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Graduated from the Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University. But if you sign a any contract of visa, Interview fee is free of charge.

行政書士 長谷川真史事務所
Japanese Immigration lawyer "Gyousei Shoshi" Shinji Hasegawa Office
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If you have any Visa problem, business problem,etc, please contact us. Based on the experience of many PMs at the Major telecommunications carrier PJ, we will respond more quickly than anywhere else.

【Notes on making inquiries】
As an expert, my remarks c


The government is accepting public comments until midnight on March 25. Almost from this May, the screening criteria for college student visas for Japanese language schools will become even stricter.

Major Revisions

When a foreigner is granted "College Student" status, his/her spouse or child shall not be eligible for "Family Resident" status.

The period of Japanese language education prior to receiving education at an educational institution that provides Japanese language education under the status of residence of "College Student" will be changed from "6 months or more" to "1 year or more".

Refer to the following linked websites



There have been many legal amendments related to refugee status.
The most significant amendments are the following topics
It will no longer be possible to apply for refugee status and stay in Japan indefinitely.
From now on, it will become more and more dangerous to stay in Japan with refugee status.
See the article link below.

特定技能在留外国人数の公表(令和5年6月末) - Hasegawa Legal Office 31/01/2024

SSW registrations statistics as of June 30, 2023.
The manufacturing and food and beverage manufacturing sectors are in overflow.
The nursing care and food service sectors have not yet reached their planned levels.
Please refer to the article link from the image below.

特定技能在留外国人数の公表(令和5年6月末) - Hasegawa Legal Office ※出入国管理局HPより引用 特定技能在留外国人数の公表

「特定技能1号」に移行予定の方に関する特例措置について - Hasegawa Legal Office 31/01/2024

Please refer to the article link from the image below.

「特定技能1号」に移行予定の方に関する特例措置について - Hasegawa Legal Office 「特定技能1号」の在留資格に変更を希望をされる方で、在留期間の満了日までに申請に必要な書類を揃えることができないなど、移行のための準備に時間を要する場合には、「特定技能1号」で就労を予定している受入れ...


Once you become a resident in Japan, you have various obligations.
Resident tax, health insurance, pension insurance, etc.
These obligations occur naturally if you live in Japan. No one will tell you.
What no one tells you is not a reason to do so later.

Do you know all the obligations of a resident living in Japan?
And are you fulfilling all of them?

If you are even a little bit worried, you should consider the visa process to be risky.

Before it is too late, you should have a visa specialist on your side as soon as you live in Japan. Please contact us now.



Is it just an immigration messenger?
Or are they true experts who will take care of the problem until it is resolved?
One of the criteria to properly judge this is the cost.

Another important thing.

You should consider that about 70% of those who claim to be immigration lawyers in Japan are messengers of the Immigration Bureau.

In other words, most of the immigration lawyers you search for on FB, etc. and get hits are most likely not true experts.

The remaining 30% are true problem solvers. Consider them true lawyers and experts.

Because it is easier to work as a messenger and anyone can do it.
But as a messenger, you will find yourself in a pile of disallowances.
That is only unfortunate for the client.

As a true expert, our Firm will try to determine the essence of the problem and solve it until the end. We never give up. We never give up because that is what our clients want most.
We are willing to pay a fee for this, but our clients are satisfied with our work.

Please contact us.



What are your criteria for choosing a specialist when you have visa problems?

Do you choose because of the low cost?

Visa is a job that requires expertise and advanced documentation skills.

Basically, low cost = low expertise = low visa approval rate.

Please consider this.

Even if you think there is no problem by yourself, there are often many problems lurking when a specialist looks at it. The cost is the cost to solve those problems.

Sometimes there are experts who offer a low cost, but they are not experts, just immigration messengers.

Would you trust your future to a mere cheap messenger?
Or do you want to entrust your future to a true expert who will solve your problems until the end?

The correct answer is obvious.

You have to find out if this person is a messenger or a true expert.

One criterion for determining this is the cost.

When in doubt, access us anytime.


Young foreign women should aim for Nursing SSW.
Young foreign men should aim to become a Construction SSW or Agricultural SSW.

The most common inquiries to us are
Young women who want to work in IT-related fields. The most sought-after field for young female foreigners in Japan today is the nursing care field, not IT. Please do not make a mistake.

Also, many young foreign men are also aiming for IT-related or trade jobs. This is also a mistake. The most sought-after jobs for young male foreigners in Japan today are in construction and agriculture.

If you do not make these mistakes, there are plenty of jobs. Leave it to me.


Japanese Immigration Bureau do quite hard decision against student quit school before guraduation.

Reason why the student that won't to go back to thier country after quitting school normaly change thier status to refugee applicant.

The most baddest case, a few people of that applicant finaly become to crimer.

This point of problem is one of the Japanese immiglation Bureau main concernnig issue.

If you are now those situation of abobe that, at first be inquire ASAP before you action unless professional thinking.
We will consolt better way of each situation of this matter.


Urgent recruit for Successful SSW Caregivers
The job is in a nursing home (Ibaraki).
Under 35 years old
Someone who can work immediately

The number of openings is limited, so please hurry if you wish to apply.
Please send us your resume and SSW certificate via messenger.
We will contact you.


There are many immigration lawyers in Japan.

How do you choose the right immigration lawyer for you?
Speed of work?
The politeness of their work?
Is it the ability to obtain a permit?
These are all important points.

But please think carefully.
This is Japan, a country far away from your own.
What you need most to survive in such a land is 、、、、
Yes, a life partner who understands you well.
Studying abroad, returning home temporarily, job hunting, finding a job, changing jobs, getting married, having a baby, getting divorced, etc.
Is it someone you can trust and rely on for everything in every phase of your life in this country?
Isn't that the most important thing?

We believe that being able to be your one and only resource in your life here in Japan, far away from your home country, is the most important thing.

At every stage of your life, obtaining the right visa can be difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes even impossible.

Many immigration law firms end there.

Yes, it is true; it is not always easy to obtain a suitable visa. We are the only office in Japan where there It does not end there.
We will fight with you until you can continue your life in Japan with peace of mind.

We provide that value. Please contact us first. Let's start that relationship.


If you have questions about your visa, please make an appointment to meet with us first.
There is a fee for the interview, but if you request a visa processing, it is free of charge.
First, please contact us at Messanger to make an appointment for an interview.
Our professionals will surely solve your problem.
Contact us now.


Your resume must be truthful.
Lies will always be exposed.
When you entered Japan, when you applied for refugee status, when you studied abroad, when you got a job, when you got married, all the documents you submitted to the Immigration Bureau can all be seen immediately at the Immigration Bureau.
All of your document resumes that you submitted to the immigration office are required to be consistent. Even if you lie later, you will always be found out.
If you have any doubts at all, consult an expert right away, before it's too late!


There are caregiver job openings for those who have passed the caregiver exam for the TOKUTEIGINOU (SSW) visa.
If you wish to apply, please send your residence card and resume by messenger We will contact you.


I will discuss the mistakes that foreigners who fail in the visa process make.

First, visa approval is examined based on the Immigration Law. It is never based on luck.

Only immigration officers and immigration lawyers are familiar with immigration law. They are not people in the foreign community.

In other words, the people you should listen to for advice on obtaining a visa should be immigration officials or immigration lawyers, not the opinions of the community in your country.

Simple logic.

But the foreigners who fail as a result go out of their way to complicate things.

I will say it again. The visa process is simple. All you have to do is to carefully prepare the documents according to the immigration laws. And ask for advice from the person who can do it best.

If you are a smart person, you know what I am talking about.


The quality of the business plan is important to obtain a business management visa.
A business plan that looks cool but is not accompanied by substance is not acceptable.
What is important is that it is a plan that you have seriously considered.
Some people outsource their company's business plan, but that is a bad idea because it has no substance and does not have your soul in it.
You must prepare a plan that you have thought about and that you are passionate about.
If you have enthusiasm, I am ready to support you in any way I can. Please contact me.


For foreigners living in Japan, visa issues always come up.
They may feel frustrated and anxious about having visa problems.
Even if they are not dissatisfied or anxious, they may have troublesome or negative feelings.
The reason is that Japanese immigration laws are very complicated and difficult to understand.

You came to Japan with a positive attitude, but now you have to live with negative visa problems. Do you feel like that?

Yes, I do. To live positively in Japan free from complicated and complex visa issues, we will become your partner and take care of all your negative emotions.

From now on, you will be free from any troublesome visa issues.

Your first action for this is to contact us via messenger. We are always waiting for you.


In order to resolve visa issues, it is necessary to comply with the various requirements set forth by law, as well as the period of stay.

However, since the general public is unaware of these laws and regulations, most of them are violated without their knowledge. This is the biggest problem.

The way to avoid this is to contact a specialist immediately when in doubt and confirm the facts.

Most cases have this problem. Are you OK?

Probably not okay. Contact us now before it is too late.


If you want to go to a Japanese language school or a vocational school but do not know which school to go to, we can introduce you to schools and help you find one that meets your needs.

Please feel free to contact us.


For foreigners who wish to enroll in a Japanese language school or vocational school next April, we recommend that you complete the enrollment procedures and visa application by the end of this year, as the Immigration Bureau will be crowded next year.
We can assist you in all aspects of enrollment in Japanese language school, vocational school, and visa support.
Please contact us.


People who want to go to Japanese language school and vocational school

From overseas is OK.

We will support you through the entire process from school introduction to visa application.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us by clicking the button below.


The CORONA visa will cease operations at the end of October.
This means that
It will no longer be possible to extend the visa on the grounds that you cannot return to your home country in Corona, as was the case in the past.
So what are you going to do?
Nothing to worry about.
Perhaps what you are afraid of is that once you return home, you will never be able to come to Japan again.
We are Japanese lawyers and visa specialists.
If you leave your destiny in our hands, we will be able to invite you back to Japan.
So, please do not worry about anything and contact us first.


I can introduce you to SSW(TOKUTEIGINOU) GAISYOKU service jobs(noodle restaurant)also Construction conpany jobs.
Please contact us with your SSW certificate and residence card.


Beginning in September, SSW's construction fields have been consolidated into three. Civil Engineering, Construction, and Lifeline. This will make it easier to find work.
For more information, please contact us.


【重要】建設分野の特定技能に係る業務区分の変更について|JACからのお知らせ一覧|JAC|一般社団法人 建設技能人材機構 08/09/2022

Beginning in September, SSW's construction fields have been consolidated into three. Civil Engineering, Construction, and Lifeline. This will make it easier to find work.
For more information, please contact us.

【重要】建設分野の特定技能に係る業務区分の変更について|JACからのお知らせ一覧|JAC|一般社団法人 建設技能人材機構 特定技能の業務区分は、技能実習対象職種を含め、 建設業に係る全ての作業を大きく3つに統合されました。業務区分【土木】、業務区分【建築】、業務区分【ライフライン・設備】です。

岸田首相「留学生30万人」見直し さらに増やす計画策定を指示 | NHK 30/08/2022

Good news for all foreigners who want to study, work, and play an active role in Japan.

岸田首相「留学生30万人」見直し さらに増やす計画策定を指示 | NHK 【NHK】岸田総理大臣は永岡文部科学大臣に対し、年間30万人の外国人留学生の受け入れを目指す政府の目標を抜本的に見直し、さらに留学…


TOKUTEIGINOU I can introduce you to food service jobs.
Number of people: 2.
The sooner the better.
Please contact us with your TOKUTEIGINOU passport and residence card.


I would like to comment on the many inquiries.

Changing to another status of residence while applying for refugee status

There seem to be two major patterns among those who are in the process of applying for refugee status.

One is those who apply for refugee status within the time limit after entering the country as a tourist.

The other is former international students who apply for refugee status after their student visa renewal is denied.

In the former case, it is generally possible to apply for change of status without any problem, but in the latter case, there is a high possibility that the application for change will be denied again because the history of non-renewal will have a negative impact on the examination of the application for change of status.

So what should we do?

The answer to this question depends on each individual case, so we will first consult with you individually in an interview, but we can always support you all the way until you finally obtain a regular visa in Japan.

The first step is to contact us here.


A technical intern trainee leaves the company in the middle of the program.
A foreign student leaves school.
A foreign student takes on too many part-time jobs.
applies for refugee status.

I believe that there are many situations in which foreigners residing in Japan are forced to take the above actions for unavoidable reasons.

However, before you take such actions, please remember just a few things.

Will that action have a negative impact on your current status of residence?
Will this action have a negative impact on your future self?

Always check with a visa specialist before taking any action.
Then you can choose a way to avoid future problems before they arise.

First, please inquire before taking action.


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I would like to comment on the many inquiries.Changing to another status of residence while applying for refugee statusT...
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Immigration Lawyer and VISA For Foreigner. VISAに関するお悩みは入国管理局届出申請取次行政書士やまぎし事務所へ!初回相談は無料。悩んでいないでまずはお電話を!#ビザ申請#VISA#immigration

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