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Brent Martin Photo plus some CFD overlay = AWESOME! AMB Aero
INTERNATIONALS INCOMING! Cole Powelson from LYFE Motorsport, and Andrew Brilliant from AMB Aero will be heading to our shores as part of our expert commentary team! They will add their expertise from a driver's and aerodynamicist's perspective, and we're very excited to have them on our star-studded presentation team!

10 DAYS TO GO! Get your tickets at
That's our first JIT update done and we have added two articles. Matt Hanrahan's superb Mk2 Zakspeed clone and Ian Rae got with Andrew Brilliant of AMB Aero to talk aero for Time Attack
Anyone want to see and design even more downforce for the car in the future? AMB Aero
Time Attack Monza 🏁🚀🔝

EVO X 4️⃣6️⃣
P1 Overall Race 1 & Race 2 🏆🏆
New Time Attack Record 1:47.454 🔥🚀

EVO X 9️⃣
P2 Overall Race 1
3rd best lap time of the event 1:49.660

During the lap of 4️⃣6️⃣ we even had a 1.2s time loss due to an engine protection strategy that kicked in on the straight after Ascari (verified in the MoTeC datalogs).
This means the lap time would have been a low 46 🤩

This one final lap was sufficient to win the race and we decided to abort the session to verify what caused the alarm.
Report and video coming soon.

Confirmed for the 4th year in a row Overall TIME ATTACK ITALY CHAMPION! 🥇🥇🥇🥇

Time Attack Italia Autodromo Nazionale Monza AMB Aero
What's going on here? AMB Aero 👀😎🚀

Time Attack Imola 🏁🚀🔝

NEW Time Attack Record 1:43.356 🔥🚀
EVO X 4️⃣6️⃣
P1 Overall 🏆

EVO X 9️⃣
P3 Overall 🏆 1:45.184

It was a tough race on an extremely hot day. ☀️🌡
EVO X 46 also suffered front aero damage on the very first lap of the day due to an impact from another car.
But nonetheless we secured another win in Race 1 & Race 2 as well as a new time attack record ✅

Time Attack Italia Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola AMB Aero
The story behind one of the wildest finish line moments we’ve ever had. Super Lap Battle USA T1 Race Development Yokohama Tire AMS Performance Callies Performance Products Innovative Tuning Garrett - Advancing Motion Dodson Motorsport Radium Engineering Injector Dynamics Motul USA Magnus Motorsports AMB Aero
BESTIA V2😎🏁 Jak na nią patrzę to aż się nie chce wierzyć, że wkrótce staniemy do rywalizacji tym potworem.
Budujemy najszybsze dzieło sztuki na świecie‼ Nasza stara, poczciwa Bestia przechodzi reinkarnacje. Póki co sztab specjalistów z AMB Aero pracuje nad aerodynamiką. Z całą pewnością będzie to najbardziej fascynujący Lancer EVO X w Polsce, Europie a może i na świece🤔?
Po więcej bieżących informacji zapraszam na nasz nowy FP 👉Avalon Extreme Racing Team
Z budowy powstaje show, który będzie można obejrzeć na Motowizja TV, która jest jednocześnie naszym patronem medialnym.
Avalon Extreme
X Shift Gearboxes | Driveshaft Shop | Ecumaster
WRC Motorsport & Beyond
Design by Wolf Studio
1200 HP 7 Second WRX gets the time attack conversion [TECH TOUR]| Andy Forrests ‘Stormtrooper’ (including in-car footage)

With 7.7 second quarter mile heritage, Andy Forrest of Andy Forrest Performance (AFP) Syvecs Ltd controlled AWD 1200 HP Subaru flat 6 H6 powered ‘GC8’ WRX underwent some radical changes for the 2017 World Time Attack Challenge.

A single Precision Turbo & Engine 8385 turbo pushing out 33 PSI and Nitrous force feeds the H6 that has been bored out to 3.6L. In-house AFP cams & ported heads, Arrow Precision Engineering crank plus MAHLE forged pistons are all vital pieces of the 1200 HP puzzle along with an EcuTek Technologies Ltd tuned GT-R GR6 transaxle dual-clutch gearbox that lives forward of the rear axle with a chain driven Es**rt Cosworth diff driving the front wheels. This packaging gives the car a balanced 51/49 weight split with the aid of a causal 600 - 700mm engine relocation towards the rear.

Alcon Specialist Brakes & Clutches brake calipers help pull the car up for the corners and Andrew Brilliants AMB Aero input helps keep traction and control at high speed. A Life Racing PDU keypad and AiM Sportline displays allow Andy to make and monitor adjustments on the fly. One interesting future addition in the same vein will be the ability to adjust the ride height on the go via one of Andys own numerous engineering experiments.

Want to learn how to tune something like this? Start instantly and for FREE here -

Projekt Bestia v2 - Extreme Time Attack Monster🏁 - idzie pełną parą😎. Do projektu dołączyła się firma AMB AERO i jej twórca i guru aerodynamiki Andrew Brilliant👈. AMB projektuje aerodynamikę do najszybszych Time Attack monsterów, aut GT, DTM a nawet F1😲. Specjalnie opracowany 3D model przechodzi ponad 200 aero testów w specjalnie przygotowanym oprogramowaniu, obliczeń oraz poprawek tak, żeby jego osiągi na torze były maksymalne. Różnice 1-3 mm w poszyciu nadwozia, położeniu elementów aerodynamiki czy ich nachyleniu, ma znaczący wpływ na opór powietrza oraz siłę docisku podczas jazdy. To międzynarodowa firma z siedzibami w USA i Japonii więc robimy to zdalnie co jest ogromnym wyzwaniem dla obu stron. Na zdjęciu screen z naszego video spotkania😅. Fajnie będzie jeździć najszybszym Lancerem X w Polsce a może nawet w Europie😎 i do tego sterowanym joystickami😲, prawda Maciej Manejkowski - Avalon Extreme😉?. Z budowy powstaje PRO serial, który będzie można oglądać na . Takie rzeczy tylko w 😏.
Avalon Extreme | AMB Aero | X Shift Gearboxes | Driveshaft Shop | Ecumaster | MME Motorsport | Wolf Studio
Motowizja | WRC Motorsport & Beyond
Time Attack Monza 2020

EVO X 4️⃣6️⃣ 🇨🇭
1st Overall 🏆
1st Extreme Turbo🏆
New Time Attack Record 1:50.357 🏁🔥

EVO X 9️⃣ 🇨🇭
3rd Overall Superlap 🏆
2nd Extreme Turbo Superlap🏆

STI EJ25 9️⃣0️⃣ 🇮🇹
2nd Pro XL 🏆

We set a new time attack record the past weekend at Monza. Less than 1 second gap from an LMP3 on the same day and session (the LMP3 does not classify in the time attack series).
This was on medium boost and with suspension issues particularly at high speeds! The car can easily do a 48.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza Time Attack Italia AMB Aero Precision Turbo & Engine

AMB Aero uniquely utilizes in-house both wind tunnel and super-computer CFD. We supply high accurac


Some days ago, we gave you the in-car from Brands Hatch, where Gobstopper 3 ran an unofficial but rapid lap. Today we bring you a view from the cockpit to fly out from a standing start and take the overall win for the Quick 60 at Mallory Park

Photos from AMB Aero's post 11/10/2022

One time is a champion. Three times a legend. Five times is a dynasty. Team J-Spec has continued with their tuner Mitsubishi EVO X on an unmolested original chassis with an AMB Pro-Racer package aero. The car was built to older rules with small overhangs similar to WTAC open class or U.K. Club Pro. Nonetheless, their five-year domination has proved them ahead of GT3, tube chassis, and other serious machinery. A testament to the strength of the team and their AMB Aero!

The one and only Time Attack Italy OVERALL Champion for the 5th consecutive year!
Perfect season end at Misano World Circuit 4. We won everything available to win, even the new 2022 Proto+ OVERALL Title, but with homemade Mitsubishi EVO.



Can you feel the downforce? The faster you go, the more grip you have when equipped with an AMB Pro Racer Plus package like Roger Clark Motorsport’s Gobstopper 3. In an astonishing debut, they gave him an outright win trophy at Mallory Park Quick 60 and backed it up in this practice session at Brands Hatch UK Time Attack with a “cruisey” 43.48 second lap time!. Unfortunately, they retired with gearbox issues before the final but not too late to unofficially set a record.

Onboard from Brands Hatch below.

Roger Clark Motorsport


GobStopper 3 LAP RECORD ! (Final Run) | Quick60 Challenge | Mallory Park 17/9/22

Another fantastic action video of Gobstopper 3's epic run.


Roger Clark Mallory Park

In a stunning debut event for the car, Roger Clark Motorsport's Gobstopper 3 won outright by over three seconds and delighted the fans with an inkling of the car's potential at the Quick60 Challenge.

Video credit: CF Photos

HillClimb Monsters Mallory Park Circuit Roger Clark Motorsport

New Unlimited 2 Record - Mission Raceway - Speedygoat Time Trials 01/08/2022

New Unlimited 2 Record - Mission Raceway - Speedygoat Time Trials

Garrett Mealing once again proves he has the metal and the mettle taking his Hill Climb winning beast to the Speedygoat Time Trials where he sets a new record for the Unlimited 2 class! Garrett Mealing Mealing Racing

New Unlimited 2 Record - Mission Raceway - Speedygoat Time Trials


JSPEC PERF does it again
“ EVO X 46
P1 Overall Race 1 & Race 2
New Time Attack Record 1:47.288

EVO X [email protected]
P2 Overall Race 1 & Race 2

Despite the hot weather and tyre integrity problems all day we still managed to lower our Record from October 👏

Tegiwa Tsuki K22 Honda NSX Gets 3D Scanned!! (AMB Aero - Andrew Brilliant) 06/07/2022

Tegiwa Tsuki K22 Honda NSX Gets 3D Scanned!! (AMB Aero - Andrew Brilliant)

Tegiwa Team, awesome videography. Thank you Ben for representing AMB Aero. YT Chanel: Tegiwa Imports

Tegiwa Tsuki K22 Honda NSX Gets 3D Scanned!! (AMB Aero - Andrew Brilliant) Tsuki has had a full 3D scan over the past two days ready for her bespoke aerodynamic package development to begin. Ben who is here on behalf of Andrew Brill...


Ready for takeoff

PC 📸

Photos from AMB Aero's post 13/06/2022

What do we have here?

Repost from “Prepping for 's shakedown todav in Dark Helmet at our Laguna Seca pit. Surrounded by amazing Hypercars at the special ! Road to Pikes Peak 2022! Let's go! ”

GTM Record Run - Knox Mountain Hill Climb 2022 - 1:51.379 05/06/2022

GTM Record Run - Knox Mountain Hill Climb 2022 - 1:51.379

Garrett Mealing / Mealing Racing

Nearly ten years ago we designed a body for Mitsubishi Eclipse. Only three were built completely and raced in anger. First, the AMB Aero eclipse won back-to-back US Super Lap Battle Championships, then John Freund's car backed it up at Ultimate Track Car Challenge. Now Garrett Mealing challenged the GTM class at Canada's biggest hill climb event: Knox Mountain. Garrett broke a nine-year-old record for his class by 3.3 seconds and took second place overall!

Bouncing back from a car fire on Saturday the team proved that winning can come down to refusing to lose!

Join us in extending a huge congratulations to Mealing Racing for an over the moon achievement. Enjoy the in-car and footage from the Hill Climb.

GTM Record Run - Knox Mountain Hill Climb 2022 - 1:51.379 Here is all the footage from the GTM record run at Knox Mountain Hill Climb 2022!Special Thanks to:Four Function AutosportMealing WeldingAMB AeroMirror Image...

Rally car rivalry at Kelowna Knox Mountain Hill Climb - Kelowna Capital News 16/05/2022

Rally car rivalry at Kelowna Knox Mountain Hill Climb - Kelowna Capital News

Another exciting year for the Knox Mountain Hill Climb! Follow our customer Garrett Mealing in his quest to win his class again and set his class record for Canada's biggest Hill Climb event.

Rally car rivalry at Kelowna Knox Mountain Hill Climb - Kelowna Capital News The race takes place May 21 and 22


New Time Attack Record 1:28.905 at the Time Attack Red Bull Ring 🏁.
They are using the AMB Aero Pro Racer Package to the fullest.

Congrats to on your overall performance.

EVO X 4️⃣6️⃣
P1 Overall 🏆🏆
Time Attack Record 1:28.905 🚀
Fastest car of the event

EVO X 9️⃣
P2 Overall 🏆🏆


Another WTAC: done and dusted. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the pleasure of working with such a talented telecast team. You guys are legends! Thank you for letting me be a commentator. I look up to you all so much, can't wait for next year.

World Time Attack Challenge


Amazing performance by Nathan Morcomm and everyone at the Global Aircraft Services team. Huge congratulations for their WTAC victory and track record in open class using AMB Aero!

Mystery or Magic? The Science Behind Porpoising In F1 Today - MotoIQ 05/04/2022

Mystery or Magic? The Science Behind Porpoising In F1 Today - MotoIQ

Porpoising has been the talk of the town among F1 fans. In this article for MotoIQ AMB Aero director Andrew Brilliant gives us a more in-depth technical explanation ahead of this year's Australian GP.

Mystery or Magic? The Science Behind Porpoising In F1 Today - MotoIQ In recent weeks much attention has been given to the phenomenon causing F1 cars to bounce down the straights, known colloquially as ‘porpoising’. Behind the scenes, teams of experienced aerodynamicists…

Photos from AMB Aero's post 27/03/2022

Thank you for the opportunity to chat about all things aero!

“High Performance Academy: Tuned In Podcast 032: Start WINNING Races With .

This week's episode of the HPA Tuned In podcast features one of the biggest names in the motorsport aerodynamics world — of AMB Aero.

This conversation is an absolute gold mine of information for anyone who's interested in the aero world — whether you're considering adding a package to your car, wondering why your times have got slower after fitting your new splitters and wings, or even if a career in the field sounds like something you might want to look into.

Head to the link in our bio to listen for free 🎧

Based in Sapporo, Japan, Andrew has spent his career designing and testing aero for some of the fastest track cars in the world — including the hyper-secretive world of Formula 1. He is, of course, probably best known for his involvement in the time attack realm, in which he's had a hand in pushing the absolute limits of what's possible through the most dominant vehicles in the game. The best of the best — 's S15, 's GT-R, Gobstopper 3, Black Mamba, and many more — all use AMB Aero's advanced design work to crush the competition and lap records alike.

Over an hour and a half, Andre gets Andrew to break down and explain many of the key principles of aerodynamics, as well as discuss how someone even becomes an aerodynamicist, what makes time attack cars so fun to design for, and just how many seconds racers are leaving on the table by not optimising their aero packages.

What might be the most helpful, though, is Andrew taking the time to detail the big mistakes that people make when designing and fitting an aero package to their car, and how the vast majority of these mistakes and their consequences could have been easily avoided.

This episode is a real deep dive into the fascinating world of aerodynamics, and it's essential listening for anyone interested in going faster on track.”

1,017 WHP Nissan R35 GT-R - DSPORT Magazine 23/03/2022

1,017 WHP Nissan R35 GT-R - DSPORT Magazine

Champions breed Champions, DSPORT Magazine on the Lyfe GTR!

1,017 WHP Nissan R35 GT-R - DSPORT Magazine The LYFE Motorsports R35 turned his best lap time of 1:32.534 on unfamiliar tires, beating Taniguchi’s quickest lap of 1:33.386.


Lyfe Motorsport Came to Us for Help

On the back of a second-place finish at the 2014 Super Lap Battle, LYFE came to us for help to take their build to the next level with Professional Aero.

The team went on to beat HKS GTR head to head to be crowned the world's fastest GTR. They set an R35 GTR Record at WTAC and won USA Super Lap Battle two times.

Don't take our word for it, have a listen to Cole Powelson, the Driver and team owner, in this interview with HP Academy. High Performance Academy - HPA + (on IG)


The photo says it all!

The Story of Time Attack and 'Under' Suzuki 30/12/2021

The Story of Time Attack and 'Under' Suzuki

Time attack 101, a condensed history of the Japan time attack scene. Thank you so much to whoever took the time to make this video and compile all the footage!

The Story of Time Attack and 'Under' Suzuki Time attack is a form of motorsport where the goal is simply the achieve the fastest lap possible. While this concept is simple, the cars are far from it wit...


Onboard footage from Vidar Frogner's track record!
Head on over to situneno on youtube for the full video and subscribe!

Never get tired of seeing this car 1:1 !

#repost @lyfemotorsport #corvette #c5 #downforce #AMBAero 03/11/2021

Never get tired of seeing this car 1:1 !

#repost @lyfemotorsport #corvette #c5 #downforce #AMBAero

Never get tired of seeing this car 1:1 ! #repost @lyfemotorsport #corvette #c5 #downforce #AMBAero


Strap in for the on-board footage with Serse Zeli in J-SPEC PERF Evo X record smashing lap at Monza.
Thank you to for the footage!

Photos from AMB Aero's post 16/10/2021

Team J-Spec does it again! Resetting the track record at the Legendary Monza Circuit using an AMB Pro Racer package!

Put your hands together with the team for all their hard work, leaving a legendary string of wins, track records, and overall series championship titles!

Zeli -SPEC PERF Attack Girl

Photos from AMB Aero's post 19/09/2021

Vidar Frogner resets the outright track record at Rudskogen!

In his Porsche GT2, he has broken the longstanding 1:20 barrier obliterating the overall track record at Rudskogen with a blazing 1:19.536 during a race lap in the final round for the year. What an ending for his 2021 Norwegian GT season journey!

Having already clinched the points needed to win the championship, he had set his eyes on an outright track record. Now only a formula one car is listed above him on the list of official times around its 3.24km undulating curves.

Rudskogen is also famous as the home of the Gatebil event. Making the new record the talk of the town. A huge success and a season of hard work have truly paid off.
(Photo Creds: RACINGNM)
Situne Andrew Brilliant


See what we did there??


Congratulations to Bill Washburn for his epic drive at the Mt. Washington Hill Climb!

AMB Aero equipped beast of a Nissan Silvia charges up to one of the most revered hills climbs in the US to a second place finish in class behind legend Travis Pastrana. Unfortunately, the car crashed before the second session, holding Bill back from a chance to improve his time but sit back and enjoy the ride.

Full Video

Andrew Brilliant Bill Washburn


Norwegian GT Championship Victory

Vidar Frogner's AMB Pro Racer package equipped Porsche GT2 EVO Extreme clinches a Norwegian GT Championship Victory!

The day had come; the first event of the season with reopened borders meant fierce international competition was coming. This formed in the shape of the Elite Projects Porsche 918, a car whose quick qualifying pace had them favored to win in the minds of some.

The 918 had a new weapon, a 'DRS system' or active aero that could change the rear wing angle with the car in motion. They were gaining position down the straight and holding Vidar behind.

Before the final heat, the team contacted AMB Aero; asking could be done to reduce drag further. The idea came in the form of integrating a portion of an unfinished upgrade package. Using the 4th element, or slat added to the rear wing. In collaboration with DJ Racecars and Simon McBeath, we found a perfect combination of DJ's parts matched to the car using CFD optimization. This unique combination improved the efficiency and downforce of the wing, meaning the team could reduce the wing angle for better downforce but with less drag.

The team made the changes, and their top speed improved by 9km/h! Corner speeds also improved, changing the game just in time for the final. Vidar passed the 918 in a high-speed corner and proceeded to open a gap. He marched up the ladder, catching the frontrunner pack, and made his way to first place, clinching victory. This sealed the deal.

Please join us in wishing a huge congratulations Vidar Frogner Situne and the rest of the team for a monumental effort and perfect ending to this years chapter.

on IG


When your downforce requirement calls for a Park Bench Spec rear wing.

Photos from AMB Aero's post 19/06/2021

This GT2 Evo came from behind and took First Place in Race 2.
This team is unstoppable with their overall fastest time of the event at the Rudskogen Motorsenter - Norwegian GT Series!


Time Attack Imola, Italy

Do you think this is couple goals? Let’s give J-SPEC PERF and a round of applause for their outstanding performances.

Serse (J-Spec) won overall fastest time of the event. And Oliva (TimeAttackGirl) placed 3rd in her class.

Timeline photos 07/06/2021

Who wants more of the Gobstopper 3 in the MIRA Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel at the MIRA test facility? Roger Clark Motorsport

AMB Aero is constantly calibrating its CFD using wind tunnel validation. We can use our in-house tunnel with moving belt or work with data from any facilities such as MIRA that RCM used.

Follow and like to see aerodynamics on your feed every week.
AMB Aero-- Champions by Design

Photos from AMB Aero's post 04/06/2021

Where in the world are you? Patrick is Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺 And this picture is before Patrick’s AMB Aero improvements.
Thanks again, Patrick Garvan, for your awesome testimonial on your Racer Package.

Ask us about the different package levels. We only service the best at AMB Aero.
Speed Hunters

Timeline photos 27/05/2021

Throw back to 2019. Do you remember Team Revline crushing the record then?
Revline Time Attack
Alx Danielsson: Follow me to Nascar

Photos from AMB Aero's post 24/05/2021

When was the last time you saw a Datsun at a time attack event?

Riverside Racing

ビデオ (すべて表示)

Lyfe Motorsport Came to Us for Help
Congratulations to Bill Washburn for his epic drive at the Mt. Washington Hill Climb!
Norwegian GT Championship Victory
Congrats Jeff Kiesel for your insanely fast lap time! 🎉🏎🍾
Behind the Scenes with AMB Aero
When you upgrade to infinity wings but don't increase spring rates




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