Kickstart Premier Soccer Academy

Kickstart Premier Soccer Academy

Elite soccer training for those wanting to take it to the next level. KPSA is about bringing out the best in the soccer youth in your area.

We believe that today’s young players have the ability to do great things. We provide the avenue for players to grow and raise the bar on what is expected from each player and unite them as a single team. Through high standards of play, attitude and commitment we have had great success. Our one on one teaching style allows for every player to learn quickly and effectively to get the most out of there training. We are family minded and always strive to foster a fun yet challenging environment


You know you love the game when your favorite boots quit before you do.


I have been traveling across the world and have had many great experiences, now settled in Okinawa Japan coaching with the International Diplomats Youth Football Club and learning to speak Japanese. What a wonderful and humbling time of my life. Love this game!!


(ALL) Welcome back everyone; it's been a busy season. I have been coaching a great group of U11 Division 2 Girls, traveled to London to spend time at Chelsea Stadium and watch the Blues play at home, and have recently been attending coaching schools as I work toward my National B License. (Players) The fall season is now upon us and that means cold/rain/and not much daylight. So remember to make the most of each and every training session you have on the pitch. Good luck this season and I hope to see YOU on the pitch.


It's that time again, book your lessons now before the calendar fills up. One on one, small groups, or team lessons available. Contact coach Brad at (808) 351-8960 for appointments.


It's that time again, soccer season is but a few weeks away. Is your child ready? Contact coach brad to set up your team or individual private lessons before its game time. (808) 351-8960 and I'll see you on the pitch. "Live the game"


There were some great training sessions in 2014. Can't wait to see what 2015 has to offer.


Happy new year, be safe and see you all for the new session.


Coach brad will be on the field at Swansboro municipal town park Wednesday December the 31st from 12-1 for any player wishing to pass the ball and get some work in.


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I hope everyone is doing well at school tryouts this week. KPSA will hold Open Practice today, 5-630 at the Swansboro town park. Come on out and lets get a few extra touches on the ball. I hope to See you then....


School tryouts are just around the corner. releave the stress and lets kick the ball around today.


Open Practice today, 5-630 at the Swansboro town park. Come out and get a few extra touches on the ball. See you then....


Open Practice today, 5-630 at the Swansboro town park. Come out and get a few extra touches on the ball. See you then....


The girls and Coach Brad are hard at this evening!


Here is food for thought. Receiving the ball and passing should create a rhythm, like a beat "trap and pass, trap and pass".


Open Practice today, September 13th 1130-1, swansboro town park. I hope to see many of you today.


KPSA will be hosting a practice session Friday September 12th at Swansboro town park from 6-730pm weather permitting.


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KPSA will be hosting an open practice today Wednesday August 27th at Swansboro town park, 6-7:30 pm, live the game.


Another great session today, the girls had fun and learned a lot. I am truly looking forward to the next practice session. Thank you to all of the parents who continue to make KPSA a big part of your child's soccer education.


KPSA will be hosting open practice at 278 francktown rd. richland NC, from 3-5 august 24th, I hope to see you there.


thank you to all of the parents and players who came out to training yesterday. It was a great session and we were able to cover some key points for the girls. I hope to see you all at the next session. have fun and live the game.

Coach Brad


KPSA's next open practice session will be Friday August 22nd at Swansboro municipal town park just behind Walgreens from 6-730. I hope to see you all there.


Open practice today 530-7. The season is just around the corner.


Second training day in the rain for KPSA, and the players love it.. Come on out and see for your self. !!!⚽️👍👍


Let's play us some soccer,!!!!!


If the weather holds out today, KPSA will be having open practice from 530-7 at the Swansboro town park behind walgreens. I hope to see you all today.


FREE... Open practice session today.!!! 530-7, town park...touches, passing, dribbling, then ending with small sided scrimmages. Come out and get ready for the upcoming season.


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There were some great training sessions in 2014.  Can't wait to see what 2015 has to offer.
Nice cross!
Training with medicine ball.
Made the legs burn today.
What a demonstrator!
Beast mode!





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