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All about Alliance in Motion Global Business Are you the one who's always concern with your Health??? then this is a perfect business for you

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#水素水 #志布志
Making your water and your body ultra-healthy.

Ultra H2 aims to give easy access to healthy water at your convenience. This HydroCeutical product generates molecular hydrogen using the electrolysis process, which separates oxygen and hydrogen molecules. With Ultra H2 you will only need 3-5 minutes to get a cup of therapeutic molecular hydrogen water. Molecular hydrogen content per cycle can reach up to 1,500 ppb (parts per billion) per minute.
ULTRA H2 Molecular Hydrogen Generator creates Super Anti oxidant Water or shall i say HEALING WATER.

Drinking 1.5 Daily of HYDROGEN WATER is equivalent to
79 Bananas 🍌
38 carrots 🥕
516 Apple 🍎
3.7 Pumpkins 🎃
176 x of VITAMIN C
290 X of Catechin
309 X of Glutathione
431 X of VITAMIN E
863 X of CO ENZYME Q10

-an antioxidant and prevents brain damage
-can protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage
-prevents the development of Parkinson's disease
-reduces neurotoxic damage
-improve mood disorders
-may be used for improving depression and some mental disorders
-suppresses inflammation
-reduces muscle fatigue, motor deficits and muscle degeneration
-reduces lactic-acid buildup during heavy exercise
-can improve muscular dystrophy
-prevents metabolic syndrome
-reduces fatty liver wth type 2 diabetes and obesity
-prevents atherosclerosis
-increases good cholesterol
-help in weight loss
-controls body fat and weight
-directly protects the mitochondria
-stimulates energy metabolism
-treats diabetes
-decreases bad cholesterol
-normalizes glucose tolerance
-improves insulin resistance
-may treat metabolic acidosis
-increases the pH of the blood
-prevents cancer
-an anti-tumor agent
-suppresses tumor colony growth
-inhibits blood vessel growth in human lung cancer cells
-reduces side effects of cancer treatments
-improves mortality and body weight loss caused by an anti-cancer drug, cisplatin
-reduces kidney toxicity
-prevents the loss of appetite on patients receiving radiation therapy
-boosts skin health
-improves wrinkles in the skin
-reduces human skin cell damage from ultraviolet rays
-enhances wound healing
-limits damage of transplant organs
-improves bladder dysfunctions
-is cardio-protective
-improves heart muscle function
-protects the eye
-if used as eyedrops, facilitates the recovery process after retinal injury
-may prevent blindness caused by chemical burns of the eye
-prevents hearing loss
-protects auditory hair cells from oxidative damage
-combats allergy
-improves symptoms of atopic dermatitis
-ameliorates kidney disease
-reduces inflammation and blood pressure in hemodialysis patients
-protects the liver
-promotes gut health
-protects the lungs
-protects against radiation
-relieves pain
-prolongs life span
-is antibacterial
-promotes oral health

GRAB IT NOW and Invest in Health.😉

more information,
message me: Richele Iwasaki

16 Alkaline Foods You Must Have In Your Daily Diet 07/11/2020

16 Alkaline Foods You Must Have In Your Daily Diet

16 Alkaline Foods You Must Have In Your Daily Diet From jalapenos, watermelon, tofu, apricot to garlic and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them. Other videos recommended for you: WATCH 🎥: Eatin...

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Yes💪 be YOURSELF😉 but be your best self 😍


Challenges come to us to make us better, not bitter.

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Bakit ako nag-Decide na magkaroon ng Online Business with .

Simple at PRACTICAL lang po.
🔸Abot-kaya ang 8,999 pesos ANG PUHUNAN, DEKALIDAD na Produkto at may napakagandang Marketing Plan
🔸Walang sabit kasi LEGAL with DTI & Business Permit
🔸Walang Sales quota, number one pa ang products, may magandang benefits gaya ng Scholarship, Insurance na 200k
🔸TUTURUAN ka ng free traininings online at offline
🔸Walang traffic kasi nasa bahay ka lang.
🔸Walang gastos sa pamasahe
🔸Walang baon-baon ng lunch
🔸Walang nagmamando! Kasi ikaw ang boss sa sarili mong business.
🔸Walang naghihigpit sa oras! Kahit 1-2 hours lang, solve na!
🔸 Pag magclaim ka ng income mo, encash ka ngayon after 5 minutes, withdraw mo na! Hindi mo na hintayin ng 1month, 3months or 6months..Dito agad2 makukuha mo.

Subok at MATATAG na po, marami ng natutulungan nagbagong buhay at matutulungan pa!
Kahit saan ka man pumwesto sa apat na sulok ng bahay nyo basta abot ni WiFi or may Free Data, pwede mo trabahuin si maski nasa ibang bansa ka pa basta andyan si WiFi o Internet!...

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A personal testimony of powerful ULTRA-H2!

Sabi kahapon ng Doctor 2-3 weeks daw ako ma confine because of INFLAMMATION sa left Eye ko yung pic ko na before sobrang hinang hina ako dahil sa napaka painful talaga.. pero as of now after 24hours taking HYDROGEN WATER through ULTRA-H2 eto na yung result it’s getting Better and Better and BETTER ang bilis ng changes. Thank you so much ULTRA-H2! 100% recommended 😉💪💯 legit!

ULTRA H2 😊MOLECULAR HYDROGEN WATER❤ Kapag umiinom ka nito ang katumbas ay para kang Nakakain ng ibat-ibang masustansya na Prutas,Gulay at nakainom ng mga Vitamins

❤️💪=79 Bananas
❤️💪=38 Carrots
❤️💪=516 Apples
❤️💪=3.7 Pumpkins
❤️💪=145 Spinach
❤️💪=177X of Vitamin C
❤️💪=290X of Catechin
❤️💪=309X of Glutathione
❤️💪=431X of vitamin E
❤️💪=863X of Coenzyme

💥15 BENEFITS Na Maitutulong ng UltraH2💥

❤️1. Helps correct sugar levels>> Diabetes
❤️2. Para sa Highblood / Hypertensive
❤️3. Protects Kidney and liver
❤️4. Pinipigilan ang cancer
❤️5. Lowers Bad Cholesterol
❤️6. Cyst/ Bukol sa katawan
❤️7. Nakakapagpalinaw ng Mata
❤️8 .Reduces toxic effects of radiation and chemotheraphy
❤️9. Ulcer
❤️10. Hepatitis at Liver Cirrhosis
❤️11. Pag gamot sa allergy and protects against asthma
❤️12. Nakakatulong magpababa ng timbang
❤️13. Depression
❤️14. Pinapabata ang balat
❤️15. Malusog na mga kuko

Paano mawala ang PEKLAT 20/07/2020

Paano mawala ang PEKLAT


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FEEL extra clean and fresh naturally !

Your most intimate area deserves better hygiene without harmful chemicals. Say hello to a refreshing ritual with its natural deep cleansing ingredients plus negative ion strip that will make you feel thoroughly clean and powder fresh feeling all day everyday !
This natural feminine wash is dermatologically-tested pH balance and contains 100% no harmful chemicals...

ELEMI OIL-helps prevent U.T.I.
GUAVA LEAF & ALOE VERA EXTRACTS-prevent itchness,block allergens and act as an antibacterial and antiseptic. aloe Vera also helps improve the skin"s natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated.

Get superior all-day protection from bacteria and bad odor !
Men deserve a better, private and proper hygiene.
It is dermatologically-tested to have 100% no harmful chemicals and pH balanced. Akapulko extract serves as an effective natural antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral active ingredient. Aloe Vera extract is an excellent disinfectant treatment and helps improve the skin's natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated. Feel cool, fresh and energized with Peppermint essential oil. The negative ion strip has more than 6300 negative ions/cm3 that acts as a powerful anti-allergen,
antifungal anti bacterial, and has anti-aging benefits. Without a doubt, this is the only masculine wash men should be using...


PLEASE SHARE!!! This Could Save A Life!!

If you or anyone in your family has a neck that looks like this on the back or the sides, it's not dirt. It's a condition called Acanthosis Nigricans, which often is a sign of a prediabetic condition. Please see your doctor soon AND decrease the sugar in your diet immediately or you will greatly increase your odds of getting diabetes, some other prediabetic signs are small little skin tags on the neck, once the sugar is under control, those will go away.


Decrease and control your bad cholesterol level to decrease your risk of stroke and heart attack.

Do this by limiting your consumption of fatty foods, exercising frequently, and taking a natural supplement to reduce cholesterol such as Choleduz Omega Supreme.

Every gel capsule of Choleduz has the highest amount of fish oil which is a helpful substance in reducing cholesterol level. It also contains Vitamin E which is also important in lowering bad cholesterol body and helps in making your skin look healthy.

Fatty deposits in the artery can end up terminating you so stop it before it creates bigger troubles by eating healthily and popping Choleduz Omega Supreme!

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Kapag nahawa ka ng COVID, mararanasan mo ang pinakamataas na lagnat sa buong buhay mo at hindi ito kagaya ng trangkaso o sinat.

Babagal ang paghinga mo na parang may bulak na nakapasak sa butas ng ilong mo.

Kapag huminga ka para punuin ang baga mo ay agad kang mahahapo dahil parang barado ang dibdib mo at dito ka na magsisimulang matakot at nerbyusin. Kasabay nito ay magtatae ka ng walang kontrol at hindi mo kakayanin na pumunta sa banyo kayat magtitiis ka hanggang may maglinis sayo.

Uubo ka ng uubo at tuyong tuyo ang lalamunan mo hanggang mahapo ka na halos himatayin. Habang paulitulit itong nagaganap ay hindi ka makakatulog at ang dibdib mo, braso, likod, daliri sa kamay at paa ay kikirot ng lubha.

Pipilitin mong huminga sa ilong at mabibigo ka kaya kakabitan ka nila ng oxygen kung saan mararamdaman mo na parang sinisilab ang lagusan ng iyong ngalangala at ang sakit ay palala ng palala.

At kapag tuluyan ka nang hindi makahinga, isa pang doktor ang darating at sasalpakan ka ng halos dalawang dangkal na tubo sa lalamunan papunta sa baga mo. Ito ay pansamantalang hingahan mo na nakakainis at nakakabwist na napakasakit dahil namamaga at nagsusugat na ang lalamunan mo at sa pagkakataong ito ay hindi ka na makakakain o makakapagsalita.

Sa lahat ng nararanasan mo ay MAG ISA ka lng at wala ang mga mahal mo sa buhay sa tabi mo dahil mahahawa sila sa sakit na unti unting pumapatay sa iyo.

Dito mo mararanasan ang matinding lumbay at lungkot na magdudulot ng matinding pagka awa sa sarili at dito ka na iiyak na lalong magpapahirap sa iyong paghinga.

Kung malalagpasan mo lahat ng sakit sa katawan na para kang nalulunod kasabay ng pighati ay dito naman papasok ang paghina ng iyong puso o ibang parte ng iyong laman loob na ikamamatay mo sa bandang huli. At habang nangyayari ang lahat ng ito ay sunod sunod na makikita mo ang pagkamatay ng mga kasama mong pasyente sa kwarto ng pagamutan.

Nalalagutan na sila ng buhay…….at tsaka mo maiisip sa huling pagkakataon kung bakit nila sinasabi na HUWAG KANG LUMABAS NG BAHAY.




Simple lang Bibili ka lang ng EC PACKAGES member kana agad magkano sa maliit na halagang 🅿8⃣,9⃣9⃣9⃣
Pagkatapos mo bumili ng EC PACKAGES bibigyan ka namin ng ACCOUNT na my USERNAME at PASSWORD at dito mo makikita lahat ng transactions mo sa negosyo.

⏩ Wag ka mag alala sa binayad mong 🅿8⃣,9⃣9⃣9⃣
Ito ang makukuha mong items at benefits.
Value for money💵

1⃣. 🆓 Products halagang 🅿1⃣2⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣ to 🅿1⃣5⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣
2⃣. 🆓Insurance Accident 🅿2⃣0⃣0⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣
3⃣. 🆓Scholarship 2⃣0⃣%- 1⃣0⃣0⃣% Discount sa tuesion fee
4⃣. Lifetime Discount all Products --2⃣5⃣% - 5⃣0⃣%
5⃣. 🆓 Medical Check-up
6⃣. 🆓 Website Account Online
7⃣. 🆓 Business Tools/Brochures/Flyers
8⃣. 🆓Trainings online and Offline
9⃣. Lifetime Membership
🔟. Lifetime Coach & Mentor

⏩ Ito naman ang pwede mong kikitain sa puhunan na 🅿8⃣,9⃣9⃣9⃣

⏩Ang maximum income mo ay?
🔥🅿3⃣6⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣per day Income
🔥🅿2⃣5⃣2⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣per week Income
🔥🅿1⃣,0⃣0⃣8⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣per month Income

⏩Paano ka kikita?
1⃣. Retailing 2⃣5⃣% ➖ 5⃣0⃣%
2⃣. Referral 🅿7⃣0⃣0⃣
3⃣. Pairing Bonus 🅿1⃣,8⃣0⃣0⃣
4⃣. Unilevel 5⃣% - 🔟%
5⃣. Stairstep 🔟% - 4⃣0⃣%
6⃣. Uni pay out 2⃣% - 🔟%

Ang kailangan mo lang dito ay maginvite ng dalawang tao at kikita ka ng
🅿3⃣,2⃣0⃣0⃣ pesos
Pero ang invite mo na dalawang tao ay tuturuan din natin sila mag invite ng
tig dalawang tao, at sila ay kikita rin ng tig 🅿3⃣,2⃣0⃣0⃣ pesos kagaya ng sayo.
Ikaw naman bilang nag tuturo kikita ka din ng tig 🅿1⃣,8⃣0⃣0⃣ pesos kada may mag join under sa Team mo, kahit hindi ikaw ang nag invite kikita ka ng maraming tig 🅿1⃣,8⃣0⃣0⃣ pesos kapag maraming tao under mo kikita ka ng Maximum income 🅿3⃣6⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣ pesos per/day. YES PO araw araw💵💵

⏩"Oppss tandaan dalawangn kitaan palang
ang pinakita ko sayo para hindi ka malilito"

⏩Mayroon po tayong Online Training Video
at ituturo sayo ang tamang systema kung paano mo gagawin
ang negosyo mo?

⏩ Naisip mo din ikaw ay walang ma invite, wag ka mag-alala mayroon tayong "
"Helping System" tutulungan kita lagyan ng tao or invite.

⏩Dahil naka online ang negosyo natin gamit ang Facebook
at internet kahit saan kaman sa mundo madadala mo ang negosyo mo dahil hawak mo ang Account mo na may Password at Username...

⏩Walang Quota po ito, at
member kapa rin habang buhay...

⏩ Ang pangalan po ng Company na papasokin nyo ay EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM 1⃣4⃣years na po ito at may 1⃣0⃣0⃣➕ na po tayong office's sa pilipinas at meron na din po tayong 3⃣0⃣➕ office's sa ibat ibang bansa.

Kapag ngayon ka magdecide ngayon ka rin kikita
Kapag later ka pa magdecide later ka rin kikita😍

Huwag mo ng hintayin tumanda 👴👵 ka bago ka susubok
Invest kna habang bata kapa👨👩.

Happy changing lives
God bless❤
Message me👉 Richele Iwasaki

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⏩PAANO MAG SIMULA SA EMPOWERED CONSUMERISMSimple lang Bibili ka lang ng EC PACKAGES member kana agad magkano sa maliit n...
Go Japan!
Updated Philippine Global PackagesYou will get more the value of your money plus some benefits ......





Yokohama, Kanagawa

医療器具のその他Yokohama (すべて表示)
りんどう薬局(株式会社オール・プラン社) りんどう薬局(株式会社オール・プラン社)
Yokohama, 232-0006

京急線南太田駅、横浜市営地下鉄吉野町駅近くのりんどう薬局です。 医療機関専売品アスタリール取扱店です、詳細はスタッフまで!

一福堂薬局 横浜市金沢区,六浦 漢方,がんと免疫研究 一福堂薬局 横浜市金沢区,六浦 漢方,がんと免疫研究
Yokohama, 236-0038

横浜市金沢区,京急六浦駅すぐ 開局30余年,がんと免疫の研究とカウンセリングの漢方薬局

グリーン薬局(株式会社オール・プラン社) グリーン薬局(株式会社オール・プラン社)
Yokohama, 226-0011

フィード株式会社 フィード株式会社
Yokohama, 220-6119


つむぎ漢方薬局 つむぎ漢方薬局
Yokohama, 2250024


(有)木村義肢工作研究所 (有)木村義肢工作研究所
Yokohama, 247-0006

更生用、治療用など様々な義肢装具・車椅子・座位保持装置などを製 造販売しております。

健ナビ薬樹薬局鶴見 健ナビ薬樹薬局鶴見
Yokohama, 230-0062

鶴見駅西口にある調剤薬局です。 皆様の健康のお手伝いをさせていただきます。ぜひお気軽にご来局ください。