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I’m a portrait and event photographer whose aim is to capture the real joy of life, and to trigger

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 25/11/2022

Shortly after coming back home to the Czech Republic, I had the opportunity to photograph a very interesting project. It was a rehearsal of an inclusive theatrical group called Modrodiv where teenagers and adults on autistic spectrum together with their assistants create a unique piece of theatre. They were expressing themselves through a movement accompanied by live music. Magical!

Photos from Picture This Japan's post 12/09/2022

For 4 years I served as a volunteer in Picture This Japan, a photography workshop for young internationals in Yokohama and on Sunday I came back to share the little I know about taking photos with the group. I like planting the seeds of love for photography in children, that makes me happy 😊

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 08/09/2022

Believe me or not but all these images are pictures of Fuji san. Yeah, sometimes the weather cooperates, sometimes not. One more reason to come to see the beauty again 😉

Photos from Roca Delgado's post 15/08/2022

Something I love to do ☺️
This portrait session with my fellow band companion Roca Delgado was much fun! His new records are about to come out but meanwhile have a listen to Roca’s Spanish album La Vida en el Espectro.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 24/06/2022

Have you ever seen an electric guitar made of old skateboards? I mean fully functioning, great-sounding guitar? I was lucky enough to get one such jewel as a present from my friends. It was handmade by very skillful and talented Paul Zomerdijk from who put his heart and soul into every detail and created this striking combination of raw roughness and Japanese subtlety. Now, just to find the right name for her.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 07/05/2022

How do you define passion?
Is it giving up your comfort just to do that one thing you love? Is it the excitement of sharing the experience with others? Or is it the knowing that what you do is exactly what you should be doing?
For me it's all of these.
Here I woke up at 4am, still dark and cold outside but I was excited to meet my buddy for this sunrise session.
And what's your passion?

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 03/04/2022

Is the weather bad? Clouds, cold or even a little rain?
I say - great, let's take some portraits in weather like this!
The clouds diffuse the sun rays and create an even light which is very flattering. And having such a beautiful model as Milla dressed in gorgeous kimono in front of the camera, you forget about any cold or rain 😊 (Of course, waterproof gear never spoils the party either)


Let me invite you to my “Seasons Showcase” photo exhibition from April 13th to May 10th at YC&AC’s Mollison’s Restaurant. The entrance is free of charge even for non-members.
This exhibition marks the start of a new project - Mollison’s Gallery - which will serve as a platform for local artists to display their work to the community. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 24/01/2022

When traveling to a place with a well-known landmark, it's a challenge to photograph the site in a fresh way. Last week I was in Hiroshima and tried to take photos of the famous A-bomb Dome in two different times - right before the sunset and right before the sunrise. Both times offered wonderful, unique light. Which one do you prefer? The dramatic gold tones or the calm blues?

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 07/01/2022

Yokohama under a snow blanket.
Yesterday's snowy weather offered a great opportunity to get some unusual snaps of usual places. Sankeien garden looks quite magical in white.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 10/11/2021

I haven't shared any photos from my portrait sessions for a while. But I can't keep this one for myself. Let me introduce Lina, a fresh teenager who attends a Japanese middle school, so although looking very European she surprises people with her perfect Japanese. Lina arrived to our photo shoot right from school still dressed in her uniform and I thought she looked adorable. It would be a shame not to snap a few shots of her dressed like that.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 03/11/2021

Taking photos at events is something that I enjoy a lot, especially at happy and fun events like the traditional Czech Festivals in Tokyo and Sakai. Capturing the atmosphere, the sounds and smells and liveliness of the place is an exciting challenge I like to take anytime. Already looking forward to the next year's festival!


While taking photos at a famous Japanese tourist spot in Asakusa, I found out that the back streets are actually even more interesting to photograph. Does any of you have a similar experience?

Photos from Saint Maur International School's post 23/08/2021

A great way how to start a new school year - to make an everlasting memory!

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 19/05/2021

Tomorrow’s a big day! First ever Pop Up store in Yokohama that showcases 16 artists from Yokohama and Tokyo. I’m very happy to be a part of this amazing group of creatives and can’t wait to spend the day in their presence. The number of visitors who have signed up has superseded all the expectations, well done Popup crew! All this serving a higher purpose, part of the profit going for supporting two charities. It’s time to shop!


MY YOKOHAMA: Home Far Away From Home

Thank you very much to all who took the time to come the my first book launch and exhibit. Here is a short video with photos from the event.
Yokohama, April 16 - 18, 2021

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 17/04/2021

Rainy Saturday well spent in a company of many friends and my family. I was happy to see a lot of teachers from Saint Maur International School too! Thank you all for coming to my book launch event and exhibition! One more day to go!

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 16/04/2021

First day of the launch of my book of Yokohama photos successfully over. It was a great fun! Thank you all who helped me with preparations and to all who came, bought the book and chatted with me. Two more days to go! Looking forward to seeing you there!


I’m excited to introduce my first collection of Yokohama photographs with texts by Caroline Piggott and Marta Mirecki. Join me to celebrate and see a small exhibition of my photos from Yokohama. And don’t forget to get your copy of the book!


Serving up some exciting! Stay tuned.📖

[Save the date] 💌
Apr 16 (Fri) - Apr 18 (Sun)
Osaragi Jiro Memorial Museum (Harbor View Park, Yokohama)

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Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 20/03/2021

Have you ever been surprised by learning about a hobby or skill of somebody you knew but had no idea about their "other life"? These two brothers were my surprise. I've been seeing them around for quite a while, they are my friend's sons and my sons' schoolmates but I had no idea they are into kendo. It was very interesting for me to photograph them dressing up in the kendo uniform and enjoying themselves fighting. Just a note - nobody got hurt or injured during the fight 😁

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 04/02/2021

Sina is a well-known yoga teacher here in our Yokohama expat community, teaching her own unique style of yoga that she has developed over the years. Her students, including me, have always appreciated how much thought she puts in each class and how much care she gives to each participant.
A while back, she asked me to take photos for her new website that she has just launched. We headed for the shoot to my favorite Osanbashi pier and took the advantage of the magical sunrise light on one summer morning.
Now, Sina is offering her classes online through zoom (check the link below) and she's waiting for the weather to get warmer to hold her classes outside again. I can't wait!

Yoga with Sina

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 17/12/2020

Maybe you remember my post from a while back, the cute family with a newborn little girl? I had a chance to have a part of the family in front of my camera again, this time in a very different setting.

Mine, is not only a fresh mom but also a longtime yoga instructor and wellness coach. She's been teaching Power Yoga classes in Japan for the past 6 years and now is teaching online during Covid.

After the birth of her daughter Mia, Mine has been practicing yoga with her, strengthening the connection between the two of them and planting the seeds of love for yoga and overall active lifestyle in her little girl. As it has been a very rewarding journey for her, Mine is now offering Baby & Me Yoga classes online to other moms and their little ones.

I wish I had the opportunity with my own boys when they were babies to do some exercise together. It looks like so much fun!

You can book a private 1:1 class or a small group lessons here
or message her if you have are interested or have a question:
FB: Mines Yoga Tokyo
Mines Yoga Tokyo

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 21/11/2020

What is waiting for the class of 2021?
Let me capture the last precious moments before they spread their wings and fly away from the family nest.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 05/11/2020

Every year I take pictures of the cast and crew of the drama production for the High School Drama club at my son's international school. This year they are rehearsing Agatha Christie's Murder on Oriental Express with the unusual setting when the audience sits right on the stage in the train wagon watching the action from very close distance. When taking the portraits of the actors I tried to convey the atmosphere of 1930s when the detective story takes place. It was a new thing for me to do and we all enjoyed the process quite a lot. And I am also personally happy for my son to play the role of one of the two Hercule Poirots :-)

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 25/08/2020

Once I have a camera on me in my handbag, I can't help myself but use it. This series of guitar close-ups was shot during yesterday's practice of Odd Radio Circles, a trio of Yokohama based music enthusiasts (including myself). If you want to see us live, save the evening on 12th September and join us at The Warehouse by Tomei Wines

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 09/08/2020

Japanese summer can be very daunting, with its humidity and high temperatures. It's not pleasant to be outside during the day but when the sun goes down, it's kind of bearable and it's also the right time to do a party or a picnic. Such as the one with kids and fireworks. I loved to photograph their excitement although the light conditions were very challenging for me. But I also like challenges :-)

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 20/07/2020

When I photograph teenagers or young adults, there's always lots of fun involved. Even though most of them don't feel comfortable in front of the camera at first, during the photo session they become more relaxed and even start to suggest their own ideas. I love to watch this process and to learn more about the true nature of their characters.
Here are some backstage photos together with the final images of four elementary school classmates who got back together to celebrate their 20th birthday. Thank you Mai, Erica, Shotaro and Kohei for a nice afternoon. I think it's pretty awesome that you are keeping your childhood friendship.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 10/07/2020

There are people who's talent will never stop amaze me. My dear friend Malu is one of them. She is a very creative jewelry artist who can transform a piece of grey clay into something amazing. I myself own several of her pieces and wear them very often and always get some compliments on them. That's why I was very happy when she asked me to photograph her work. I wanted to buy everything after the shoot :-) She has just recently launched a website where you can see and order her jewelry. If you find something that speaks to you, don't hesitate to contact her, Malu is delivering her jewelry to overseas as well. Wish you many satisfied customers, Malu!
Check out the website here:

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 01/07/2020

Newborn photo sessions have their own special charm. I like to show the connection between the new parents and their child in the fresh and kind of fragile atmosphere when all of the family members are getting used to the new situation. These moments are full of hope and expectations and love.

Thank you to a yogi mom Miné and her husband Aki to let me capture the moments of their firstborn Mia Grace totally stealing their heart.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 21/06/2020

It's really a miracle in our ever changing expat community to find somebody who would become a regular client. But that miracle happened to me with Passi family. I have photographed them since before their 4th daughter was even born and it's been a great pleasure to document the growth of the girls. It makes me sad to see this family move out of Japan, and not only for the photos we could have taken together in future but mostly for losing great people in our community. Good luck, Passis, Yokohama will miss you!

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 10/06/2020

A while back I have photographed a new airbrush studio for Bill from BZ JOINT. Bill is well-known in the Yokohama-Tokyo area as an original airbrush artist and promotional entertainer but most of all as a person with a big heart and contagious laughter. I myself have a several caricatures of my family done by Bill at home and they always put a smile on my face when I look at them.
Check out

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 05/06/2020

If you are from Tokyo or Yokohama, I have a perfect program for you for this weekend. In the heart of Tokyo in Harajuku at Design Festa Gallery, two of my artistic friends are exhibiting their best pieces. Mani Boutard's paintings and Pascal Potier's photographs will take you to a different world. Don't miss it, the exhibitions are up only until Sunday June 7th!

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 24/05/2020

Dreamy little Eva-Louise who is not so little anymore and soon will become a young lady. Last few glimpses of her childhood before it flies away.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 07/05/2020

More senior pictures, this time from cherry blossom season. I found it very cute when these two girls, Mai and Rei, showed up in matching outfits. It was obvious how good friends they are and I hope their connection shines through the pictures. Here's to friendship and to class of 2020!

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 27/04/2020

Class of 2020 is a special one all over the world for many reasons. They won't have to sit for their final exams (Yay! for many), on the other hand, no prom or a class trip or even an on-campus graduation ceremony (😭😭😭) to look forward to. But for the rest of their lives, they will have a story to tell and a bond to share with all the other 2020's who had to face this sudden unprecedented situation.
I have no doubt that each of these 5 young ladies will find their place in the world. It was great to watch them grow over the years and see their unique personalities unfold. Wishing you all the best to your new chapter in life at college!

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 17/04/2020

Even before the state of emergency was announced, China Town was already quite deserted. It made an awesome background for this little sweet mademoiselle Eva-Louise who was very fun to work with. I think there is an aspiring model rising here :-)

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 07/04/2020

Staying home is not fun. But if we have something that keeps our mind occupied and do something that we love, then it's easier to not get anxious and stressed. I love, love! taking pictures of teenagers. They have that special something around them that I want to capture in their portraits. Maybe it's the feeling that they own the world and they can save it or maybe it's the innocence that is about to be lost. Or maybe it's just me being stuck in 90's 😅
This is Ryoh, a High school senior of class of 2020. She is a real beauty and taking her pictures was just an easy task because she has that million dollar Mona Lisa smile. And she's also an Irish dancer😊


Surprised, angry, sad, confused, amused, frustrated, suspicious.... any emotion is valid in this crazy world we live in now. This is just a fraction of photos we took with Nicolas, a dear friend, talented actor and the best drama teacher here in Japan who's able to pull out all these emotions within blink of an eye.

Photos from Real Joy Photography's post 28/03/2020

World situation is changing with each day and what we took for granted last week, doesn't necessary have to be true now.
We've had relatively lots of freedom here in Japan and the cherry blossoms started to bloom, so I'm really glad we were still able to go on with the photo shoot for my friends' lovely family.
With U Danielle Snyder Richardson and Eric Richardson.

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