these creatures? Beautiful, but always best to look and not touch. Another beautiful Ryan video. @brandon_hannan_photography

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Timeline photos 19/01/2022

Visit www.staycations.okilife.jp for the best rates on a getaway to the Hotel Nikko Alivila, one of Okinawa's top resorts. 🏖
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All of the best Okinawa Activities in one convenient place...
👉👉 okilife.jp

Timeline photos 14/01/2022

Name that waterfall!

#repost @lala.thatsmyname is our #okilife Feature Photo of the Week! 📸

Gateway to Leadership for Military Spouses in Okinawa 12/01/2022

Gateway to Leadership for Military Spouses in Okinawa

It's not too late!

Gateway to Leadership for Military Spouses in Okinawa Okinawa Leadership Seminar provides leadership training for emerging & established leaders in the military spouse community.

Timeline photos 12/01/2022

You really can't leave Okinawa without checking an #okilifestaycation at the Hyatt Regency Seragaki off your bucket list. Hyatt is one of the premier Okinawa resorts and has been offering the best rates on island to Military Families on our island staycations packages.

Visit www.staycations.okilife.jp for details on a great holiday. 🏖
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1:20Dive Oki Moment #5

Thank you again Ryan Hannan for introducing us to the amazing underwater world here in Okinawa. We’re always amazed at your stunning images.

#diveoki #scubalife #okilife @brandon_hannan_photography

Photos from OkiLife's post 10/01/2022

Hotel Alivila has extended their special rates on OKILIFE Staycation now through March 31st! With your choice of Western style breakfast buffet or Japanese Ryukyu Cuisine included with your stay. The "Verdemar" restaurant is a health and beauty themed western buffet with an assortment of fresh, local Okinawan ingredients.

Visit www.staycations.okilife.jp to book, and enjoy one of the most popular hotel breakfast buffets in Okinawa 😋


Adventure in Okinawa

For all the great Oki Activities, check out our Activities Page at okilife.jp 📲

Panza Okinawa at the @sheratonokinawa is an exciting zip line over open water, just 20 minutes north from Kadena Gate 1. Is the Panza Zip Line on your Oki Bucket List?
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Timeline photos 07/01/2022

Night time in Chatan is fun!
@chatan_kanko is our #okilife feature photo this week! 📸
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Timeline photos 05/01/2022

If you're looking for a fun night out in the city, contact @mercure_okinawa_naha or visit www.staycations.okilife.jp to see the great rates the Mercure Naha is offering on an #okilifestaycation this month.
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How Do You Live Your OKILIFE_

Happy New Year everyone! Aren't you glad you live in Okinawa!! ❤️

Find lots of ideas for your 2022 Oki Bucket List at okilife.jp 👌👌👌


Happy New Year and a happy first sunrise of 2022 from out here at Miyagi Island!!🎉🎉🎉 We hope everyone has a great year ❤️


Happy New Year everyone! For all you morning people here is Oki Social’s map of best locations to welcome the first sunrise of 2022.❤️

Anyone here going to watch the sunrise on New Year's Day? Here are our picks on the best spots on Okinawa to welcome the sun. Please help spread the map. For location details, visit: https://www.okisocial.com/okinawa-bucket-list/where-to-watch-first-sunrise-on-okinawa/

Timeline photos 31/12/2021

Bye bye 2021, and hello to a whole New Year! Happy New Year to all you OKILIFERS out there! Onward and Upward in 2022!

#repost @umikajiterrace for our last Friday Photo Feature for the year! 📸
#happynewyear #okilife

Timeline photos 29/12/2021

If you're looking for a great winter getaway, Hotel Nikko Alivila is offering great rates on our #okilifestaycation package, and as usual all the details can be found at www.staycationsokilife.jp


Come clean the beach with us on January 2nd!! ❤️❤️❤️

Ring in the new year and help clean up our local Torii Beach! OKILIFE Staycations is giving away a free night's stay for a family of 4 at beautiful Hotel Nikko Alivila!


12:20Dive Oki Moment #4

Would you invite this guy to Christmas dinner? Hope everyone’s got their appetite ready for turkey day! If you’re in a charitable mood and want to do a good deed this holiday season, visit @chura.mura online at www.churamura.org and make a donation to sea turtle conservation.

#merrychristmas #okinawaseaturtles #okilife

Timeline photos 17/12/2021

This girl and her Christmassy vibes are our #okilife Friday Featured Photo 📸
#repost @jaaxzy
#christmasislife #americanvillage #christmasinoki


The Hotel Nikko Alivila is offering the lowest rates ever on select dates for military families. 🤩 This resort is absolutely beautiful, and winter is the time when the ocean views and sunsets are at their absolute best.


Visit our website to find the best deals on Okinawa Hotels & Resorts.🏖


Dive Oki% Kadena North

We've been diving a lot lately and local diver Travis Lipscomb guided us at Kadena North Steps on a recent dive there with his kids. We asked for some dive safety tips from Travis, Genevieve and Octavian and wanted to share the info with all the new Oki divers. 🤙

We recommend Kadena North as a pretty good beginner level dive but please explore with an experienced friend your first time and be aware of the conditions. It's a beautiful dive site!

Timeline photos 10/12/2021

Who's dove (dived?) the USS Emmons? It looks pretty exciting!

This photo by @ww2diver is our #okilife Friday Featured Photo 📸
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Here at Okilife it is our mission to connect you to the amazing experiences taking place all around you every day here in Okinawa, and to give you a platform to share those experiences with the world.

Life is a grind. It’s easy to get stuck in a 9 to 5, screen-time overdose mentality. We strive to never take for granted the beautiful island and the exciting things happening all around us in Okinawa every day. Your smartphone is a tool; Use it for a few seconds to connect and see what’s happening in your area, then turn it off and come adventure with us.

This is a special place. You’re not in Japan, and you’re not in America.

You’re in the Okilife Republic.

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Churaumi Aquarium
1:10Dive Oki Moment #6
1:20Dive Oki Moment #5
Adventure in Okinawa
How Do You Live Your OKILIFE_
12:20Dive Oki Moment #4
Dive Oki% Kadena North
12:10Dive Oki Moment #7
11:20Dive Oki Moment #8



Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, Okinawa

その他 Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun 旅行会社 (すべて表示)
アースシップ沖縄 アースシップ沖縄
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 9040411

沖縄の恩納村で、大自然を満喫できる カヤック&SUPツアーをしています。 “come as a guest, go as a friend” 「来るときはゲスト、帰るときは仲間」 旅重なる感動をお届けします!

やんばるくまもん やんばるくまもん
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 903-0213


沖縄海遊 沖縄海遊
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 9040117


沖縄の釣船 Boat Fishing  純“tsuna” 沖縄の釣船 Boat Fishing 純“tsuna”
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 9012311

沖縄県東海岸の熱田漁港よりパヤオ/ジギング/エサ釣りなど 沖縄県の釣り全般の釣り船を運営しております。 会社旅行!家族旅行!女性やお子様!初めての船釣り! 大歓迎です!

沖縄ナイトシャトルバス 沖縄ナイトシャトルバス
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 904-0115

歌バスさんと楽旅♪ 北谷↔那覇 夜の魅力を探しに行こう!!

ネイチャーワークス ネイチャーワークス
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 904-0325


アオカワダイビングサービス アオカワダイビングサービス
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 904-0113


中城村観光協会/Nakagusuku Village Tourism Association 中城村観光協会/Nakagusuku Village Tourism Association
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 901-2406

Instagram・Twitteもはじめました! https://www.instagram.com/nakagusuku.kanko/?hl=ja https://twitter.com/Nakagusukukanko

たびんふぉ たびんふぉ
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 903-0125


沖縄ダイビングショップ ドロップイン 沖縄ダイビングショップ ドロップイン
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 904-0301

ドロップインは少人数制で、有名な青の洞窟はもちろん、 まだまだ知られていない沖縄の穴場ダイビング スポットへ皆様をご案内いたしております。

沖縄ダイビングショップ CHRONOS Ocean Field 沖縄ダイビングショップ CHRONOS Ocean Field
喜舎場268-1 サニーハウス B-1
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, 901-2311


北谷町漁業協同組合 総合案内所(沖縄のマリンスポーツ 北谷町漁業協同組合 総合案内所(沖縄のマリンスポーツ
Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun