Saint Maur Charity Committee

Saint Maur Charity Committee


Our Service Learning Club met yesterday afternoon to boil and decorate eggs that were distributed to the homeless in Kannai by a group of volunteers. The students came up with the idea of adding cute smileys and messages to the eggs to hopefully add a smile to the homeless people's faces. The Service Learning Club is a new Club initiated by our Saint Maur Charity Committee and we invite all students to join us every Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. to work on projects focused on providing support to those in need.
The Saint Maur Giving Tree is all set up and ready for you in the Cougar Café foyer, thanks to the help of our Service Learning Club students! 🎄 Pick an ornament and make a wish come true for the homeless in Kannai. A box of cookies or warm socks, you're welcome to donate anything you like 🎁

Saint Maur Charity Committee
Please meet this academic year's Elementary School Student Council Representatives. We are excited to hear more about their inspirational forthcoming projects in the near future.

For more information on charity actions at Saint Maur, follow our official Saint Maur Charity Committee page!

The Saint Maur Charity Committee serves Saint Maur International School to strengthen the impact of charitable actions across the whole school.


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The Elementary School Student Council (ESSC) organised Valentine's Day candy-grams! They helped to design the candy-gram notes, then all the Elementary students had the chance to buy individual candy-grams, or SUPER candy-grams for their whole class. After receiving the completed candy-gram notes and the money, the ESSC students attached chocolates to all the candy-grams and delivered them to all the classes. They raised ¥40,000 for our charity, YouMeWe, a Tokyo-based non profit organization that is solely dedicated to nurturing and supporting local students from institutionalized homes.

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These days we are facing such cold weather! We are still supporting the volunteers team of the Sacred Heart Church by providing food, warmers, clothes and any other essential items every week.

If you would like to support the team by providing food or hands please let us know. We always need your help!

Have a great weekend!


For tomorrow's World Cancer Day, Cezars Kitchen STM will donate a portion of their sales on February 4th to the Children's Cancer Cancer Association of Japan. Make sure to get your lunch and a snack at Cezar's tomorrow to support them raising funds for children in need.

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The Middle School Student Council started selling Valentine's Grams yesterday to spread the love and appreciation among our students and teachers, and to help The United Nations World Food Programme with the profits from the sales. You can choose what type of card you want, write a message and the name of the recipient on the envelope, and return it to the officers. They will attach a sweet treat and deliver it to the recipient on Valentine's Day. Sales are going on every day before homeroom, morning recess and lunch recess until Thursday 10th of February. Selling points are next to the Faculty Room and the Cougar Cafe. We have a limited amount of cards, so make sure you get yours before it's too late!

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Dear community,

The Saint Maur Charity Committee is happy to announce that a new box with donations was sent today to the Philippines in support of Cameleon Association Inc. Philippines. This box is full of sports clothes and shoes to help the girls get healed through gymnastics!

Thanks again @Daniellericdchardson, @wendyorthman, @claratascceda, @pascaleleclercq…. And so many more !

Have a lovely weekend.

PS: If you would like to donate directly to the association who works all year long, here is the link -

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Do you live in Tokyo and would like to start volunteering? Metropolis Magazine featured many different charity organizations in their latest edition!

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Beautiful photo of the team of volunteers who participated in the distribution last Tuesday. 3 times a week, the teams takes turns to help the homeless.

This time from left to right Ms Girly (who has volunteered her time and energy 3 times a week for over 20 years), Severine Leclercq, Agnesz , Rosina, Daniel Mansson, Naoki and of course Kevin Orthman, the guy behind the camera who gave us this wonderful photo.

If you too are considering to give some of your time and come and participate in the distribution to better understand what life is like for the homeless, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to welcome you.

To see is to understand better.


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Another wonderful project completed by our new Service Learning Club! New students can join our Club anytime, just drop by on Tuesdays 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. A special thank you to Rosina Passeggi and Lorraine Garrett for leading this Club!

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Welcome back everyone!

The SMCC remains active during the holidays because mutual aid does not have a break! We have continued to provide food, masks, hand warmers and all your clothing donations during this holiday season. Every week we continue to help them and to support the work carried out by the wonderful volunteers of the Sacred Heart Church, and this particularly thanks to the funds of the Pop Up Shop which are of great help! But we still need support to renew our funds. If you want to make any donation to support our action for the Homeless please follow the link Please mention "Homeless program" as comment

Stay Tuned for more news about the generosity of our wonderful community ! 🙏

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Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks to you, we were able to distribute lots of festive Happy Bags to the homeless over Christmas 🎅🏻 Meanwhile, the clothes and school supplies donations you handed in generously in October, have safely made it to the girls in need in the Philippines ❤️ Thank you for all your help making these incredible things possible and we can't wait for our next projects in 2022!


Our December Change Makers... find out what motivates these High School Student Council members to make a change and what you can do to help.

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A truly inspirational project!


After distributing happy bags to the homeless people and seeing how they live for the first time, this Grade 3 student wrote down his thoughts and gave a presentation to his class the next day. His classmates were astonished as some of them have not seen homeless people before and it was interesting for them to see who the happy bags they have been working on actually go to. After the presentation they had many questions - how did the student feel when he saw the homeless? would he go to support them again? (the answer was of course, yes!)

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Wow! We have already received SO many happy bags from our students, the Elementary School Principal's office is overflowing 💗 Together with our special helpers, we already distributed some of the bags to the homeless last night! 🎅🏻

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This is our first collection of happy bags that the Montessori and Elementary School students at Saint Maur put together and decorated so nicely! We are sure that this will warm the hearts of each one of the homeless who will receive a bag. You still have time to bring yours in and if you would like to make a second or third bag, just let us know and we will provide you with extra bags!


Shoes for the blind school

For it is in giving that we receive 🙏🏼

38 boxes of brand new shoes for children at the Kumoin Blind school donated by the very generous Passi family and beautifully wrapped by Santa’s pretty helper, Mrs. Fishburn.

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Our season of giving has been a huge success so far! We are grateful to have such a supportive community.

The last action for this season: Happy Bags! This project started in 2020 and we would like to continue it this year. It is a huge help for the homeless, but also a great chance to have the Montessori and Elementary students participating. The items that should be placed in each bag are winter essentials, but more important are the wonderful drawings and messages on the bag the students created last year! The homeless were looking at the bags amazed and comparing each other’s drawings!

The bags have been distributed this morning to each class in Montessori and Elementary School. Each student has until next Wednesday (December 15th) to bring it to school and they can drop it off at Mrs. Forbes-Dias' office.

Please feel free to come back to us if you have any questions.
Have a great day!


Christmas Tree Auction

Have you seen the Elementary School Student Council‘s Christmas Tree Auction that has been on display during last week‘s concert and Christmas event? Write your name down to take part in this auction! The proceeds will go towards buying pajamas for children in need. Deadline: 13th of December.

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Thanks to our High School Student Council for running a fun charity project across the school, collecting ¥50 donations for each guess how many candies are in the bucket. A total of ¥25,280 was raised and will be donated to Second Harvest, Japan's first foodbank distributing food to those in need. Congratulations to the winner in Grade 5 who guessed closest to the amount of candy in the bucket!


We're speechless and proud to announce that ¥432,700 from the sales of Yokohama PopUp will go towards the SMCC and helping the homeless in Kannai through the winter. Thank you so much to each one of you!

Thank you so much to each one of you for attending, shopping and helping out at our Yokohama Pop Up Shop Xmas Edition! It was a great, HUGE success thanks to you! The proceeds will go towards our Homeless winter program.

Each ¥ will make a difference!

We will tell you more about our actions.

Merry Christmas to all of you! 🙏

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Our Giving Tree is waiting for you in the Cougar Café Foyer 🎄

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The November issue of the SMCC newsletter is out!

The November issue of our newsletter reflects how all members of our community; students, faculty and parents are truly living our school theme of 'Being the 'I' in Kind'.

Please view our newsletter to find out this months' featured changemaker, our Student Council's vision, our newly established Service Learning Club and our upcoming Season of Giving.

We look forward to celebrating the Season of Giving with you and thank you for your continued support.

The SMCC Team

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We feel immense gratitude towards our wonderful community.

Parents, students and teachers all got together to support this cause and filled our baskets with delicious treats for the homeless.

Thank you for your generosity 🙏🏼

You truly are the ‘I’ in Kind.



Starting tomorrow, the Saint Maur Charity Committee would like to launch "Tuesday Treats". It's as simple as this - every Tuesday, you can bring in spare fruit from home and drop them off at one of our four collection points. At the end of the day, one of our volunteers will collect all the fruit and distribute them to the homeless people in Kannai.

The collection baskets are located in the High School corridor, Mr So's office, in front of the Grade 4 classrooms and the Montessori building.

A simple gesture that will make the difference !

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It has been an overwhelming day with incredible support from our whole school community to raise awareness for breast cancer! 💗 Thank you so much for being part of this cause and raising awareness of a type of cancer unfortunately quite a few members of our community have been affected by. Together we are stronger!

Photos from Saint Maur Charity Committee's post 27/10/2021

Our new Service Learning Club at Saint Maur kicked off yesterday and the students supported us in making pink ribbons for our Breast Cancer Awareness Day tomorrow! 🎀 Please wear something pink tomorrow along with your ribbon and send us your photos or tag us!


Thank you for your continuous support with the dog shelter charity project run by two Saint Maur Grade 11 students! So far, they have received over $200 and three baskets full of products for dogs.

This charity is supporting local animal shelters and helping them to stay open as many are being forced to put their animals down just because of a lack of space and resources.

There are three boxes located around school, one on each floor of the school excluding the old cafeteria. For high school, it is outside of HS-3. For Elementary, it is across the Teacher's lounge. Finally, for Middle school, it is in front of Mr. So's office. Please put products such as dog food, leashes, wee-wee pads, toys, or anything else you can think of in these baskets or make a cash donation directly to the two students who are in charge of this charity.


We hope you all had a wonderful mid-autumn break! Please bring in any toiletries you might have collected during your travels to school this week. The SMCC has provided baskets at the main gate and outside the Fine Arts building. We will collect the toiletries until the end of this week and distribute them to the homeless in Kannai next week.


Featured Chang Maker

Introducing our first Saint Maur Charity Committee featured change maker! Find out in this video what charities this Saint Maur Senior supports, what he draws his inspiration from and what he would do if he could change one thing.


A day being the “I” in Kind ☀️ In

Today at Saint Maur, we not only put the “I” in Kind but we rocked Kindness! Thanks to the amazing parents who came together, to help and support todays cause.

As early as 8am, a set of moms came eager to bake focaccia with the help of Cezars Kitchen STM and its head chef Dantly Debil. Another group came in the afternoon to cut and pack about 144 pieces of focaccia to be distributed to the homeless this evening in Kannai.

Meanwhile in the Montessori building, another team was sorting and preparing the jumbo boxes with all of your donations for the Cameleon campaign. Four jumbo boxes are set to be shipped to the Philippines!

None of this is possible without your support. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!


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Shoes for the blind school
Christmas Tree Auction
Featured Chang Maker
A day being the “I” in Kind ☀️ In




83 Yamate Cho, Yokohama
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慈善団体のその他Yokohama (すべて表示)
NPO - 学校のない村をなくそう シダーバーグ国際支援交流協 NPO - 学校のない村をなくそう シダーバーグ国際支援交流協
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Mission to Seafarers, Yokohama Mission to Seafarers, Yokohama
Chaplain’s Office Only, 2F, 235 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku
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The Mission to Seafarers, Yokohama is part of the global charity that seeks to care for seafarers across the world.

日本赤十字社神奈川県支部  日本赤十字社神奈川県支部 
Yokohama, 231-8536


横浜磯子ロータリークラブ 横浜磯子ロータリークラブ
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