Project Nail by Mina, Shiinokicho, Nagasaki Videos

Videos by Project Nail by Mina in Shiinokicho. Private Nail salon with a licensed nailist/nailtech. Russian dry mani-pedicure Gel polish Gel exten

love this sets ☺️🤗

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love this sets ☺️🤗

Just another day

Acrylic extensions
Last night work

almost summer??? Well im advanced 😂😣🤏🏻😙 Bubble gum colors are available now 🤗🤗🤗

nails inspired by tina young So grateful for this week for being busy everyday... Thank u guys 😘😘😘

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Thank you so much Matte nude color

vetro travel gel color edition for her new sets of nails
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Thank u bunso 😘😘😘 And ty for the yummy dinner

New set of pink nails for ms.che. 🤦🏻‍♀️🥺 First try with gel tips,result is pretty 😍😍 U can now try my new gel tips Recommended for my hard working ladies #mammunailspa

Late post Thank u for another set. 😍😍 ma’am 😍 Nude color for her natural nails #mammunailspa

Sexy nails 😍 for ms keiko san

My left hand set 😍

Valentines nails
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New acrylic color just arrived

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My left new set 🥰