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I’m a portrait and event photographer whose aim is to capture the real joy of life, and to trigger that same real joy when you browse through the pictures created for you.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 18/04/2024

📸 Scouting for new photo locations in Frankfurt

This old gas station in Frankfurt Ostend called East Garage would be a perfect backdrop for some 50s or 60s nostalgia photo shoot. 🚗I only need to find someone with a little red corvette lying around 😁


📷 Hello photo pals!

Here's a weekly tip for you:

Use patterns as backdrops for portraits to let your subject stand out! 🌟 ✨

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 06/04/2024

☀️When you accidentally wake up with the dawn, there’s no better way to kill time than a stroll in the forest 🌳🌳- unless you’re surrounded by skyscrapers. I’m pleasantly surprised by how the forest behind our house here in Frankfurt changes each time I visit. As I stepped into the woods, the aroma of garlic was everywhere, and no wonder! The ground was covered in few-flowered garlic in bloom , turning the forest into a scene straight from a fairy tale.🧚‍♂️ Though, I have to admit, if these little guys were poisonous, this scene would make one heck of a horror movie set. And if you wonder, no, I haven’t taste-tested them. 🤢

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 24/03/2024

🏆 Exciting Update! 🏆

I'm thrilled to share I placed 3rd in the Swiss Photo Club Awards in Frankfurt! Huge thanks to everyone who came out to vote and cheered me on—it truly warms my heart! 🌟 Meeting local artists and fellow photographers at the event was incredibly exciting! I was truly inspired by their imagination and craft.

It's moments like these that remind me why I pursue photography. Take, for instance, this image of my younger son portrayed in the freezing cold.

I had this idea of a lonely hero walking through the snow, appearing small and somewhat lost, yet determined amidst towering trees. It's about resilience and determination, qualities I deeply admire. I'm grateful that others see the message behind it.

Thank you all for your encouragement and understanding. Let's keep the inspiration vibes high and the shutter clicking! 📸💫


Taking pictures could be a shortcut to happiness! 🌞 Bold claim, I know. Well, even if it just brightens your day a bit, it's worth trying! Here are 5 tips to dive into mindful photography
and sprinkle some bliss into every frame:

1. Live in the Moment: Take a deep breath and soak up what's around you. Forget distractions and just enjoy the beauty.

2. Engage Your Senses: Notice the little details—the way light plays, the textures that catch your eye. Let your instincts guide your photos.

3. Be Patient: Good photos take time. Don't rush it; wait for the right moment to capture something special.

4. Stay Focused: With all life's craziness, find clarity behind the lens. Zoom in on what interests you and let it shape your shots.

5. Enjoy the Ride: Forget about getting the perfect picture. Embrace the adventure of exploring and trust that the best shots come when you least expect them.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 09/03/2024

I‘m excited to share with you all that my photo „You and the Giants“ has been selected by the Swiss Photo Club jury among top 50 photos that will be printed in big size on aluminum dibond and exhibited for over a week in the Lachenmann Art gallery in the middle of Frankfurt.
The exhibition is on from March 15th to March 23th and the visitors will vote for their favorite image. So, my dear Frankfurt friends, please come, enjoy the exhibition and if you feel like it, give my photo a vote ☺️ I’ll appreciate your support and bribe you with a drink 😉

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 29/02/2024

Ever scrolled through social media and stumbled upon a profile that instantly grabbed your attention? That's the magic of personal branding in today's digital world. ✨

Whether you're a “mompreneur” juggling different roles or an expat entrepreneur starting fresh in a new country, your personal brand is your secret weapon. It's not just what you do; it's who you are and the story you tell. 📖

Featured in this post is Thara, a French interior designer residing in Tokyo. Stepping into her home is like being wrapped in a warm embrace! Inspired by her travels and her flair for design, Thara’s home isn't just a space—it's an expression of her identity, passion, and profession as an interior designer. 🌟 Every carefully curated detail speaks volumes about her fascinating background and diverse experiences. As her photographer, I wanted to capture not just her headshot but her vibrant personality shining through every corner. 📸

Ready to elevate your brand? Let's work together to craft a visual identity that will stand out online. Your story deserves to be heard – let's make it unforgettable. 💫

Thara's IG: maison_little_tribu


Hey there, amazing people! 🌸 Let's talk about the beautiful and sometimes winding road to reinventing ourselves in a new country!🌍

When we move abroad for our partners, something magical often happens— we rediscover our creativity. Living in Japan, I saw it firsthand. Women (and men) around me started painting, singing, crafting jewelry or pottery, and more, often turning these hobbies into successful businesses. It's incredible how a change of scenery can spark new passions and opportunities. ✨

Life has this remarkable way of nudging us toward new beginnings, doesn't it? Nearly ten years ago, when we landed in Japan, I started photography journey. 💖
Fast forward to now, with the kids off to college, I've found myself with a newfound sense of freedom and curiosity to explore fresh perspectives in my business journey. It’s time for another reinvention.

So, since moving to Germany, I've shifted gears from snapping family portraits to diving into the captivating world of personal branding photography. ✨📷 If you're scratching your head thinking, "What's that?" don't worry, you'll be hearing plenty about it from me. Basically, personal branding photography is all about capturing the essence of individual entrepreneurs and crafting visuals that speak directly to their dream clients. 🌟 It's something that really lights a fire in me, and I'm diving headfirst into learning how to use my craft to help out my fellow ladies in business.

Drop a comment if you're on a journey of self-discovery and reinvention! Let's inspire each other to embrace change with open hearts! 🌸


Hey there, lovely souls!💓 It's been a while since I last shared a piece of my world with you, and I'm excited to be back! For those who might not remember me, I'm Renata, a visual storyteller, capturing the beauty and joy of life through my lens. 📸

Last year, my husband and I experienced a whirlwind of change. After spending less than a year in our old home in Czechia following an eight-year chapter in Yokohama, Japan, we embarked on another adventure, this time to Frankfurt, Germany. 🇨🇿➡️🇯🇵➡️🇨🇿➡️🇩🇪

It's been quite a journey, with its highs and lows. Settling into a new place can be exciting and enriching but also tough and sometimes rather lonely. Photography has been my anchor, my constant companion, helping me navigate through it all.

Now, as I am finding my feet in this new city, I am ready to go back to what I love to do the most.💕 I can’t wait to unravel the mysteries of Frankfurt through my lens, and to share the beauty of human connection in this vibrant city.

So, dear friends, tell me, have you ever moved to a new city or country? I'd love to hear your stories too! Let's connect and explore together! 🤗

Here's to new beginnings and the joy of storytelling! 🥂

With love,

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 18/12/2023

📸✨ Exciting news, dance enthusiasts! After capturing the incredible moments of Evans Dance Group in performances, rehearsals, and a summer photoshoot, I'm thrilled to announce the launch of our Evans Dance Group Calendar! 🌟📆 It was a joyous event with a stunning performance by the dancers, and I'm grateful for all the people who came to support the group. The calendar, a visual delight of our vibrant town's dance spirit, is now available for purchase. Thank you to Evans Dance Group for this creative journey!💃🎉

with Eva Stodůlka Nejedlá Jana Holankova

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 10/06/2023

Taking photos of a hunting dog in the fields makes up for a daily cardio work out. For the dog as well as for the photographer. But I loved it!

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 25/05/2023

Our photo session with this tattooed v***n Jana Hauser was a really cool experience. She looked amazing in every photo! Thanks to the organizers at Czech Art Photo workshop in Zlin I could try new things and that's always fun.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 17/05/2023

Sometimes it takes only a very short moment to create fun memories that will last forever. I was in a car with my friend Marcela passing a rapeseed field (which you can find everywhere in Czechia), and we stopped really just for 4 minutes to take a few snaps in the yellow flood of flowers.
Do you want pictures like those too? Or different ones? Shoot me a personal message. I'm available now back home in the Czech Republic.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 16/05/2023

Free style with two beauties - black swan Iva Holoubková and salsa dancer Mary Nguyen during the Czech Art Photo workshop in Zlín.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 10/05/2023

In style of glamorous twenties with amazing model Iveta Hodečková. I loved how she moved in her beautiful shiny dress in a manner of a true femme fatale.
Czech Art Photo

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 29/04/2023

A photo session in rock style with a rock star Renata Nesvadbová

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 27/04/2023

First shooting of the Czech Art Photo workshops I’ll introduce here was Fine Art with this delicate beauty Tereza Blažková who you might know as an actress from the Czech TV.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 26/04/2023

Last weekend was full of new photography experiences for me. Thanks to Czech Art Photo I and other photography enthusiasts had the opportunity not only to meet Czech legends in this field but also to spend two whole days shooting various portrait styles with awesome models. I was amazed by the family-like atmosphere and met some wonderful people there. I’ll be sharing my photos from the workshops as I edit them. Boy, that was a ride!
Adolf Zika official
Jindřich Štreit
Sara Saudkova
Robert Vano photographer

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 25/04/2023

Shooting for a magazine Centro was something new for me and I loved it! Working with a team of professional and fun ladies and with an absolutely gorgeous model Nela Dohnalova felt more like a girls day trip than a work. Sign me up anytime 😊

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 27/03/2023

What happens when old friends revive their teenage heavy metal band after 25 years? A little miracle in the form of a vinyl disc collecting old and new tunes. Decay, as they call themselves, put on a fantastic show last Saturday and delighted many heavy metal fans. For me, it was another opportunity to get close to some great music with my camera.

Photos from AG Flek's post 29/12/2022

It was a great honor for me to take photos of my favorite band from my teenage years. AG Flek is still going strong and their music brings back some lovely memories.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 25/11/2022

Shortly after coming back home to the Czech Republic, I had the opportunity to photograph a very interesting project. It was a rehearsal of an inclusive theatrical group called Modrodiv where teenagers and adults on autistic spectrum together with their assistants create a unique piece of theatre. They were expressing themselves through a movement accompanied by live music. Magical!

Photos from Picture This Japan's post 12/09/2022

For 4 years I served as a volunteer in Picture This Japan, a photography workshop for young internationals in Yokohama and on Sunday I came back to share the little I know about taking photos with the group. I like planting the seeds of love for photography in children, that makes me happy 😊

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 08/09/2022

Believe me or not but all these images are pictures of Fuji san. Yeah, sometimes the weather cooperates, sometimes not. One more reason to come to see the beauty again 😉

Photos from Roca Delgado's post 15/08/2022

Something I love to do ☺️
This portrait session with my fellow band companion Roca Delgado was much fun! His new records are about to come out but meanwhile have a listen to Roca’s Spanish album La Vida en el Espectro.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 17/04/2021

Rainy Saturday well spent in a company of many friends and my family. I was happy to see a lot of teachers from Saint Maur International School too! Thank you all for coming to my book launch event and exhibition! One more day to go!

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 16/04/2021

First day of the launch of my book of Yokohama photos successfully over. It was a great fun! Thank you all who helped me with preparations and to all who came, bought the book and chatted with me. Two more days to go! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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