This regressive hypnosis method was pioneered by Dolores Cannon during her career which spanned over 45 years. It is a technique that enables you to access your inner self.

Dolores called it the person's 'Subconscious', 'Higher Self' or the 'real you.' It is very wise and loving. This part of you is always with you, because it IS you. It has the record of everything that has ever happened to you. It is a tremendous power in constant action just below the surface, just like the part of the iceberg underwater and unseen. If this part is accessed, it is very knowledgabl

[11/25/20]   Jane's page has moved. Please go to 'Bicom Yokohama' page.


Hi everybody, This is an except of a QHHT session I did recently with a client here in Japan. She is passionate about the Earth and that really came through fully during talking to the subconscious. Please watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQIuYluVZ5Y&t=231s

「温暖化で地球は大変だ!」とよく聞く時代になった。でも本当かな〜?と思うよね。これは 最近のQHHT セッションからの情報です。地球の状態について語るクライアントさんの潜在意識です。この情報は他のQHHTセッションから何回もありました。クライアントさんはお互いにあった事ないのに同じような情報がありました。何回も同じ事を聞いて地球は大変な状態になっているとすごく感じました。木を植えるだけでかなり違うって。このテーマ〜は何回QHHTセッションで聞いた結果は自分も動かなきゃーいけないと思いました。これから近所でツリー プランティングプロジェクトをはじまる事になった。私以外参加する人はいるかどうか分かりませんけど何もやらによりもとりあえず自分で頑張る。クライアントさんの許可でユーチューブに載せました。是非ここにセッションをご覧下さい:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQIuYluVZ5Y&t=231s
This is an excerpt from a QHHT session I did with a client recently. This is not the first time I have heard this coming from the subconscious of a client. In fact, I have heard it numerous times. So it has given me the feeling there is an urgency for us to act. And so I am starting a neighborhood tree planting project here in Yokohama. Not sure if anyone is going to join me but at least it will be better than nothing. Please see the video of the session here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQIuYluVZ5Y&t=231s


For those in the Tokyo/Chiba area wanting a FREE QHHT session, please contact Natsuki san below. She is a wonderful practitioner! Thank-you.

HI this is Jane. I would like to introduce and new QHHT practitioner who is looking for people to practice her sessions on for FREE! Please see below for details.

*English follows Japanese.
Japan QHHT Facebookグループのみなさまへ
私は今年の6月からQHHTプラクティショナー講座のLevel 1を学びはじめ、テストに合格しました。Level 1の講座では、この他に実技要件として、最低10名の方とのQHHTセッションの実演とレポーティングが必要となります。

Hello Japan QHHT Facebook Group,
Greetings! My name is Natsuki.
I've been studying QHHT Level 1 since June. I passed the test.
And I will start with 10 QHHT sessions for my training purpose. The first 10 sessions are FREE of charge.
If you are interested in having a QHHT session as a client, or if you are a QHHT practitioner and willing to be my client for my training, please let me know.
I'm staying in Chiba, Japan in August and will go back to the United States in early September. Please tell me the date and location (area) which work well to you.
Thank you so much for your attention and I appreciate your help in advance!
Natsuki Watanabe


Looking forward to visiting my hometown tomorrow💜🌈

Heading down under ✈️✈️✈️ tonight to do some QHHT sessions 💜💜💜🌈Grateful🙏🌈💜


Why do Japanese people work SO hard? People often think Japanese are the most productive at work. But this QHHT session gives us a different view of the 'Japanese work system'. See what is expected of Japanese people when they work for a big company in Japan. Here is the 9 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntj_-ko7O3k&t=58s


Bicom Yokohama

石井ジェーンです。バイコムのトレーニングのために花粉症かアトピーのモニターを探したいます。セッションは1回2時間で無料です。内容は花粉症対策又はアトピー対策。アトピーか花粉症を持っている方のみをお願いします。お医者さんにみてもらえる。行う日は1/14, 1/18, 1/22, 1/25, 1/28, 1/29です。せめてこの中の5日間〜6日間に受けていただきます。今年の春は楽になりたい方ご連絡下さい!ご希望の方は直接に連絡下さい。


Many women who come to me for QHHT or bioresonance come for help to get pregnant. I have had so many QHHT sessions with advice for women to get pregnant I thought I would share it on my blog. Here it is: https://www.bicomyokohama.net/blog/ The Japanese version is coming soon!


Julia Cannon Soul Speak

HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF: This is Julia Cannon’s book about symptoms and diseases and it guides you to find the cause of your illness. I find that with my clients, according to their Higher self, about 80 - 90% of physical illness is caused by the mind. That is HUGE, don’t you think? If you create illness with your mind you can also heal it with your mind, right? You can find this information through having a QHHT session. See: www.bicom-yokohama.net with Julia Cannon

Goodreads features great reviews SOUL SPEAK: THE LANGUAGE OF YOUR BODY where you can also rate my book and start a discussion!


Bicom Yokohama

フェースブックページはBicomYokohama に移りました。ここに移動して’いいね’をクリックをよろしくお願いいたします:https://www.facebook.com/bicomyokohama/
I have moved my page to https://www.facebook.com/bicomyokohama/ Please 'like' my new page.

A natural health related site focusing on Bioresonance treatment and other health modalities. Bioresonance Therapist: Jane Ishii


Bicom Yokohama

ブログを返信しました。今年の夏はどうしてこんなに暑いのか?QHHT催眠セッションから地球の大事なメッセージ。同じメッセージは3人の別の人から来た。その3人はお互いに知らない方々です。そのメッセージの続きのPART 2をアップした:https://www.bicom-yokohama.com/blog
I have just had a series of QHHT sessions with the same message from the subconscious. Even though the clients don't know each other. It is about the cause of this year's extreme heat here in Japan and the northern hemisphere in general. Please have a read: https://www.bicom-yokohama.com/blog


Wake Up World


This is incredible!

qhhtofficial.com 17/06/2018

Expanding Human Consciousness Expo 2018

A new conference this year in Arakasas! It sounds fantastic! https://www.qhhtofficial.com/event/expanding-human-consciousness-expo-2018-2



Bucket List Insider


Climb inside the largest amethyst cave in the world.


BBC World Service

This is a really good idea.

This stand-up comedian doesn't just joke. He also has a very powerful message about New Zealand's high teenage su***de rate.



Gray Goose #aliens #comics #vodka #funny #cartoon #humor #ufo


Bicom Yokohama


I finally got around to making my sign and putting up a pic. This was a product of my subconscious. When I say that I mean it showed me this sign whilst under QHHT hypnosis. I really didn't want to put a sign outside, especially with my photo on it. How embarrassing, I thought! But that was what they told me to do to help more people. I asked and they answered. Even though no-one has come from my little town yet, since I put the sign out there I have had an amazing increase in the flow of energy and people! A BIG thank-you to メタフィジックス通信 (翻訳+), Nicola Cerini (design), Keiko Yamada(design), Masaki Ishigaki (Sign Writer)! Without you guys this sign would have never have been made! So everybody, when you come for a session please look out for this sign!


I was just sitting down to do my first Gratitude journal and this article written by Professor Keith Scott Mumby popped up. How timely and check out the statistics about how gratitude can increase happiness in your life!
The Gratitude Challenge

One way to transform your life and utterly change the way you see the world, is to work on gratitude. It might seem a bit alien or “New Agey” to concentrate on this. But here’s something you probably don’t know: SCIENCE SHOWS THAT GRATITUDE IS THE ONLY REALLY EFFECTIVE TOOL FOR CREATING HAPPINESS.

A 2005 study by psychologist Martin Seligman, published in the journal American Psychologist, showed that a one time act of thoughtful gratitude produced an immediate 10% increase in happiness and 35% reduction in depressive symptoms, but the effects disappeared within six months and three months, respectively.

But doing it for a week was much more impactful. Participants asked to write down three things that went well and their causes every night for seven days had an effect that lasted for months!

After one week, participants were 2% happier than before, but in follow-up tests, their happiness kept on increasing, from 5% at one month, to 9% at six months. All this, even though they were only instructed to journal for one week. Participants enjoyed the exercise so much, that they just kept on doing it on their own.

That’s surprising. But numerous studies of “positive psychology” have shown that, once we get beyond the basic requirements of food, shelter and clothing, having more possessions does not create more wellbeing.

This is counter-intuitive, of course, in a world which is obsessed by the idea that more money, a flashy car, the right career moves, a super-s*xy girlfriend or boyfriend and a luxury home will make us happy. The truth is that none of these worldly indexes create true happiness.

We go on pretending, or wishing, but deep down we already know that rich people or “happily married” people are really not happy at all.

It really comes down to gratitude. Without that, we cannot appreciate what we have. Gratitude repeatedly performs to make us happier about ourselves, about our lives, about what we have, about what we may achieve. That’s pretty powerful.

But it shouldn’t really be surprising. Gratitude brings to mind the good, the positive, the loving, the healing and the many, many beautiful things we have to experience.

It puts down the monster of greed and status. To be grateful is to affirm, absolutely, that what you have is sufficient and nourishing.

Think often on this: gratitude speaks of love; it is a song to yourself. Love yourself enough to be very glad for the many, many good and beautiful things in your life.

It is your expression of your love for life; it’s your connection to all those good things that you celebrate.

If you say I am angry or I am disappointed, you hurt yourself.

So it is logical that if you say: this is good; I take delight in what I see and what I am experiencing, then you redeem yourself and release any pain you may have been harboring.

The truth is, the list of things you can be grateful for goes on and on forever. Gratitude is true abundance.

So here is my challenge to you: keep a gratitude log for 30 days or, even better, 60 days and then re-evaluate your life. See how much difference being conscientiously grateful creates within you. Then decide, on the basis of what you learn, whether to keep the new way of thinking going as a habit.

It’s simple to do. This manual is here to help you. Try to find at least three things each day, for which you feel grateful. Write them down (that’s important) and treasure the record that unfolds. You’ll be able to re-read your gratitude log from time to time and you’ll find all the happy memories come swimming back into mind.

Your life is a gift. Celebrate it.



Meet Travis Walton one of the most famous alien abduction cases of our time. Hollywood produced a movie (Fire In The Sky) and now a new documentary is out!
Get tickets to hear the story & ask Travis a question live at Awakeningufo.com


11:11 Awakening Code


Ron Coleman Mining

Arkansas crystals are some of the strongest crystals in the world, says SC. Looking forward to going again some day.

Here at Ron Coleman Crystal Mine we strive to offer everyone a fun, memorable experience you just can’t get enough of. We are located overlooking the beautiful Ouachita mountains at 211 Crystal Ridge Lane in Jessieville, Arkansas. Have a blast as you dig, learn about our amazing crystals, and you zip-line right over the mine. We also have a RV Park to stay in. We look forward to seeing you soon!

bicom-yokohama.com 03/04/2018

Healing from abuse - a story about my little brave friend 虐待からのヒーリング 私 | バイコム横浜ヒーリング・オフィス| ホーム|バイオレゾナンス|クォンタム・ヒーリング・ヒプノシス・テク

I have added a new blog post about my little dog: https://www.bicom-yokohama.com/single-post/2018/04/03/Healing-from-abuse---a-story-about-my-little-brave-friend-%25E8%2599%2590%25E5%25BE%2585%25E3%2581%258B%25E3%2582%2589%25E3%2581%25AE%25E3%2583%2592%25E3%2583%25BC%25E3%2583%25AA%25E3%2583%25B3%25E3%2582%25B0-%25E7%25A7%2581%25E3%2581%25AE%25E5%25B0%258F%25E3%2581%2595%25E3%2581%25AA%25E5%258F%258B%25E3%2581%25A0%25E3%2581%25A1%25E3%2581%25AE%25E5%258B%2587%25E6%25B0%2597%25E3%2581%2582%25E3%2582%258B%25E8%25A9%25B1

bicom-yokohama.com 昨日、私はとても興味深いセッションがありました。クライアントさんの許可を得て、彼女のハイヤーセルフに私の質問を聞く機会を頂いたのです。いつもならこのようなことはしませんが、クライアントさんとは個人的な...


Hashem Al-Ghaili


The Most Detailed Map of the Universe to Date



The Godfather of the Ancient Aliens Theroy returns to Manchester.
Erich Von Daniken at the Awakening Expo 22/23 June, Manchester. Other guest inc David Icke, Nick Pope, Mike Bara, Travis Walton, Paola Harris + more
awakeningufo.com for tickets & info.
Don't miss the truth seeking event of 2018 as we go beyond the veil.


Power of Positivity

Oh, definitely! 食べ物、飲み物が十分あってワイファイ、インタネット、スマートフォン、携帯無し。この田舎の家に一ヶ月間に泊まる事出来ますか?イエス!

Would you do it?



I went to this last year with Julia Cannon as she was a speaker. It was their first year but such a great conference. I loved the Star Wars costumes and props. Very real. And the whole place had a wonderful energy of ‘Awakening’ as speakers shared their stories about who we really are! Loved it! Wish I could go again this year.

Its almost time for the Awakening 2018.
Erich Von Danken, David Icke, Nick Pope, Mike Bara, Travis Walton, Paola Harris & many more truth seekers descend into Manchester June 23 2018.
Get tickets now as they are selling fast. Awakeningufo.com
£15 & £50 tickets now available. Ultimate weekend £100 tickets almost gone.
This will be a life changing experience so join like minded souls this summer as ufology meets spirituality.


日本語の文書は下にあります。One of my clients very kindly allowed me to share her story about her life's mission after taking my QHHT session. She is to help babies be born through helping their mothers prepare themselves to make it easier to get pregnant. She tells the story of how her subconscious taught her about her daughter's talents and also the s*x of her unborn child, a little boy. She knew it was a little boy long before the doctor told her! This photo shows the golden aura of her daughter. She knows things and is quite an amazing child. Sorry this is mostly in Japanese.


imgur.com 12/03/2018

Another busy night at all the British henge sites as staff work all night to move the stones forward by an hour.


imgur.com Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Bicom Yokohama

春になると綺麗な梅、桜などの花を咲きますけど花粉の時期でもあります。花粉症対策プログラムを受けた今日のバイコムのお客さん。このカメラでオフィスは広く見える!with Naoko Abe.

[03/08/18]   This is one of the reasons I love this country!

youtube.com 22/02/2018

Meet "Noah" The "Time Traveller" Who Claims To Be From 2030 (2018)

Is time travel possible? This guy says he came from 2030. Decide for yourself.

youtube.com What would you ask him? I'd ask him to show me the new iPhone or some significant event that will happens a few days from today

qhhtjapan.wordpress.com 03/02/2018

働き過ぎの原因は? ~ローマ時代の奴隷の過去世

Why do we work so hard? 〜 a Roman life as a slave.
なぜ私達は働き過ぎ?QHHT セッションについてブログを更新しました:https://qhhtjapan.wordpress.com/2018/02/02/働き過ぎの原因は?-~ローマ時代の奴隷の過去世/

qhhtjapan.wordpress.com English follows below… 先週、私のQHHTセッションに、ある日本人男性がクライアントとしてやって来ました。とても興味深いセッションだったので、許可をいただいて、みなさんにお話しすることにしました。この男性は、自分....


Charlie Goldsmith


Last episode tonight of #thehealer @tlc 10/9c. I want to thank everyone who has supported the show and therefore me. Thank you so much 🙌🏻 🙌🏼 🙌🏽 🙌🏾 🙌🏿 Please click share ❤️ Watch the last episode tonight of #thehealer at 10/9c on @TLC and the #TLCgo app.

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QHHT Down under
Looking forward to seeing everyone downunder soon! #qhhtofficial #dolorescannon #transformation #melbourne #hypnosistrai...
QHHT Level 1 Companion Class in Melbourne!
Looking forward to seeing everybody downunder next month! #qhht #qhhtofficial #dolorescannon #hypnosis #australia with J...
Dolores Cannon's Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference 2017
Next Week is the Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference 2017!!!!!!! See you there! http://transformation-conference.co...





Hiyoshi Honcho, Kouhoku-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa
医療・健康のその他Yokohama (すべて表示)
中区新港2‐2‐1 横浜ワールドポーターズ6階 NPOスクエア
Yokohama, 231‐0001

そら接骨院 そら接骨院
Yokohama, 241-0015


にこにこ訪問看護ステーション にこにこ訪問看護ステーション
Yokohama, 2470007


レアルパフォーマンス【横浜市保土ケ谷区・からだ本来の レアルパフォーマンス【横浜市保土ケ谷区・からだ本来の

鍼灸・マッサージ・ゲルマニウムセラピー・アスレティックリハビリ&トレーニング・テーピング・生活習慣アドバイス 『あなたのカラダが気づけば、あなたのカラダは生まれ変われる』

PRiME fitness&spa PRiME fitness&spa
Yokohama, 222-0001

2016年4月にOPENしました! 綱島源泉湯けむりの庄に併設されたフィットネスクラブです。

治し屋 特殊整体 中村整体院 治し屋 特殊整体 中村整体院
Yokohama, 241005

身体の痛み取り専門治療院。 完全電話予約制。090-1460-9719。 重症腰痛・坐骨神経痛・偏頭痛・椎間板ヘルニア等 その他身体の痛み全般

女性専門整体院【横浜Visseマッサージ治療院】 女性専門整体院【横浜Visseマッサージ治療院】
Yokohama, 231-0023


百合の花整骨院 百合の花整骨院
Yokohama, 220-0051


横浜徒手療法研究会 横浜徒手療法研究会
Yokohama, 241


株式会社日本介護福祉グループ 株式会社日本介護福祉グループ
Yokohama, 223-0064