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In this you will have an overview about CENTUM VP DCS. You will understand how it works, and how it is connected in a control network, and what is the components required to function properly.
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Yokogawa Advanced Solutions Yokogawa is a solutions and service company with over 100 years of experience in industrial automation and control.

Our team of highly-skilled engineers and solutions experts leverage our experience to provide solutions that address specific customer needs, in areas such as:

Safety Excellence - Alarm Rationalization (ISA18.2), Control Room Design, HMI Design (ISA101), Security (ISA 99), HAZOP studies, Competency Management Systems

Production Management - Manufacturing Ex*****on Systems (MES), Energy Managemen


Refer to Yokogawa’s Maturity model to determine the current status of Digital Transformation in your manufacturing unit.

We define Digital Transformation (DX) as the novel use of digital technology to accelerate a company's business strategy. It involves the application of digital technologies to empower people, optimize processes, and automate systems within an organization to radically reorient its business performance.

A plant’s Digital Transformation maturity level is rated using the following four classifications:

Download the Smart Manufacturing whitepaper to learn more;

Timeline photos 31/01/2020

In this project awarded by The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Yokogawa introduced its Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation, an advanced process control solution. Without any further modifications to refinery facilities, this solution reduced fossil fuel consumption and achieved a 2,734 ton per year reduction in CO2 emissions at these plants. Credit for this CO2 reduction was issued under a Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) that the Japanese government initiated.
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Important Update: Due to the unfortunate developments of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and in the best interest of our customers, the Yokogawa Users Conference 2020, Asia Pacific February 5th - 7th will be postponed until further notice. For more information, kindly refer to the official announcement attached. On behalf of the Yokogawa Conference Committee, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and we look forward to greeting you at a later date, once the 2019-nCov challenges have been resolved.

Timeline photos 30/01/2020

Under the present situation, we must consider how to improve productivity and safety, train and sustain experienced operators, and cut operation costs all at the same time.
Asset Performance Management (APM) is a leading-edge solution to make asset performance monitorable, analyzable and integrated across the entire plant – all of which are also preconditions promoting digital transformation to ultimately achieve a profitable and sustainable plant.

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▼Asset Performance Management

Timeline photos 29/01/2020

In this eBook, we show some keys to improving the work processes below;
1. Establishing a rule for the collection of operational data required to make the current operation circumstances visible.
2. Verify which data can be eliminated, combined, rearranged or simplified in current operation.
3. Making an action plan to be implemented.

▼Operations Management eBook

▼Operations Management

Timeline photos 28/01/2020

For nearly 20 years, Yokogawa has provided hundreds of Advanced Process Control (APC) licenses and consulting and engineering services.
Our all-inclusive Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation brings multi-variable control, quality estimation, complex custom calculations, and operator user interface design all into one application; in doing so, dramatically reducing deployment time and simplifying maintenance for robust performance.

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Photos from Yokogawa Advanced Solutions's post 24/01/2020

Following an Advanced Process Control (APC) application upgrade completed for Air Liquide in Charleroi (Belgium) on the Air Separation Unit, the application is providing improved controllability of the plant and is significantly contributing to Air Liquide’s general business objective of enhanced automation and operational excellence.
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Timeline photos 20/01/2020

Yokogawa proposes a smart approach to alarm management that helps customers achieve safe and agile plant operations based on the concept of combining practical bottom-up solutions with fundamental top-down improvements.

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Timeline photos 16/01/2020

In our previous article, we concluded that by adhering to simple communication strategies during the shift handover process, ensures that the clarity and validation of the intended message are tremendously improved.
In this blog below, we dive deeper into the content and structure of operations logbooks, how they are utilized, and their most effective design.

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Timeline photos 15/01/2020

Shift handover is effectively the transfer of knowledge from the outgoing staff member to an incoming staff member; typically thought to be a unidirectional process in which the outgoing operator decides which information is of importance for transferring so that the incoming staff can effectively operate the facility.

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Timeline photos 10/01/2020

Process Automation Systems (PAS) are widely known to be a crucial element in processing plants worldwide. Chemicals, petrochemical, oil refining and power generation industries are vast and complex and said to be controlled by just a handful of major players worldwide. In an ever-changing environment, industry leaders employ state of the art PAS's when possible to mitigate complexities -- with Advanced Process Control (APC) systems specifically leading to higher efficiency, less operator interaction and increased profits.

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Timeline photos 08/01/2020

Yokogawa presents yet another successful digitization case at Ube Corporation Europe (UCE), thanks to the good relationship and co-innovation. This led to strengthening of Yokogawa's Field Assistant as a powerful DX solution, which resulted in improved reliability and efficiency of field operations at UCE.

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Timeline photos 06/01/2020

Dynamic Real-Time Optimizer (RT-OP) is a dynamic real-time optimization solution which optimizes an asset, an entire plant or circuit within a refinery or petrochemical plant to ensure it is continuously responding to market signals and disturbances, on a few minutes’ bases.

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Timeline photos 03/01/2020

The biggest “losses” in our industry come from our own mistakes. This is why we believe in and plant operators needing to be implementors and supervisors of strategy, not number-crunchers, tacticians and executors of repetitive tasks.
The end goal should be plants that operate with: No safety incidents; No unplanned outages; Rigorous adherence to operating plans; Agile response to market changes and plant disturbances; A motivated and informed workforce; and A culture of profitability.
Our learnings around digital are free of jargon and cut through the smoke and mirrors: https://bit.ly/2Q1ApYX
People supported by digital technology are a key part of the equation !

Timeline photos 01/01/2020

Happy New Year 2020! Best wishes and hopes for the brand new year.
At the entrance in our office, we decorate "Kadomatsu" made by bamboo and pine branches during the new year holidays. In Japan, "Kadomatsu" symbolizes longevity and prosperity. And it is said that this is the sign of the way to welcome gods.

▼Yokogawa's solutions

Timeline photos 25/12/2019

MerryChristmas from Yokogawa Advanced Solutions team! Have a joyful holiday season.

Timeline photos 23/12/2019

Now there’re catchy words such as big data, AI, and IIoT, an increasing number of companies are working on data utilization as part of technological innovations in manufacturing improvement activities. However, in most cases, efforts to utilize data in the manufacturing industry does not proceed quickly. At Yokogawa, we provide data analytics consulting utilizing our 3 strengths below:
1. Know-how about process data accumulated from more than 200 consulting projects to customers
2. Data analysis with close collaboration with manufacturing customers, sometimes with teams
3. Devising specific improvement actions using knowledge of measurement and control
To take advantage of them, Yokogawa provides flexible analysis approaches on the situation for customer's problems.
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Timeline photos 19/12/2019

Nuisance alarms are a symptom of poorly managed alarm systems. provides a comprehensive alarm reporting and analysis package which can typically reduce nuisance alarms by 80% and improve alarm system behaviour thus minimizing safety risks and enhancing plant operations.
Read the latest blog:https://bit.ly/35zd71E
▼Alarm Management

Timeline photos 16/12/2019

This eBook focuses on Operations
Management, comparing an old fashioned or
legacy, scenario to a modern day digital
scenario in the areas of:
• Operations Logbook
• Work Instruction
• Management of Change (MOC)
• Incident Management System (IMS)
• Permit to Work (PTW)
• Shift Handover

▼Operations Management eBook
▼Operations Management

Photos from Yokogawa Advanced Solutions's post 13/12/2019

This is the big event called " Festival" on 26 July 2019. The number of turnouts was 12,000 people.
After President Nara's opening speech, we held other fun programs such as a Bingo competition with visitors and a famous comedian's show.
A lot of people hopped on the stage, and the festival ended with a lot of success!!

▼Yokogawa's solutions

Timeline photos 12/12/2019

Digital technology has transitioned from having potential to being an essential element in competitive advantage.  
Cloud-based wireless sensing of “Sushi Sensor” with AI and machine learning can provide a significant transformational effect by improving safety, reliability and profitability.
▼Asset Performance Management
▼Real-time Plant Data Sharing Service(Web Technician)
▼Remote Plant Performance Operation and Remote Consulting(KBC Co-Pilot Program)
▼Process Data Analytics
▼Accelarating the Industry-wide Shift from “Sensing to Sensemaking”(Whitepaper)

Photos from Yokogawa Advanced Solutions's post 10/12/2019

Digital Transformation Solution for Safe and Efficient Operation of Cogeneration Power Plant. Recognized as one of the top three players in the Singapore power sector, Tuas Power is a fully owned subsidiary of the NYSE-listed Huaneng Power International and a member of the power giant China Huaneng Group. In this case, our solutions are below;
1.Digitized operation records
To address the limitations of the existing system, Yokogawa first identified which information needed to be collected from different systems for shift hand-over.
2.Digitized knowledge base
Our solution also provides a database that functions as a central repository of all relevant operation knowledge.
3.Digitized shift handover reports
Our solution enables the following important items to be incorporated in the digital shift handover reports for all roles in the plant.
4.Benefits of the Operations Management solution
With our solution, digital operation records are created that have some benefits.
Customer is very satisfied with the results of the Yokogawa Co-innovation program and mentioned, “It was a fruitful learning and competencies building experience.”

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Timeline photos 05/12/2019

As to the overview of Process Data Analytics Solutions, we introduce the workflow is below:
-Workshop-KOM, Site Survey and Data Collection
-Offline Analysis and Workshops
-Online System Proposal
Yokogawa’s Process Data Analytics Solutions can support customers business overall. 

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Timeline photos 03/12/2019

Process Data Analytics software and Yokogawa's analytical services are quality stabilization solutions that can help companies stabilize and continuously improve the quality of their products. Process Data Analytics enables you to understand the situation of your plant more deeply by analyzing process data from the viewpoint of 4M (Material, Machine, Method, huMan).
Process Data Analytics field-proven data analysis software which is designed and developed from the broad know-how of more than 200 consulting projects to customers in the process industry, and it allows customers not only conduct analytical tasks on their plant Big Data but also plan and implement countermeasures efficiently.
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Photos from Yokogawa Advanced Solutions's post 02/12/2019

We ran a booth at from 27 - 29 November 2019.
Demonstration of Yokogawa’s on and Yokogawa’s as one of data analysis solutions were exhibited. We accelerate at field operation by using these .
Many guests visited us and talked with specialists who solve customer’s challenges.
We sincerely appreciate all the guest visiting our booth. The voice through this exhibition we could have customer’s comments and some of our solution’s good points for problems in the manufacturing factory.

▼Field Assistant
▼Process Data Analytics

Timeline photos 30/11/2019

In this season, you may see many children wearing kimono in Japan. This is called "Shichigosan", the Japanese traditional event for children who are 3, 5, and 7 years-old. We celebrate them because 3, 5, and 7 are lucky numbers in Japan.
In our Advanced Solutions Business Division, some parents have children who are the year of the numbers.

▼Yokogawa's solution services

Photos from Yokogawa Advanced Solutions's post 27/11/2019

Beaujolais Nouveau has been .
had the party celebrating of Beaujolais nouveau release on 21 November 2019.
Some of the members from Advanced Solutions Division had joined this party and spent a really great time.

▼Yokogawa's solutions

Timeline photos 25/11/2019

We were in “INCHEM TOKYO”, the B to B exhibition covering the latest technologies and products for chemical processing, production and plant engineering at Makuhari Messe from 20 - 22 November 2019.
We exhibited our DX solution Field Assistant, and it’s a prototype, Field Assistant on Realwear.
All the guests seem to be interested in these exhibited solutions.
We always welcome professionals to participate in this technology for taking the chemical industry to the next level.
Thank you for coming!

▼Field Assistant

Timeline photos 19/11/2019

Our team of Advanced Solutions from Yokogawa will participate in “INCHEM TOKYO”, a conglomerate B to B exhibition covering the latest technologies and products for chemical processing, production and plant engineering at Makuhari Messe from 20 - 22 November 2019.
We're looking forward to seeing you at Yokogawa's booth and discussion about your future.

▼INCHEM TOKYO 2019 Official Website


announces the release of Dynamic Real Time Optimizer( ).
Please access the links below for detailed information.

●Press Release

●Dynamic Real Time Optimizer Web page

Photos from Yokogawa Advanced Solutions's post 10/10/2019

Process Data Analytics( ) is exhibited as one of data analysis solutions from Oct. 9th to 11th in .
specialists who solve your challenges are looking forward to your visiting our booth!

●Process Data Analytics

●Digital Manufacturing 2019

Photos from Yokogawa Advanced Solutions's post 09/10/2019

"To be honest, we had no great expectations when we started the analysis project,"
This is customer's voice in the project. Please visit our web site to get more detail.



Organizations are seeking to transform their businesses through digitalization, improving work flows and processes, adapting organization culture and changing supply chain relationships.

Although Digitalization can deliver significant value for organizations, it also increases the threat surface which, if not effectively managed, can create significant cyber security risks for industrial environments. In this article, Donal explores the changing business landscape and countermeasures to reduce cyber risk. https://bit.ly/2o9ULE5


The new wave of digital transformation field activities is here with Yokogawa's Field Assistant on Realwear.
Providing a completely hands-free experience, personnel can access essential information and digitize field data while they get the work done.


In his latest article, Nick Cross evaluates a subsea solution that provides an early indication of well valve degradation. Through monitoring, analysis and visualization of subsea data, operators can quickly identify the early signs of valve degradation enabling them to take corrective actions, and support the safe and efficient operations of the subsea environment. Read the full blog: http://bit.ly/328qa8j


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