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Chassidy Koon this is my amazing hairstyles page!

Hair Salon Hi everybody! If you are looking for a great hairstylist, you have found the right place! I believe in providing a professional atmosphere and am very good at what I do.

Some of the services I provide are cuts, colors, highlights, balyage, ombre, conditioning treatments, children's cuts, and up-do's/styles.



Well the time has finally come! After almost 9 years here in beautiful Okinawa, it is time for us to close this chapter and start our next adventure in Hawaii! I have officially stopped taking clients and closed the salon. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support over the years and your help in keeping my little business successful. I will miss you all! If you ever find yourself in Hawaii and need tour hair done, hit me up 😉 Much love to you all! 💕

Photos from The Strand's post 28/12/2021

Last one for the day! Darkened up most of her hair with some lowlights and gave her a dramatic blonde money piece 😍

Photos from The Strand's post 28/12/2021

Another super fun one today! 💕💕💕

Photos from The Strand's post 28/12/2021

Before and after! This was her first time coloring her hair, so we went with a nice natural balayage. Beautiful!

The Strand updated their business hours. 18/11/2021

The Strand updated their business hours.

The Strand updated their business hours.

Photos from The Strand's post 15/11/2021

Transitioned this beautiful head of hair from a traditional highlight to more of a balayage look. We also did a pretty good chop! So pretty 😍

Also, just to mention….. the before picture lighting is quite dark. We did brighten her existing blonde quite a bit but the lighting makes it seem more of a change than it truly was. Still a beautiful change nonetheless, but wanted to be realistic with you guys. 😊





1. “Book Now” link-
There is a button at the top of this FB page that says “book now”. You can click that to check availability and pricing and make an appointment. Please start there before sending a message. I get many messages daily and sometimes messages get lost in the chaos. When creating an account through the scheduling app, please use a current and valid email. You will receive confirmation and reminder emails about your appointment.

2. Services-
There are many services available on my booking app. I have tried to make them as easy as possible to understand, however, if you are unsure of what to book, please feel free to message me then. I take several clients a day and book my clients back to back. There is only so much time allotted for each appointment. If you choose an “all over single color” but really need highlights, that is a major time and price difference. Again, if you’re unsure, just message me.

3. Being late , No shows, Cancellations-
Being on time to your appointment is crucial! If you’re late, it puts the rest of my clients for the day behind as well. Please respect mine and others’ time. I have a strict late policy. If you’re 15 minutes or more late to your appointment, you will need to reschedule, no exceptions! With that said, please understand that if you show up to your appointment super early, I most likely have a client that I am finishing up or I am simply not ready yet. If you are more than 5 minutes early to your appointment, please message me to make sure I am ready for you. If you do not show up to an appointment without letting me know, you will be considered a “no show”. You will not be able to make another appointment without a deposit. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time otherwise you will be considered a “no show”.

4. Directions to the Salon-
Please do not wait until the day of your appointment to find the salon. I do not put my address on FB for the public to see. When you make your appointment you will receive a confirmation email with the address to my house. DO NOT FOLLOW THE MAP ON FB! This a map that is automatically generated by FB that I am unable to remove. If you still have any issues or questions, please feel free to message me with a pin for google maps.

5. Payment-
Please be prepared with payment at your appointment. My preferred method of payment is US Dollars. I also accept personal checks or Zelle.

6. Pricing-
Prices listed in the scheduling app are base prices. Prices can and will vary depending on how much time your appointment takes, how much hair you have, and how much product is used.

7. Salon hours-
The salon is open Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. I do not work on the weekends. I also do not respond to messages over the weekend. If you send me a message outside of my business hours, I will respond as soon as I have a moment during business hours.

8. Children and Guests-
I do not allow children in the salon unless they are receiving a service. Please make arrangements for a sitter during your appointment time. The salon is small and I do not have extra seating. Please do not bring your friends or significant others to your appointment.

Thank you all so much for your continued support over the years. I truly love and appreciate every single one of you! 💕💕

Photos from The Strand's post 18/10/2021

Not bad for a Monday 😉💕

Photos from The Strand's post 11/10/2021

Now that’s a transformation!! 😍


Last minute highlight or balayage appointment available at 11:30 today. Please message me no later than 10:30 if you’re interested.

Photos from The Strand's post 28/09/2021

Livened up this grown out box color with a little bit of balayage


I have some last minute openings this week for highlights, balayage or cuts. Message me for days and times if you’re interested!

Photos from The Strand's post 20/09/2021


The Strand updated their business hours. 20/09/2021

The Strand updated their business hours.

The Strand updated their business hours.


So in love with this color 😍

Photos from The Strand's post 24/08/2021

Now that’s a before and after!


This is a lot of hair y’all!! 😂😅💜 Disclaimer* Client provided own color*

Photos from The Strand's post 18/08/2021

A little balayage and a few lowlights for this before and after 😊😊

Photos from The Strand's post 05/07/2021

💜💜💜💜Love me some lavender!!!

Photos from The Strand's post 02/07/2021

Nothing better than a good chop and a set of highlights to brighten your day ☀️💛

Photos from The Strand's post 23/06/2021

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here’s a fun Wednesday balayage ☺️

Photos from The Strand's post 19/05/2021

Feeling all the summer vibes with this beautiful blonde 😍😎☀️

Photos from The Strand's post 07/05/2021

No, I do not offer fashion colors anymore 😢 Due to an incredibly difficult time getting my product here I decided to stop offering them in January. HOWEVER..... if you have your own color and want me to bleach and apply for you, I can do that! This is exactly what we did for this sweet gal today. 💜💜

Photos from The Strand's post 22/03/2021

When you want low maintenance but you’re not ready to let go of your blonde, lowlights is all it takes. 😉💕

Photos from The Strand's post 18/03/2021

Box color rescue! ❤️❤️

Photos from The Strand's post 16/03/2021

This sweet gal had the unfortunate experience of over bleaching and a lot of chemical breakage. She really loves to be blonde, but I refused anymore bleach. Yes, I will refuse if I think it’s a bad idea. My end goal for my clients is always healthy, vibrant hair, even if it means you can’t have your ideal dream color. I’m so glad she was open to my compromise of a root smudge and lowlights to help let her hair grow and become healthy again. Love this after 😍

Photos from The Strand's post 12/03/2021

A refresh on her balayage and a healthy trim 😊

Photos from The Strand's post 03/03/2021

A fun little before and after. We did a smoky shadow root with a mix of highlights and lowlights. 😍😍

Photos from The Strand's post 10/02/2021

Freshened up this beauty’s balayage today!

Photos from The Strand's post 29/01/2021

Friday fun!

Photos from The Strand's post 27/01/2021

Some of today’s work 😉

Photos from The Strand's post 21/01/2021

6 inches off and a fresh balayage 😍😍

Photos from The Strand's post 19/01/2021

See, I do short hair too 😉

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Okinawa-shi, Okinawa


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火曜日 09:00 - 17:00
水曜日 09:00 - 17:00
木曜日 09:00 - 17:00
金曜日 09:00 - 17:00

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HLM hairmake/sayaka HLM hairmake/sayaka

SalonKittyで培った技術と世界観でサロンオーナーからフリーランススタイリストへ。現在沖縄市HARLEM, majocoを拠点にヘアセット、メイク、ロケーションフォト等幅広く活躍中!

髪楽家ハルー 髪と畑と花 髪楽家ハルー 髪と畑と花
Okinawa-shi, 9040001

野菜作りがきっかけで畑をはじめて 古民家を 自分達でリノベーションして 沖縄の方言で畑を意味する「ハルー」という名前の美容室。

ヘアーサロン美光 ヘアーサロン美光
Okinawa-shi, 904-0032

沖縄市市営球場裏通りにある理容室です! 営業時間 AM9時30分~PM7時30分 定休日  毎週月曜日

Hair make iju Hair make iju
Okinawa-shi, 904-0021

再現性の高いドライカットを得意とします。 くせ毛の方 、毛量を自然に?

Kamela African Hair Braiding Kamela African Hair Braiding
Chibana Housing

Want neat braids that last? And in 3 hrs??? That's right.. Pm or call for appointment today. Available weekdays after 4 and 7am weekends

Beautiful StItch by JU Beautiful StItch by JU
Okinawa-shi, 96367

SetSalon *Churaku* SetSalon *Churaku*
Okinawa-shi, 904-0012

*ヘアセット・着付け 結婚式、パーティー、お出掛け、成人式etc *耳ツボジュエリー 日頃のストレス緩和、ダイエットetc リーズナブルな料金で提供しております♫

Studio MAXX Okinawa Studio MAXX Okinawa
Okinawa-shi, 904-0004

This Studio is run by a N.Y.C. certified glamour technician, Photographer, Graphic Designer and Musi

Hair Market ヘアーマーケット Hair Market ヘアーマーケット
Okinawa-shi, 904-2143

沖縄市知花の裁判所どおりにある美容室です 広めのセット面で仕切りもありゆったり過ごせると思います。 気軽にご来店いただけるお店を目指しております

Hair Art aill  ≪ヘアー アート アイル≫ Hair Art aill ≪ヘアー アート アイル≫
Okinawa-shi, 904-2163

定休日 第一月曜日&毎週火曜日 営業時間 月、水、金、土 10 00 〜 20 00 木曜日 10 00 〜 19 00 日&祝 9 00 〜 19 00

Shear Beauty with Annie Shear Beauty with Annie
Psc 80 Box 20531
Okinawa-shi, 904-0000

Hair cut, color, waxing and more with Annie!

Dolled Up Beauty Shoppe Dolled Up Beauty Shoppe
2-25-15 Awase

Cuts, color, highlights, style, up-dos, kids cuts, military fades, make-up application, skincare, make overs, and beauty mentorship.