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Tips for Self-Care Habits of Eve ry Successful Entrepreneur

Improving your habits can significant ly enhance your success.

✅ Nourish your bo dy with good fuel

Having the energy a nd stamina to run a business star ts with fueling your body with healt hy food, rest and exercise.

✅ Ma ke sleep a priority

As we mentioned, entrepreneu rs are famous for preceding sleep in fav or of idea creation and business buildi ng. Having a consistent bedtime and a sle ep schedule will ultimately boost productivity.

Set firm business boundaries

When building yo ur business, you may be tempted to ta ke calls at all hours of t he day, answer emails immediately, and be consistent ly available, especially for your clients a nd team. However, having no boundaries c an mean interrupted sleep patterns, fatigue a nd poor choices in nutrition. And t he next thing you know, burnout is knocki ng on your door.

✅ Take regular breaks

Y ou may have noticed a theme wi th these self-care tips: it is a simp le fact that entrepreneurs tend to overwo rk themselves. Even if you have to for ce yourself away from your work, ma ke it a priority to take sma ll breaks when possible, even if it 's just to sit outside and enj oy a nice day. The pattern interrup ts you from being in front of a scre en, thinking about a process, solving a probl em or expending energy on a ca ll is a recharge.

✅ Outsource tasks

A lar ge part of self-care is knowing wh en to say "no" and knowing wh at work is better delegated to othe rs. We can have a set w ay of wanting to do things a nd expectations of how they should be. But the more you allow yourse lf to reflect on your zone, t he more you can bring to t he table.


I’m happy to see you in go od shape today.

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Every day is a new d ay 😃

Have a Great Day!


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Lurouf an ( minced pork rice) plus ha lf done egg🥚 & pickled radish f or dinner.

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Here I am, in the Digit al Business for almost a year b ut I keep on watching the week ly webinars live or replay because of my desi re & passion to be with y ou & to learn more. Keep on remindi ng myself, what’s all about the syst em and how it really works to everyo ne. Most of all, to join & lea rn from amazing worldwide panelists who serv es as our business INSPIRATIONS & builde rs of future online business owners.

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The price to success is ha rd work & dedication.

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How many INCOME STREAMS do y ou have?

You need multiple income streams b ut many people make the mistake of tryi ng to build multiple new streams at once!

Y es, that sounds confusing but let me expla in. You need ONE solid income stre am before you can go and bui ld others.

It takes too much time to bui ld multiple at once and you ha ve a better chance of success wh en your focus is all in o ne place.

Build ONE solid income source, ma ke it residual (passive), and then expa nd from there.


Smile More, Regret Less 😁


Let us be grateful to t he people who make us happy; th ey are the charming gardeners who ma ke our souls blossom ~ Marcel Prou st




Affiliate marketi ng is a fantastic income stream f or content creators. It’s one of my favori te and most profitable income streams.

With affilia te marketing you promote products or servic es and get paid when you ref er a customer. You have a cust om link with your data that le ts a company know when you ha ve sent them a sale. For ea ch sale you get a kickback.

Affiliate progra ms range in types and profitability. Ma ny larger companies offer 1-4% of sal es that you refer. Smaller companies or fell ow content creators can offer up to 50% of the sales. Then other compani es pay per lead or have recurri ng payments.

There are many ways to ea rn money with affiliate marketing!


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Generating multiple streams of income c an have a major impact on yo ur finances. Even an extra income of $5 00 each month could go a lo ng way towards paying down debt or increasi ng your investments. We often hear abo ut the importance of diversifying our investmen ts, but diversifying our income streams is ju st as important, particularly in difficult econom ic times like rising inflation and/or intere st rates.

So, what Makes for a Gre at Source of Extra Income?

We could a ll go out and get a seco nd job at Home Depot or Starbuc ks to earn some extra income. As y ou might imagine, however, that’s not wh at I have in mind. When assessi ng how you can generate multiple inco me streams, consider these factors:

1️⃣ Flexible: T he ideal source of extra income wi ll allow you to call the sho ts when it comes to your ti me. Particularly if you have a full-ti me job, the last thing you wa nt is being tied down to worki ng a set number of hours ea ch week at a second job.

2️⃣ Scalab le: Look for income sources that ha ve at least the possibility of generati ng substantial amounts of income.

3️⃣ Sustainable: T he ideal extra income source will contin ue to generate cash even when you’ re not working at it. The id ea is to build something that c an eventually function without you.

4️⃣ Enjoyable: Generati ng additional sources of income is a l ot of work, so you might as we ll enjoy what you’re doing.

5️⃣ Affordable: I don ’t like income-generating ideas that require a HU GE financial investment.


“Great things come from hard wo rk & perseverance, no excuses”
~Kobe Bray nt


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Every day is a new d ay 😃
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