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IORI Health and Beauty Japan

IORI Health & Beauty is located just 20 minutes by train from Tokyo near the East exit of Yokohama S


We are pleased to announce that IORI Health & Beauty Japan will reopen from Monday, June 1st.

In reopening, we will be taking the following measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, and kindly ask for the cooperation of all customers.

⦅Requests of customers》
・If you have cold-like symptoms or a fever of over 37.5℃, please consider cancelling or rescheduling your appointment.
・Wear a mask during treatment
・Take your temperature and disinfect your hands when entering the salon.
・Post-treatment tea and hot towels will not be provided for the time being

⦅For those undergoing facial acupuncture 》
Treatment will be performed while covering the mouth and nose with a mask filter affixed with medical tape.
※Anyone not consenting to these measures will unfortunately not be able to undergo treatment.

⦅Temporary suspension of facial courses 》
Due to the risk of infection due to the proximity of the face of the customer and the practitioner, facial courses and options will be temporarily unavailable.

In addition, the following infection prevention measures will be taken based on the salon's own guidelines.

⦅Hygiene measures⦆
•Temperature checks by practitioners will be performed before and after work.
•Practitioners will wear a mask, glasses and goggles at all times
•Air in treatment rooms will be circulated through installation of a circulator in each bed
•Reception windows will be open at all times to ensure ventilation
•Gargling, and washing/disinfecting of hands by practitioners when arriving at work and returning from outside.
•Disposable sheets will be used on the treatment bed
•Hand washing, hand sanitizing, changing and disinfecting towels for each customer, etc.
•Areas that customers have touched will be disinfected after leaving the salon, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns about these measures or about undergoing treatment, feel free to contact us through the Contact Form on our website.

We look forwarding to welcoming you to the salon soon.


Feeling more and more stressed or irritated the longer the STAY AT HOME request goes on?

If yes, then try pressing the Pericardium 6 (内関) and Pericardium 8 (労宮) acupressure points to help regulate your autonomic nervous system and calm your mind.

Pericardium 6 (
With the palm of the hand facing up, it is located three fingers up from the crease where your wrist and palm meet. It's easy to find by putting your ring, middle, and index fingers together.

Pericardium 8 (労宮)
Two fingers down from the crease where your wrist and palm meet, between the tendons.

Press each point for about 5 seconds until you feel a slight zinging!

Not only can you do this simple technique at home, but even while in the office or on the train. Anywhere!

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Open for appointments from June 1


Do you feel sluggish or get headaches easily due to changes in the weather?

If so, then try this simple-to-make ginger tea. Not only will it help stimulate blood circulation, it will also warm your body, soothe an upset stomach and boost your immunity.

1) Place finely grated fresh ginger in a cup and pour hot water over it.
2) Add your favorite tea bag and some honey to taste!

This easy recipe is perfect for this time of year.

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Open for appointments from June 1


Have you gotten into the habit of eating a lot lately?

If so, self-acupressure using the Hunger Point (飢点) may be just what you need to control your urge to eat.

It is said that pressing the Hunger Point 20-30 minutes before a meal will help stimulate your brain into thinking you are full and prevent overeating!

Just press the small piece of cartilage by the entrance to your ear by applying just enough pressure whereby you feel a good type of pain - 10 times each on the left and right ears.

Use a cotton swab or toothpick to press the Hunger Point.
Commercially available acupuncture needle seals are also a good option.

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Open for appointments from June 1.


Have you been suffering from stiffness recently?

If you’ve been working at home, your body may be feeling unusually stiff and achy. When your body is stiff, blood flow is impaired and your mental stress increases.

Try the following simple stretch to relax and rejuvenate both your body and mind.

Lower back stretch
1. Lie on your back on the floor and raise your right leg with your hip and knee bent
2. Twist your lower body and bring your right leg over the left side of your body
3. Take a deep breath and hold for 10 seconds.
4. Repeat on the other side. Do three sets on each side.

Learn more about IORI:
Open again for appointments from June 1.


Have you ever heard of NATSUBATE?

If you’ve been using the air-conditioner recently to cool off as the weather warms up, you may be been suffering from NATSUBATE, the Japanese term for "summer fatigue caused by cold."

When the body temperature is too high, blood vessels in the skin dilate to help cool the body down. And when it's cold, blood vessels constrict to conserve heat!

However, if you keep going back and forth between the hot outdoors and the cold indoors, your blood vessels will constrict rapidly, thereby keeping your body cold and your blood vessels constricted, and causing your "autonomic nervous system" to go overboard.

Consequently, other organs in the body are also affected, leading to symptoms such as loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, lethargy, headaches, and stiff shoulders due to poor circulation. Women, in particular, have less muscle than men and are more susceptible to the cold, so need to be careful.

As a precautionary measure against your body from becoming too cold, we recommend the following.
- Eat meals that warm your body
- Stretch frequently
- Soak in a hot bath.

These simple habits are a great way to stay both cool and healthy as we continue to have to stay home.

Learn more about IORI:
Open again for appointments from June 1.


Have you been feeling tired or stiff lately?

If so, then taking a bath might be just the thing you need.

Soaking in the bathtub helps to soothe your body, increase your metabolism and improve your blood circulation. It's also a great way to boost your immune system during this precarious time.

A 15-minute bath, at a temperature of 38-40℃, will help to relax your muscles and activate your body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which inhibits the body from overworking and restores the body to a calm and composed state.

Even when the weather is warm outside, make time for a bath to boost your immunity and keep yourself healthy.

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Open again for appointments from June 1.


Looking for a simple self-care routine to do at home?

Then you may be interested to know about the power of the Joining Valley acupressure point, or GOKOKU (合谷)as it is know in Japanese.

Joining Valley is the most powerful acupressure point, and is said to help relieve a wide range of different conditions commonly faced by people living in this modern world.
-stiff shoulders, stiff neck, tired eyes
-headaches, abdominal pain, sore throat, toothache
-common colds, hay fever, tinnitus
-stomach and intestine weakness, high blood pressure
-neurological conditions
-menstrual pain, constipation, swelling
-acne, breakouts
And so on...

The Joining Valley point can be found in the fleshy area between the thumb and index finger, at the highest spot of the muscle when both the thumb and finger are brought close together.

Press and massage this all-purpose point for a couple of minutes and then repeat on the other hand. Do this as needed.

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Open for appointments from June 1.


Suffering from stiff shoulders as a result of spending more time at home or using your smartphone or computer more often than usual?

If so, here is an easy stretch you can do at home.

1. Get down on all fours and raise your right arm towards the ceiling.
2. Stretch your side by threading your right arm under your left arm until you can lay your right ear and shoulder on the floor or mat.
For an even deeper stretch, lift your left hand towards the ceiling to further extend your shoulder.
3. Hold this stretch for 5 deep breaths, then switch sides and repeat.

Your shoulders will feel relaxed as you loosen up the area around your shoulder blades.

Check our what we offer at IORI:
Open for appointments again from June 1.


How could having needles inserted into your skin possibly make you feel better? Doesn’t that hurt?

If you’re new to acupuncture, these are some of the questions you may be asking yourself.

Considering acupuncture uses extremely thin needles and that it’s been studied and practiced for over 2,500 years, it is not overtly painful or dangerous as you may be imagining.

Some swear by acupuncture, citing it as a “miracle” to improving their quality of life because it’s said to be able to treat everything from stress, depression, and allergies to dry skin, wrinkles, physical pain such as menstrual cramps, and sleep disorders.

Giving it a try for yourself:
Open for appointments again from June 1.


In response to the Japanese Government’s request to refrain from going out due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, IORI Health and Beauty Japan will remain closed until Sunday, May 31.

We are now accepting reservations for Monday, June 1 onwards. However, the temporary closure may be further extended or opening hours may be shortened depending on the infection situation at the time or at the Government's request. (Any changes will be announced here on Facebook).

All of our practitioners are nationally certified, and have studied hygiene management and sanitation in the process of obtaining their qualifications. In addition to possessing high-level expertise in their respective fields, each individual staff member also strives to uphold the highest level of hygiene management in the salon.

When we resume operations next month, we look forward to nourishing the vitality of our staff in order to provide our valued customers with a safe and an even more satisfying experience than before.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.
We look forward to welcoming you to the salon again soon!

The IORI Health and Beauty Japan Team

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Did you know that lemongrass possesses analgesic properties?

Not only will its refreshing scent boost your mood and improve your ability to concentrate, it's also recommended for those who want a change of pace in between work or study.

One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of lemongrass is to use a diffuser. (Make sure to follow the diffuser instructions)

You can also use it at home by diluting it in a carrier oil such as grape seed oil and applying it to your skin. Make sure to dilute it to a concentration of 1% (1 drop of lemongrass oil per 5ml of carrier oil) for normal skin and or 0.1% when using it on sensitive areas to avoid skin problems.

At IORI, we blend several essential oils together, with lemongrass as the predominant scent, to help relieve stiff shoulders and back pain. It's the most popular of the multiple aroma oil blends we offer!

As the government continues to urge people to refrain from going out, why not try aromatherapy for yourself in the comfort of your own home?

*Note that in addition to those with sensitive skin, pregnant women and children under 3 years old should also avoid using lemongrass oil due to it’s strong stimulant effects.

For full details on service offered at IORI:


Have you recently noticed that your face is swollen and puffy?

If so, this could be due to an accumulation of waste products as a result of eating more than usual while working from home.

To relieve swelling and refresh your face line, try this simple face massage.
1) Place your palm in the hollow of your collarbone and gently massage it for 10-15 seconds in a circular motion. First the left side, and then the right.

2) Next, make a fist and gently massage your face line from the tip of your chin to your ear, and then down from behind your ear to your collarbone. Do this about five times on each side.

3) When you’ve finished your massage, drink a glass of room temperature water to help flush the waste and toxins out of your body.

Doing this every day will help your face feel less puffy and swollen.


Have you been suffering from cold or swollen feet while working at home?

The more time you spend at home, the more opportunities you have to use your smartphone and TV, and if you are working remotely, your computer.

From am oriental medicine perspective, we are in an age where we often use our head more than our body, which leads to a build-up of chi in the head, and an accumulation of water in our feet. When this happens, your feet are more susceptible to cold.

We're currently closed, but will open again for appointments from May 7 (subject to change depending on the situation at the time)ter, and circulates your chi.

Prevents and improves poor blood circulation
Relieves muscle fatigue by improving blood flow
Helps induce sleep
Helps you relax
Relieves stress

(1) Place a large towel where you will put your feet and set an ankle-deep container of hot water (38℃〜42℃) on top of the towel.

2) Sit with your back against a chair and place your feet in the water up to your ankles for about 20 minutes.
*We recommend warming the ankles up to San Yin Jiao acupressure point(located on the medial side of the leg, four finger spaces above the inner ankle) ✨

(3) Wipe your feet with a small towel and put on socks or leg warmers to prevent your feet and legs from getting cold. If your feet are dry, be sure to moisturize.

We're currently closed, but will open again for appointments from May 7 (subject to change depending on situation at the time)

How to Give Yourself a Spa-Like Facial at Home 25/04/2020

Wondering how to give yourself a spa-like facial at home?

While we're all stuck indoors (or should be) for the foreseeable future, treating yourself to a much-deserved facial may seem like a far-off, unimaginable luxury — but that doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to care for your complexion. On the contrary, while the outside world continues to manifest constant feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, it's more important than ever to take care of your own mental health, and one of the best ways to do so is by bringing a sense of the spa into your very own bathroom.

How to Give Yourself a Spa-Like Facial at Home Your step-by-step guide for when you can't visit an aesthetician.


How does acupuncture make you less likely to get sick?

Inserting needles into your body or face is an approach that deliberately creates small wounds in the skin and muscles. Your cells are activated to repair the wounds, which in turn boosts natural healing power and immunity!

When you boost your natural healing power, your blood circulation, internal organs, and immunity are restored to their normal state, helping to prevent illness and injury.

If you want to try acupuncture and boost your body’s natural healing power, contact us today:


Looking for ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home?

Here are five simple methods for using aromatherapy essential oils without leaving the house to relax, reduce stress and anxiety or ease minor aches and pains.

Use a diffuser: this device is a helpful way to easily infuse any setting with the scent of your choice.

Consider dry evaporation: place 2-4 drops of essential oil on a cotton ball or tissue and let it sit in a bowl near you.

Create a steam treatment: place 3-7 drops of essential oil into a bowl of hot water, put your face over the water and a towel over your head to trap in the steam as you breathe in through the nose. This method is helpful for soothing congestion, respiratory and sinus infections or allergy troubles.

Drop it in the bath: combine up to 12 drops of your essential oil of choice with one teaspoon of whole milk, vegetable oil or honey and then add to the water just before you step in.

Apply it to your skin during a self-massage: your body becomes the diffuser here as it heats up the essential oil and releases its scent into the air. Mix it with a carrier oil, like grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil. When combining, use 20 drops of essential oil for every ounce of carrier.

Learn more about the aroma treatments we offer at IORI:


What does your tongue tell about your overall health?

Below is a simple check you can perform at home to detect underlying health issues and some simple tips on how to resolve them

・Your tongue is larger than the width of your mouth and has a jagged edges
☆You're prone to swelling due to water or fluid retention
→ Avoid caffeine, get a moderate amount of exercise and improve your diet 

・Your tongue is cracked and split 
☆You're lacking nutrition and water
→Make sure to consume 3 nutritious meals a day

・Your tongue is white
☆You feel cold easily, and suffer autonomic nervous system dysfunction
→Consume warm drinks, and get a moderate amount of exercise

・The veins under your tongue are swollen
☆You suffer from poor circulation and pass blood clots during menstruation
→Keep your body warm, increase circulation and find ways to relieve stress

We're currently closed, but will open again for appointments from May 7 onwards. Check out our treatments here:


Looking for a way to relieve stiff shoulders at home?

Due to spending more time at home than ever before, many of our customers have complained of stiff and painful shoulders and necks. However, this simple at-home technique can make discomfort a thing of the past.

Acupressure point for stiff shoulder relief: 曲池 KYOKUCHI

Locate with elbow bent. Can be found at the midpoint between the tendon when the elbow is bent and the elbow bone (it may cause a zinging sensation or heaviness when pressed).

Press at your preferred strength for about 5 seconds, and repeat 5-10 times.

Effects: Improves blood circulation in the upper body and relieves neck and shoulder pain, fatigue and hot flashes.

See what we have to offer:


Does your head feel heavy or do you suffer from headaches at this time of year?

With the temperature outside fluctuating between hot and cold, it is easy to get sick. The body cannot keep up with these seasonal changes, and as a result, your blood pressure and the autonomic nervous system become upset, and you are more likely to suffer from headaches, sluggishness, and insomnia. Headaches, in particular, are more likely to occur when blood pressure becomes unstable or rises due to low temperatures.

In such cases, acupuncture can help improve your blood circulation and regulate your autonomic nerves. It is also a great way to make your head and eyes feel clear and refreshed.

Check out our treatments to see which one is best for you:


Have you been stuck inside recently and unable to get our for a change in pace?

If so, you might be curious to know about the immune-boosting autonomic acupressure points that you can stimulate yourself at home.

Acupressure point: SEIKETSU
Location: Points either side of the fingertip 
Effect: Immunity boost

Pressing these points stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which inhibits the body from overworking and restores the body to a calm and composed state. It also regulates the autonomic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that regulates the functions of our internal organs including blood vessels.

*Only the ring finger stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which prepares the body for the “fight or flight” response during any potential danger.

If your hands are cold, stimulating these acupressure points will help improve blood flow and relieve coldness.

Take a few minutes each day to try this simple technique or invite your family members to do it with you.



Due to the request issued by the Japanese government, we will be closing temporarily from today April 8 until May 6. The safety of our staff and clients is very important to us and we hope to reopen again as soon as it is safe to do so.

We wish you good health in this troubled time. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones!

The IORI Health and Beauty Japan Team


Does wearing a mask irritate your skin?

A lot of people wear masks to prevent hay fever or stop themselves from getting sick. Particularly now, with the novel coronavirus becoming more widespread, people commonly wear masks at all times, even indoors and at work.

Although it may seem as if masks will prevent your skin from drying out, the humidity generated through exhalation actually increases the number of normal bacteria flora on your skin and causes some people's skin to become rough!

Why not try a deep cleanse to remove pore dirt and dead skin cells that cause rough skin?

Check out our treatments here:

7 Benefits Of Getting A Facial And Why You Need One Every Month - High Style Life 04/04/2020

What are seven benefits of getting a facial and why do you need one every month?

A good daily skincare routine is essential for maintaining healthy-looking, fresh skin, but every once in a while we need to leave it to the professionals and get a facial treatment at a beauty salon or a spa. More precisely, you should get one once a month or every 6 weeks.

A facial is a multi-step, multi-purpose skin treatment including steam, face masks, exfoliation, cleansing, a face massage and a variety of creams and lotions. There are many types of facial treatments, and choosing the one you need depends on your skin type and skin issues. Some are highly moisturizing, others are firming and restoring, while some focus on problem areas and certain skin conditions.

No matter the type, all facials have some amazing benefits for your skin:

• Deep Cleansing
• Anti-Aging
• Relaxation
• Skin rejuvenation
• Improved Skincare Routine
• Treating Skin Issues
• Treating Yourself

Read more about them here:

7 Benefits Of Getting A Facial And Why You Need One Every Month - High Style Life Every once in a while we need to leave it to the professionals and get a facial treatment at a beauty salon or a spa.


Wondering whether aromatherapy or acupuncture is the best approach to address your specific health concerns?

Here we highlight the difference between the two:

Aromatherapy ➡ Women wear spa towels, and men wear shorts, with treatment site exposed.
Targets: Blood vessels, lymph, and stiff muscles
Effective for relieving swelling, general fatigue, and listlessness.
Relaxation and moisturizing effects can be expected as characteristics of aroma and carrier oil.

Acupuncture treatment ➡ Both women and men wear spa towel with opening in the back to appropriately expose the affected area.
Targets ➡ Muscles, meridian, blood vessels, lymph, autonomic nerves
Suitable for those who are suffering from persistent stiffness or autonomic nervous system disorders such as coldness and insomnia, those who are concerned their symptoms will return soon after a massage, and those who would like to improve their constitution.

At IORI, we can help you to alleviate your physical disorders with either aromatherapy or acupuncture, or by combining treatments for enhanced effects.

Contact us today to find out more:


Suffer from sensitivity to cold or want to increase your immunity?

Then how about upping your consumption of “yang” foods that help warm your body, improve blood circulation, and improve chills?

Yang foods are contractive, high in sodium and in season in winter.
• Root vegetables such as ginger, leeks, garlic, carrots.
• Black foods such as sesame seeds and black beans.
• Miso, dried plums, etc.
• Black tea, roasted green tea, oolong tea, and ginger water

Yin foods, on the other hand, are expansive, potassium-rich and in season in summer.
• Vegetables grown in warm climates such as tomatoes and cucumbers.
• White products such as sugar and artificial sweeteners
• Soft products such as butter and margarine.
• Snacks, chocolate, etc.
• Drinks such as coffee, green tea, juice, water, milk.
When consuming yin foods, heat them up such as in soup or miso soup.

In addition to warming up your body from the inside with food, make an appointment with us to further boost your health and immunity through one of our acupuncture treatments:


Wondering whether it’s safe to undergo acupuncture or other health and beauty treatments during these uncertain times?

To protect the health and safety of both our customers and staff, we are taking the following such measures in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus as we remain open.

● Hand washing by customers upon arrival at the salon
● All staff wear masks and take their temperatures before and after their shifts
● Thorough hand washing and gargling by practitioners
● Provision of hand sanitizer
● Disinfection of instruments
● Frequent replacement of face sheets and towels on treatment tables
● More rigorous cleaning of treatment rooms
● Ventilation of rooms between customers

If you are worried about your physical condition or if you have a low-grade fever, we kindly ask you cancel your reservation.

We will continue to take thorough preventive measures and ensure rigorous hygiene management in the salon, as well as manage the health of our staff so that our customers can visit us with peace of mind.

Learn more about IORI Health & Beauty here:


Getting cabin fever as a result of being cooped up inside or feeling out of sorts due to a change to your regular routine? Then how about peeling away your stress (and wrinkles) and pampering yourself with our Total Facial Care Course.

Learn more:


Ever wondered what it takes to become an acupuncturist?
Three years of rigorous training at a designated institute and passing a highly difficult national exam.

As part of their training, acupuncturists learn how to insert acupuncture needles into and stimulate appropriate acupuncture points or problem areas according to a person's symptoms, with the aim to heal or prevent various health issues. Many acupuncturists also study and are licensed in moxibustion, which uses many of the same concepts and techniques as acupuncture.

In addition to working in traditional acupuncture clinics, many acupuncturists go on to find work in sports or fitness centers, aesthetic salons like IORI, and nursing care or medical facilities, with some even starting their own practices.

Book your session with one of our highly qualified practitioners:


Looking to enjoy the cherry blossoms while you're in Yokohama? If so, these four spots are the perfect place to so do.

1. Minato Mirai 21 - Stroll down the 500m long Sakuradori or Kishamichi Promenade to enjoy a fusion of the modern skyscrapers and the beautiful cherry blossoms

2. Ookagawa River - One of Yokohama's best cherry blossom viewing spots with over 200 cherry blossom trees decorating the river banks on both sides

3. Yamash*ta Park - Right by the water, this most famous tourist spot allows you to take in the cherry blossoms with the historic NYK Hikawamaru ocean liner and Yokohama Marine Tower as a backdrop

4. Sankeien Garden - Featuring numerous cherry blossom trees around the pond, the park is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful scenery of the authentic Japanese spring. The cherry blossom ice-cream is also not to be missed.

Book your treatment before or after you take in the blossoms:


What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture, also known as facial acupuncture, is a natural, non-surgical treatment that aims to reduce wrinkles and improve muscle tone, elasticity and overall glow of the face. As a totally natural anti-ageing treatment, it can also benefit various skin conditions.

Results are achieved by inserting tiny needles into certain points of the face and supporting face muscles. Points on the body are also used to ensure a balanced treatment.

Other benefits of facial acupuncture include improved sleep, having clearer eyes, feeling healthier and more balanced.

Try it for your self:


One-stop relaxation for your spiritual and physical health and beauty.

Located just a few minutes walk from Yokohama Station, Iori Health and Beauty Japan offers total care for your spiritual and physical health and beauty through the three pillars of healing, beauty, and treatment to support the beauty inherantly within you.

Our most popular treatment is cosmetic acupuncture as we are skilled in acupuncture treatments. Our therapists have undergone three years of intensive training and are government certified so you can always feel safe when you receive treatment with us.

In addition to cosmetic and regular acupuncture, we also offer a wide range of facial rejuventation treatments, aromatherapy massages and other relaxation packages. We are happy to take your inquiries here.

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Five Benefits of Acupuncture





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宮坂鍼灸整骨院【あざみ野】 宮坂鍼灸整骨院【あざみ野】
Yokohama, 225-0002

東急田園都市線「あざみ野駅」徒歩4分、あざみ野 たまプラーザ 宮坂鍼?

鍼灸院 YAcu 鍼灸院 YAcu
Yokohama, 221-0075

鍼灸院 YAcu 院長の久保です。 鍼灸を通して、注射や薬に頼らず健康で活力

Roku鍼灸マッサージ Roku鍼灸マッサージ
Yokohama, 241-0814


鍼灸 仲町台治療院 鍼灸 仲町台治療院
Yokohama, 224-0041

【鍼灸 仲町台治療院】 〒224-0041 横浜市都筑区仲町台1-31-12 パークサイド仲町台202

センター南 ファミリア鍼灸接骨院 ミルフルール センター南 ファミリア鍼灸接骨院 ミルフルール
都筑区茅ヶ崎中央6-1 サウスウッド3F
Yokohama, 2240032


たまプラーザの肩こり・腰痛で評判の州凰堂金坂鍼灸整骨 たまプラーザの肩こり・腰痛で評判の州凰堂金坂鍼灸整骨
神奈川県横浜市青葉区美しが丘2-20-15 プラザウィスタリア 3
Yokohama, 225-0002


Hi!鍼灸整骨院 Hi!鍼灸整骨院
金沢区釜利谷東3丁目2-37エスポワール K1階
Yokohama, 236-0042

Hi!鍼灸整骨院 治せる整骨院あります!!

たかはし鍼灸接骨院ーPerfect Body Creationー たかはし鍼灸接骨院ーPerfect Body Creationー
戸塚区秋葉町284 高正ハイツ1F
Yokohama, 245-0052

たかはし鍼灸接骨院 トレーニングサポート&ボディーケア(公式ホームペ?

健康堂鍼灸整骨院 横浜院 【交通事故・肩こり・腰痛・マ 健康堂鍼灸整骨院 横浜院 【交通事故・肩こり・腰痛・マ
Yokohama, 220-0005


中川治療院 中川治療院
横浜市港北区綱島西3-8-11 中川ビル1F
Yokohama, 223-0053

東急東横線 「綱島駅」下車 徒歩6分の治療院です。院の前駐車スペース

ふたば鍼灸整骨院 - 戸塚区東戸塚駅より徒歩5分 ふたば鍼灸整骨院 - 戸塚区東戸塚駅より徒歩5分
戸塚区品濃町515-1 南の街 2-105
Yokohama, 244-0801