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2 days ago, after back To Japan, just now today, I had the privilege of witnessing Formula E make its debut in Japan. The inaugural public road race held in Ariake, Tokyo marks a significant moment, reigniting my passion for motorsports. Congratulations to the 2024 Maserati MSG Racing Team for their victory, and to the talented German driver, Maximilian Günther!
This event evokes memories of Maserati's rich history in motorsports. In 1957, the iconic 250F, piloted by legends Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss, secured an impressive 55 victories during the team's seven-year tenure, ultimately clinching the World Championship title for Maserati. As an avid enthusiast of Maserati motorsports, I find great inspiration in this legacy.

Photos from Japox Corporation's post 15/02/2024

Today, we had a presentation at PIO Park near Haneda International Airport in Tokyo. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended! 🌟🎉
We are truly thankful for the opportunity to meet all of you on this special occasion!


"Introducing Part 2
To announce the completion of our latest creation!"

JAPOX CORPORATION is excited to announce that we have obtained new design patent on January 26th of this year! This achievement strengthens our intellectual property portfolio and demonstrates our commitment to innovation. Thank you for your continued support!


📝 We are delighted to inform that Japox Corporation has obtained "design patent" on September 27th of last year. This achievement marks an important milestone for our company in the field of patent. We look forward to continuing our commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional future useful products to our valued customers in Japan and Global market.

YOXO FESTIVAL 2024 公式サイト 14/01/2024

let's get it started🤝


YOXO FESTIVAL 2024 公式サイト YOXO FESTIVAL(よくぞフェスティバル)はイノベーターやクリエーターが「未来」に向けた新しいアイデアや技術を持ち寄り、領域を越えて交流することで、ひらめきを得たり、ワクワクを体験できるお祭りです。


Interviews from the "NashTech Global Team" HQ based in UK.
Yes, we can deliver cars from Japan to the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.


To register, please click here:

🚙Attention to all car exporters living in Japan,
whether you're running your business as an individual or a company,
and to anyone who can make their way to ⚓Yokohama MM district from around the world,

Japox Corporation is delighted to announce our participation in the YOXO FESTIVAL 2024. The event will take place on the 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday) of February 2024, at Hammerhead next to the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.

We will be featuring our very own "I-20" booth. On these days, our board members will be in attendance, orchestrating the event in a joint effort with "Sunrise Paints." If you are intrigued and interested in what we have to offer, please make sure to stop by at the I-20 booth. We are eagerly looking forward to engaging with all attendees.

For those planning to visit,
we kindly request that you register in advance using the reservation form linked below.

To register again, please click here:

We are wholeheartedly looking forward to your visit.


✨ Exciting Update from Japox Corporation: We're Joining YOXO FESTIVAL! ✨
     https://00m.in/n0xk6   Come on over to booth I-20.
🌐 Big ideas are heading to Yokohama! We're ecstatic to announce Japox Corporation’s participation in the upcoming YOXO FESTIVAL.
Ready for an encounter with innovation leaders? Pack your bags and join us on February 3rd and 4th! 🤝 This isn't just a meeting of minds; it's where the future is molded. Yokohama City and the organization for a forward-thinking future are hosting the YOXO FESTIVAL to ignite a city-wide blaze of creativity and innovation. 🚀 Last year, the festival was a beacon for over 25,000 visitors, and this year promises to be even grander. With 135 booths (up from 70), and 30 enriching talks and events (up from 20), the stage is set for an unmissable collision of ideas and inspiration. 💡 Whether you’re looking to build your network, kickstart new ventures, or simply soak in the next wave of innovation, there’s no place you’d rather be. 🎤 Come and meet our Japox Corporation's board members at YOXO FESTIVAL. Let's propel ideas into action, and together, cultivate the visionary trailblazers of tomorrow. 📌 Don’t leave your spot to chance –
   flights to the future are boarding now!
       ✈Fly out to Yokohama and let's reshape the innovation landscape, together.
📢 Spread the word, share this post, and let’s broaden the horizons of innovation as a community. Will we see you there? Drop a comment, let’s connect!


Our company was selected for the "Ready→Startup! Tokyo Ota-ward
2023.12.18 Mon

We are very honored that our company has been selected by "Ready→Startup! This program aims to revitalize business in Tokyo Ota City and provides various supports for startups to realize their businesses, such as business plans, business matching, etc.
Mega district Ota-ward is literally the "gateway to the sky" with Haneda International Airport, and at the same time, Kamata, where our company is located, is one of the very few areas in the world where you can access both domestic highest-speed train (Shinkansen/JR Shinagawa Station) and international flights (Haneda Airport) within 10 minutes.
In addition to traditional Japanese manufacturing, Ota Ward is also home to startups that address social issues such as mobility, logistics, IT, and life science.
Through this program, we will further advance the commercialization of startups in Ota Ward in Tokyo.

In particular, the "Venture Pitch Program" will help startups acquire the necessary knowledge and brush up through coaching, and through their appearance at the "Venture Pitch in Haneda 2023" (scheduled to be held in February 2024), they will have opportunities for matching with partner companies (VC, CVC, etc.) and for fundraising.
We will also have opportunities for matching with partner companies (VC, CVC, etc.) and fundraising through our appearance at "Venture Pitch in Haneda 2023" (scheduled for February 2024).

We hope that our participation in "Ready→Startup!OTA TOKYO" will lead to further development of our Japox Corporation business.
We will continue to devote ourselves to providing better services in the future.

For more information, please visit
Specific developments will be uploaded on the above website in the future.

URA translates taxation handbook to Chinese 07/01/2024

🌟amazed at the content of this URL and would like to see a Japanese version! 🇯🇵✨ This is such a great initiative by URA to translate their taxation handbook to Chinese! 👏 🌐 Let's hope they consider translating it to Japanese too! 🙌🇯🇵

URA translates taxation handbook to Chinese Ambassador Zhang Lizhong noted that the handbook is a testimony to the value of the partnership between China and Uganda


Calling all talented people!
We have a very talented CIO from Japan and brilliant IT engineers from Thailand and India who share Japox's vision.



🥳 Happy New Year! Gratitude for your support. Keep following us into 2024 for more joy and success! 🌟 Big news: Our website's getting a cool update this January. 💻 Get ready for the launch! 🔥


🎉We are grateful to be able to announce the launch of "Shun Car APP". More information, more easily, more simply --Yokohama City Press Conference on December 19th--

横浜市「YOXO Accelerator Program 2023」アクセラレータープログラム | YOXO Accelerator Program 2023 26/12/2023

🌟 Exciting news! Japox Corporation is collaborating with Yokohama City administration to tackle social challenges! 🤝🏼✨
🚀 We're proud to announce the launch of our YOXO Accelerator program, aimed at scaling up our business and making a positive impact! 💼📈

🌍 This year, we've welcomed talented workers from Thailand and India, adding diversity and fresh perspectives to our team! 🌏🙌

👩‍💼 We're thrilled to introduce our new Chief Information Officer (CIO) who will contribute to our growth and innovation! 🎉💻

🤝🎓 We've also formed an exciting alliance with Sophia University, embarking on a reciprocal human resource exchange challenge with the United States! 🌐🌍

📈💼 Japox is actively seeking agency partnerships during this exciting growth phase. If your corporation shares our vision, please contact us! 🤝✉️

横浜市「YOXO Accelerator Program 2023」アクセラレータープログラム | YOXO Accelerator Program 2023 YOXO ACCELERATOR PROGRAM 2023 受付終了 EVENTSイベント情報 YOXO Accelerator Program 2023 Demo Day 期間 12月15日(金)14〜17時 形態 オ...


The name "瞬Car" = "Shun-car" comes from the meaning of a car that can be registered at a single moment.


We are currently in the process of finalizing the release of the service.

Thank you for all the great feedback we have received!

Thank you for your warm support🗾


Japox Corporation is pleased to announce a collaborative venture with the Yokohama municipal administration to advance our business initiatives. Yokohama, situated in the eastern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, serves as both the prefectural capital and the most populous city. It holds the status of a designated city under Japanese law and stands out as one of the nation's foremost port cities and industrial hubs. Located within the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Yokohama boasts a population of approximately 3.772 million as of September 1, 2022, making it the most populous city among all municipalities nationwide, excluding the 23 special wards of Tokyo.

As we move forward, Japox Corporation is committed to pursuing further growth and reinforcing collaboration with the city of Yokohama. We sincerely appreciate your continued anticipation and support for our endeavors.

■ Yokohama City Press Release Material, July 25, 2023, Economic Affairs New Industry Creation Division
~YOXO Accelerator Program 2023 ~
Selecting 10 startups that tackle social issues and create new value in cutting-edge fields such as childcare and mobility.
Link to the press release:

You’ve been invited to Wise – Join and get a discount. 14/05/2023

Our new system will handle a variety of different payments. 👍Wise is a very convenient service. Please take a look at it.

You’ve been invited to Wise – Join and get a discount. Banks sting you with hidden charges when you send or spend money internationally. But that’s yesterday’s problem. Say hello to Wise – the clever new way to move your money.


Lastest News

Habari za mchana kwa wote. Jina langu ni Victor na mimi ni msemaji wa Kampuni ya Japox. Leo, ningependa kuwasilisha tovuti yetu mpya ya e-biashara ya magari.

Photos from Japox Corporation's post 31/03/2023

🔥💥Subaru Impreza 2.0i 2013🔥
Transmission: AT
Colour: White
Engine size: 2,000cc
Mileage: 45,621
Fuel: Gasoline
FOB: $5,130

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Photos from Japox Corporation's post 30/03/2023

🔥Subaru Legacy Outback, 2013🔥
Transmission: AT
Colour: Black
Engine size: 2.49L
Mileage 85,675Km
Fuel: Gasoline
FOB $5,037 (without taxes and shipping cost)
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We are looking for people who have a passion for cars to join our team.
You will be paid a commission on the very car you sell. We will conduct a webinar on how to join our Team.
Register here : https://forms.gle/DS3vCPRE1k3JefeT7
Don't Miss it!!!! See one See you All

Photos from Japox Corporation's post 28/03/2023

Transmission: AT
Colour: White
Engine Size: 1.49L
Mileage: 259,000Km
Fuel: Gasoline
FOB= $12,263

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3 simple Steps to Join our upcoming webinar.
1. Click on the link https://forms.gle/DS3vCPRE1k3JefeT7:
2. Feel the form
3. Wait for the ZOOM URL to join the webinar on 30th/03/2023

Are you up for the challenge!!!!!

Make some additional CASH with Japox.
Simply become our supporter in your country.
We shall conduct a webinar on how to join our network on 30th March, 2023at 10am EAT.
Register here to join >> https://forms.gle/h5HVJRRqyihAxbYU8

Photos from Japox Corporation's post 22/03/2023

Available in good condition with Credit Import Finance.
Transmission: AT
Colour: Purple
Engine Size: 1.79L
Mileage: 38,267Km
Fuel: Gasoline
FOB= $10,553
WhatsApp us at +81 80-7619-5098
Email us at [email protected]
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Photos from Japox Corporation's post 22/03/2023

Transmission: AT
Colour: Black
Engine Size: 2700L
Mileage: 81,704Km
Fuel: Diesel
FOB= $17,346
WhatsApp us at +81 80-7619-5098
Email us at [email protected]
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Photos from Japox Corporation's post 22/03/2023

Available in good condition with Credit Import Finance.
Transmission: AT
Colour: White/ Pearl
Engine Size: 1.49L
Mileage: 45,209Km
Fuel: Gasoline
FOB= $10,553
WhatsApp us at +81 80-7619-5098
Email us at [email protected]
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Photos from Japox Corporation's post 20/03/2023

MAZDA C-X5 2018
Available in good condition with Credit Import Finance.
Transmission: AT
Colour: Blue
Engine Size: 2.48L
Mileage: 18,910Km
Fuel: Gasoline

WhatsApp us at +81 80-7619-5098
Please email us at [email protected]



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Lastest News Habari za mchana kwa wote. Jina langu ni Victor na mimi ni msemaji wa Kampuni ya Japox. Leo, ningependa kuw...
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May this Holiday Season sparkle and shine and may all your wishes and dreams be.From Japox to you .........................
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Getting your dream car to East Africa just got easier. Here's how...
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Get your dream car today....
Whatever your choice, we got you covered. From Japan to anywhere in East Africa.Get in touch!
Bowing Competition
Japox team visited Isuzu Plaza in Fuzisawa





Ota-ku, Tokyo


月曜日 10:00 - 19:00
火曜日 10:00 - 19:00
水曜日 10:00 - 19:00
木曜日 10:00 - 19:00
金曜日 10:00 - 19:00

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