Curated atelier-made heirlooms from Japan for the modern little ones


Typical Monday scene on the playmat.
It’s not easy to be a zero plastic toy mom, but it’s a good idea to curate a few good wooden toys that will last a long long time.


Repurposing paper wraps means giving a second life to the wrapping materials that aren’t deserving of the trash bin yet.
In Japan, we all know how products get wrapped excessively and are mostly thrown out without a thought.

ASOBI wants to change this. So we’re making a small step by giving these wrapping materials a second life while packing your orders. And because these wrapping sleeves are repurposed, every wrapped order is different and unique, just like you.


The Shell Castanet from our HELLO WORLD! Newborn Celebratory Personalized Set will always be unique and special because each of these are hand carved and personalised right in Tokyo. ✨


Psst we haven’t been active socially but we’re back in grid and gearing up for a playful summer!
Shop’s open and shipping worldwide 24/7 that’s for sure!

*currently not shipping to European countries till further notice due to a halt on mail services in Japan.

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Run into late summer with our personalised Summer Unisex Cotton Jinbei (2 to 3 years old) ! Made in Hokkaido with the softest breathable cotton, an awesome play date is no sweat! Tap to shop! ✨
Ships worldwide 🚀


Taking pride in our sustainable packaging because all of our packaging is made from recycled paper, and we also reuse ribbons and strings and bubble wraps that are of pristine condition and an absolute waste to throw!

And we’re happy to take 2 dollars off your purchase when you choose to help out planet by entering code CAPTAINPLANET when you cart out!


Guess who’s back!
Our bestselling personalised SHELL castanets are freshly made and back in stock!
ANDDDD to celebrate her comeback, we’re taking having a sale on both HELLO WORLD! Newborn Celebratory Personalized Set and SHELL Baby Castanet for the month of September!
It’s the perfect time to get them before little Shell sells out again!

Tracked international shipping available.


Meet Mr. Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, the master behind our bestselling celebratory set and our newcomer, Little Lea!
We had a chat at his atelier right in the heart of Tokyo in Nihonbashi - where traditional craft meets modern, about his design process and more!
Read about his craft via link in bio.
Happy Weekend everyone!👋🏻

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Say hello to Little Lea! 👋🏻
Little Lea is a pull toy and is perfect for little ones who are rolling over, crawling and when they are taking their first steps.🦶🏼
Made right here in the heart of Tokyo with the best beech wood! Made to order and unique with a complimentary name engraving service.
Find out more via link in bio! 👀


✨COMING SOON✨Sneak peek of Little Lea, made for little ones who has just started taking their baby steps… marching in next weekend!🕺🏻💃🏻

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Our bestselling SHELL castanets are out of stock! Miyazaki-san, the man behind these wonderfully handcrafted castanets will be out sourcing materials and crafting and because good things take time, these little babies will only be ready to meet everyone in August!
Meanwhile, swipe to check out SHELL’s best buddy 👀

Ships worldwide, crafted with the best materials just for your little one.

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Did you know that castanets promote fine motor skills of little fingers? At around 2 years of age, they will learn how to coordinate the fingers to produce a 'click'! ✨

A personalised castanet of our Hello World! Duo for baby Caleb that will be treasured for years to come. Welcome to the world baby Caleb! 🎉

Swipe for a peekaboo! 👀

Ships worldwide 🚀
Made with love by hand from the ateliers in the heart of Tokyo.

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Getting our grip together as we brave through the summer heat! 🔥
Shop our summer curation and of course, our all-time bestselling teether and castanet newborn set, uniquely customised and made-to-order right here in Tokyo.

Ships worldwide 🚀


Because a handwritten note will always be warm and fuzzy. All orders come with a complimentary customised penned message. ✏️
Shop via link in bio.
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Made just for Tristan this summer, made with love all the way from a cozy atelier in Hokkaido, from the airiest, softest cotton fabric ever! 💨
Sizes available from 1-3 years old.
Ships worldwide 🚀

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Too cool for summer 🌞 Summer play dates made cooler with these light & airy, easy to wash cotton Japanese play clothes (also known as Jinbei)!
Comes with a wrap top and matchy bloomers, they are much more special because they will be embroidered with your little one’s name too!

And did we also mention we ship worldwide too? 🥳


Reuse and repurpose, one bubble wrap at a time. Notice how much plastics come with our daily store-to-door deliveries? As much as we minimise plastics with our packaging here at ASOBI, we hope to give these used bubble wraps scraps a second life by wiping clean & reusing them in our packaging for items that are more fragile. ♻️
Happy weekend everyone! x

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Handcrafted in Tokyo just for Baby Jordan. These Shell Castanets are timeless and special because they’re personalised and made with the finest beech wood to be played for years to come.

#木のおもちゃ #玩具 #日本玩具


Shell baby castanets one by one in the making at Mr. Miyazaki’s atelier right in the heart of Tokyo at Nihonbashi. For sure a keeper because they’re one of our best selling baby shower items as they can also be personalised with your little one’s name!
#木のおもちゃ #玩具 #日本玩具


It’s Girl’s Day, also known locally as Hinamatsuri today here in Japan! A day where little girls doll up and have colourful Chirashi sushi, while having Hina dolls displayed and parents wishing their little princess good health!
#ひな祭り 🎎 #桃の節句

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The Hina Matsuri Mobile is going fast this week because Girl’s Day, also known as Hina Matsuri, is right round the corner on 3rd March! And for those who have been enquiring on the size of the mobile, swipe left for a gauge of size!
Take 10% off the current retail price now up till 31st March because everyday should be girl’s day isn’t it? 🌸



The grain, the curves and the finish. Featuring Atelier Fu’s personalised teether made in the heart of Tokyo. Shop our curation of Japan’s finest woodwork for babies and kids because they deserve the best!
📌Ships worldwide

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Loving the smooth curves! Ergonomically designed in Fukuoka, crafted in Oita prefecture. The finest craftsmanship all packed in a 3 piece baby-weaning set.

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\NEW ARRIVAL/ Hina Matsuri Girl’s Day Mobile. Girl’s Day is a tradition celebrated annually on March 3 that dates back to the 1100s in ancient Japan is reinterpreted with modern minimalism and design by a cozy studio atelier in Hiroshima City, Japan. The mobile can be personalized with complimentary name engraving too! 🎎
📌Take 10% off now the Hina Matsuri Mobile till March 31st!
Tracked Shipping Worldwide from Japan.


Sealing & Packing our orders earlier today using environmental friendly packing options, keeping plastics to the minimal because we still want mama earth to protect our kids when they grow up. A little goes a long way and we hope to be a part of it because every action counts.


Another sunny morning with baby R and his favourite KNOT teether! ☀️ The KNOT teether is made from beech wood, baby-safe coating with Beeswax so it doesn’t get soaked with drool!
Designed and crafted right in the heart of Tokyo in a quaint atelier in Nihonbashi, the KNOT teether comes along with a mustard yellow clip that allows your little one to bring it along wherever he goes and that it doesn’t gets lost!
Bringing you a curation of keepsakes for your little one, all items are designed and made in Japan by designers and craftsmen. 🇯🇵
Shop via link in bio! 👆🏻

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Itadakimasu! 🙏🏼 Lunch time made fun with the KINOKO 3 piece weaning set, designed in Fukuoka, and crafted in Oita Prefecture. Find out more via link in bio!
Ships worldwide 🚀


A Japanese Tradition made modern, the Koi Nobori Mobile is one of our favourites and definitely a love at first sight with its clean and minimalistic lines.
The Koi Nobori Mobile is personalizable with a complimentary name engraving option!
Swims (ships) worldwide too!

#木のおもちゃ #メイドインジャパン #玩具 #日本玩具





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