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Hey ladies, My name is Georgeann McCrea and I love doing nails, meeting new people and living in japan. I am a home based business on plaza housing.

I am a Nail Technician from Utah that loves people and I love what I do. I like to help women look their best and in doing so feel their best. I like to build gel tips instead of traditional glue on tips. Threw the years I have found them to be stronger. This also does not squeeze or put pressure on the sides of your nails like traditional tips making them feel like your actual nail. This may tak

[12/06/15]   I would just like to thank all of my clients for being so amazing and sweet I will miss you all alot and I hope that you all have an amazing holiday! I am sad to report that I just got back from vacation and my husband got sick while we were traveling home I am sick now and we had our express shipment come earlier than planned So I had to close because they took my nail stuff. I appreciate you all and hope that you understand this is not how I wanted it to go but I have loved working with you all thank you! We are looking forward to our new adventure !

[10/30/15]   Good morning ladies! :) I have some news I had to raise my prices a bit because of product increasing in price. Now a full set of gel nails starts at $35. A full set of shellac is now $25, A manicure is $25 and additional things like rhinestones and other decals or art are the same. Thank you ladies On another note I have a surprise coming today so keep an eye out! :)

[10/29/15]   Hey ladies I have some openings tomorrow If you would like one please let me know :) thanks have a great day!


How to build and sculpt gel nails

This is how I sculpt nails with the gel I have tips but this is how I do it most of the time.

Learn how to properly build and sculpt a gel nail. At SO Gel Nails we teach you many tips and tricks of the nail trade, including many art techniques. Visit ...


How to flash cure gel nails

Hello ladies this is how My gel nails application works on how to cure the gel. Just so you know before you come to your appointment sometimes it can be confusing. Thanks I hope you all have a great night!

Learn the proper way to flash cure SO Gel Nails, Organic Gel nail system. We teach you the proper way to get a long lasting bond and keep your client safe. F...

[10/24/15]   Hey ladies good evening !! I just wanted to let you know that I still have openings for fall season. I have a couple left please message me or comment here and let me know if you need it thank you can't wait help you feel your best !!

[10/10/15]   I have a few openings for ball season ladies please comment if you need one :)

[09/30/15]   Hello ladies I'm not sure why my page is not working but if you would like to message me please comment and I will get back to you. My messages are not working I am trying to fix it thank you for your patience.

[08/18/15]   Opening on Thursday at ten :) let me know if you want it

[08/17/15]   Hey ladies I have a new openings for clients. If you would like an appointment please PM me and I can set up a time :)

[07/13/15]   I have opening for shellac this week in the early afternoon wensday 12:00, 2:00 pm me for appt.

[06/30/15]   Hey ladies I have openings for July Pm me for appointments!

[05/25/15]   The winner of the drawing is Sandra Andrade ! You won $10.00 off shellac for everyone helping my page reach beyond 100 likes :) thank you everyone lets keep it going! I will have more fun things in June keep an eye out! Sandra message me to setup an appointment :)

[05/20/15]   Ladies you did it! You helped me reach 100+ likes :) I can't thank you enough lets keep that number growing!! There are some fun things coming in June keep and eye out! I will do the drawing tomorrow for the $10 off shellac and tag the winner! See you all tomorrow!




PCS 557 BOX 3010
Okinawa-shi, Okinawa
ネイルサロンのその他Okinawa-shi (すべて表示)
Clair Clair
Okinawa-shi, 9042173

ーまつ毛エクステー ★セーブルラッシュ ★ボリュームラッシュ ーエステー ★光脱毛 ★フェイシャル ★リンパマッサージ etc…角質ケアございます。

インビレッジネイル インビレッジネイル
Okinawa-shi, 904-2172


Cherish nail Cherish nail
Okinawa-shi, 9042161

open*11:00 不定休*完全予約制 TEL*080-1795-1282 LINE:@ccd7447u メール:[email protected]

セルフジェルネイルサロン Girls168 セルフジェルネイルサロン Girls168
Okinawa-shi, 904-0004

セレクトショップ内でジェルネイル用品販売とレンタルをやっております。 日・月・祝祭日はお休みとなります。

ネイルdouble - ダブル ネイルdouble - ダブル
Okinawa-shi, 9042165

Nail's by Betty Nail's by Betty
Goya, 5 Chome−1−25
Okinawa-shi, 904-0021

Hi there! My name is Betty. If you are looking for a nail designer that you can trust your nails with, look no more! I would love to transform your nails.

Nails poi Nails poi
Okinawa-shi, 904-2171

プライベートネイルサロンです♡ 低価格・ハイクオリティー・アットホームを目指し日々奮闘中です。予約、質問などお気軽にご連絡ください

Nail salon 〜La Femenina〜 Nail salon 〜La Femenina〜
Okinawa-shi, 904-2174

営業日*月~土 完全予約制 定休日 日曜日 営業時間*朝9時30分~最終受付16時 LINE ID*hi-0531 場所*沖縄市与儀1丁目33番6号

ネイルサロン沖縄市tomonail 自爪に優しいお店 ネイルサロン沖縄市tomonail 自爪に優しいお店

自宅サロンへ戻りました!★完全予約制★ジェル、シェラック、スカルプ、長さ出し、深爪矯正やってます!猫のいるアットホームサロンです(^ ^)

Sterling Farms
Okinawa-shi, 28546

If you looking for beautiful nails you are in the right place! Lil bit about me my name is Malvina and Im originally from Poland. I start doing nails at age 16th then start working in salon and it’s 15th years now Since I got certified!

Jahfrican Jahfrican
Okinawa-shi, 904-2165

営業時間 9:00〜18:00(最終受付18:00) 日曜定休

XOXO Nails XOXO Nails
中頭郡北谷町吉原98-1 オーシャンアパート303
Okinawa-shi, 904-0105

I live in Okinawa Japan. These are my works - Gel & Acrylic Nails, Nail Art :)