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" On the 3rd of May, our students attended the annual Ome Grand Festival - the biggest festival in Ome that features 12 wheeled floats known as “dashi”.

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Bridge Institute of Technology - Okutama is a Japanese language school that offers international I.T. internship while studying Nihongo. Bridge Institute of Technology - Okutama (BIT - Okutama) is a Japanese language school owned by Jellyfish Inc.

that offers international internship for Information Technology, Computer Engineering or other related courses.



Monshuin Zen temple 聞修院 (もんしゅういん) was the first temple for the Ome-Shichifukujin (seven lucky gods) tour. The Zen temple is for people wishing harmony in longevity and nature. It is said that the old man is the incarnation of the old child, and is also a god of peace and healing for people. It is also a god of safety that protects the health and well-being of people.

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During the Ome Shichifukujin tour, our students had their lunch at Kirara, a soba place in Ome near the Tama river. The ambiance inside makes you feel like you are eating in a house rather than a soba place. There were a variety of appetizers served in a platter, which was followed by a large serving of soba. It was said that the soba was prepared and handmade from scratch as early as 3:00 in the morning to achieve the rich taste of the soba noodles. A matcha cake with a whipped cream on top was then served for dessert.

Thank you, Kirara, for the undoubtedly tasty foods and warm accommodation!


I'm home is a cafe located in Wadamachi, Ome Tokyo. Living up to its name, it indeed has a homey and cozy ambiance inside. Our students had the chance to eat some from their menu for their breakfast during their Ome Shichifukujin tour, and it definitely did not disappoint. The foods and beverages were so delicious that the students already thought of going back while munching the scrumptious crepes and drinking the tasteful coffees served. For the cafe lovers out there, this one's a must try.

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Ome-Shichifukujin: Day 2

To complete the Ome-Shichifukujin (seven lucky gods) tour, our students visited the last 3 temples: (1) Jizouin Zen temple 地蔵院 (じぞういん); (2) Meibakuin Zen temple 明白院 (めいばくいん); (3) Seihouin temple 清宝院 (せいほういん). They began the day with a delightful breakfast in a cafe called I'm home. After which, they proceeded with the temple tour accordingly. One can definitely feel calm and inner peace walking around the temples and discovering the history behind these masterpiece. As the pilgrimage came to an end, everyone took into their hearts all the learnings from this one of a kind experience.

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Ome-Shichifukujin: Day 1

On the 14th of September, our students participated in a 2-day tour in Ome Tokyo organized by Ome's tourism association, called Ome-Shichifukujin (seven lucky gods). It is a pilgrimage tour in visiting temples and shrines for people who wish for good fortune and happiness.

For the first day, our students had the opportunity to visit 4 temples: (1) Monshuin Zen temple 聞修院(もんしゅういん); (2) Gyokusenji Zen temple 玉泉寺(ぎょくせんじ); (3) Enmeiji Zen temple 延命寺 (えんめいじ); (4) Sokenji Zen temple 宗建寺 (そうけんじ). They also got to eat the delicious soba in Kirara and the scrumptious meat in Yakiniku Ome; and had a Zazen meditation activity in the last temple. The activities for the day were quite overwhelming yet a moving experience for everyone.

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On the night of September 20, everyone gathered in school to celebrate the success of the graduation of the second batch. The event kicked off with the traditional kanpai. Teachers brought variety of foods and everyone ate to their hearts' content. Afterwards, they played games, exchanged memorable stories, and savored the moments with each other. Congratulations to the second batch! Cheers!



On the 20th of September, the graduation rites of the second batch was held in the concert hall near Kori Elementary School in Okutama. Distinguished guests, friends, and residents of the town attended the ceremony to share in the success of their graduation day.

To our graduates, congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors!


On the 20th of September, a pitch event was held at the concert hall near Kori Elementary School in Okutama. In this event, the students showcased their own IT products/services to the residents of Okutama. These included: tourism website, reservation system, library system, file organizer system, student attendance system, historical-themed game, and board game. It was a fruitful event indeed with the ideas and knowledge shared with everyone.


On the 1st of September, disaster drills were conducted in compliance with the Town Disaster Prevention Protocol. Our students and residents of Kawai, Okutama actively participated in the drill. The initial signal was a siren from the town's disaster prevention radio, followed by a broadcast calling everyone to gather at the school gymnasium. AED training was conducted at the gymnasium and another training by the fire brigade at the schoolyard.


「ぼくらのおくたまフェスティバル!」Day 4
For the final day, everyone gathered for the much awaited part which was the festival itself. All including the students and the children reflected on the things that they worked hard for the past 3 days and the things that they found challenging when creating their sound and light games. The culminating activity started with the parade followed by the presentation. All of the kids confidently presented their own crafted sound and light games to everyone and their own families who came to see them. It was ultimately fun to witness everyone playing their crafted games altogether.


「ぼくらのおくたまフェスティバル!」Day 3
The third day was a continuation of the remaining tasks from the second day. Each group's teamwork paid off as they completed working on their own sound and light games and the Omikoushi of their team. All set for the culminating activity!


「ぼくらのおくたまフェスティバル!」Day 2
For this day's activity, the tasks were to create their own sound and light games, Omikoushi making, and the Omikoushi parade rehearsal. In the morning, Internet of Things (IoT) and a simple electrical circuit was explained by our students. Every participant was assisted by our students, students from Mesei University and Tokyo Denki University in creating their own sound and light games. In the afternoon, each team made their own Omikoushi for the culminating activity. It was a productive day to showcase everyone's creative juices!


”Our Own Okutama Festival" project in collaboration with Meisei University and Tokyo Denki University has officially begun. For the first day, the goal was for the Okutama kids together with the students make their own Happi, a traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coat; and their own mini Omikoushi, a portable shrine carried during festivals.
Everyone was able to showcase their own creativity while having a great time. Looking forward to accomplishing each mission with everyone in the coming days!
頑張りましょう! 27/08/2019

民話の宿 荒澤屋|観光スポット|青梅市御岳エリア観光ガイド

Arasawaya Ryokan is a century-old inn located in Okutama. Perhaps, what sets it apart from other inns is its old folklore and stories that you can you listen to around the hearth. The foods being served are homemade and staff are also accommodating enough to even explain the stories behind the dishes served. Make sure to try this out when you plan your overnight stay here in Okutama Tokyo! 東京・奥多摩エリアの観光スポット「民話の宿 荒澤屋」の紹介ページです。 22/08/2019


Did you know that there is a self-service cafe located in Okutama where you can enjoy nature while sipping a cup of your own coffee or tea? The cafe is situated near a mountain stream fishing spot. Some of their main dishes are hand-cut wheat, Indian chicken curry, dry curry, and Thai green curry. They also give free coffee and tea for people who dine in. Give this unique cafe a try when you visit Okutama! 東京・奥多摩エリアの観光スポット「蕎麦太郎カフェ」の紹介ページです。


On the 10th of August, our students attended the 42nd Okutama Nohryo Fireworks Festival. The fireworks viewing was held in front of the Okutama station. Apart from this, mikoshi (portable shrines) and shishimai (lion dance) performances from two local shrines, Okuhikawa and Haguromita were featured. There were also a wide variety of food stalls offering takoyaki, choco banana, okonomiyaki, and the like. It was definitely a stunning view witnessing fireworks in a countryside like Okutama.


On the 10th of August, our students in collaboration with Meisei University and Tokyo Denki University made a game prototype for the coming festival for the kids of Okutama. The games make use of light and sound, and students were divided into 6 teams to brainstorm and discuss strategies on how to design each game.

It was definitely a fun and productive day with the students exchanging ideas among each other. Looking forward to a successful event!


Recently, we celebrated a Soubetsukai (送別会) / Send-off party for one of our former team leads, Mr. Ziauddin Sarker. Variety of foods were served during the party; one of them was a local Bangladeshi food prepared by Zia-san himself. It was indeed a great time with everyone. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, Zia-san! Cheers! 08/08/2019

Beer Cafe VERTERE|観光スポット|青梅市御岳エリア観光ガイド

A recently established beer café in Okutama offers its own craft beer that our students have tried and tasted for themselves. The café is called Beer Café VERTERE.
Beer Café VERTERE prides itself with its own craft and flavorful beer, amid the lush natural environment of western Tokyo’s mountain forests. They claim that one can enjoy the special beer as well as the sensations of surrounding nature. Customers may also opt to take home as much as they want, for their own enjoyment.
For beer enthusiasts out there, this is a must try!

Check it out here: 06/08/2019

カフェ インディゴブルー|観光スポット|青梅市御岳エリア観光ガイド

An old private house, now transformed to an old-style café stands at Sakai, Okutama Tokyo. It is called Café Indigo Blue, established in April 2018. Inside Café Indigo Blue, you can feel the old vibe from the intricate design of the pillars and walls which remained unchanged. The café is brilliantly situated such that you can enjoy a breathtaking scenery overlooking Lake Okutama. There are a wide variety of foods and beverages available so make sure to try them out!

Check it out here: 東京・奥多摩エリアの観光スポット「カフェ インディゴブルー」の紹介ページです。


"Bon-Odori," refers to a dance (odori) held during Obon. It is believed to be a tradition in Japan in receiving and sending off spirits. Nowadays, the dance is performed to liven up summer festivals in Japan.

On the 27th of July, our students participated in the Bon-Odori festival held at Garden of Banryu-in, Kawai Okutama. They also had the chance to dance, sing, play, and interact with the locals of Okutama. It was a lot of fun playing with the kids, singing karaoke with the elderly; everyone was in high spirits. At the latter part of the event, people gathered and watched the fireworks display together that the locals prepared themselves.


On the 21st of July, our students had the chance to eat Nagashi Soumen or flowing noodles, immediately after the Canoeing activity. It is said that the perfect time to eat Soumen is during the summer season. True enough as the noodles are placed in a long flume of bamboo carrying cold water. As the noodles flowed, everyone painstakingly plucked them with their chopsticks, dipped them in tsuyu, and ate to their heart's content. Eating noodles has never been this fun!


On the 21st of July, our students, accompanied by Hirasawa-sensei, had yet another amazing Canoeing experience at Okutama Shiromaru Lake.

The day started with a warm-up exercise in getting ready for the actual Canoeing activity. During the activity, students took their time and kayaked for a couple of hours at the lake. Even though some of the students had already done this a number of times, the surrounding beauty of nature never fails to make it feel like a whole new experience.


Harvest season has finally arrived!

On the 23rd of July, our students, headed by our School Principal, finally harvested the potatoes that they had planted last Spring season. It might seem easy, but in reality, harvesting is a labor-intensive activity. Nevertheless, it was still a fun experience for everyone. A fruitful and productive day indeed!

お疲れ様でした! 18/07/2019


Okutama Lake, also known as Ogouchi Dam, is one of the recommended places to visit in Okutama Tokyo. The lake serves as a major source of freshwater for Tokyo. It is said that approximately 20% of the water used in Tokyo originates from Okutama Lake.

Within the surrounding area are tourist facilities which provide information and tour inside the underground pipe system of the dam. Visitors will not only get to appreciate the beautiful scenery at Okutama Lake; they can also know more about the history of Okutama.

One can surely have a unique experience especially during the peak seasons of Spring and Autumn!

Check it out here: 東京・奥多摩エリアの観光スポット「奥多摩湖」の紹介ページです。


On the 13th of July, our students accompanied by Ms. Hirasawa Eiko had a relaxing weekend attending a bonsai making workshop at Seitouen Campsite, Okutama.

The workshop was hosted by Ms. Satou Michiko and conducted by Ms. Nakajima Yuriko, a bonsai making instructor at ( Everyone had the chance to exhibit their creativity in making their own kokedama or more commonly known as bonsai. Each crafted kokedama was set to be placed as decoration in the tourism restrooms of Okutama.

After the workshop, a delicious curry was served for lunch. We ate to our heart's content while appreciating the beauty of what nature has to offer. It was definitely a refreshing and a fun-filled experience. Thank you very much for your wonderful accommodation and hosting! 🌱

Check their website here: 11/07/2019


Did you know that in Okutama lies the largest limestone cave in the Kanto region? It is called Nippara Limestone Cave, made up of majestic rock formation illuminated with varying colors of neon lights.

At a constant temperature of 11 degrees throughout the year, the cave has a cool breeze in summer that feels warm during winter. Seeing the icicles and stalagmites, one can realize how long this cave has been preserved as stalagmites take hundreds of years to form.

Come take a dreamy walk in Nippara Limestone Cave and be transported to an other-worldly place you have never seen before!

Check it out here: 東京・奥多摩エリアの観光スポット「日原鍾乳洞」の紹介ページです。


七夕 Tanabata (aka Star festival) is an annual festival observed in Japan every 7th of July. According to legend, the day is dedicated to the deities, Orihime and Hikoboshi. They are lovers separated by the Milky Way, and are only allowed to meet once every year - on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

In celebration of Tanabata festival, we put up our own event inside the school where local residents of Okutama also attended. For this event, students prepared a dish that is widely popular in their own countries, namely Philippines and Indonesia. Students also had the chance to wear a Yukata, a Japanese traditional clothing in celebration of the festival.

One of the highlights of the event was when everyone wrote their wishes and dreams on strips of colorful paper known as tanzaku. Then, attached it to the bamboo stalks hoping that someday these hopes and aspirations will come true. 🌠 04/07/2019

おくたま地域振興財団 奥多摩森林セラピー基地|観光スポット|青梅市御岳エリア観光ガイド

Have you heard about Forest Therapy?
There is a forest based in Okutama called Okutama Forest Therapy, dedicated to promote one's health and well-being through a variety of forest therapy programs. Okutama Forest Therapy offers visitors programs such as Forest Therapy Walk, Forest Yoga, Making Soba Noodles, etc.

Okutama Regional Development Foundation, established this as the first of its kind in Tokyo, offering five therapy routes for those who would like to experience nature up close and personal. Are you up for this one of a kind relaxing nature experience?

Check it out here: 東京・奥多摩エリアの観光スポット「おくたま地域振興財団 奥多摩森林セラピー基地」の紹介ページです。

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