Tama-Center Station

Tama-Center Station is a station on the Keiō Sagamihara Line, the Odakyū Tama Line, and the Tama Toshi Monorail Line located in Tama, Tokyo, Japan.

The stations are formally known as Keiō Tama-Center (Keiō), Odakyū Tama-Center (Odakyū), and Tama-Center (Tama Monorail).Surrounding areaThe station sits at the heart of the planned Tama New Town suburb, and as such is home to most of the area's main commercial and municipal buildings. There are numerous shopping centers centered on a pedestrian mall on the station's south side.History October 18,



Tama-shi, Tokyo

鉄道のその他Tama-shi (すべて表示)