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Can’t wait to see your new place Thaly. I’ll follow you wherever you go . 😁

Stardusthaly Beauty by Thaly Griffin, a beauty professional with over 7 years of experience. I provi


If you could only get one beauty service for the rest of your life, what would it be? Let me know in the comments!
I am biased, but it’s the lashes for me, and I think even my husband would agree.


‘Tis the season! Get Christmas and New Years ready with a set of fluffy lashes and eyebrow wax, it will save tons of times getting ready 🤩


Happy December ❄️ how dashing is this cat eye style fluffy lashes? Give yourself a little gift and self care this month, you deserve it after this long year! For now you can still use my ”book now” button but I have been hard a work to make a new website where people can book with more ease! New things coming 🖤🤩


Don’t forget to book your fill-ins or full set for the holidays 🎄🎁. Spots are fIlling up quick as customers are booking in advance, don’t wait until the last minute and miss out! It’s always best to start getting extensions as soon as possible and keeping up with them so they are extra full for all your holiday plans 🖤


Ever wonder what it would look like to change the style or volume? I love comparison photos, and letting my customers know they always have the option to change it up, although how styles and volume will look vary between person to person, you have the freedom to choose what fits you and your lifestyle better.

Photos from Stardusthaly Beauty's post 12/11/2022

Open for business and accepting new customers 🤩 use my book now button, availability as soon as Monday, book for your holidays, balls or just to treat yourself! I have been a top related beauty professional on island for 8 years, I love providing the beautiful women of this island with high quality products and services 🖤


Last minute slot available tomorrow at 14:00 🖤


1 appointment for October left, October 13th at 10AM, I am taking leave on the 19th of October, I will be gone until beginning/mid of November we are taking the rotator back, so it is unsure the exact date of my return, but I will be here for all your holiday lashes 🖤


Appointments available today & tomorrow 🤩
This beauty came in wanting Classic Supernova, but after our consultation, and a throughout explanation about what each set means, she opted for the Infinite Twilight instead for that extra dimension and light volume, and this is why I love taking my time with each customer, at Stardusthaly Beauty you will know exactly what you are getting and what your options are, so every time you get exactly what you want 🖤


Slots still available TOMORROW & Thursday this week, click my “book now” button to claim 🤩


Can you pick a favorite? 🤩


It’s not always Total Eclipse with Star Clusters, The Infinite Twilight Set is the perfect in between classic singular extensions and full volume. It’s a mix of 2D & 3D extensions that create a light to medium volume with dimension, perfect to cover up gaps and thinning lashes. The infinite twilight full is $75, full ins are only $40 for within 2 weeks, and $50 for within 3 weeks.


Who doesn’t love a bombshell blonde with killer hazel eyes? 😍 also, absolutely in love with this Total Eclipse with Star Cluster set, love love love my work 🤩
Word of the day: LOVE 😂🖤


Slowly but surely back to work 🖤 look at this fluffy total eclipse with star clusters fill 🤩 and don’t forget to watch the video I posted this morning on how to properly wash your lashes 🤗


Don’t forget to wash your lashes AT LEAST ONCE A DAY 🖤
Keeping your extensions clean will improve retention, you need to wash them in order to keep them healthy, and thriving, washing your extension throughly not only will wash away all buildup, sweat, oils, etc, it will keep you safe from INFECTIONS AND MITES 😰 nobody wants THAT! Please remember, if your lashes are not primer ready upon arrival, I will HAVE to do a cleaning before starting and I will be charging the $10 cleaning fee. Thank you for understanding.
*video is sped up, that’s not my voice 😂


I have 1 parking spot available for my customer, due to weather the gate will not be open, you can help yourself to open the gate and park inside, DO NOT open gate if my dog is out, I use the few minutes I have between customer for him to go out, please wait in your car if my previous customer is still parked, DO NOT use my side entrance/gate, that’s my private parking, refer to pictures below for parking location and how to open gate 🖤 thank you so much.


This why after 3 weeks(21 days) it is a full set, there’s so many over grown eyelashes that I will have to manually remove and replaced the vast majority, the amount you see before you close your eyes, is never the amount I have to work with. Please don’t pick/pluck at them, or try to remove them by yourself, that WILL damage your natural eyelashes! The better option is to always come get a safe removal if you want to take a break, or let me charge the appropriate amount and take the appropriate amount of time to separate the over grown ones and give you a beautiful fresh set. When you book appropriately, you will get more = more application time, more time for me to safely separate the over grown ones, more extensions! Trust me, it is FULL service. Please understand that I will always correct the pricing and timing, I take pride in my work and will always ensure my customers get the best, appropriate service. Thank you 🖤


🚨IMPORTANT UPDATE🚨 I am going into surgery on the 5th and will be hospitalized for around 10 days. Communication might be slow as I will be prioritizing my health and recovery, my schedule is open from the week of the 19th and you can send me appointment requests, even if I don’t “approve” it yet, the time is already taken and reserved for you and only you, therefore considered secured unless anything else happens, and in that case I will let you know through PM, so rest assured your appointments ARE in my schedule, for other updates please check my story or my posts. Thank you always for your continuous supports and trusting me with your eye beauty, I can’t wait to be back 🖤


My middle sister is in Okinawa 🤩 and it’s her birthday tomorrow, so I was able to give her, her first set of extensions 🌟 Happy Birthday Tata!!! Te amo muitooo 🖤


Last minute slots available tomorrow morning/early afternoon, click on my “book now” button, select desired services, and request the available time that works for you 🖤🌟


Wanna spice things up? Try the Star Clusters, it adds extra texture, flare and length to any set. Star Clusters are stacks of longer extensions placed strategically to give any set that extra drama, it’s an add-on you can select for any full set or fill-in, you can select it every time if you love it, or if it’s not for you anymore, we can take a break 🌟


Spots available as soon as tomorrow at 10:00, other times available this week as well, click my “book now” button” select the desired services to see available times and request your spot 🤩🙌🏽 excited to meet you soon.


It’s the weekend! Time to retire those old falsies that become all unglued and a mess in this Okinawa humidity, get yourself a set of Total Eclipse Extensions, that are long lasting and won’t melt away 🤩🖤 click my “book now” button for availability.


Here’s your mid-week reminder to book your fill or full set appointment 🤩 check out my book now button for availability and let me transform your eyes 🖤


Ready to try something new today? Start your day by booking your lash extension appointment 🤩 located by Kadena gate 1 in Sunabe


It’s FRIDAY 🤩 so here’s the question, with or without? if “with” is your answer then click my “BOOK NOW” button, I just opened new spots for this month there’s availability as soon as next week!




This might be one my favorite transformations 🖤 I love working with natural beauties.
Happy weekend everyone and don’t forget to click my book now button for availability and to request an appointment, times available next week 🌟


🌟This is an IMPORTANT notice.🌟 I am getting surgery soon and I have a weak immune system, what’s a minor cold to someone, can be major to me, this is why I am stressing this; IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS, STARTED SNEEZING/COUGHING, FEEL SICK IN ANYWAY, OR GETTING OVER A COLD, YOU ARE A CLOSE CONTACT, EVEN IF YOU THINK ITS SOMETHING MINOR PLEASE NOTIFY RIGHT AWAY ME SO WE CAN RESCHEDULE, IF YOU ARE GETTING OVER A COLD ALTHOUGH YOU DONT HAVE SYMPTOMS ANYMORE, I WILL STILL RESCHEDULE, I CANNOT RISK IT, my CANCELATION POLICIES STILL APPLIES specially if you knew you had a cold and waited until last minute to tell me, again if you have ANY symptoms and to to avoid a cancellation fee don’t wait to see if you will get better to tell me, you can still pass a cold or virus a week or 2 after not having any symptoms yourself. I will be getting breast reduction SURGERY in august due to back problems/medical necessity. I come in very close contact with my customers daily, and even when customers wear masks, the steam/breath comes up and could still affect me, so please if you have a cold, sneeze, cough, feel overly fatigued, have been around anyone that does, although you don’t feel symptoms yourself, even if you think it’s minor, please notify me so we can reschedule, if I have ANY symptoms they will cancel my surgery and I won’t be able to reschedule due to our PCS date.
My last day working will be august 12th, my books are all open and you can book all you fill-ins accordingly and before I go in. I plan on being back at work from august 29th. Thank you all for understanding, Have a great day 🖤

Photos from Stardusthaly Beauty's post 24/07/2022

This is absolutely heart breaking to me. This is gonna be a sincere and emotional post for me. I seriously love what I do, and I love so many of the people I meet along the way, and I will forever be grateful for all the good ones I have. But sometimes, the complete disregard and disrespect of my time and business is so hurtful that it makes me want to quit the industry completely, I have never charged a deposit because I like giving my customers trust, but lately I am contemplating it more than ever. I understand emergencies and last minute things happen, it happens to me all the time, I have had to reschedule plenty of customers, but every time I do, I apologize and completely understand how inconvenient it is, and I feel extremely bad because I know I might have ruined somebody’s plans. But when somebody completely blows me off, doesn’t respond, apologize or ANYTHING, it is extremely hurtful, you don’t have to explain everything to me, but I do feel like I deserve some type of response, I waited, I prepped, I took time out of my life for this person, for them to not show up, or ever respond at all, these people don’t know me yet but I do consider myself a fair, nice person, if any of them were to message me telling they couldn’t afford it, I would let it go, I would wonder why they made the appointment and decided to just ignore it, but I would have empathy and let it go.
And in case of sickness, yes, colds and COVID happens suddenly sometimes, but if you are starting to feel sick, let me know! One of these people told me they had been feeling sick for a few days, and had their COVID test and that it was positive 2 hours before their appointment, they had DAYS to tell me they were sick, had plans to get tested, they shouldn’t have waited for results, specially because I let all my regulars know that I am having surgery soon and if they have been feeling any type of sick to let me know so we can reschedule. There’s exceptions for everything, somethings you can’t help life events, if someone tells me they are at ER, I choose to believe them although I have been lied to before, I had someone tell me their kid fell and split their head open, they had the audacity to lie about THAT! But despite all of this I have chose to believe my customers. This is my time, this is my career, this is my passion, this is how I put food on my table and pay my bills, if you can’t understand that or respect it, then stay away from my business, if this post bothers some people that is fine by me, if you can’t understand where I am coming from then we don’t need to be in business together. These are 3 different people, but there’s so many more, it happens too often and it’s NOT OKAY, I CLEARLY mention in my policies that “INDIVIDUALS WHO REFUSE TO SEND THE FEE OR/AND DO NOT RESPOND, WILL BE BANNED AND I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DISCLOSE THIS INFORMATION PUBLICLY AND WITH OTHER BUSINESSES”


Know your set 🤩 at Stardusthaly Beauty, I take my time explaining to my customers the options you have, the volume you, the design, but also within that you get to pick how long and curly it would be, a set can be dramatic in volume/fullness but still be modest in length and curl, or the opposite, it can be natural and light in volume/fullness but you can go super long in lengths and super curly! Send me a message or use my “book now” button to make all your eyelash dreams come true 🖤


This absolute beauty wanted the Total Eclipse, cat eye style with added Star Clusters, I am in love 🌟 what do you think?
To book an appointment click my “book now” button 🤩


Who loves full volume fluffy lashes? 🤩🙌🏽
Book your appointment now by using my “book now” button 🌟


Some services will increase by $5, classic sets will stay as they are, 2D/3D/will be combined and called “Infinite twilight” and 4D/5D/6D/will combined and called “Total eclipse”, it all has been updated and is not on my “book now” button, if you used to get 2D or 3D; now it’s Infinite twilight. If you used to get 4D, 5D or 6D; now it’s Total Eclipse. This is due to price increases in products, having to switch manufactures due to certain areas being restricted and still impacted by COVID-19 and shipping. Thank you so much for your understanding and trust 🤗


Who loves a good eyebrow transformation? 🙋🏽‍♀️ I love how brows can make you look fiercer, younger, sexier and so much more, such a small feature that holds so much power 🌟


Congratulations Kimberly Alsperger, I cannot wait to have you as a client and give you a gorgeous set of lashes 🤩 please message me to claim 🖤


TO ENTER(Must be at least 18):
1. Like and follow my page Beauty
2. Share this post publicly(Main post, posted on Stardusthaly Beauty)
3. Tag a friend you think would also love free lashes, in this post and say “2 year, 2D, 2 ME!”
THAT’S IT! I will confirm if you liked it, shared it, and commented, and put your name down. PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST.

July is a special month to me, it’s the 2nd year anniversary since I decided to venture on my own and open Stardusthaly Beauty, after 5 years of working/managing different salons! So what better month to celebrate my own independence and giveaway a completely free 2D volume full set!
Want extra entries and more chances to win? Keep tagging friends on the post, 1 tag = 1 extra entry.

🌟For adults with no hair conditions, history of eyelash extension allergy, must not have had eyelashes permed/tinted for a least 2 months, no gender restrictions(everyone is welcomed 🏳️‍🌈).
🌟Winner will be announced July 9th at 14:00, all names will be put in a random name picker, and screen recorded.
🌟Winner will be able to book between July 18th to July 29th, no exceptions, my hours are Mon-Fri(closed on weekends) from 10:00 to 18:00(last appointment at 16:00)
🌟Winner will have to agree to my policies and rules(pinned at the top of my page Stardusthaly Beauty), in case of last minute cancelation/rescheduling/no show, you won’t be charged the full price of the service, but of course, you would lose the opportunity to get a free full set.
🌟This give away is for the 2D Volume Full Set ONLY, no switching, but of course, you will be treated just as special as my stars, we will have a throughout consultation before application, where I will take my time and explain everything, answer any questions you may have and you will have tahe choice over design and length.
🌟If PREGNANT, please understand I only have a flatbed, unfortunately, not recommended for pregnant ladies, especially if this will be your first time getting your lashes done.


Would you rather wake up to, This(3D Volume Doll-Eye Design) or That(5D Volume Cat-Eye Design)?
Well, stop dreaming about it and book your appointment now 🤩 only a couple slots available for this week, remember to book your fills or full sets in advance, you can book up to 4 weeks in advance! Simply click on book now button, select all services desired, and it will show you the next date and times available!
Thank you for always choosing my services 🖤


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My middle sister is in Okinawa 🤩 and it’s her birthday tomorrow, so I was able to give her, her first set of extensions ...
It’s the weekend! Time to retire those old falsies that become all unglued and a mess in this Okinawa humidity, get your...
It’s FRIDAY 🤩 so here’s the question, with or without? if “with” is your answer then click my “BOOK NOW” button, I just ...
This absolute beauty wanted the Total Eclipse, cat eye style with added Star Clusters, I am in love 🌟 what do you think?...
🌟WE HAVE A WINNER🌟Congratulations Kimberly Alsperger, I cannot wait to have you as a client and give you a gorgeous set ...
Would you rather wake up to, This(3D Volume Doll-Eye Design) or That(5D Volume Cat-Eye Design)? Well, stop dreaming abou...
5D Doll Eye C Curl set
Good evening Stars 🌟 did you know there’s a consultation before we start application? Yes, where I will take my time and...
Take a peak inside 🌟
Hey stars 🌟 I am back! I understand some of my amazing customers would like sooner appointments and for me to individual...
Good evening ladies! HOT weather is upon us, and that comes with humidity and a lot sweating! Remember to always wash yo...
My daily face washing routine 🌟It’s essential to wash your face/eyelids/eyelashes at least once a day!Your face and eyel...




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