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There is a lot of optimism and a bright chance of looking ahead with a lot of opportunities in 2024.
This year, some of us are hoping for more freedom.
Some of us are hoping to have more control over our future.
Some of us hoping to improve our financial life.
All these above mentioned words are very good but let's get out of the mindset of "Hoping". Hope is not a strategy.

It is time to have a clear cut achievable goals for the year, commit yourself to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Stop waiting for someone to feed you a fish rather you should learn how to fish; that is why I'm inviting you to our live webinar on Wednesday 17th,2024 @10:00a.m(JST). If you miss the LIVE, no worries because you can watch the REPLAY anytime, anywhere as long as you have a WIFI and an internet connection.
Here is the link to the webinar👉👉


I want to become a rich person, then ask yourself, are you willing to do what it takes to be rich?. People who are rich today didn't just say the words" I want to be rich but they also took action. Are you ready to take action too?. You cannot win from the sidelines or by sitting on the fence. Remember that "action speaks louder than words".

You must first be uncomfortable to be comfortable if you want to win. Your chances of winning are slim if you follow the old rules of money. Do not try to re-invent the wheel. People have achieved the same things that you desire and so duplicate what is working and then perfect it according to your own desire.

Your action today starts here:


🍁🍁🍁Positivity paves the way.🍁🍁🍁

Good day everyone, the more you focus on what you want(and not what you don't) the closer you come to making those dreams come alive.


To earn more, you must learn more.

As an employee, the value of what you add to your company's organization, determines your compensation. The more you know, the more valuable you become; so you must learn more, in order to earn from anywhere, anytime.

Invest your time and money in learning, and then hone your skills to the highest heights, master your skills and greatness will be your reward.

Join our free Business Seminar today to learn, grow and earn from anywhere-The comfort of your living room, Kitchen, Parks, restaurant even while vacationing abroad. Book your seat now. I hope to see there.


Looking for a new beginning but do not know how and where to start?
I sometimes take a moment to reflect on how far I have become better than whom I use to be. I am so grateful to God for all his blessings towards me and also thanking him for making me to take that very crucial step of becoming an ONLINE DIGITAL BUSINESS OWNER .

Doing multiple jobs to makes ends meet is not the answer to time flexibility and financial independence. It is working smarter and surrounding yourself with like minded people.
It was a hectic lifestyle for me back in the days: taking a holiday from work to be with my family was not something I could do easily because I need to get a permission from my employer. Going on a vacation or going to my children's school sports competition(UNDO-KAI in Japanese language), will require my boss permission too.

As a digital online business owner, I now spend more time with my family, put 2-3 hours of work on my business, no more stress about payment of bills. My online digital business that works on automation 24/7 has helped in taking care of those problems.

Come let me show you how I started on this incredible journey and you will be amazed to see how this business venture is changing the lives of people financially. It has changed mine and I can proudly say that this was a game changer for me.

I am inviting everyone that is hungry for a change to our weekly live webinar on Wednesdays and Fridays 9A.M(Japan time).If you missed the live, there is always a replay and so you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. I can't wait to see you all on the inside.


The more you think about money and how to approach it, the better your choices will become. Our thoughts have so much power. Imagine what will happen if you put your mind where your money is.

We all need time freedom and financial independence but we are not so sure of how and where to start due to fear or how the society that we live in will judge us. Let's start by getting some financial education which is all about practice, and you are bound to make mistakes which is okay because making mistakes is an essential step for growth. Think about these steps for a start:
💥Get some financial education.
💥Take positive action.
💥Review your results and learn from both wins and loses.
💥Repeat all the above steps again.

Robert Kiyosaki said, there is no "RIGHT" and "WRONG", only "RIGHT" and "LEARNING".
Let's keep learning as much as possible. The online digital business is the gateway to time freedom and financial independence. Let me help you start your own online venture as a side hustle and then enjoy your own financial independence.


You miss a 100% of the shots you don't take. This is a powerful reminder that you cannot score if you don' take the shot.

2024 has started and you may have made some resolutions in the beginning of the year. Always remember that if you want a better result, you must take a better action.

Your action is the only thing that can transform you. If you failed with one side hustle, that doesn't mean that you will fail with the next one. Instead of getting upset with yourself over a single failure, think of it as another "shot" at your goal.

Nobody likes to fail. I had failed many times but my failure forces me to learn from my mistakes. Gnashing of your teeth because you failed will not help you. Just get up, dust yourself up and start all over again. "You must have a burning desire for more and then take action"-Napoleon Hill.

Learn, grow and earn today @



With the start of a new year,it is a perfect time to remain laser-focused on new beginnings and set ambitious goals. Let’s enjoy the journey together.


If you are not running your own online business yet, NOW IS THE TIME TO START.

If you are tired of waking by alarm clock and running to catch up the train, bus, taxi cab....

If you are doing work that you are not passionate about....

If you need to get a permission from your boss for a holiday in order to attend your child's school activities or your child's birthday....

If you are not making what you KNOW that you are worth...

If all that you make is just to pay bills.....

If you are living from paycheck to paycheck....

Then you need to make a change RIGHT NOW!.

People from all walks of life who have no technical skills, no prior business knowledge, but they believe in their mind that it was possible to change are now running their own individual businesses making five/six figures.

We have our LIVE(FREE)WEBINAR/SEMINAR twice every week or you can watch the replays too. Checkout the enclosed poster for more info.

The webinar is free and there is nothing for you to lose but A LOT TO GAIN. It is best sometimes to experience things by yourself. I am convinced that signing up for this webinar and believing in the system will definitely turn your life around for the better.

Here's to a bright and prosperous 2024.

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The festivities are winding down gradually. We all sometimes get into some arguments sometimes and we always want to prove that our opinions are correct and the other person is wrong.

It is okay to be wrong. If you are okay to make mistake or be wrong, you are on to making money quickly. If you are the smartest person in the room, and you are afraid to make mistake, you will not achieve the success you desire as fast as you want.

Surrounding yourself with people who are more intelligent, achieved a lot more than you, and smarter than you, you will learn about growth and progress faster because you will learn from them.

Be disciplined whether you like it or not. It is discipline that makes you do what is required and when it is required. "First we make the decision but later the decision makes us"-Vusi Thembekwayo.


When we wake up everyday we are always grateful to the supreme being. You read books, journals, listen to podcasts, because you want to remain focused and to keep learning. You need to be disciplined, honest, work smartly, take some action and success is yours.

"Success doesn't come from what we do occasionally, it comes from what we do consistently"-Marie Forleo

Learn more today:

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What is pay yourself first?. I get this question from people from time to time.

Pay yourself first is the amount of money that you set aside that will be used later for your future investment.

As an employee,once you get your paycheck,put aside a certain amount of money (to be determined by you) in a separate bank account/savings account and no WITHDRAWAL whatsoever cos it will be used later for investment purposes. This MUST be done monthly before you start paying your bills etc.


It is another Friday(beginning of the weekend) and I am inviting you all to our FREE webinar. This is where we learn about the latest tech trends reshaping our industry.

Come and hear testimonies from(our panelists) my fellow business partners about how this business has changed their lives for the better, how people are making5/6/7figures in passive income.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and into a world of connection, collaboration and celebration?. Book your seats today for a life changing webinar.


Success means a lot things to different people. If believing in yourself that ANYTHING is possible, having a positive mindset, and surrounding yourself with same goal oriented individuals, success will be yours.


The Online Digital Business is giving each and everyone of us that opportunity to build the tomorrow that we have always wanted. The first step of this journey is to learn about what this business is all about.

I am inviting everybody who wants to turn their financial situation around from Good⏩⏩ Better, to a NO COST/FREE webinar that takes place every WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY 09:00 A.M Japan time.


Never quit because today is hard.Tomorrow will be worse but the day after that will bring a lot of SUNSHINE.


Money is worthless, if it is not working for you.

It is not about the money that you have stashed

In your savings account but

It is what you do with it that matters.

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It is not always easy when you are just starting something that is a brand new concept to you. Mistakes will definitely be made but give yourself some ample time to learn the skills and become good in it.

Majority of people starting a business venture will not be good from the start and when you understand that; YOU WILL SUCCEED. It takes time to learn the skill...but in my Online Digital Business,95% of what is required has been done and so let's chat on what is left to be done.
! ! ! ! ! !


Working from Sunrise to Sunset. Working multiple jobs with long horrible hours just to make ends meet. At the end of the month, your take home salary after all is said and done is just to pay bills here and there, feed yourself and your family and that is it. Life is not supposed to be this bad.

Our business model(Online Digital Business) is changing people's lives for the better than they used to be. Our weekly webinar gives you a ton of information of how to start, and once started, you are also taught how to scale up your business too. Mentor/s are always there to assist you 24/7. This is the most popular online business model right now. We do NOT SELL any PRODUCT and no RECRUITMENT whatsoever is allowed. We only offer business opportunities.
Happy Weekend Guys.
! ! !

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Happy new week folks. The longest journey ever to be embark upon by anyone starts with just one step. Whatever you think in your mind, you can achieve it, but you have to start. So get up, dust yourself up and get moving.

Always remember that in order to get something out of life, you have to give something in return. Whatever will change you depends on the action you're taking. If you want better results, you must take better action.


It is our weekly webinar day(Friday) and I am requesting everyone that wants to start their own gig and become their own CEO to attend this informative session.

If you are presently employed or not, we all can agree that we need additional source of income and would like to be his/her own boss. Come and learn how to work from the comfort of your home, put in a maximum of 3-4hrs work in a day, so that you can have time flexibility to pursue your passions and eventually becoming your own boss. Join us today and let's write your success story together. I hope to see everyone in the inside.

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If you cannot do great things, then do small things in a great way-
Napoleon Hill.

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Stop waiting for the right time because there will never be one.Get some financial knowledge and create your opportunity.

When you keep waiting for your opportunity to start,you will fail but when you create your opportunity you will go forward/ahead in life.


There are things we see and read about online, and sometimes it beats our imagination. I use to go to this BBQ restaurant in Tokyo and it has about 20 staff. I went there the other day and to my greatest surprise the number of staff present were about 8 people. Upon my inquiry,I was told that some members of staff were sent packing and so ROBOTS has to help in taking of the customers including me.

This is not a joke, some people's job are been replaced by ROBOTS. this is a wake up call,It is NEVER too LATE to start your side hustle while you are still working. If you do not know how to start,send me a message.

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Your determination is the key that will help unlock your success.

People are watching every move that you make and will judge tough accordingly.

Nobody knows your capability except yourself,keep forging 💪💪ahead and NEVER GIVE UP.

Keep your hopes and dreams alive, YOUR STORY IS NOT OVER, NOW GO GET IT!!


We are now live on our weekly Friday webinar. Come and listen to our panelist on how it is so easy to start an online business from anywhere. It is completely free. You can watch the replay if you miss the live.


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Never quit because today is hard.Tomorrow will be worse but the day after that will bring a lot of SUNSHINE.
There are things we see and read about online, and sometimes it beats our imagination. I use to go to this BBQ restauran...
Majority of people wants to start or do a business. They have no idea of what a business entity is and yet they keep tal...





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