Fil-Am Association, Yokosuka Chapter, Japan

THE Filipino-American is a community service , non-profit social group promoting equal opportunity in Yokosuka, Japan. Goals:

-To preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Filipinos.
-Promote equal opportunity and the fair treatment of all.
-To provide charitable assistance when and where needed.
-Promote friendship and good fellowship opportunities for Filipinos and Americans and other cultural diversities.


This page is no longer active. Please follow/like the new Fil-Am Association Yokosuka page.


For our members who have access on CFAY.

Good evening everyone,
We will be starting our 2018-2019 DEFY Program this coming July 2018. For those of you who have kids ages 9-12, I encourage you to register your youth. Please message or email me at [email protected] so I can email you the applications.
Thank you.


This is a Veteran-owned House Cleaning business. Please support. Please pass the word to our Fil-Am friends and shipmates. Thank you.
Our Services includes:

1. Daily House Cleaning
2. Laundry
3. PCS Cleaning
4. Cooking/Personal Chef

For free consultations and assessment, Please contact:

For English POC:
Cisco: 080-5478-5855
"[email protected]"

For Japanese and English:
Ikuko: 070-5276-7553
"[email protected]"

Naoko: 070-5271-6640
"hsnaoko2[email protected]"


Hello Everyone! This is Kuya Cisco. I am just wondering if anyone in this group is nice enough to let me borrow a VAN from 07-11 MAR? I have a group of food manufacturers and my Boss from the US visiting here in Yokosuka. In return you are all invited to attend our Food Show on Wednesday, 09MAR from 1000H - 1200H. If anyone of you so happen to have that van to loan, all I need is a Letter of Authorization to drive the van for the dates requested. Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat. Kind regards, Kuya Cisco


Good morning all!
It's that time of the year, your outgoing FIL-AM officers are looking for new and fresh candidates to take over the Fil-Am Association of Japan, Yokosuka Chapter.

It is a challenging responsibility, but it has
its rewards. If you are interested, please show up and update your membership.

WHO: Fil-Am members, candidates or willing to join the association.
WHEN: 12 February 2016
WHERE: SBARRO Restaurant; 1800
WHY: Election of officers and turnover.

Note: The association is an equal opportunity organization that welcomes
diversity. Please encourage your friends to join us!


Just a reminder about tomorrow's Thanksgiving potluck which will be held at Ajisai party room @ 1800-2100.


FIL-AM basketball tournament that is scheduled for this year was moved to 30-31 January 2016 and 6-7 February 2016. Thank you for your cooperation.


We The Kings - "Check Yes Juliet"

While we're cooking and selling food...the band was playing :-)

We The Kings (Live) "Check Yes Juliet" Yokosuka, Japan Friendship Day August 1, 2015


Volunteers wanted!!!!! Fil-Am association will hold a Barbeque tuhog party at Nanaban Tower today after work in preparation for the FRIENDSHIP DAY on August 1, Saturday.

FIL-AM booth is #13 and located behind CFAY galley and end of the bowling alley :-) So come and JOIN us have FUN !! See you soon!!


Our next meeting will be held tomorrow at Starbucks @ 1700 to finalize Friendship Day. (Annaliza Nilo)


Just a friendly reminder: Today's Feed the Homeless will be meeting in front of Daiei Mall @ 1930. ( Annaliza Nilo)


Our next meeting will be held on 8 July @ Starbucks at 1700. (Annaliza Nilo)


Just a reminder....Going away potluck for the Hizon Family will be held at Tsubaki Hts party room starting at 1500 today, July 3, 2015 (Friday)....Let us say goodbye to our 2011 Fil-Am Association President :-) Hope to see you all there....


Meeting will be held on 24 June @ 1700 at Starbucks to talk about the Friendship day.


Bantay Bata coin counting at Nanaban party Room starting at 1000 tomorrow, June 13, 2015. Lunch will be provided to all the volunteers... come make a difference in a child's life! :-) Every coin counts


Our product is our PRIDE.



Commander, Fleet Activites, Yokosuka
Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa



その他 Yokosuka-shi 非営利団体 (すべて表示)
Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs

Childcare in support of the mission at CFA Yokosuka

USO Yokosuka USO Yokosuka
Building B48A, CFAY
Yokosuka-shi, 96349

NEW Hours of Operation SUNDAY - 1000-2200 MONDAY - 1000-2200 TUESDAY - 1000-2200 WEDNESDAY -

横須賀市 点字図書館パソコンサポートボランティア 横須賀市 点字図書館パソコンサポートボランティア
本町2丁目1番地 総合福祉会館4階
Yokosuka-shi, 238-0041


マカマカの地球歩き マカマカの地球歩き

版権窓口 株式会社neocats

SiP Self innovation Platform SiP Self innovation Platform
Yokosuka-shi, 238-0013

NPO法人SiP(Self Innovation Platform) は、これからの新しい人と組織の未来を考えるオープン・ラーニングコミュニティーになります。

African Children's Choir Japan African Children's Choir Japan
三春町 2-11
Yokosuka-shi, 238-0014

アフリカンチルドレンズクワイヤー  公式日本語ファンページ 希望の声?

(公社)神奈川県宅地建物取引業協会 横須賀三浦支部 (公社)神奈川県宅地建物取引業協会 横須賀三浦支部
Yokosuka-shi, 238-0011


Divorce Advocates of the Phils Japan Chapter Divorce Advocates of the Phils Japan Chapter

Divorce Advicates from Japan

認定特定非営利活動法人 アンガージュマン・よこすか 認定特定非営利活動法人 アンガージュマン・よこすか
上町2-4 レルムアカシヤ1F
Yokosuka-shi, 238-0017


公益社団法人横須賀青年会議所 公益社団法人横須賀青年会議所
Yokosuka-shi, 238-0013

となりのれすとらん となりのれすとらん
Yokosuka-shi, 2380041

地域•まぜこぜ食堂 となりのれすとらん 子どもさん0円 大人 300円 みなさんと同じ時が刻めますように…

The Sullivans School Parent-Teacher Organization The Sullivans School Parent-Teacher Organization
Yokosuka-shi, 222-0003

This is the public page for The Sullivans School Parent-Teacher Organization. If you would like to join the PTO please also join the Members page