Chiles Clinic 2 - Special Treatment for Genital Warts, Enhance Physiology

Chiles Clinic 2 - Special Treatment for Genital Warts, Enhance Physiology

Cure ge***al warts, Physiological Weaknesses (causes of marital breakup, infertility and infertility


Cordyceps enhance male physiology
The applications of DTHT in nutritional remedies for men have been known by traditional medicine since very early. According to ancient medicinal books, thyme is sweet, warm, enters the two meridians of the kidney and waste, has the function of nourishing the waste, nourishing the kidney, and helping the crystal, often used to treat diseases such as asthma, kidney failure, and yang failure. nuy (impotence), di s***m, back pain... Thus, it can be seen that DTHT is one of the oriental medicine that has the ability to improve s*x life directly or indirectly through its additive effects. body tonic. To improve and prevent s*xual disorders in men, you can choose some of the following common uses:
Ginseng cordyceps tea: DTHT 5g, ginseng 3-5g, put in a sealed jar with boiling water for 10 minutes, drink instead of tea for 10 days. Uses: Useful gas for yang, used for impotence, di s***m.
He**in Cordyceps Soup: 10g DTHT, 1 male duck, white wine, fresh ginger, pepper, just enough seasoning. Duck meat, then put DTHT in the stomach, stew, seasoning, eat meat, drink water, once a week. Uses: Supplement damage, support yang used for people with impotence, decreased s*x drive.
Cordyceps cordyceps wine: 20g deer antler velvet, 90g DTHT soaked in 1.5 liters of good wine for 10 days, drinking 20-30ml per day. Uses: Calm kidney and yang, useful essence, nourish blood used for people with weakness, anemia, impotence, s*xual impairment.
Goji berry wine: 30g goji berry, 30g DTHT, soak two things with 500ml of white wine, after 10 days, it can be used, drink 2-3 times a day, 15ml each time. Uses: Useful for kidney and kidney, useful for s***matogenesis, often used for people with impotence, premature ej*******on...


What effect does alcohol have on your skin?
Your skin reflects your liver. The liver is the body's metabolic factory and produces energy to maintain the thousands of functions performed by all of the body's cells. For example, your hair follicles need energy to grow shiny hair and your skin cells need energy to remove toxins and repair and regenerate themselves. Your heart needs energy to efficiently pump blood to your skin to maintain collagen production and deliver oxygen to your cells to protect them from aging. If your liver isn't doing its job of breaking down toxins efficiently, they have to be eliminated from your body by other means - in many cases, they come out through your skin!
In addition to the daily skin care steps, you also need to grasp the harmful effects of daily foods and drinks to the skin. Otherwise, the effort and money that you have spent on taking care of and protecting your skin will "fall into the sea".


8 types of natural, safe and effective antibiotics
Garlic - a familiar natural antibiotic in your kitchen
Garlic - a spice that has been so familiar to every Vietnamese since ancient times has been used in many cultures as a natural antibiotic and can fight both fungi and viruses.
The most notable active ingredient in garlic is allicin, garlic essential oil is rich in glucogen and alliene, and fitonxit, so that garlic helps to strengthen the body's resistance, reduce flu bran, and fight disease-causing bacteria.
A new study conducted by scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark also shows that garlic contains a compound called ajoene that has the ability to weaken bacterial populations that increase the activity of antibiotics.
In addition, garlic can also treat some dangerous bacteria commonly encountered in hospitals such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa (green pus bacillus) causing sepsis, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (yellow staphylococcus aureus) causing impetigo (MRSA). sores, osteomyelitis, skin cellulitis, pneumonia, even sepsis or multiple organ failure.


Do ge***al warts go away on their own?
1. Ge***al warts
Ge***al warts, also known as ge***al warts or ge***al warts, are a s*xually transmitted disease caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) strains 6 and 11, manifested through growth of tissues in the lining of the ge***als or a**s.
HPV is a common virus that causes s*xually transmitted infections. Sexually active men and women are more susceptible to contracting and vulnerable to complications from HPV. HPV infection is especially dangerous in women because some strains of HPV can cause cancer of the cervix and v***a.
2. Do ge***al warts go away on their own?
HPV strains 6 and 11 are associated with ge***al warts and tend to grow for about 6 months, after which they gradually stabilize. Sometimes ge***al warts can go away on their own without treatment. However, this is extremely rare, and depending on the immune system of the infected person, it can go away on its own after a long time.In cases where when ge***al warts have started, the warts 1-2mm in size tend to grow and spread quickly then coalesce into large lumps with size 1-2cm that look like such as cauliflower or chicken crest, it is necessary to have the intervention of a specialist for effective treatment.
HPV is a persistent virus that lives in the human body. Even after being cured of the disease, if the patient does not take precautions, the risk of re-infection is still very high.
When infected with HPV that causes ge***al warts, it is difficult for patients to know that they have been infected because the symptoms of the disease have not yet appeared and there are no clear signs. Sometimes patients mistakenly believe that the disease leads to a more dangerous development of the disease. Therefore, delaying the visit to the doctor can make the condition serious and threaten the patient's health and have the risk of dangerous complications to health.


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Enhance s*xual ability !!! Physiological Weaknesses (causes of marital breakup, infertility and inf

Special Treatment for Ge***al Warts, Enhance Physiology in Japan 1 Special Treatment for Ge***al Warts, Enhance Physiology in Japan 1

Cure ge***al warts, Physiological Weaknesses (causes of marital breakup, infertility and infertility

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