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As a doula I am here to help educate and empower moms whether first time giving birth or fifth to have a memorable positive birth.

As a doula I am here to help empower and educate moms wither its their first time giving birth or their fifth. Every birth is a special moment in time and you should chose to birth your way creating a unforgettable experience. No two women are alike so no two births are alike, I will empower you to reach within and bring out your inner strength to birth your baby the way you feel is best. I suppor


Can I get Group B Strep from Placenta Capsules?

Raw is for sushi not placenta! Don't fear being GBS positive you can still encapsulate. Now accepting clients with EDD until February 2018! Can I get Group B Strep from Placenta Capsules? June 29, 2017 by Jodi Selander Group B Strep Transmitted via Placenta Capsules There is an alarming article on a case study which has just been released by the CDC, cautioning the ingestion of placenta. The situation arose out of Oregon state whereby a...


Doula Board: Post Partum Hopefully tricare will start to cover also! How to Get Reimbursed for Encapsulation\\ Your placenta: It’s just what the doctor ordered! So says a recent Placenta Works client, who was not only lucky enough to have an obstetrician who recognized and recommended the benefits of placenta encapsulation, but she was also able to get a prescriptio...


Placenta Encapsulation: What you Need to Know

Will be taking clients starting next month for placenta encapsulation! This post was authored by: The Rock N’ Roll Doula, Co-Owner of ProDoula, Northeast Doulas Placenta consumption, placenta encapsulation, ingesting your placenta, placenta encapsulation for ingestion…. Call it what ever you like, but for the love...


I started taking my placenta pills again to see if it would help with my ppd and I'm surprised actually helping not be so exhausted and just feel boosted ☀️ I can't wait to start offering placenta encapsulation to other mommas the benefits are amazing ❤️


Dehydrator and placenta encapsulation pills are on their way :) will be taking clients next month to ensure they arrive first!


I applied for JBRN today! One step closer to my dreams ❤️


I'll be applying for Japenese birth resource network this week! I'll be offering postpartum work and placenta encapsulation for donations!


Beautiful baby boy born early this morning :) amazing experience watching mom rock labor! Our bodies are meant for labor and she proved it!


I officially have my business license looking to finish booking my summer! Placenta encapsulation will be available starting in June.


Started my training for placenta encapsulation :)


My business logo is being finalized this week! And my website should be up by the end of the weekend:) now I just need more clients!


I have officially finished my training at Madriella and looking to start serving moms on the beautiful island Okinawa. Please send me a message to set up a meeting. I looked forward to meeting many lovely mommas and empowering them to bring into this world their bundles of joy.






Okinawa-shi, Okinawa

ビジネスサービスのその他Okinawa-shi (すべて表示)
Gilbert korir Gilbert korir
Kamara Secondary School

Better Spin Crafting Better Spin Crafting
Kadena Air Base
Okinawa-shi, 96367

Custom and Handmade Crafts

ワクワク楽しいカラオケ屋さん ワクワク楽しいカラオケ屋さん
Okinawa-shi, 9040022


Memorabilya Memorabilya
Okinawa-shi, 904-0023

Memorabilya inspired word (memorabilia) means remarkable and worth remembrance.

占い師 與儀 淳 (フォーチュンバス) 占い師 與儀 淳 (フォーチュンバス)
泡瀬4丁目 30
Okinawa-shi, 904-2172

15歳から占術の探求に入る。 手相・人相・九星気学をメイン占術としてお

EDOYA Exchange Center(江戸屋両替センター) EDOYA Exchange Center(江戸屋両替センター)
1-22-18 Chuo
Okinawa-shi, 904-0004

business hour 9:00-19:00 Open daily

Ironhorse Screen Printing Ironhorse Screen Printing
2-2-14 Moromizato
Okinawa-shi, 904-0032

Iron Horse Screen Printing 〒904-0032 Okinawa City, Okinawa 2-2-14 Moromizato

Okinawa Consolidated Exchange Okinawa Consolidated Exchange

We go where you go to improve the quality of your lives through goods and services we provide. Hours

Italianjy-pizza catering Italianjy-pizza catering
Okinawa-shi, 901-2226


Kodak Lawn Maintenance Kodak Lawn Maintenance
1358 C
Okinawa-shi, 96376

Starting up a new Lawn Care Business anyone in need of lawn care please feel free to call anytime for a free quote we are cheaper than all the rest.

W.D Lawn Mowing Services W.D Lawn Mowing Services

Contact us at [email protected] or 080-9144-7988. This business is run by college students, all money made goes toward college fees.