Hatsumode is the new year's tradition in Japan visiting a temple or shrine on the New Year's holidays.
Asagaya Shinmeigu is one of the most popular shrines in Suginami City in Tokyo. For hatsumode, it's popular to draw an omikuji (a fortune slip) to test your luck of the new year. At Asagaya Shinmeigu, you can draw colorful and cute designed omikuji!
It's also popular to get omamori (lucky charms) for the new year, and this shrine is famous for Kami-musubi, colorful bracelets lucky charms. They are hand-made by miko (shrine maidens). Attach your bag or put it on your wrist, this cute lucky charm will protect you from troubles! EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO
Photo credit: ⓒChuosen Aruaru Project
Koenji is one of the best places for thrift shopping. At the south of Koenji Station, you can find many thrift stores selling unique vintage clothes and products. From imported clothes to traditional kimonos, let's dig out some gems in Koenji!
Koenji- Tokyo music mecca part II,
Documentary by Greg Mudarri for EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO and foreword by Ian Martin from Call And Response Records.

Myōhō-ji is a temple located in Suginami City. It is known as the place which has the benefit of warding off evil spirits. While you can see impressive architecture dating back to the Edo period at the site, the steel gate built in 1878 was designed by the popular architect named Josiah Conder. The mixture of western and Japanese design at the temple will be worth a visit!
You can find some street arts while exploring the Koenji area. Each art has meaning behind and well represented Koenji 🎨
For example, the wall art with an eagle is an image of people and the town of Koenji who share the amazing culture.
And the building with blue paintings represents “Japan’s India”, the nickname of Koenji.
There is more to discover, find your favorite when you visit Koenji ✨
Did you know that Koenji is named after the temple? Koenji temple is located 5 minutes way from JR Koenji Station.
This temple was favored by the third sh**un of the Edo Shogunate, Iemitsu Tokugawa. It is said that he was the one who ordered to change the name of the village from Ozawa village to Koenji village.
In Suginami ward, there are 19 public bathhouses as known as Sento. If you want to get a deep and local experience in Tokyo, there is nothing more perfect than to visit the sento!
Each place has different attraction, it'll be more fun to explore all the different sento in the area.
Hi I’m planning to move to suginami in a couple of years I was wondering if their was anyone in the group that could help me learn basic Japanese and write it as well so I can live there easily enough. I would really appreciate it.
A-san's Garden is a small park in Asagaya, which was once called Totoro's house.
There used to be a house built in the early Showa period (1926–1989) with a beautiful garden, but unfortunately it burned down by arson in 2009. Hayao Miyazaki, one of the many fans of this house, offered an idea of the design of the new park and opened it to the public in 2010 in memory of the house. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk among the seasonal flowers in A-san's Garden.
Discover Suginami through the new comic book IOGI written by French writer Jean-Gaspard Páleníček and drawn by Czech, Slovak and Russian from the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art under the supervision of comic book author Václav Šlajch, now the subject of an exhibition at the チェコセンター東京・Czech Centre Tokyo.
https://bit.ly/3ft3GIz, https://bit.ly/3fv4KLS
https://bit.ly/3bZbf7U, https://bit.ly/2SNn5et
Kisho Shrine is the only shrine that enshrines the deity of weather located in Koenji, Tokyo. People visit there to pray for a good weather before their wedding, trip and outdoor events!
Ema (wooden plaques to write your wish) shaped like Geta (Japanese wooden sandals) and amulets related to the weather are available at the site.
Kadokawa Garden Gengi Sambo Hall is located in Ogikubo, Tokyo. It used to be the home of Kadokawa Genyoshi who established KADOKAWA Future Publishing. It opened to the public in 2009, and visitors can enjoy beautiful Japanese garden and traditional Japanese house with the exhibition about Genyoshi's work in the past.

This page is here to give sightseeing information about Suginami,Tokyo. This page is here to give sightseeing information about Suginami,Tokyo.

All year round in this area you can enjoy various events and there are a variety of unique spots scattered about including restaurants, ramen shops, izakaya and bars, second hand clothing and book stores, antique shops, music venues, and an anime district. These kinds of spots or even just the charm of these local areas will be introduced here by foreign residents in Japan who are living and/or wo



Kashiwa Mochi for Children's Day

Children's Day is coming up on May 5th in Japan. On this day people eat kashiwa mochi, Japanese rice cake with sweet red bean paste filling, wrapped in a kashiwa leaf. Kashiwa leaf is an oak leaf, and while it is not edible, it adds a lovely fragrance to these sweets. Oak trees do not shed leaves until new ones grow, so for Japanese these leaves symbolize the prosperity of one's descendants.

These kashiwa mochi are from Hachinoki in Asagaya, a long-standing Japanese sweets shop that specializes in seasonal wagashi (Japanese confectionery). Be sure to stop by when you're in Tokyo. More info:

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 11/04/2022

Otaguro Park Fresh Green Illumination

Beautiful Otaguro Park in Ogikubo was lit up in the evenings over the weekend of Friday 8th to Sunday 10th April 2022.
Created on the estate of the famous music critic Moto'o Otaguro, this park boasts many splendid trees and water features.

The maple trees are illuminated every autumn as a popular attraction, but for this spring event the fresh new green foliage was highlighted instead. The event plaza was also open where several blooming Satozakura cherry trees were illuminated.

What a pleasant way to spend a spring evening, strolling along the colonnade of 100 year old Gingko trees, then through the park with its maples, pines and gorgeous pink blossoms, all brilliantly lit in the night.

Otaguro park is a 10-minute walk from the south exit of Ogikubo Station. The autumn illumination usually takes place from the last week of November.

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 01/04/2022

Cherry Blossoms in Suginami

Like the past 2 years during this ongoing difficult situation, we hope the cherry blossoms can help revive our spirits. (Some photos include an illumination test at Zenpukuji-gawa Green Park)


Arcade Community at Koenji Cube, Tokyo

Video game arcades are not a thing of the past in Tokyo, yet. Arcade communities such these fighting game players at Game Studio Cube in Koenji are helping to keep these exciting and nostalgic places open. See our full interview and documentary here:

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 25/03/2022

Online Tokyo Tour of Koenji!

This weekend- March 26 & 27- this is a great chance to take a virtual tour of Koenji area in Tokyo. Organized by Koenji Junjo Hotel, by joining this online tour you can participate in a quiz and live commentary in English. Please check the links below.
Tickets available on Peatix and Eventbrite:

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Cat Cafe/Shelter in Koenji, Tokyo

How adorable! These are cats in Tokyo that need homes, but right now they have a pretty good one, as many visitors come to keep them company at Haikei Neko-sama cat cafe in Koenji. You can too once it's safe to travel again:

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Follow the Ogikubo Ramen Trail!

Which is your favorite of the 4 main types of ramen? Shoyu (soy sauce broth, representative of Tokyo), Shio (salty broth, representative of Hakodate, Hokkaido), Miso (representative of Sapporo, Hokkaido), or Tonkotsu (pork bone broth, representative of Kyushu)? Luckily, we have all kinds in Ogikubo and nearby, so when you can travel again, give them a try. Here are 10 shops introduced by Ramen Writer Brian MacDuckston:

Exploring Japanese Culture in Suginami, Tokyo 11/03/2022

Exploring Japanese Culture in Suginami, Tokyo

Exploring Japanese Culture in Suginami Tokyo

This is our latest video! We take you around some cultural spots in local Tokyo, using our pamphlet "Exploring Japanese Culture". Please like, comment and share!

Exploring Japanese Culture in Suginami, Tokyo "Exploring Japanese Culture in Suginami, Tokyo" is a pamphlet produced by Chuosen Aruaru Project which introduces 12 topics of Japanese culture and places of...

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Chamber of Raven

The fantasy world of "Mid-Erd" is at your fingertips the next time you can travel to Tokyo. Explore this magical atmosphere in Ogikubo while you enjoy fantastic meals or drinks and find some charming souvenirs. Read/see more:


Kosugiyu: A Cultural 'Sento' in Koenji

Kosugiyu is a sento, or public bathhouse, in Koenji, Tokyo. Designated as a national registered tangible cultural property for its traditional architecture, we explored this neighborhood cultural hotspot to let you know about how you can enjoy it on a future visit.

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 25/02/2022

Enjoying Nature in Tokyo

Ogikubo in Suginami, Tokyo is well known for its historical and nature areas. When safe to travel again, escape the hustle and bustle of Tokyo in the tranquility of places like Otaguro Park, Kadokawa Garden, and Tekigaiso Park, all in the same area of Ogikubo.

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 22/02/2022

Bonsai Shops in Suginami

At these 2 unique shops, Wasen in Nishi-Ogikubo and Rabi Adesso in Koenji, you can find really beautiful bonsai and other elements of Japanese style. When you are able to visit Tokyo again, be sure to stop by for some unique souvenirs!


Suginami Photographer's Online Exhibition

Available for interactive viewing at the Suginami Web Museum! You can view the work of 10 amazing photographers who work(ed) or live(d) in Suginami, Tokyo. This is a unique online experience without leaving your home!

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 15/02/2022

Asagaya's Friendly Local Guidance

Asagaya Annaijo is a standing bar specializing in Lemon Sours (Japanese shochu liquor mixed with soda water and lemon juice). The friendly staff and atmosphere are welcoming and also encourage you to get to know and explore more of this great local Tokyo neighborhood.

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 08/02/2022

Nishi-Ogikubo, a Vegan Hub!

Living near Nishi-Ogikubo or looking to find out about your eating options for a future trip? If so, here is the new Nishiogi Vegan Guide from Experience Suginami Tokyo. Please have a look at these delicious plant-based options in Tokyo:

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 01/02/2022

Kitsune and Inari Shrines

Inari Shinto Shrines are a common type of shrine throughout Japan associated with kitsune (fox) so you can often see these fox figures at Inari Shrines. Masabashi Inari Shrine located between Koenji and Asagaya in Suginami, Tokyo has a special fox figure called "Gankake-kitune" for which people write their wish on a paper that is rolled up inside the fox figurine and devoted to the shrine.

More on Mabashi Inari Shrine:

Do you know that there are some hidden gems in Suginami? 28/01/2022

Do you know that there are some hidden gems in Suginami?

Come to Suginami Project

Some junior high school students got together to make these great videos about our beloved Suginami, Tokyo, even going as far as adding the English narration! Great project with the cooperation of NPO WinWin and the Foundation for the Next Generation of Suginami. So when it is safe to do so again, please follow their suggestion and come to Suginami!

For more videos:

Do you know that there are some hidden gems in Suginami? We are Junior High School students from SUGINAMI, TOKYO!We would like to introduce wonderful spots in SUGINAMI.Please come to SUGINAMI one day!Check out more...

Photos from Go Tokyo's post 25/01/2022

One of our favorite Suginami areas is continuing to get attention! Is Koenji the place where the cool kids hang out? Well, it certainly is a cool place with a lot of carefree and friendly people, including many musicians, fashionistas, and creative people.

Check our recent documentary about the Koenji music scene to find out more about what makes this place so special.
Part 1: https://experience-suginami.tokyo/2021/03/koenji-tokyos-music-mecca/
Part 2: https://experience-suginami.tokyo/2021/09/koenji-tokyos-music-mecca-part-2/


Koenji Awa-Odori Online Experience!

Tokyo Koenji Awa-Odori is one of the biggest summer festivals in Tokyo. Over 10,000 dancers and 1,000,000 spectators enjoy the festival every year, until in recent years when the pandemic caused the event to be cancelled.

Luckily, now you can experience it online this Saturday (JST)!
(Open to foreign residents in Japan)
Please see the flyer for more information.

Saturday, January 22, 2022
Morning Session in English:
10:00am – 12:00 noon (About 2 hours)
Afternoon Session in Easy Japanese:
2:00pm – 4:00pm (About 2 hours)
◆Capacity: 15 foreign residents per session (still some openings available!)
*In the order of application
*Internet connection by PC or smartphone is requested.
◆Led by the Waraku-ren group (Leader: Ms. Risako Inoue)
◆Inquiries/Applications: Suginami Association for Cultural Exchange
Email: [email protected]

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Hi-SCORE BurgArcade, Nishi-Ogikubo

This is the only place in Japan that offers both a retro arcade experience as well as original gourmet burgers and foreign craft beer. Games featured include some amazing classics like Space Invaders and others from the same late 70's/early 80's era. The stacked-high burgers are intense with specially made whole wheat buns, hand-made patties that are more like steaks, and chock full of fresh veggies. They will be relocating in February so stop by in Nishiogi while you have the chance!
2 Chome-25-10 Nishiogiminami, Suginami, Tokyo Hi-SCORE BurgArcade ハイスコア バーガーケード

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 06/01/2022

Unique Shop/Cafe in Nishi-Ogikubo

Enneste is both an art shop and cafe in Nishi-Ogikubo, but what sets it apart is that it is dedicated to the art of Temari, a colorful ball of thread in various designs. If you're in a hands-on mood, stop in and try the DIY kit which comes with everything you need to make your own Temari, plus a drink! They also have workshops. See more here:

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 01/01/2022

Happy New Year from Suginami, Tokyo!

In Japan, many people visit shrines to pray for the New Year. This tradition starts just before New Year's and continues for some time after the New Year begins.

This year to avoid the congestion, some shrines have already started providing some amulets and good luck charms for the New Year. Also like last year, many temples and shrines will have no food stalls, which are usually common during this festive season.

(photos were taken in previous years)


Joya no Kane for the New Year

Joya no Kane, the ringing of the temple bell for the New Year, will be limited again this year. Like last year, the only temple in Suginami offering the experience is Myohoji Temple in south Koenji. On New Year’s Eve the temple will reopen its gates at 11:30pm, when 100 tickets will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. This literal "ringing in" of the New Year will be possible for those 100 people from midnight until 1:00am, the first hour of 2022.

The travel situation has still not improved, but we wish everyone a happy New Year. Our New Year's wish is that Japan can open its doors to visitors in 2022.

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 21/12/2021

Happy Holidays from Suginami, Tokyo!

Despite the ongoing pandemic, it's nice to see areas around Suginami showing festive cheer such as Asagaya Station and the Asagaya Pearl Center, Koenji Station, as well as Ogikubo Station and the Suginami Public Hall in Ogikubo.


The Literature of Suginami

Check out our latest article on the literature of Suginami! Many famous and well-known writers lived in Suginami or used this area of Tokyo as an important setting in their works:


Fall Scenery at Otaguro Park

Soaking up the autumn sights and sounds with the koi at Otaguro Park! 🍁

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 03/12/2021

Some current images of Otaguro Park, Ogikubo, Tokyo.

Photos from EXPERIENCE SUGINAMI TOKYO's post 26/11/2021

The Otaguro Park Fall Foliage Illumination Begins!

One of the most magical scenes in Suginami, or perhaps in all of Tokyo for that matter, the Otaguro Park fall foliage illumination begins today, November 26, and goes until Sunday, December 5th. This year there is an entry charge of 300 yen for adults, and of course please follow safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The illumination is from 5pm-8pm, last entry 7:45pm (closes at 9pm on weekends, last entry 8:30pm).

*photos are from previous years, we will soon add photos of this year's foliage, so please stay tuned!

ビデオ (すべて表示)

Arcade Community at Koenji Cube, Tokyo
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Fall Scenery at Otaguro Park
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Cherry Blossoms at Zenpukuji-gawa Green Park, Suginami, Tokyo
How to Use the Boats at Zenpukuji Park, Nishi-Ogikubo
Koi at Otaguro Park in Ogikubo
Koenji's Vintage Shopping Streets



Suginami-ku, Tokyo
その他 Suginami-ku 輸送サービス (すべて表示)
ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup
Suginami-ku, 167-0053

ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup
Suginami-ku, 168-0081

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Suginami-ku, 168-0061

ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup
Suginami-ku, 168-0063

アメックス・プラチナカードご招待 アメックス・プラチナカードご招待
Suginami-ku, 167-0051

■ステータス抜群のカード ■招待状なしでも申し込み可能です ■もちろん、紹介限定での特別ポイント付き https://forms.gle/KRmH6C9amB9EcXnaA

ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup
Suginami-ku, 168-0063

ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup
Suginami-ku, 166-0001

ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup
Suginami-ku, 166-0002

ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup
Suginami-ku, 168-0065

ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup
Suginami-ku, 166-0002

ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup ヤマトグループ YamatoGroup
Suginami-ku, 167-0023