Playing for fun. Sometimes competitive. Mainly streaming on Twitch but sometimes multicasts. Will u


LIVE Now!! Long time no stream. Let’s chill and mald at ourselves for sucking at Valorant

Sidapa_ - Twitch 06/04/2023

LIVE now! Playing Valorant until I feel so drained from dying too much.

Sidapa_ - Twitch 日本語/ENG/FIL ・FOS・ casually playing competitive games lol


How I clear my Abyss in genshin

Come and support follow me I go live here


Guys Help me to reach 10k. followers
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Helping out my Grand Chase Guild Master Ai Ka Wa
Check out their page and follow for more League of Legends WR Stream

Guys Help me to reach 10k. followers
Support me . auto follow back agad


Hi guys!
I think it's the first time I am doing a giveaway albeit an unofficial one. I just started playing Dota 2 weeks ago, and I accumulated some items/ skins. So, I am doing a giveaway this Christmas season!

Items/ Skins come from the 2022 Dota 2 Battle Pass Collection Chests (Ageless Heirloom, Immortal Treasure, etc.) and the 2022 Collectors Cache. (See below for the tiny pictures lol)

Lots of ways to enter and you can accumulate entries by doing the following:

Follow and Share page - 1 entry
Share this post - 1 entry
Tag 2 friends on the comment section- 1 entry
Follow me on my twitch - 1 entry
Subscribe to my twitch channel - 2 entries
Gift subs on twitch - entry is equal to number of gifted subs.

Specific item/skin list and deadline for entries are to be announced

DM for more info/ replies may come late.

Sidapa_ - Twitch 28/11/2022

Sidapa_ - Twitch Newbie streamer. Playing mostly for fun.

Sidapa_ - Twitch 18/04/2022

Sorry, I haven't been updating in FB. However, you guys can catch me stream sometimes on Twitch!!

Live right now.
Visit the link, and follow, guys!

Sidapa_ - Twitch Newbie streamer. Playing mostly for fun. (All Music provided by , otherwise it will be stated)

Sidapa_ - Twitch 15/01/2022

Streaming rn on Twitch only. Watch me get tilted there.

Follow my page there too!!

Sidapa_ - Twitch JP/ENG Why can't we all play nice.... by shooting each other?


guys watch this stream while i still cant stream ahah


dahil hindi ako makastream share muna tayo ng live ng iba


promoted or demoted


Some achievement today


Welcome to my page, guys!
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Discord Server:
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New map in Valorant is just ughhh headache for me. Enemies come from at least 4 sides.

Genshin Impact - Engraved Wishes 07/09/2021

Genshin Impact - Engraved Wishes Let's take part in the Engraved Wishes web page event! The chance to engrave your very own message on one of Paimon's blocks awaits!

Genshin Impact 07/09/2021

Genshin Impact Enter the


i like how they show your account banner on the match arena when you are the champion on the last game.


the time we got champion for doing nothing.


first time champion on full-party haha (noob players)


watch me play off stream on pan sensei gaming


streaming in a while. Valo or Apex?


playing with pan sensei and riyoryo


Lets support our fellow streamer


I missed playing this oldschool game. now i can actually play it.

글로벌 오픈 일정 안내
안녕하세요. 베르메시아의 용사님들!
그랜드체이스 클래식의 오픈 일정이 확정되어 공지 드립니다.

2021년 7월 28일 낮 12시
오픈시 플레이 할 수 있는 캐릭터는 엘리시스, 리르, 아르메, 라스 총 4명 입니다.
다른 캐릭터들은 벨런스를 조정하며 순차적으로 업데이트 할 예정입니다.

CBT에서 제보 주신 버그 및 개선 사항들도 지속적으로 업데이트에 반영 할 수 있도록 하겠습니다.
항상 노력하는 그랜드체이스 클래식이 되겠습니다.

Global Release Schedule Announcement
Greetings. Heroes of Bermesiah!
The official GrandChase Classic Release is here! Read on for details.

July 28, 2021 03:00 (UTC+0)
When GrandChase Classic is released, you may choose your first character from one of Elesis, Lire, Arme, and Lass (total 4).
We plan on adding the other characters in future updates in order of original release after we have re-examined them for balance and other issues.

We will take your bug reports and suggestions for improvements that we have received from the recent CBT in mind as we continue to update GrandChase Classic.
We will try our best to make GrandChase Classic the best that it can be.
Thank you.

Anúncio do Cronograma de Lançamento Global
Saudações, Heróis de Vermécia!
O Lançamento Oficial do GrandChase Classic está chegando! Leia para mais detalhes.

28 de Julho, 2021 03:00 (UTC+0)
Após o lançamento do GrandChase Classic, você poderá escolher seu primeiro personagem entre Elesis, Lire, Arme e Lass (total de 4).
Planejamos adicionar os outros personagens em atualizações futuras na ordem de lançamento original após re-examinarmos cada um para verificar balanceamento e outros problemas.

Iremos levar em consideração seus reports de bugs e sugestões de melhorias que recebemos durante o CBT enquanto continuamos a atualizar o GrandChase Classic.
Daremos nosso melhor para tornar o GrandChase Classic o melhor possível.
Muito obrigado.


If you like my page, please leave comments and suggestions. I will try to reply and answer when I’m free 😊✌️

Join the Sidapa’s Throne Discord Server! 12/07/2021

Guys, I made my own Discord Server. Want to chat with me or fellow gamers? Join

Join the Sidapa’s Throne Discord Server! Check out the Sidapa’s Throne community on Discord - hang out with 8 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


Playing with Lilith now guys

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JP/ENG  after work grind
JP/ENG  lets grind back to iron
JP/ENG  new act new life
JP/ENG  lezgo