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Happy Valentines Day❤️❤️❤️
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You said our team is crazy? This is Xmas spirit! Let the magic happen!

For this second edition, we really wanted to offer you the best experience! On that day, the Saint Maur International School Grade 9 IGCSE Music students will be performing at the Yokohama Pop Up Shop event. They will perform a festive set of traditional Christmas carols. The music students are excited to share their talents to support a good cause and we are so pleased to have them with us!

Don't miss them, they will be performing from 12 to 12:30pm.

Yokohama Pop Up Shop Nov 25th
8:45 to 3:30pm
Registration [email protected]
Address will be sent by email 2 days prior the event.
Save the date for our upcoming Christmas celebration 🎄
Attention Teachers, Parents & Students : Benefits of Study Abroad
1. Globally accepted Degrees and advanced teaching techniques
2. Universities have very high infrastructure
3. International level syllabus
4. Scholarship for meritorious students
5. Students can work and earn money during the study period thereby they can manage their tuition fee and other expenses. SO FREE EDUCATION????
6. Students can able to acquaint with international work culture
7. Can able to extend student visa after the study period and work for certain period
8. World level job opportunities
9. International living standards.
10. Very easy admission process.
Pls see the YouTube channel videos about latest career and courses for senior school students.
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the 1970 yearbook? Thank you.
Kudos to one of the most inspirational and hard working people I have known ! Always with the signature sweet smile, exuding positive energy, she has been taking countless photos for our school community and still going ! Thank you Renata !
Where is Sophy Baltazar? Class of 1971-72
AISA BOYS SOCCER, FRI., APR. 12 - SAT., APR. 13, YCAC: Wish our Dragons good luck as we host The Senri & Osaka International Schools, Korea International School, Saint Maur International School, Seoul International School and International School of Busan for this year's AISA tournament.

The varsity boys have two games on Friday:
9:00 am vs Busan Bears, followed by 3:00 pm vs SIS Tigers. See the schedule below for game details.

Stay tuned for reports of the boys' games and of the girls' AISA Soccer games at Korea International School. Go Dragons 🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉!
Have a nice weekend for all group)))

Founded in 1872, as the pioneers of international education in Japan, Saint Maur continues to meet the educational needs of the children from the multi-cultural, multi-faith international community.

Saint Maur as a Catholic foundation, is a school community where moral values govern all that we do to help students, parents and staff reach their full potential. In an atmosphere of security, care and love, we are an inclusive center that supports each member of our school community according to the ideals of our original Founders.


Photos from Saint Maur International School's post 09/03/2022

The Service Learning Club students learned about International Women's Day, its history and focus today on gender equality and opportunities for all. Teachers at Saint Maur shared stories of women who inspire them and why this day is important to them. This showed the students that International Women's Day, teaching equality and empowering women is something that women and men worldwide need to be united about.


Did you know that you can learn Aikido at Saint Maur International School? Dr Erard, one of our Biology teachers and budo instructor, is teaching aikido in two different classes for different age groups and levels every Saturday at our Cougar Café, Activity & Sports Center.


On Friday afternoon the MS Percussion group students were treated to a guest lesson by a visiting Samba drumming specialist. Students were taught how to play a wide range of Brazilian percussion instruments such as surdo, caixa, tambourim, agogo bells, cuica, timbau, ganza, chocalho and pandero. Several High School students also joined in with this event. A second session will be taking place this Friday!


Our cherry blossom tree dedicated to the memory of Sister Carmel has started to bloom! What a wonderful way to remember Sister Carmel O'Keeffe, who served Saint Maur for over 60 years as a teacher, principal, head of school, and chair of the board and a pioneer of international education in Japan. Find out more about her life in this The Japan Times article -

Masanori Oishi Concert and Lecture 03/03/2022

Masanori Oishi Concert and Lecture

On December 10th, the Music department welcomed internationally acclaimed saxophonist and University lecturer Masanori Oishi to the Saint Maur auditorium for a performance of classical and contemporary pieces. The performance took place to an audience made up of the entire High School and students were delighted to be able to ask him questions and hear about his experiences. We are delighted to be able to share a video of this stunning concert and lecture on the Saint Maur Live Youtube page. We hope you enjoy watching.

Masanori Oishi Concert and Lecture A recital and lecture from visiting internationally acclaimed saxophonist and lecturer Masanori Oishi. This educational event took place in the Saint Maur au...


It's not Halloween, but dressing up for interactive storytelling is always fun in the library! As Grade 1 shifted to online learning, Ms Schumacher read this week's story live on Zoom. Our new book 'Room On The Broom' captivated the children with its enchanting story about a kind witch and her travels on a broomstick.

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On Monday, six IB History students from Grade 11 visited the Grade 10 classroom to share their knowledge and expertise of different aspects of life in Nazi Germany. The Grade 10s were very interested to learn more about a topic they had recently studied, and also about life as an IB History student.

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Our Grade 3 students hosted an animal museum today! The students learned to do nonfiction research and how to synthesize information across texts. Many interesting displays and fun
coordinated games about eight different animals were on offer for invited student and staff visitors.

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The Artscape books have arrived! You can now view a copy in the Art room or in the High School corridor. The art department also did a raffle today to give away some copies to those students whose work is in the book!

Photos from Saint Maur International School's post 23/02/2022

Last Thursday, our Junior Varsity and Middle School boys' basketball teams had an end of season scrimmage against each other. The Middle School boys played hard and played well together as a team. The JV Cougars showed off their size and skill by pulling out a 36-21 victory. The future of boys' basketball is looking bright at Saint Maur!

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Recognizing excellence in academics: This week, we celebrated students who received their Honor Roll awards. A few strive further to earn Honor Roll with Distinction.

Although we cherish our academic achievements, at Saint Maur, we also pride ourselves at being balanced learners. In this assembly, we celebrated an exemplary Middle School student whose talent and dedication has earned her a spot in the national ballet competition. Her performance was a visual treat and we continue to root for her success.

Congratulations to our students and their families!

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Look at the great job Ms. Maki has done for the #Montessori Team! She's put together a bulletin board in the main building between the library and the door leading out to the Cougar Cafe. The quote from Dr. Maria Montessori reads "What the hand does, the mind remembers."--the true essence of Montessori Education! Please take a look! (Thank you Ms. Maki!!)


Get ready for our Spring Break Basketball Camp for Grade 4 - 9 students with Mr Olson!

If you want to know how to play the game with directed basketball training harmonized through hard work and cooperative competition, register for this upcoming opportunity! The deadline to sign up is March 1st and the deadline for payment to the school is March 4th.

Photos from Saint Maur Charity Committee's post 16/02/2022

Congratulations to our ESSC for raising ¥40,000 for charity and making the students happy with Valentine's cards 🥰


When the sisters who established Saint Maur in 1872 arrived in Japan, it was with the understanding that they would never be allowed to return back to their homeland. As missionaries, they had embraced a life of sacrifice and service to others. It was only in later years that the rules changed. This photo portrays the commitment of the Sisters arriving at Yokohama port and the sentiment is represented in the Saint Maur Board of Directors' mantra of our school being mission driven, vision led and forward thinking.

Thanks to the dedicated service and sacrifice of those early pioneering Sisters, Saint Maur International School continues to offer students, of all nationalities and faiths, a quality education within a nurturing environment. This year, in 2022, the school which is the oldest international school in Asia proudly celebrates 150th year since its foundation.

Photos from Cezars Kitchen STM's post 14/02/2022

Photos from Cezars Kitchen STM's post

Photos from Saint Maur International School's post 14/02/2022

Our art exhibition at the stunning, historic Berrick Hall is on display now! The exhibition is located within walking distance from Saint Maur and is open until February 16th. Other local schools will be presenting their work at different Western style houses in the area.

Additionally, the Artscape exhibition in Tokyo is open for visitors! It features work from 15 schools in the Kanto Plain area and will be open until the 22nd of February. Come visit at the Azabu-Kids-to-Teens-Hall or check out the online version of the Artscape exhibition at

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The Grade 6 students filled jars with advice for the first day of Middle School for the current Grade 5s and handed the jars over to them this week!


Tomorrow is your last chance to get your Valentine's Grams from the Middle School Student Council. Make sure you get yours to send to your friends or teachers to let them know you appreciate them! Remember that with your grams you also help the World Food Programme.

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During the Grade 6's Day of Reflection, our students were asked to consider how to apply our year's theme of "being the I in Kind". It doesn't always mean doing things for someone. Sometimes it means helping our friends and family achieve their own dreams without needing glory or credit. The Grade 6s were asked to consider how they can be leaders within our community. So we invited the Grade 5s to bond, play games and share their experiences so Middle School is a positive experience for their Grade 5 peers coming into Grade 6.

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1EO presented an engaging assembly for us on Friday with the theme „New Year‘s Resolutions“. In the assembly, Elementary School students were asked what their resolutions are for 2022 and the audience participated in interactive games. Mrs Forbes-Dias made a special announcement at the end, that one of our Grade 4 students was selected for the excellence award in an art competition run by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism! Only 18 out of 3,000 participating children were selected from all over Japan to receive this award and our Grade 4 student who is one of them, received a prize and certificate on stage. His artwork is called „Future of Yokohama“ and will be displayed in the Science Museum in Tokyo from February 5th to 13th. Congratulations!

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The beauty and shape of crystals continue to amaze humans. On Thursday, Grade 4 students visited the chemistry laboratory. Dr. Suzuki helped us understand more the different groups of minerals such as quartz and pyrite (fools gold) and the process of crystal formation. Students were super excited and learned from their new discoveries. Thank you Dr. Suzuki for sharing your space and knowledge with Grade 4!

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Setsubun is celebrated in Japan on February 3rd every year. It is a day when people throw beans (roasted soybeans) in and out of the house to chase away evil spirits/bad fortune and bring in the good. The beans are thrown at the oni (ogre) while shouting “Oni wa Soto!” (Ogres go out!) while throwing them outside and “Fuku wa Uchi!” (Good fortune come in!) while throwing inside the house. Ms. Sallie’s Montessori Class enjoyed name maki (bean throwing) with their oni headbands and oni cups they made.

Photos from Saint Maur International School's post 04/02/2022

With the changing of the Season in Japan came the changing of the High School Student Council Executive committee. Yesterday Saint Maur brought back a long standing tradition of the Inauguration Ceremony for the High School Student Council. Although this was unable to be attended in person due to COVID, each of the High School Homerooms watched on from their classrooms, to thank the outgoing Executive Committee for their service over the last year. They handed over the symbolic gifts (gavel- President and Vice-President , money box - Treasure and Archival Meet Notes- Secretary) to the newly appointed President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The event also welcomed the return of the school anthem and was a wonderful way to continue the new year at Saint Maur with positivity.


For tomorrow's World Cancer Day, Cezars Kitchen STM will donate a portion of their sales on February 4th to the Children's Cancer Cancer Association of Japan. Make sure to get your lunch and a snack at Cezar's tomorrow to support them raising funds for children in need.

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To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Montessori students listened to a story of how it is celebrated in China. The children made their own dragons and danced around with some music! It’s always nice to experience different cultures in our classrooms.

Photos from Saint Maur International School's post 01/02/2022

On Friday, Grade 10 IGCSE Music students performed a stunning recital of solos and duets in the auditorium. The concert was an opportunity for students to try out their final performance pieces to a live audience of Grade 5-8 students. The wide and varied programme of classical and contemporary pieces was a hit with the audience and is available to watch on Youtube here -

Photos from Saint Maur International School's post 31/01/2022

Although our High School girls' Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball teams were unable to have a complete season, their growth as individual basketball players and teammates was tremendous.

Photos from Saint Maur International School's post 28/01/2022

Grade One shared information in this week's assembly about some of the famous people that they have learnt about in their IPC 'People of the Past' topic. They linked their learning to our Saint Maur Essential Outcomes and explained how they thought the historical figures were Moral Citizens, Unique Individuals, Life-long Learners, Global Citizens and Balanced Learners. The children did a great job with their presentation!


Tune in tomorrow for a live streamed recital of solos and duets by our IGCSE Grade 10 musicians from 2:30 pm. You will find the streaming link on the Saint Maur Live Youtube channel -

Photos from Saint Maur International School's post 26/01/2022

Today Cezars Kitchen STM celebrated the lunar new year with a festive menu specially made for our students and teachers! 🐯 Thank you, Chef Dantly and team!

Our Story

As Saint Maur International School, the oldest international school in Asia, enters its 147th year of providing a quality nurturing education based upon Christian principles to children from the international community of all nationalities and faiths, ages 2 ½ to 18+, we look back on our humble beginnings, and reflect on where we are now, and how we, as a school, have been able throughout our long history, to survive great times of adversity.

Much of our success can be attributed to Fr. Nicolas Barré who founded the congregation of the Infant Jesus Sisters in France in 1666, and whose pioneering spirit was the impetus for the Sisters to establish Saint Maur International School in Yokohama in 1872, and in the 1900’s the five Japanese Futaba Girls’ schools. Our predecessors provided us with a solid footprint in the form of a sound governance model and decision-making process based upon a deep sense of, and commitment to their mission. Their foresightedness in doing so resulted in timely succession planning, stability and continuity, all of which continue to be necessary elements in assuring the success and sustainability of an international school, such as ours, which caters to a transient diverse student and parent population. While we hold fast to those genetic traditions and values which assure our survival as a school which is now totally managed by dedicated lay staff, we emulate those pioneering Sisters by embracing essential change, and through being mission driven, forward thinking and vision led, continue to navigate challenges and embrace new ideas and opportunities.

Since our inception as an international school, the word ‘Catholic’ has always been interpreted as all embracing and wide-ranging. This interpretation has assured our students, who, regardless of their faith, are required to participate in Religious Studies together, an opportunity to not merely ‘tolerate’ differences, but to actually learn to embrace and celebrate differences and diversity, and through such an appreciation, come to the realization that, as human beings, we have more in common with each other than not. Such an approach has assured good collaboration and a strong sense of true interconnectedness between and among the over forty nationalities represented among our multi-cultural students and staff of all faiths.

As Fr. Barré and Mother Mathilde Raclot answered a call, we too, as a school within our realm as educators, and on reflection and alignment with our mission model, respond to meeting the needs of members of both the international and local communities. Responding to needs has resulted in us over the years becoming coeducational, establishing a weekly ‘Toddlers’ Group’ to provide young parents with an opportunity to support each other, and an after-school ‘Prime Time Programme’ aimed at working parents who require after-school child care. Apart from a strong academic programme, students receive a balanced education through participating in a range of fine arts, sports and other activities. Our Robotics and Computer Science courses prepare students for the future. Again, in response to a need, ten years ago we founded a French section within our English-medium international school, enabling short-term French-speaking children to pursue their education, Gr.1-5, through the medium of the French language. One of the most successful programmes, founded in 1992, is our ‘Adult Enrichment Programme,’ which is offered during the school day by volunteers. This programme which offers a range of over eighty activities annually at no cost to the participants, other than materials if applicable, demonstrates to students that learning is a life-long pursuit to be enjoyed, and that through sharing one’s God given gifts and talents, lives are enriched. This unique programme, along with our ‘Toddlers’ Group’ reflects our commitment as a school to create life-long learners, in line with Fr. Barré’s belief that as learners we develop and enhance ourselves, as well as provide every generation with opportunities to improve their quality of life, and that of their children and future generations of their children.

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Yokohama, Kanagawa


月曜日 08:00 - 16:30
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小学校のその他Yokohama (すべて表示)
太尾小PTA 太尾小PTA
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ISE 英会話 (International School of English) ISE 英会話 (International School of English)
青葉区しらとり台1-6 嶋ビル1階
Yokohama, 227-0054

ISEはカスタムレッスンの語学スクールです。"ISE your passport to global English” Tim Lee

横浜市立緑小学校 横浜市立緑小学校
Yokohama, 2260003

神奈川県横浜市立緑小学校の「非公式」Facebookページです。 OB・OG・関係者皆様にご活用いただけますと幸甚です。

American Kids International School American Kids International School
神奈川県横浜市神奈川区金港町2−1 パークタワー横浜ポートサイド 1F
Yokohama, 221-0056


Yokohama Christian School Yokohama Christian School
Yokohama, 231-0862

Yokohama Christian School is a preschool and primary school located in the Bluff area of Yokohama, Japan.

ハーイ!アフタースクール ハーイ!アフタースクール
Yokohama, 225-0011

あざみ野第二小学校の体育館で開催中の、放課後英語スクールです!黒須田小・近隣小学校のお子様も大歓迎♪体験レッスン受付中です! 毎週火曜日 17:05〜18:35 対象:小学1年生〜6年生