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I am an entrepreneur; a Navy wife; a mother; a striver; a motivator and an achiever!


How's your weekend so far?😊


Reading has never been a hobby of mine, the only time I will read a book is when I'm reviewing for an exam. Well, I am changing mindset and trying on a new thing! I hope I finish this 124 pages long book!

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Repotting; Let them breathe, help them grow 😊

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The typhoon made us stay at home, which led us to make champorado; it's a culture thing😉


My curiosity led to this!

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Whatever you did today was enough; tomorrow is another day, another chance to start fresh. -from a good author😉

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Didn't beat my last distance but I was able to beat my time!
Trying to keep that motivation going, it was tough but then again nothing is easy in life!😉 (... I was just walking😂)

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I teach my kids to know how to get through life; I don't give them everything that they want nor will I give them all my hard earned money😉. I am here to guide them and give them a pathway for them to take their own direction!


'was drenched in sweat and I was thinking I was done for the day but I was terrified of the bats 🦇 flying overhead so just went on until finally I made it to the finish line🥵

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...and that concludes our weekend 😊; full of gratitude for all the blessings we have received!


Value the things that matter!
Why not run a while enjoying sunsets!


Hello Okinawa!!!!

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1st accomplishment of the day, completed that morning walk; it's good to be alive! TGIF


Always a great feeling to see a mentee achieve their goal😇


I have learned to spend less time prepping for a birthday party, but to spend more time prepping for the rest of my life🥰


This is me taking care of my mental health, this actually helps me relax. I was never good with 🪴 until I tried to learn about it. I guess it's never too late to learn new tricks😉

Marie Barawid 30/03/2022

Marie Barawid

Take responsibility for your actions; Will Smith apologizes:
“Violence in all of its forms is poisonous and destructive, my behavior at last night’s Academy Awards was unacceptable and inexcusable. Jokes at my expense are a part of the job, but a joke about Jade’s medical condition was too much for me to bear and I reacted emotionally." -Will Smith

With that being said... you can still visit my website and register for a free webinar at 😉

Marie Barawid Think Big Dream Big!


Every day gives us a chance to experience life! Walk out there, feel the wind through your hair, appreciate what mother nature has for you.. Be Happy and Be Thankful!


Starting my journey.....


I know for sure that laziness did not bring me up to this point! 😎 I have worked hard but also had fun in between🥳

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We are back and had recovered! Cheers to the New Year!


Beautiful San Diego!!


Read this today and it made me wonder if it's really possible, I am working on my goals for which I would want to have peace of mind, stress-free life and good health! We can make unlimited goals, we only have one life to live, why limit ourselves!!


May your days be merry and bright ❤️


I can't go back in time but I can go back and watch the webinars I missed anytime😉


My daughter likes to experiment her on her cravings, so here we have a full meal: Ramen fried rice, mini cheescakes and tea! 점심을! bon appetite!


I get my strength from my loved ones! I feel so blessed knowing I have them to lean on whenever I feel overwhelmed!


It's a sign🤩 Keep on going with your dreams!


I'm not smart enough to tell you how to live your life; but I can show you a way to improve your life!

Marie Barawid 30/11/2021

Marie Barawid

Marie Barawid Think Big Dream Big!


I had been so tired lately that I wasn't able to work on my side hustle 😔. Note to self: find new set of motivation; get things ✅ no excuses 🤨

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Starting my journey.....
I have activated the power☺️!
The prep was longer than expected, but hearing and seeing how my family loves it, the tiredness instantly goes away!
Catching up on two things, watching "The Good Place" and on taking care of myself! 🏃‍♀️
Tried something new today, cooked Szechuan chicken and Creamy ricotta ravioli! Kids approved so I guess it wasn't bad at...



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