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Photos from Guest House SAIKA  ゲストハウス再花's post 05/04/2016

from Guest HOUSE30minutes by a bus
NEGORO TENPLE bus and train 40
minutes !

Photos from Guest House SAIKA  ゲストハウス再花's post 05/04/2016


Timeline Photos 03/04/2016

Wakayama Tourist Infomation
In Hashimoto City wakayama
Marutaka Inari Shrine is more beautiful than Hushimi Inari Shrine in Kiyoto

Timeline Photos 03/04/2016

Wakayama Turist Infomation

Timeline Photos 02/04/2016

Timeline Photos

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Spring has come In Wakayama
has Many cherry blossom spot

Timeline Photos 02/04/2016

Blue light Wakayama Castle from the top roof !

Timeline Photos 01/04/2016

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos 01/04/2016

Cherry is full bloom at Daimon river side
from my houses living room phot

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Photos from Guest House SAIKA  ゲストハウス再花's post

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Cherry blossoms seem from Guest House SAIKA living room
That is my house and my boat
in Daimon river Wakayama City

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Wakayama City Turist information
JR Wakayama Station near Misono
Park Tere is a slide airplane locomotive Is the park that children can enjoy there is a big trees Adult also spend happily along with the nostalgia of childhood 美園公園 子供も楽しく遊べます。大人も子供の頃の郷愁と共に楽しめます。

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Spring has come Wakayama CITY DAIMON riverside
at the OOHASHI police box

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My House is one minutes walk from the SAIKABASH  
the SUNSET in BRAKURICHO shopping arcade

Timeline Photos 21/03/2016

Guest House SAIKA at TOPROOF

Timeline Photos 14/03/2016

The guests from New Mexico cty in US are very beautiful with a pure hart they say Japanes grammar is different English I say that if you speak Japanes by English grammar Japanese can understand kozo ! 英語の文法で日本語を話しても日本人は理解でき問題はない!

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Doorman stay but is lazy Please
open the door yourself !ドアマンがいますが、怠け者です。ゲストが開けてください❗

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Two of conversation for japannes travel
You can go Japan anywhere if this conversation is possible
1 Where is -----? -----DOKODESUKA
----=station busstop convenience
store restaurant departmentstore
2 I want to ---- WATASHI WA ----SH*TAI
----=go see eat drink buy
go=IKI wtasha IKITAI eat=TABE
watashi wa TABETAI drink=NOMI watashi wa NOMITAI buy=KA
watashi wa KAITAI Most of the japanes is a kindness.Word of Engrish can understand

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I am very happy ! Miss Chen Yi Jn from TAIWAN she is very beautiful and cute She say Lets take picture togethe I will be good dream sleeping tonight !台湾ゲスト美人で可愛い❤チェンさんと一緒に写真を撮りました。私は、今晩は良い夢を見て寝れそうです❗

Timeline Photos 06/03/2016

Travelers inn is interesting Mr DURUDUDTT from India he is animator Miss TSE from Hong Kong Miss YUKA fromTokyo she is Space designer but only just met They are exciting for the Sky of Laputa by Hayao Miyazaki and so
they dicided to goforTomogashima
island together
旅人宿は、面白い。出合ったばかりなのに話が盛り上がり インド 香港 日本の3人が明日友ヶ島に一緒に行くことが決まった。kozo!

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Guest House SAIKA 62saikamachi
Wakayama Ctiy in Japan 090-4430-2401 [email protected]







Wakayama-shi, Wakayama



旅館のその他Wakayama-shi (すべて表示)
紀州温泉 雑賀の湯 双子島荘 紀州温泉 雑賀の湯 双子島荘
Wakayama-shi, 6410062


和歌山加太温泉 シーサイドホテル加太海月 和歌山加太温泉 シーサイドホテル加太海月
Wakayama-shi, 640-0103

〒640-0103 和歌山市加太1905番地 ☎ 073-459-0015 ✉ [email protected]

和歌山 和歌の浦温泉 萬波 MANPA RESORT 日本スタイル 和歌山 和歌の浦温泉 萬波 MANPA RESORT 日本スタイル
Wakayama-shi, 641-0023

和歌山 温泉 旅館 和歌浦温泉 萬波 MANPA RESORT クエ鍋・くえ料理が人気。テレビ局・マスコミ様の取材、喜んで承ります!

Albergue Kodo Guesthouse Albergue Kodo Guesthouse
Iseki 1-8
Wakayama-shi, 649-5303

Welcome to Albergue Kodo Guesthouse! This guesthouse is ideal for experiencing the pleasure of walk

和歌山の温泉旅館 料理自慢の宿 紀州温泉 ありがとう 和歌山の温泉旅館 料理自慢の宿 紀州温泉 ありがとう
Wakayama-shi, 6410061

漁火の宿シーサイド観潮 公式Facebookページ

国民宿舎 新和歌ロッジ 国民宿舎 新和歌ロッジ
Wakayama-shi, 6410023

半世紀続く伝統の宿 国民宿舎新和歌ロッジのFacebookページです

和歌の浦 木村屋 和歌の浦 木村屋
Wakayama-shi, 641-0023

万葉集の歌枕として詠まれた景勝地 和歌の浦。 真珠貝のような湾を一望できる海の宿です。 波の音に包まれるお部屋でゆったりと過ごしてみませんか。