Mamy House Cleaning Service Yokosuka

Mamy House Cleaning Service Yokosuka


Mamy House Cleaning Service Yokosuka is the service I used during my entire tour. I trusted the team to keep my 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths super clean and mold-free during the summer.

Come transfer time, I got my full deposit with no questions asked from the agent or landlord. All thanks to Mamy House Cleaning Service. If I ever get to come back to Japan, I will definitely continue to use this service.

Cleaned top to bottom, got full security deposit back. Was able to get me in for PCS clean on short notice. Highly recommend.
Best cleaning service ever! We had “Mamy House Cleaning Service” clean our house regularly, and not only was the cleaning thorough, Mayumi-san was 100% trustworthy! So of course as we were preparing to move out we asked Mamy House Cleaning Service Yokosuka to clean our house after pack-out. The house was cleaned to perfection, as always. The housing agents that did the walk through were impressed at how clean the house was, even the bathroom and kitchen drawers were immaculate! They were thankful! I highly recommend you use “Mamy House Cleaning Service”. I promise you will be 100% satisfied.
So as my house was getting packed out and o realized how much i had to clean, i began to get overwhelmed because i had so many other errands to run. So literally during my pack out I was hoping i could find a cleaning service and I found this page. So i messgaed Mamy and she responded very quickly and she was able to come clean my house that same day a couple of hours later. Not only was her customer service excellent but she was very efficient. When I did my final inspection with my agency they thanked me for leaving the house so clean and was very impressed. I highly recommend this service!! 💜💜
Great service! Very professional and polite! I was PCS’ing last minute and she managed to accommodate me for a great price. I wholeheartedly recommend Mamy’s cleaning services. Thanks again!
This was the best service. Very professional, polite, and a really great job. I definitely recommend Mamy services to anyone looking for a home cleaning. I was PCS’ing and everything I needed was last minute and she was able to accommodate me for a very reasonable price. I got my entire deposit back from my rental agency. THANK YOU! A+
Mamy House Cleaning Service Yokosuka is a very professional cleaning service.
She’s focused working on the spots and details other than routine cleaning. Thank you.
We had our AirCon cleaning 🧼 for three units (2 bedrooms and 1 living area) and oh my goodness! Your aircons run hard in heat, cold and rain and wind and storms, that means the summers-worth of dirt and dust and grime! Even mold. So if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and book your AirCon cleaning with Mamy House Cleaning Service Yokosuka.
Did an amazing job, and complimented on how well the cleaning was done by realtor! Got every last dollar back I could've possibly had from deposit. 5/5 all day.
Great service! She got here on time and was very efficient. Thoroughly cleaned three of my units. The water that came out was black 🤢. She gave me advice on furture upkeep of my units as well. Definitely recommend Mamy House Cleaning Service!
Enjoying the much cooler rooms now, thanks to Mayumisan! We don't need to worry about molds and dust anymore. She was very friendly to us and our pet. ☺ I will try my best to clean the ACs regularly as you have advised. If I can't.. well I know you are just one call away! =) Thanks again for today! Otsukaresamadesh*ta!
Mayumi-san speaks English well and it was east to communicate with her about what I wanted. She was very responsive and quick to schedule my AC cleaning. After the cleaning I could tell the difference in air quality between the units she cleaned and didn’t clean.

House cleaning & organizing service, Pcs or moving out cleaning and AC unit cleaning for off base housing. Check out the all reviews on visitor posts.

Regular house cleaning service for Off base housing

(The prices below are for regular cleaning so PCS out cleaning different prices. PMUS)

¥13000〜 for apartment, ¥15000〜 for house(dusting, floors, toilets, sinks, shower room, kitchen surfaces)(with pets plus ¥5000) price will be charged depends on size and condition. For First cleaning session ¥25000〜 for apartment, for house¥30000〜(with pets ¥3



Please contact us anytime when you need❣️


Please contact us for details😉

Mamy House Cleaning Service Yokosuka updated their information in their About section. 22/03/2022

Mamy House Cleaning Service Yokosuka updated their information in their About section.

Mamy House Cleaning Service Yokosuka updated their information in their About section.


Last minute pcs out cleaning acceptable😉

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If American toilet paper not fit the holder in your house, please Japanese toilet paper core insert to the hole. It will be stabilize.


We can handle for PCS out cleaning by last minute order😉


We will take winter break from December 26th on Sunday to January 3rd on Monday.
We’re sorry for inconvenience.
Happy holidays♥️☃️🎄


Because It's our pleasure that customers please☺️

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We do clean mostly the places that realtor checking for house inspection😉

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Inside AC units are quite dirty more than you imagine😅


We do all our best😉


It’s good time to clean AC units before needing heater⛄️☃️⛄️


We suggest that cleaning inside AC units once a year at least 💦

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Time to do AC units cleaning after heavy using in summer 😳


Time to clean AC units after heavy using in summer💦


You will get fresh clean breezes🍀🍃🌱


Alway miss and feel sad when regular customers leaving🥲


If you need fresh breeze.🌿🌿🌿


It was nice talking to you❣️😊




Lucky me ♪ opportunity to work for always good customers ❤️


Good timing for cleaning AC units before heavy using in summer😵‍💫


Time to clean AC units 🤔🤔🤔


We do our best for PCS house inspection👍👍👍


Available for last minute PCS out cleaning 😉






We will relieve your stress out🤭


We’ll advice how to avoid AC units from dust and mold 😉




If you can not handle it, I can handle it😬


Please contact us If you need our help 😂 But regular cleaning is not included dishes or laundry things😅


I love my job❤️


We might be available for last minute PCS out cleaning 🙄


Everywhere I go always meet sweet person❤️


My customers are always nice and sweet 💕💕 I appreciate it🙏

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House cleaning & organizing service for Off base housing

¥11000 for apartment ¥12000 for house

(floors, toilets, sinks, shower room, kitchen surfaces, All drains )(with pet plus ¥1000〜)

(All cleaners are Japanese English speaker)

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