Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs

Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs


Good day parents!!
We have a few activities coming up! Please see flyers below for more information !!

5k Zombie Run - Run date: October 28th
**Please email us to get a copy of the registration form if you are not currently registered with CYP.
**Registration will be online starting on October 6th

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament - Tournament date: December 9th
**Team registration packets are available for pick-up
**Youth are able to choose their own teams
** Middle School and High School Age group
**1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies will be given to the respective teams after the conclusion of the tournament
**Team parent/coach or team captain is responsible for submitting the teams payment fee by December 2nd, 2022.

For more information about any of these programs, please contact us directly. Thanks !!
Attention Families!
As a friendly reminder, all Youth Sports Soccer Games are cancelled today due to inclement weather !
Commander, Navy Installations Command(CNIC), Vice Admiral Lindsey visited the Gridley Child Development Center this week. He had fun playing peek-a-boo with the children.
Child Development Homes has some great options for childcare. Each provider receives ongoing training, consistent monitoring, and maintains base approved health, safety, and fire requirements. sign up at militarychildcare.com under FCC.
A lovely ballet class taught by some of our own tweens! Thank you for participating!
Attention YSF Families!! Soccer practices today are cancelled due to inclement weather.

Start Smart practices will be cancelled as well!
Interested in a career with CYP?! Come stop by Kyoto Heights in Ikego and talk with us!
Teens and tweens enjoyed making parfaits with us at the Yokosuka Teen Center! Thank you all for joining us.
Some main base CDH providers took a field trip to the fire station! The kids had a great time learning about fire safety, crawling under the smoke, and exploring the parts of the fire truck.
Friendly reminder!
Please join our Parent Involvement Board (PIB) in the MWR building room 224 above Starbucks from 1200-1300.
Lunch will be provided 😊
The post below is posted on the FB page “Ikego Community Support”. Thank you for everyone who was able to participate in getting a balloon today in the Ikego base Community. We will like to continue this project to spread positivity and motivation ❤️! Keep a look 👀 out in the near future!

Hello Neighbors!

Ikego Teen Center would like to invite you to participate in our community service project POP MOTIVATION.

Ikego Teen Center youth have put together an exciting project in which they intend to spread positivity and motivation. If you find a balloon pop it and look for your motivational note. Balloons will be placed all around Ikego base today September 9th.
Good day CYP Families!

We are in need of volunteers for the following:

1. Volleyball League Coach - Oct 17 - Dec 10

9-11 YO Team 4 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1700-1800)
12-15 YO Team 1 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1700-1800)
12-15 YO Team 2 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1800-1900)
12-15 YO Team 4 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1800-1900)

9-11 YO Team 1 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1700-1800)
9-11 YO Team 2 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1700-1800)
12-15 YO Team 1 (Mondays Wednesdays 1800-1900)
12-15 YO Team 2 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1800-1900)

**The Ikego teams may be reduced based on enrollment numbers**

2. Flag Football League Coach - Oct 17 - Dec 10
13-15 YO Team 1 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1730-1830)
7-8 YO Team 2 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1600-1700)
5-6 YO Team 3 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1700-1800)
7-8 YO Team 3 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1600-1700)
9-10 YO Team 3 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1700-1800)

5-6 YO Team 1 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1600-1700)
9-10 YO Team 1 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1700-1800)
11-12 YO Team 1 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1700-1800)
5-6 YO Team 2 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1600-1700)
9-10 YO Team 2 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1700-1800)
7-8 YO Team 2 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1600-1700)
13-15 YO Team 1 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1700-1800)
Start Smart Team 1 (Tuesdays 1600-1700)
Start Smart Team 2 (Thursdays 1600-1700)

**The Ikego teams may be reduced based on enrollment numbers**

3. Outdoor Cheerleading - Oct 17 - Dec 10
5-6 YO Team 1 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1600-1700)
5-6 YO Team 2 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1600-1700)
7-9 YO Team 1 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1700-1800)
7-9 YO Team 2 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1700-1800)
10-13 YO Team 1 (Mondays/Wednesdays 1800-1900)
5-6 YO Team 3 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1600-1700)
7-9 YO Team 3 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1600-1700)
10-13 YO Team 2 (Tuesdays/Thursdays 1700-1800)

5-6 YO Team 1 (TBD 1600-1700)
7-9 YO Team 1 (TBD 1700-1800)
10-13 YO Team 1 (TBD 1700-1800)

The days of the week will be based on coaches availability.
We currently have one assistant coach coaching two teams, who is able to
coach on Tuedays and Thursdays.

4. Run Club (100 Hours) Oct 17 - Dec 3
Mondays/Wednesdays 1630-1730

Tuesdays/Thursdays 1630-1730

As always, coaches with children will be able to register their children for that sport, free of charge.

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for any of these, 241-2952, [email protected]
Back to School Carnival at Gridley CDC.
Thank you to everyone who participated in our first karaoke event of the year at the Yokosuka Teen Center! Hope you all had fun!
Thank you for crocheting with us today at the Yokosuka Teen Center! Teens and tweens practiced crocheting by starting various projects including a coaster and a small bee! 🐝

Childcare in support of the mission at CFA Yokosuka

The Yokosuka Child and Youth Programs’ site provides information for the following programs:

-Duncan Street CDC:
M-F 06:00-18:00

-Gridley Lane CDC:
M-F 06:00-18:00
243- 3033

-Ikego CDC:
M-F 06:00-18:00

-Child Development Homes Office:
M-F 06:00-18:00 (241-2978)

-Third Avenue (H20) SAC:
M-F 06:00-18:00

-Green Street (H12) SAC:

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 09/12/2022

We have FIVE people on our CYP team that just received a 10 year time in service award. Congratulations Dara Camacho, Sarah Clarke, Alecia Ford, Marties Sison, and Roshawn Terry! Thank you for your dedication!


CYP clerks and directors are in training getting ready to open up hourly care in all of our centers.


Good day parents! Below is our 2023 Youth Sports and Fitness Calendar. The next sports sign-up will be for our 2023 Youth Softball/Baseball Season on Jan 30, 2023.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 05/12/2022

Thank you to all of our Fall Junior Run Club Runners for participating in our end of season 5K run on Saturday in Ikego!! Special shout-out to our Run Club Coaches (Coach Delongpre, Coach Arthur, Coach Cole, Coach Johnson, Coach Caguioa, Coach Rose, Coach Westover, Coach Hahn, Coach Moulton, Coach McBride) for making this an awesome season!!

Timeline photos 02/12/2022

Congratulations to Huiwen Mattingley, our Training and Curriculum Specialist at Duncan CDC, for 15 years of time in service! Thank you! You have made a difference for our staff and children in CYP!


The tweens and teens at the Yokosuka Teen Center were feeling festive today and decorated our holiday tree in the main room.


It is School Age Center's Winter Camp time! Please log in to MCC and sign up if you need a space during the school break.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 29/11/2022

At H20 Third Avenue SAC, 4-H Photography Club member, Kai, has reserved the 4-H Studio to film his personal project. To reserve the studio, youth must write a script or story and then pitch the movie to a producer. When approved, they can start auditions for their own actors, camera operators, and video editors. All jobs are done by the youth. Here at H20 Third Avenue SAC, we provide youth with the opportunity to lead their own projects and experience the movie-making process from inception to world premiere. The Future Starts Here!

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 27/11/2022

DCDC kicked off the holiday season with a dip contest. Management and leads made various dips and staff voted on their favorite. The winner was a cheese and sausage dip.

This was a great morale booster and a great way to spend time on a break.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 27/11/2022

DCDC families enjoyed Thanksgiving Luncheon. We had over 50 families that participated in the event.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 25/11/2022

Youth enjoying our VB, FB & Cheerleading programs week.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 25/11/2022

Friendsgiving Luncheon at Ikego CDC 🦃. Thank you for joining us and have a great weekend!

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 25/11/2022

This month, H20 Third Avenue SAC held their 4-H Leadership Club Officer Elections. Candidates created campaign posters and speeches. The officer positions were 4-H President, 4-H Vice-President, 4-H Secretary, and 4-H Treasurer. The youth had the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. This week, the results were announced, and youth experienced public speaking through their acceptance speeches. Thank you to our staff and one of our youth leaders, Imani, for presenting the results and creating the ceremony space. Check out the pictures below.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 23/11/2022

The CDH program hosted a Friendsgiving. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a success!

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 23/11/2022

Gridley CDC is thankful for the dedicated staff and supportive parents. We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 22/11/2022

Face Painting Fun day at Ikego CDC!!!


As a reminder, sign-ups for our Youth Basketball league and indoor cheerleading will be ending on Friday, November, 25, 2022!!

**Good Day CYP/CFAY Families*

Due to a system update, the registration dates for our Indoor Cheerleading and Youth Basketball sign-ups will start on Nov 2-25th, 2022. Please see flyer below for more details. Thanks!

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 22/11/2022

As a part of Third Avenue H20 SAC's Leadership and Service Project, youth, families, and staff donated food comprised of a traditional American Holiday Meal to share our cultural traditions with the youth and staff who reside and work at the Shunko Gakuen Boys and Girls Home. Youth at H20 also created a menu and Thanksgiving Banner, filled with greetings and warm holiday wishes to accompany the Meal, all while learning the significance of giving back to our community and Host Nation. A big Thank You to the parents, staff and community members who donated the food.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 18/11/2022

Third Avenue School Age Care hosted a Family Engagement event, Friendsgiving. Parents, staff, and youth come together and share a fantastic meal created for us by the amazing CPO and Duncan Kitchen staff. Thank you so much for the wonderful food. A great start to the Holiday season! Check out the photos below.


Congratulations to Ms. Viernes for 20 years of service to the Child and Youth Programs. Gridley CDC appreciates all you do each day!

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 17/11/2022

Teens and tweens at Yokosuka Teen Center have participated in a wide variety of activities this week! Teens used natural ingredients, such as beets and blueberries, to dye fabric. Today, tweens took photos of different items in the room and painted using their photo as a reference. Tomorrow, we will have our weekly Dungeons & Dragons session. Don’t miss it!


Reminder-all children in childcare are required to get their flu shot by 30NOV. This shotex is past the deadline, but a great opportunity if you haven’t done it yet.


Look who is the MWR employee of the month! Way to go Ms. Vanessa! So happy you received this recognition.

Congratulations to Ms. Vanessa Hashimoto of Ikego CDC on being selected as MWR Employee of the Month for October 2022!

Vanessa continuously provides outstanding support to the Child and Youth Programs while performing her duties as a Program Assistant at the Ikego Child Development Center. Ms. Vanessa's connection to children and families is unparalleled. Her ability to handle an extremely high workload has helped ensure classrooms run smoothly, communications are efficient and Ikego CDC was inspection ready for their NAEYC Accreditation visit and upcoming CNIC Inspections. She is a highly valued member of the Ikego CDC team who is respected by her peers and a vital part of providing a quality program to the families in our care here in the Yokosuka community.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 16/11/2022

Some CDH providers met together last week to paint pumpkins! The children had lots of fun.


Third Avenue School Age Care is now accepting food donations for Shunko Gakuen Orphanage. Please check flyer for the donations we are accepting. We have three more days left. Tis the Season for Giving.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 12/11/2022

Teens and tweens at Yokosuka Teen Center have been playing chess and participating in STEM activities this week! Join us every Tuesday for Chess Club, the newest club at the Teen Center.

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 11/11/2022

Congratulations to Mickey Henderson and Chad Yeager for 25 years of service. Both are veterans and currently work for the CFAY Child and Youth Programs. Thank you both for your service and cooking delicious meals for all our children.


🗣 Attention all parents of children ages 5-12!

Do you experience:
▪️ power struggles?
▪️ communication breakdowns?
▪️ nonviolent discipline methods not working?
▪️ difficulty teaching independence and taking responsibility?

FFSC offers non-judgmental, informative Active Parenting classes to help with all this and more! 💞

✅ Register via mobile device: https://tinyurl.com/FFSC-course-registration
OR email [email protected]
OR call DSN 243 - 3372.


CDH has a new email address!

[email protected]

Due to an email system transition, we no longer have access to the previous email.


Attention Parents!!Our new Youth sports office email is
[email protected]

Photos from Yokosuka Child & Youth Programs's post 03/11/2022

Today at Yokosuka Teen Center tweens practiced making monochromatic art. They used one color in different shades to draw and color their chosen subject. Join us every Thursday to make art with us!

Photos from Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka's post 01/11/2022

Photos from Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka's post

ビデオ (すべて表示)

The presentation of the Hawaiian dance 🌺 All children and the teachers practiced for a month at Gridley CDC.
Third Avenue School Age Care held their annual Talent Show on August 19, 2022. Thank you to Ms. Brie for coordinating th...
Third Avenue School Age Care's Wizard of OZ had their world premiere on the last day of Summer Camp. It is all part of t...
Ms. Dina’s CDH is having fun learning!
Animation Club members made awesome stop motion animation this Wednesday! Teens and tweens at Yokosuka Teen Center took ...




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Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka
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The official page for CFAY. Website: https://cnrj.cnic.navy.mil/Installations/CFA-Yokosuka/


Yokosuka Naval Base Yokosuka Naval Base

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We are the most recommended pre-owned car dealer in YOKOSUKA offering a no nonsense, no-pressure sal

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The Commodore Matthew C. Perry General Mess Also know as The Jewel Of The East is a 5 Star Establishment located onboard FLEACT, Yokosuka, Japan.

Navy Exchange Navy Exchange
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