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Hisako - is a combination of 11 rare herbs from nature.

Hisako - a comprehensive solution for skin problems - such as: dandruff, dermatophytosis, hair loss

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We have helped millions of customers realize their dreams of healthy, lustrous hair. So what are you waiting for? Come to us if you are having hair problems.
❤️Hisako - Served from the heart.
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As clientes usaram nossos produtos e comentaram muito bem, também querem pedir mais para usar e melhorar o crescimento do cabelo.


❌ Among thousands of industrial shampoos containing many harmful chemicals such as silicone, and sulfate, which is easy to cause cancer, causing damage to hair and the scalp.
❤ HISAKO is confident that the main ingredients are 11 natural herbs, no preservatives, and no fragrance will ensure safety, suitable for all hair types, and all scalp types including damaged hair or sensitive scalp cold.
🌻 Thousands of customers have been rid of hair loss, baldness, damaged hair..
🍒 And you, what are your choices?

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🤜🤜🤜Melhoria contínua para melhorar a qualidade do produto e capacidade de produção para atender as necessidades dos clientes em muitos países na atual situação do covid 🥰🥰🥰

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👉8 Hair Care Tips
We always say that a person's hairstyle is the most important part of a person's appearance because it reflects how they take care of themselves. Having well-groomed hair and a trendy hairstyle will give you confidence wherever you go and who you talk to.
With that, we'll list eight simple steps you can take to take care of your hair.
1. Wash your hair
2. Get regular haircuts
3. Dry your hair properly with a towel
4. Wear a swimming cap when diving into the pool
5. Don't abuse the dryer
6. Avoid touching your hair too often
7. Determine your hair type
8. Only use trusted brands on your hair


Silky smooth and shiny hair is a sign of healthy locks, but after unhealthy styling, sun exposure, coloring, and any other disruption your hair might lose its’ natural shine. Also, there are few mistakes in your daily routine that may cause you tangled and frizzy hair. The good news is that with a help of proper products and new healthy habits you can make silky shiny hair at home. If you are dealing with dull, frizzy, tangled hair follow these 6 simple steps to achieve silky shiny hair.
1. Use Shampoo Properly
Most of us are making this simple mistake while shampooing, we pile all the hair up on our head and wash down the entire length. This common mistake creates tangles and most importantly dries out the very ends of your hair which already lacks moisture the most, especially if you have curly hair . After rinsing your hair with warm water gently massage shampoo into the roots and do not wash all the way to the ends, especially if you have long hair. Also, try to extend the time between washes to not dry your locks out.
2. Choose Products with VITAMIN B5
VITAMIN B5 is a type of protein that is in your hair, skin, and nails, it protects from scratching or tearing. Products that contain hydrolyzed keratin are necessary for restoring strength in damaged hair.
3. Brush Carefully
That detangling noise when you brush your hair is actually a bad sign of your hair being ripped and damaged instead of making the outside layer (cuticle) of your hair smooth and soft. When dealing with still wet hair carefully use a comb instead of a brush or get yourself a brush designed for use on wet hair. Use your regular brush only when hair is completely dry, slowly start detangling locks at the ends and work your way up to the roots. If you seek easier combing and brushing try Sapphire Energy Bio-Active Mist that nourishes hair and provides strength, smoothness, and elasticity.
4. Learn to Blow Dry
First and foremost, invest in a proper blow-dryer and do not ignore special attachments to it, they are there to use them. But it is not just about a tool you use rather than how you use it. Make sure you are holding a blow-dryer about 15 cm from your head, start at the roots moving towards ends following the direction of a cuticle. Continuous brush movements while blow-drying will assure a smooth and shiny finish on your hair. At the very end lock your style in place and close the cuticle with a blast of cold air. To protect your hair from heat while blow drying use T-LAB Professional Royal Detox Bio-Active Mist which will refresh your scalp while providing necessary safety.
5. Use Lightweight Oils
Nourish and restore tired hair by once a week applying lightweight oil or products which contain those. Also, you may try daily usage of oils on the ends of hair to boost hydration. Give a try to T-LAB Professional Blond Ambition Elixir Absolute which contains organic babassu oil enriched with natural antioxidant and plant sterols that provide complex care for hair, restores the structure of the hair’s hydro-lipid layer.
6. Pamper your Hair with a Mask
You most probably already know that proper moisture is extremely important to your hair. Consider this as a weekly hair treatment and use a deep conditioner or nourishing hair mask to prevent frizz, split ends, and protect your hair from heat damage. Apply T-LAB Professional Aura Oil DUO Treatment on rinsed hair comb them and leave to set in for around 15 min and remember to rinse only with cold water, this treatment will assure smoother and soft hair with a natural shine.
Always remember that shiny and silky hair is built from within so make sure to have a balanced diet and follow healthy habits. By correcting the few mentioned mistakes in your daily hair routine and adding simple new steps you will achieve silky shiny hair but most importantly you will keep them healthy. Take care and keep on shining.


Hair is a person's confidence ❗
⛔ The living environment changes, due to the specificity of work or genetics, your hair is having problems.
⏩ You have hair loss, thinning hair, itchy scalp, baldness.
✨ ✨ HISAKO - a set of products to care and restore hair follicles, stimulate hair growth with separate technology for Men and Women
🌵 28 days completely change the hair. Are you ready to start your hair care experience?

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✅Hisako is the number 1 effective hair growth stimulator today.
✅Hisako is really effective and safe for users.
The effect will be visible in 3-4 weeks of use. Hair grows thicker, longer and stronger.
🔰Continuously research and improve product quality:
We bring a set of products with Japanese CMC technology, quality assurance and US FDA certification that make millions of dreams of thick and strong hair come true.
We always believe in bringing the best quality and service to our dear customers!
Hisako-For a healthy hair & New look. 🌷🌷🌷
💝We will always accompany customers throughout the use process

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from customers when using . Thank you for trusting and using our products🤗
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☑️Feel different thanks to the HISAKO product set
▶️Hair grows thick and strong from the inside
▶️Improve the quality, quantity of hair, increase thickness, provide energy to help owners thick, smooth, shiny hair
☑️Thanks to the application of the new breaking quality Redensyl active ingredient in promoting the hair growth phase, acting directly at the hair root, reducing hair loss and helping hair grow stronger from the inside.
👍 Genuine product
👍 Ministry of Health Inspection and Licensing
The first criterion of Hisako is to bring the best products and experience to customers. Therefore, their products must meet the most demanding criteria of the US FDA before bringing customers.
As long as you give me 99% of the trust I will give you 100% the best experience.
Thank you for always trusting and supporting our products❤️❤️


🤔Are you Worried about your hair?
🤔Are you looking for a good product for your hair?
🤔Worried because many products contain many chemicals?
👏👏Come to Hisako, we will bring the best services for your hair. And the product is very safe for users with natural ingredients.👏👏
🤝Products trusted by millions of people
🤝Helps stimulate hair growth and reduce


8 common hair problems
👉Dandruff condition.
👉Hair loss condition.
👉Hair shows signs of dryness
👉Hair shows signs of split ends.
👉Hair is often oily.
👉Hair tends to be dull.
👉Curly hair.
👉Heat damaged hair.

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🌹🌹 Launching ceremony of new product "HISAKO" of the largest cosmetic brand "PHINIC" in Asia market.
Hisako with a duo of products: "Hair Loss Shampoo" and "Hair Growth Spray"
Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo:
Helps clean hair and scalp, helps prevent hair loss and helps nourish hair follicles, helping hair restore strength.
- GLYCERIN: Moisturizes and softens hair
- PANTHENOL: Vitamin B5: prevents hair loss, strengthens hair.
It is a miracle drug that stimulates the follicle cells of the hair, helping to grow hair faster. Helps soften dry, frizzy hair due to frequent curling and dyeing.
- A blend of 11 precious herbs that have an antioxidant effect and stimulate hair growth from the scalp.
Angelica dahurica: anti-bacterial, wound-healing, skin-lightening, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Angelica sinensis: has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects
Green Tea: has high antioxidant capacity
Capsicum (belongs to the genus Chili): has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities
Gromwell: has antioxidant, anti-allergic and wound-healing properties
Lycium barbarumL: goji berries contain many vitamins, minerals, and carotenes
Morus alba: accelerate wound healing
Raspberry: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging.
Podocarpus neriifolius: used to treat skin diseases, wounds, burns.
Dried Sophora Root is a famous herb in Southeast Asia that has the ability to promote hair growth, has anti-inflammatory effect on the skin Polygonum multiflorum: has the ability to help black hair, strong, in addition has the ability to promote cellular antioxidant activity.
Hair growth stimulant spray:
Features :
Helps prevent hair loss, helps nourish hair follicles, healthy scalp.


Tips you after using HISAKO's Shampoo and Spray for natural hair growth on Sundays and weekends, you can relax your natural hair.
1. One cup of fresh grated coconut + 4 tablespoons of fresh aloe vera gel:
How to do: Add a little water and grind into a fine paste, take the extract from the fine mixture and incubate it on your hair, massage it for 15 minutes, then gently wash it with warm water.
2. 1 tbsp cornstarch + 1 tbsp lemon juice + 1/2 tbsp olive oil:
How to do: Mix all the ingredients together, then put it on your hair, then gently wash it with warm water, because there is olive oil, you can use HISAKO shampoo and spray for natural hair growth after washing it. annealing layer.
Hisako- For a healthy hair & Change new look🌷🌷


Washing your face is an important first step in your daily skincare routine. It helps to remove sebum, dirt, excess oil and bacteria on the skin. As a result, pores become open, reducing the risk of emerging. However, if you have makeup on, even just using sunscreen, remove your makeup first.
Every day you should wash your face with cleanser from 2 to 3 times in the morning when you wake up, at noon and at night when you come home. In case you have dry skin, just wash it twice a day.


🍓 Hair loss after COVID-19 infection has been well documented. Manifestations are thinning hair or falling out in patches.
🍓 This state is the same as normal after a basic period of life, shock or severe stress. This is the basic center and does not function as it should anymore, as hair loss will cause a hole.
🍓 This status may or may not end after a few months. Many customers have come to Maia clinic and shared that their hair has been lost almost half when having COVID-19 and that condition continues


Di nyo ako masisilaw sa pera(💵)
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Ang matinung boyfriend MAHAL ang Girlfriend magugustohan man ng iba landiin man ng isang dosena marunong padin sumagot ng im TAKEN AND I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND



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