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YSE college dance(yokohama) 19/02/2015

YSE college dance(yokohama)

YSE college dance(yokohama) 説明

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Yokohama System Engineering

Yokohama System Engineering University


Yokohama System Engineering

Yokohama System Engineering University

Timeline Photos 08/02/2015

Message from the principle
Foster confidence and autonomy education

Potential overflow everyone! Do not have a firmly in gonna acquire skills required by the era!

Now, IT revolution due to rapid spread of mobile devices and cloud services such as smartphones and tablets, with the development of the digital revolution that seen in the digitization of such consumer electronics and video, has happened is a change that also can be said that the paradigm shift. For every hope of work to overcome this change, it is important that in order to continue to exert myself, is to put the job in hand. Although hand there are various ways to wear a job, who wants a companion and practical education that you can work hard and together, you are working over 34 years in training ray of the information-digitized human resources and YSE Please see the education of Yokohama System Engineering Institute College.

In school, in order to change the hope of everyone in the future of reality, we are the "education to nurture confidence and autonomy" cherish the interaction with students in the original small group. In addition, Heisei 24 June to perform the adjoining land purchase and new school construction, in the classroom and worked to further enhance the educational environment by introducing state-of-the-art educational equipment. From 2013 fiscal year, with the expansion of the curriculum, we have incorporated the course system along with the change of the department name.

Education is working with practical-oriented, but without having to remain in the classroom, external events and Commerce-academia collaboration, we are working as also actively internship. Such as in the early game competition and design competition the Robocon a lot of winning experience and winning experience, in commerce, industry and academia collaboration and internships we stack a variety of field experience. Students, the results of efforts now accepted in the external, it has also led to lively the whole school. In the graduation work that is the culmination of two years, and taste the sense of accomplishment along with the skills, we have fluttered in society with confidence. Because experience enrollment and school briefing is doing on a regular basis, We do not hesitate to participate in when you sure of your convenience, please try to experience the school of education.

YSEフェスタ2015のご案内 | キャンパスニュース|YSE 横浜システム工学院専門学校 08/02/2015

YSEフェスタ2015のご案内 | キャンパスニュース|YSE 横浜システム工学院専門学校

YSEフェスタ2015のご案内 | キャンパスニュース|YSE 横浜システム工学院専門学校 横浜システム工学院専門学校は、神奈川県下初の情報化人材育成機関として、システムエンジニア(SE)やロボット・組込み、デザイナーなどIT・コンピュータ分野を目指す学生を親身に指導している専門学校です。こちらはYSE FESTA(YSEフェスタ)に関するご案内です。

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company for Nissan

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Ajinomoto company

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stady time.......

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Yokohama, Kanagawa

その他 Yokohama 大学 (すべて表示)
神奈川大学 神奈川大学
Yokohama, 221-8686

慶應義塾大学 理工学部 慶應義塾大学 理工学部
Yokohama, 223-8522


慶應義塾體育會蹴球部 慶應義塾體育會蹴球部
Yokohama, 2230062


慶應義塾大学国際関係会 国際交流プログラム 慶應義塾大学国際関係会 国際交流プログラム
港北区日吉4-1-1 塾生会館104
Yokohama, 223-8521

慶應義塾大学福利厚生機関 国際関係会(I.I.R.)が主催する国際交流プログラムの募集案内などを掲載します。

フェリス女学院大学 フェリス女学院大学
神奈川県 横浜市
Yokohama, 231-8651

聖セシリア女子短期大学 聖セシリア女子短期大学

Kanto Gakuin University Kanto Gakuin University

横浜国立大学大学祭実行委員会 横浜国立大学大学祭実行委員会
Yokohama, 240-0067


横浜商科大学ホームカミングデー 横浜商科大学ホームカミングデー
鶴見区東寺尾 4-11-1
Yokohama, 230-8577

横浜商科大学 ホームカミングデーのページです。

Yokohama National University Yokohama National University
79-1 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku
Yokohama, 240-8501

Yokohama National University

理窓会神奈川支部 理窓会神奈川支部
横浜市南区共進町1-10(有)啓佑社 内
Yokohama, 232-0015


Universitas Kanto Gakuin Universitas Kanto Gakuin