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Ohayo! Welcome to your Pilates place! I am Kasia. I am polish living in Japan with my beloved famil


My foundation, the base I relay on being movement practitioner. That is something that brings confidence and ensures that I am giving my clients everything they really need and benefit from.

Although my STOTT Pilates education is based on functional anatomy I’ve never stopped exploring, deepening my knowledge and searching for answers in other sources.

Thanks to book review post series .pilates.magda.nowak my home library is also growing😍 I love all those books as they all bring new perspective, new knowledge and ideas on how to approach different bodies ☺️

Coming to the very first session with me you may expect to get short body scan. This is to give me an idea on what we are going to do for the next hour and during next classes that will follow. Of course it is just the reference that is verified once you start moving 💜 I am watching you from the moment you enter the studio 😉





Open your 💜 and enjoy the moment ☀️

Have a lovely long weekend! 🥰

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New journey back in Europe ❤️😍


Hi There!

I am very excited to share that starting May I will have a great pleasure to run group Pilates classes in that beautiful, sunny and cozy space 😍

Small (max 4 participants), cozy and warm women only class for all who love working out with the others, who want to strengthen their core, build up strength, work on mobility and deep stability in a healthy and mindful way 🥰

Reformers, Stability Chairs, Barrels and Small equipment will be used to add some challenge, support when needed and fun at the same time 💪🏻

I will be very happy to meet you every Friday at 10am in Sachsenhausen! ☺️

Make sure to book your spot website.

See you there! 😍

📸 😘


Changing continents in the last few months was a mind blowing challenge 🤯 Stressful, emotional and exciting at the same time. I am still getting used to new life and new reality back in Europe.

I am grateful to find a place where I can share my passion again, where I can be someone I always wanted to be be.

Hallo city!

Pilates is my passion since over 10 years and I will be happy to guide you through this amazing Pilates journey! Give a try and book your session with me . I teach mainly in english and polish but I can also speak some German 😍

Would be very happy to meet you at the studio 🥰
If you have any questions please feel free to DM me for guidance ☺️


Your body deserves gratefulness for all its hard work it does for you every day. It deserves to be respected, taken care of, loved and appreciated.

It may seem to be hard especially when you are in pain or have some limitations that affect your daily life. Negative emotions, stress, anxiety, disappointment- why it happen to me? I know this feelings very well. But I also know that being angry at the things we can’t really control and being hard to our own body makes it even worst. It affects our happiness and wellbeing. I had stop that negative spiral and learn how to appreciate things that I can do. I learned patience, respect and gratitude for what I have. I am stronger - physically and mentally.

Having that experience I feel I am a better Pilates teacher for those who need that extra support to focus and appreciate the things they can do and to help them deal with those they are not able to do yet for any reason.

I am there for you ❤️


Goodbye to this amazing place🥺

Lots of tears, hugs, wishes and touching words ❤️
That was one of the most emotional days in my Pilates journey in Japan.

Thank you to my beloved customers for your trust, hard work and for making me feel fulfilled in my professional life. I keep my fingers crossed for all of you! Please keep your motivation to have strong and healthy body 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 You are all amazing❤️❤️❤️

Thank you my beloved team for your kindness and friendship and for always making me feel so welcomed ❤️ I will never forget this amazing Pilates journey… you made my time here in Japan very special 😘


Reformer became worldwide known and beloved Pilates machine. It is cool and trendy however it is not the only one machine we use during our sessions.

Stability chair is one of the most demanding and challenging Pilates machine, however thanks to its multi-functionality it is also an ideal piece of equipment for those who, for certain reasons, need to stay in a seated or upright position.

It helps to work on upper and lower body strength, improve body control and overall stability.

Athletes, dancers and people with good body awareness and strength will also benefit from its high performance exercises abilities.


Ciao Italy! Love ya! ❤️


Hi there!

Sunday is the first day in Japanese calendar. It is the last for us Europeans though ☺️
No matter whether first or last it’s a perfect day to start or end your week with some mindful movement.


Like any other part of you body feet deserve the same attention. Human foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, lots of ligaments and muscles. It is the base responsible for balance and locomotion. Whatever happens with the foot will adversely influence upper extremity.

Pilates focuses on every detail and quality of movement to make sure you get the most out of your workout. We work on strength, flexibility and mobility of your feet to make sure you have strong base🦶🏻🦶🏻

Cozy Pilates socks from .pilates.magda.nowak 🥰


Sunday dream team 😍

I feel so lucky to meet such a great, mindful and caring instructors on my Pilates journey in Japan! 🙏☺️😍

Such a pleasure to be a part of Sunday team and at ❤️

Sunday team will take care of your body and mind. Just give it a try! ☺️


Fall in love with taking care of yourself.
For yourself. For the others.
Let the other people see that sunshine on your face 🌞🌸


Cadillac - no, not a 🚗 but the largest Pilates tool ☺️ Also cool! ☺️

I think I’ve never had a pleasure to introduced it before.
Cadillac is kind of bed with horizontal frames and vertical bars above the platform. It incorporates springs, bars and handles transforming Pilates into three dimensional exercise experience. Thanks to its wide functionality it can be used as a very first Pilates equipment or rehabilitation toll for any person providing great support for spine, challenging balance and strength as well as additional challenge machine for sport professionals, athletes and dancers providing hanging upside down and gravity based exercises.

No matter whether you are sport professional or totally new to exercise this machine is definitely for you!

Come and try it 😍😍😍


So glad to be back here ❤️

Never experienced Pilates with machines?

Take a look at and book your discounted trial private class 😍☺️

What is important and frequently asked - you don’t need any previous experience neither in Pilates nor in any other different sport activities. It is for everyone who wish to restore inner balance, strength and vitality 😍

Machines will help you reach your individual goals in a shorter period of time. They will add some resistance or help with more challenging exercises. Thanks to private session you will get 100% attention of instructor and tailor made class just for your individual needs. Gorgeous 😍


Waiting for you in that amazing place! ❤️


So excited to be back to teaching here very soon! ☺️❤️❤️❤️


2022 was definitely “family year” filled with lots of happiness, excitement, unforgettable memories and some very emotional moments. I am very grateful for all of them and feel lucky to be where I am now 🥰

2023 is going to be more “work - life balanced” year though ☺️ Some classes in Tokyo and Yokohama will be finally coming back! Can’t wait! 😍

Wishing you all the best in New Year and looking forward to seeing you soon! 😘


Fascinating world of human movement - autumn reading 😌📚

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Acupuncture has never been „my thing” even though it is quite popular in Japan but this mat is truly amazing!

Although it was not “love from the first sight” it gradually became my favorite nap place (especially now - 😳).

Acupressure mat has around 6-7 thousand needles (acupressure points) providing gentle, painless pressure. That allows the body to release endorphins, relieve stress, relax muscles and helps to decrease back and neck pain.
It promotes better blood circulation so after few minutes nice warming sensation comes making you fall asleep 🥱😴

Perfect energy booster after any kind of workout, long hours sitting or stressful day!

First attempts of using the mat may discourage though. It may be painful
so starting slowly, with the light t-shirt on will help to get used to it. Than it’s just a pure pleasure! ☺️


Few gentle movements for spinal mobility, stiffness or tightness that can easily become your daily morning or/and evening routine (recommended not only during pregnancy 😍).

Few repetitions of each may help to smoothly start or end up your day 🥰
Additionally smooth pelvic movements may help to get ready for active labor 💪

The video has been speeded up, work slowly along with your breathing opening the sides and back of your rib cage. Enjoy! 😍

🎶 Music: Early Hours


Relaxing and beneficial myofascial massage with foam roller that can release some tension and stiffness, improve blood and lymphatic circulation whenever and wherever needed 💆‍♀️🥰


Tiredness, sleepiness and lack of energy ….welcome in the last few weeks of pregnancy 🤰🏼🙃

Last trimester of pregnancy may really influence our daily life. Those additional kilograms, breathing difficulties, sleepless nights, aches and pains here and there…. Sofa has never looked so inviting like it looks now 🥱

Pregnancy fatigue is totally normal and present usually during first and last trimester. While we are not aware of what the body is up to it is working harder than ever before! 💪💪💪

Although taking plenty of rest and focus on relaxation is very important at this stage gentle workout and appropriate exercises may paradoxically be more rejuvenating than a sofa break 😊

Taking some prenatal classes, gentle hiking through the forest or simply taking a nice walk during the sunny day is one of the best option to keep yourself active. Not only will it boost your energy, increase mood elevating hormones and calm your mind but also will be super beneficial for your growing baby. It may also help you to have a better sleep at night 😴

Don’t overdo your workouts though. Feeling energized not exhausted is the goal. Always listen to your body as fatigue is a signal to take it easier. 🤗

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Struggling with urinary incontinence?

Here are few things that I believe we should all be aware of regarding that issue.

❗️First of all urinary leakage it is very common but never normal❗️

Pelvic floor muscles create kind of “hummock” on the bottom of the pelvis keeping our organs up and in our bodies. That is a group of muscles responsible for keeping you from leaking and providing support and stability🍀

Pelvic floor muscle like any other muscle group may become weak, tight or not properly coordinated giving us symptoms like urinary incontinence, pelvic heaviness, pain around pelvis, hips, abdominal or lower back.

🌸 The good news is that it can be treated and definitely should be! It might be necessary to work with pelvic floor professional (PT specializing in pelvic floor health) who can asses and introduce proper treatment, daily habits recommendations and exercises.

The goal of pelvic floor exercises is to re-educate and bring awareness of this area. Like any other muscle group they also need a good balance between relaxation and activation.

Don’t wait until it gets worst! Appropriate approach can really change your life!


Why is it worth to stay active during pregnancy?

Check out some benefits of mindful movement that can make this precious time even more enjoyable 🤰🏼😍


Anytime, anywhere and for everyone Pilates! ❤️

Have a wonderful International Pilates Day! 😘


Great News that arrived just for the end of Golden Week! 😍😍😍

After 4 years of studying, hundreds hours of self practice, observation and teaching teaching and additionally pregnancy in the meantime I feel proud to get the first level of Merrithew®] certification becoming STOTT Pilates certified instructor for Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels ❤️

I wouldn’t be here without my great teachers, employers, family and clients who put trust in me during that time. Big thanks to all the great people I met on my Pilates journey in Japan 😘
I feel very lucky 🥰

I am aware it is just the beginning of never ending story and and I am looking forward to my next steps with Merrithew®] 😊
Coming back for more soon! ☺️



Hope you also enjoy your Golden Week 🌞


Big and small ball - my very good friends during pregnancy workouts 🤰🏼

Adding small props either challenges or adds support depending on exercise.

They are perfect to work on spinal stability and mobility, they can be used to strengthen particular muscles groups as well as to serve as a alternative to many exercises that require supine positions.

Use the big ball to mobilize the pelvis and lower back which tends to get quite tight and stiff during pregnancy.
That kind of exercises will be also beneficial and serve as a preparation for labor 💪

In addition you can also use the big ball to mobilize upper back, strengthen upper back extensors and nicely open through the front of your body.

How to do it?

✅ sitting on a big ball with thighs in 90 degrees angle to your belly move the pelvis to the front and to the back trying not to go to excessive extension in you lower back

✅ sitting on a big ball make a nice, smooth, easy circles feeling freedom around your pelvis and lower back

✅ for upper back extension slide down the ball to feel support under your lower and middle back and extend your upper spine with an inhale opening the front of you chest. Be careful not to overextend you lumbar spine.

Enjoy these simple movements whenever you feel tight or stiff around your lower and upper back!

Always remember to get permission from your doctor before starting any activity during pregnancy 🤰🏼


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