Angel’s Japan Diary

Angel’s Japan Diary

Angelica Aragon aka “Angel” from Davao City Philippines. I’m Japanese Interpreter,living in Japan.


Skin care is life🤸‍♀️

Not Sponsored! I bought all in korea town , ShinOkubo Tokyo🎌


Want to go to Japan as an “International Student”!?

But First ! Magkano ba talaga ang gagastusin ng isang International Student ?? Ito yung Babayaran mo Sa school depende sa ilang taon na pag-aaral ang gugulin mo. Ito yung tuition sa isang kilalang school dito sa Yokohama Japan and most school in Japan are the same . Magkatalo lang sa miscellaneous fees.
Let’s compute in 0.38 exchange rate.

1.5 year- Php 372,020
1.9 years- Php 429,780
2 years - Php 485,260

Additional Question: Magkano kung ang 1 year lang?
Answer: 700,000 yen or around php 270,000

Kaya Kung “SISINGILIN ka ng more than” that. It means my kick Back ang Agency or School sa Inyu. So mas maigi you paid directly sa school account. Kasi ganun pinapagawa namin to make it fair.

Reality/Facts: Hindi lahat ng Agency/Schools na gi applyan mo sa Pinas Tutulungan ka maka hanap ng Part time pag Dating mo sa Japan. At Higit sa Lahat Hindi Lahat tutulongan ka makapag hanap ng Kaisha or Sponsor pag naka graduate kana . Dahil sa totoo lang pahiraman at Mahigpit ang Labanan lalo na marami din ang International Students na galing sa ibang Lahi na mas magaling sa Nihongo.

Reality/Facts: Upon application mo sa documents wala pang babayaran sa School na pagpasukan mo sa Japan. Tsaka na pag lumabas na ang resulta ng iyang Application. Pag Approve You have to paid the tuition Fee kapalit ng CEO mo. Pag declined naman wala kang babayran sa School. Though it’s very normal na may babayaran ka talagang Fees sa Agency/School sa Pinas kabayaran sa Bagud ang pag process ng Documents mo.

Masaya na Malungkot mamuhay abroad pero sobrang rami mong matutunan. Marami ka ding masasalamuhang tao na maging mabait sayo yung iba naman hindi.

But the great thing is that You’re Learning and progressing Everyday.

Want more advice !? Leave comment below.

-Angelica Aragon-
International Student Graduate in Japan🎌

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Woow! Thank you 11.4k followers 🥺🥰
We reached 1.5m 😱
Thank you everyone! PAGBUBUTIHAN ko pa..
If you have suggestions and want to know about me and JAPAN .just comment 👇😉


Please be guided I uninstalled my whatsapp application kasi tumatawag yung iba kahit not necessary. Kahit hating gabi😞 Stressed at sobrang pagud na nga. Ipag pahinga niyo naman ako
! Hindi naman naka follow, hindi din viewer , liker or sharer🤭🫣


Today I was offered for a big opportunity to become a CEO for an existing Manpower Agency (PRA) in the Philippines. I’m very grateful for the trust . Honestly I want to make my own in the Future. I didn’t expect this opportunity to come 🥺


Ito ang Rason guys kaya hindi ako nakapag Vlog lately. May adjustment sa Life ko🥺


9 COE approved and bound to Philippines 🇵🇭
They will be trainees here in Japan under Construction Field for 3 years here in Yokohama kanagawa Prefecture 🚧

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Hindi ko akalain ! Aabot tayo ng 1.5m Reach😱😱😱😱🫣🫣

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The Nature Lovers 🏞️⛰️🎌



See you again lodz Taylor Swift for second time around😘🇯🇵 we also got two VIP tickets 😉

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ようこそ日本へ🇯🇵🗾Fresh From Philippines

Our 3 trainees Landed Safely in Japan ! They will be undergoing 1 month training in the Training Center in Yokohama Japan .
They’re Trainee Visa under Construction Field in Tokyo Japan under our Kumiai.

Note: all our workers are NOT Paying any Fees .all fees are paid by our Japan Employers, that is Philippine Employment Labor Rules . We are not Brokers we are registered Companies in Japan . We are not accepting Tie-ups with other PRA in Philippines because we have strong Tie-up with our current PRA.


Approved Certificate of Eligibility (COE’s) for Trainee Visa & SSw Visa kaigo Renewal of Residency for our Filipino Workers 🎌


To all bloggers here in Japan Please respect the Rules of Japan .. 撮影禁止(さつえいきんし) means Photography is prohibited 🚫🤦‍♀️ Please do vlogging while respecting the culture and rules here in Japan kasi dayuhan tayo dito 😊

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Our SSW care workers from the Philippines arrived safely in Japan🥰 Rachel and Leslie will be working in a special nursing home for elderly people in Asahi Ward,Yokohama City. I’m very happy and looking forward to the beginning of their new journey here in Japan.


2 of our SSW care workers are now on their way to Japan🎌 Have a safe flight ladies ✈️ See you later☺️

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See you in Japan 😘💓

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Back to Back Trainee & SSW Visa Approved 🎌
Congratulations to our Students who will bound to Japan this month, waiting is finally over ! Good luck to your New journey here in Japan 🎌

Thank you very much to our Kumiai 協同組合 hof to our partner PRA Aquim International and Mardel International, to our Company 株式会社フィリピン人材開発ラボ partnered Employers in Japan and to my school Manabu Japanese Language School Inc. . 🙇‍♀️🎌
In our Waiting God is Working 💞 patient is a Virtue and key to success .

WE Don’t Accept Any Monetary! NO placement fee. Our mission here is to give opportunities to grateful,kindhearted and talented Filipino


Our Partner Agency PRA Mardel International is Looking for “Human Resource/ Admin Staff”(Paranaque City Main Branch)

- at least College Graduate
-With or without experience as long as Willing to be trained and determined
- Approachable and responsible for managing every aspect of employment process, including orientation, assisting deployment of OFW to Japan.
-Supporting employee development and assisting employees
-PHP 25,000/month salary, [Free dormitory &Foods]

For interested Applicants please send your resume to my email address [email protected]

If applicants is from Davao City No Free of airplane Ticket to Manila.

RFH: mag Japan na ang current staff. looking for substitute.

Our Partner Agency PRA Mardel International is Looking for “Human Resource/ Admin Staff”(Paranaque City Main Branch)

- at least College Graduate
-With or without experience, as long as, willing to be trained and determined
- Approachable and responsible for managing every aspect of the employment process, including orientation, assisting deployment of OFW to Japan.
-Supporting employee development and assisting employees
-Can speak japanese is an edge
-PHP 25,000/month salary, [Free dormitory &Foods]

For interested Applicants please send your resume to my email address [email protected]

If applicants is from Davao City No Free of airplane Ticket to Manila.

RFH: mag Japan na ang current staff. looking for substitute.

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“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,and he will establish your plans”.
-Proverbs 16:3

NEW COE Release for our students in Manabu Japanese Language School Inc. & Scholar ..
SSW Kaigo Bound to Yokohama Japan🎌
Congratulations to our SSW kaigo Scholar &student Rachell and Leslie 🥳😇 The Long wait is over ! See you soonest here in Japan😉

Thank you very much to Supervising Organization 株式会社フィリピン人材開発ラボ headed by President Kazuhiro Ito and yours truly. To Our partner Employer Yokokai Corporation Headed by Saeki Sensei and Hamamoto San . To our Tie Up Manpower Agency Mardel International headed by Maam Avon Garcia . THANK YOU VERY MUCH !🥰

WE Don’t Accept Any Monetary! NO placement fee. Our mission here is to give opportunities to grateful,kindhearted and talented Filipino

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Iba talaga ang LV pati CR pinalibutan ng Gold na Tiles 🙀 Hindi tuloy ako nakapag deposit sa sobrang kaba😹


WELCOME To Japan🥳🎌
From processing the documents, to arrival in Japan up to living support and assistance. We gave all the support to our students/applicants😇
God’s plan is Perfect Time🫶


Gusto makapag Japan pero Ayaw mong mag aral ng Nihongo .. Come to Japan as a TOURIST visa. Huwag TITP, Ssw , working visa at higit sa lahat I.S Visa .. If you want to live here in Japan, studying the language is the first necessary thing to do.




FAILURES and SElF doubts are not the Enemy.
LACK Of your ACTION is your ENEMY ‼️
The best day ever starts NOW !🥰


Hello Scholars 🎌
I’ll be sending email this week sa mga natanggap sa second batch ☺️
Current students please check line gc for announcements for the long weekend holidays.

Thank you so much ! I‘m determined to help and give opportunities only to those who are determined to achieve their dreams.🥰

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Sakura or Cherry Blossoms in Japan reach their peak season between the end of March and the beginning of April, which is considered the optimal time to witness the flowers' bloom. You’ll be able to enjoy them for about a two-week window.

It really added beauty and life in the City!

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It’s my 6th year of “花見“ experience, but I’m still mesmerized by the beauty of cherry blossoms🌸💗

Very happy na naabutan pa kita🫶Fresh from LA😀


Open for 2nd batch already!
Register now

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I’m going 🏡




COWBOY LIKE ME by Taylor Swift 💞

Photos from Angel’s Japan Diary's post 26/03/2023

MY favorite Singer and composer since HS !
Mga songs niya lang talaga gina play ko sa Sasakyan na mga English songs🥰💓


Taylor Swift The Eras Tour 👸🏼♥️


Watching Taylor Swift ”The Eras Tour” here in Las Vegas Nevada USA🥺🥺😭😭♥️
Dream Country To finally Meet you my Queen 👸🏼👸🏼

Next vlog💓

Photos from Angel’s Japan Diary's post 24/03/2023

📍RED Rock Canyon,Las Vegas Nevada
📍Hoover Dam, Arizona Nevada
📍Lake Mead

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2 Years na Pala Lisensya ko here sa Japan❤️💪💫



Why I took this Recruitment Employment Training/Seminar here in Japan !??
-I was so lucky that I got the chance to Study here in Japan and got employed after I graduated. I want to return the favor and help my Kababayang Filipino to look for a Job here in Japan. 🥰💞
Me and our Company Philippine Human Resource Development will look for a job that suits your qualifications and a company/employer that will value you as a foreigner/Filipino.
Many International students came here in Japan that didn’t get support from the agency/ schools they applied to in the Philippines. And Many trainees or TITP as well are looking for a job here in Japan after their 3 years contract. I want to Share my Knowledge and inform them that I’m here for them Willing to Help !! So “LET’S WORK TOGETHER “.

P.S Even here in Abroad dili mawala and “crab mentality sa pinoy” kung kinsa pa tong kapwa filipino nimo. Mao pay mudaot og mangluko sa imuha... BUT NOT Me !! I study and learn all these stuffs not Just for myself. But to share to my Kababayang Filipinos, to make them feel safe that they are in Good Hands 🥰 I know some Filipinos also here in Japan that they have good heart and willing to help. I salute to them. Continue what you’re doing 💞cheering for all of you 😘❤️

Good Bless everyone! 😇❤️



MY experience in the JLPT Examination:
N3-Failed ➡️ Passed
N2-Failed ➡️Passed


Japan is the safest country in the World 🌎♥️

I lived in Japan for almost 7 years .. but NEVER in my life or experience na snatched or kinuhaan ako ng wallet or phone .. Ni isang tao walang nag tangkang kuhain ang gamit ko sa bag or sa kamay ko . Even if you leave your bag, walang kukuhang magnanakaw niyan, just in case, nakalimutan mo naman sa public area or restaurant . They will report your bag to the nearest police station or to the manager of that restaurant or establishment na napag iwanan mo. GANYAN sa JAPAN ! No doubt they are the safest place and there are fewer crime reports in the world, because most Japanese people are honest, kind and ”amoiyari ga aru” means they always have a heart for other people. That’s the culture and personality of most Japanese.

For 27 years of my existence in this world. FIRST TIME kung Makuhaan or Manakawan ng gamit sa Bag ko . And all my credit cards, residence card, insurance card and my number cards are all their (Important cards). Glad to say Binalik Nila !! Buti nalang malakas pang amoy ko sa mga Hayop sa Paligid ! Malakas akong maka feel na may something !!

{This What happened here in our Day 3 in Las Vegas}
Papasok na kmi ng Hotel namin . I was busy taking good care of Valentino. Group of Guys (3 men’s) sobrang dikit nila sa akin. Which I feel strange. Though marami kaming papasok na sa Hotel. Pagka pansin ko Sumigaw ako in a calm voice {Did you hold my bag !? } pa question pa. Then I checked my bag. Naka open na siya !! Then wala na akong card case 😡 then Nag start na ako sumigaw na { You get my card case in a loud voice!!!!}😡😡😡 I got the attention of people so “Hinulog sa Floor” nung ngkuha ang Card ko kasi 3 sila they sabay Alis . Sinabihan pa ako ng F**K You !! Sinabihan ko talaga ng F**K YOU too !! sumigaw na Galit na galit 😡😡

So kung mangyari man sa inyu itong nangyari sa akin sa kahit anong bansa .. Be strong 💪 Wag kayo patalo sa Takot ! Though I admit natakot din ako . Kaso Nangibabaw ang GALIT kasi andon lahat cards ko ESPECIALLY RESIDENCE CARD koo ☹️ I LOVE Japan . And Worried ako hindi na makabalik . Hahaha kaya nangibabaw strongest koo.. hehe

THANKFUL to the Lord for guidance and protection 😇 God is Really Good ! Kahit saan kayo magpunta kahit anong oras ALWAYS Pray to God coz nothing is Possible. Always have fate to Him☝️🙏

P.S Charge to experience! And I’ll be more careful by NeXT Time ..


Las Vegas View💞


ビデオ (すべて表示)

Sunday BBQ Party w/ My Extended Fam here in Japan 🎌🇵🇭❤️ Manabu Japanese Language School Inc.💞
Tokyo Night Drive🚗❤️📍Shibuya Crossing 🚦📍Roppongi,Tokyo Tower🗼
My #1 fav place in Tokyo Japan📍Omotesando
Japanese Beauty Salon Services 10/10💞 Me time💇‍♀️
Sushi dinner with Family 🥰
TONKATSU for Lunch with My Family🥰❤️
No Cashier and Bagger sa Japan 🎌😱😱😱
📍Yokohama Chinatown




Minato Mirai
Yokohama, Kanagawa

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