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They are deer of Nara. Many foreign visitors stopped giving them rice crackers which is famous activity, so the deer are hungry and trying to eat even chains 😅
We sincerely hope that foreign visitors be back to Japan shortly not only human, but deers.
Deers are waiting for all of you, cheers👍

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 28/12/2021

Agora Tokyo GInza - inspection report

This hotel is located off the main street with Kabukiza (Kabuki-Theater).
You would be relaxed at the hotel entrance, because this place is so peaceful and a paper lantern lights up the lounge with a soft and warm atmosphere. Also you can have a wonderful time with dericious coffee and a cup of matcha.
A simple guest room with all unnecessary decorations removed for a relaxing time. Superior twin room has an area of 16 square meters, but the room design is simple and sophisticated so it feels spacious. The amenities that are placed are also fashionable. If you want to enjoy shopping in Ginza, we believe this hotel is perfect for you.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 26/12/2021

Hi there!
Today, we would like to introduce "Karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza"

Karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza is a new upper class of karaksa hotel, designed for guests and their loved ones to share precious moments.

This hotel is conveniently located in the Ginza area,
one of the world's most famous shopping districts.
There is "Don Quijote" near this hotel. You can enjoy to stay there!

Guest rooms are between 26sqm and 43sqm and feature large windows overlooking the Ginza district.

Seasonal drinks and light foods are available at lounge.
In the evening, enjoy a glass of wine and other alcoholic beverages from the self-service open bar.

In-room breakfast to savor Japanese umami flavors made possible through soup stock(dashi).

You can enjoy to stay there !!

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 25/12/2021

Agora Place Tokyo Asakusa - inspection report

You'd be amazed by American style cozy restaurant at Agora Place Tokyo Asakusa .
It is well known that this hotel has delicious Steak/Burger restaurant to local people. If you stay here, you can eat those wonderful meals as breakfast. (Plus, you can select what you feel like eating from breakfast menu on the spot!)
The bread is little sweet and beef is super juicy. I bet you'd love it!
Not only their foods are great but also they have cozy style hotel rooms. The lighting in those rooms are relaxing and kind of moody. If you wanna explore Asakusa longer time, we recommend the Agora Place Tokyo Asakusa Hotel!

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 21/12/2021

The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo

You wouldn't believe you're in Shinagawa due to the peaceful silence here, The
Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo.
At the entrance, you're welcomed by the artistic modern-Japanese fountain. You're calmed down your excitements by listening to the water flow.

This hotel is surrounded by Japanese Style Garden. You can enjoy the Japanese four seasons by walking around. Also, if you would like to try, you can ring the Ancient Bell in the garden once a day. Even for Japanese, it's rare and soulfull experience.
You should come and experiece this remarkable Japanese hotel here!

Pictures cited from the official Pince Hotel website.
Please check the website too!!

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 13/12/2021

Today, We would like to introduce Takanawa Hanakohro.

Takanawa Hanakohro has received a five-star top rating in the hotel category of
Forbes Travel Guide 2021,which rates first-class hospitality!

Tucked inside Grand Prince Hotel Taknawa, you will find Takanawa Hanakohro,
an intimate 16-suite roykan.

Housed in an area once occupied by the royal family(look out for remnants of
imperial residences on the grounds), this hotel-within-a-hotel delivers a fully immersive Japanese experience, with activities such as sake tasting and origami offered in a traditional setting.

Beyond the usual service touch points,Hanakohro's lovely kimono-clad staff is
delighted to discuss Japanese art, culture and history.

You will feel the best hospitality at the hotel.


《Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa Hotel - inspection report》

Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa Hotel is located 5 min on foot and up the slope from Shinagawa JR station.
You can benefit from the hotel’s shuttle service to and from the station.

We think you’ll have fun at the Japanese-style interior in the hotel and lobby. This hotel lounge has such a laid-back atmosphere, and you can enjoy the autumn colors depending on the season,

The picture is the “Superior Natural Twin Room” with a balcony, and has an area of 30 square meters. The view from the balcony is good, so we feel the room is spacious. 
We encourage all of you to stay here!


Shinagawa prince Hotel is located just 5min on foot from JR Shinagawa station
It is very good access to Bullet train Shinagawa Station.
The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is far more than just a hotel!
It incorporates an aquarium "MAXWEL AQUA PARK, Cinema complex "T.JOY PRINCE", Bowling alley and other entertainment facilities.

⭐Aqua Park is enjoyable and relaxing place.
You can see sweet dolphine performance.

⭐Don't forget to see Prince Japanese Garden.
20,000sqm Japanese garden is surrounded by a 3 Prince Hotels . the Prince Sakura THower Tokyo, the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa and the Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa.
During spring, you can enjoy over 200 sakura trees🌸

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 09/12/2021

《Shinagawa Prince Hotel - Hotel inspection report》

Today we visited Shinagawa Prince Hotel.
Shinagawa has been undergoing new developments and showing new appeal.
Shinagawa Prince Hotel has 3 different types of tower which is MAIN, ANNEX and N. Due to current situation, however, operating hotel is MAIN only now.
This is the TWIN and room size is 21 sqm most popular one (6F-34F). Although seems not so big, there’s big space under the bed that you’re able to store your opened suitcase. So I didn’t feel tight.
After renovation, almost 90 % of room is Non-smoking type. Became more safe for children as well. If you have opportunity, please stay.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 30/09/2021

Have you heard of these cute pom pom plants called “Kochia”?? If you are seeking to see something different from ordinary autumn leaves, Hitachi Seaside Park could be one of the best place to go in autumn day trips. The 350-hectare (865-acre) hill is awash in red with Kochia flowers in mid-October. filled with 32,000 Kochia balls making a spectacular scenery. It’s a unique sight that you can only catch in October. Don’t miss it in 2021 autumn!!


The end of summer brings about season for the "sanma" or " Pacific Saury".
Sanma in Japanese Characters, 「秋刀魚」,means " autumn swordfish".

The aroma of salted, grilled sanma wafting in the air heralds the arrival of autumn and the start of a season loved for its delicious harvests from the land and sea.

Every September, Tokyo has its Meguro Sanma Festival.
On this day you get a grilled fish completely free of charge!

About 7,000 grilled Sanma will be taken away to mark the beginning of the season. You'll have to wait in perhaps the longest queue you have ever seen,
but presumably it's worth it.

*To prevent the spread of COVID-19, many events have been canceled.

Please check official sites before visiting.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 10/09/2021


The blueberry picking season begins in July and continues through late August or early September.

Where I visited today is named ‘SHINGYOJI Blue Berry farm’ located in Chiba prefecture (Approx 20 min by car from Narita Airport). Operating between JUN to SEP every year.

Owner said me there’s about 30 kinds of Blue Berry in this farm.

In my opinion, 1 hour is enough time for all you can eat and choosing the souvenir. However much I eat, I don’t feel full. So no need to cut the breakfast. Rather than that, walking around the farm while eating healthy fruits is the recommended point I think.

*Antioxidant effect contained in this fruit is good for our skins and protecting from cancer, diabetes and etc. Recommended intake is until 200 g per day.


Guess where this heavenly scenary is.

This is the view from the top of Mt. Fuji.

Only summer time from July to September in Japan, you can climb Mt. Fuji.
As you know it's the most renowned and popular mountain in Japan.
But most of ppl don't know how beautiful the clouds of bed below you.

It's gonna be the highlight of your Japan trip, if you try this amazing experience.
Let us hear your gasp with surprise

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 20/08/2021

Today we want to tell you about The “Nagaoka fireworks Festival”.

Fireworks are an iconic feature in Japan during summer,
and there are“Japan's three major fireworks displays”in All over Japan.

Nagaoka in Nigata is one of them.
The Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is held annually from August 1 to 3, along the banks of the Shinano River,and will launch 20.000 fireworks.

*** following history is a quotation from Nagaoka Fireworks Foundation ***
"The origin of Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is The festival for Restoration from War Devastation for citizens to focus their thoughts on reconstruction was held on August 1st ,1946 in same day of the after bombs was dropped.
Now that Festival later renamed the Nagaoka Festival, our hopes for peace are still being continued even now."

There are various programs at the fireworks display,especially “Niagara Fall” and “Phoenix”are famous.

“Niagara Fall”: The 650 mater long dynamic fireworks display flows down into river ,which is reminiscent “Niagara Fall”
“Phoenix”: Five minutes of fireworks are timed perfectly with Ayaka Hirahara's song “Jupiter,”this song supported people's heart at the time of “Niigata's Chuetsu earthquake”, so contains prayers for reconstruction.

The fireworks that are launched all over the night sky are so stunning, and brings many attendees to tears.
Please try and go there when you come to Japan,The Nagaoka Fireworks will make unforgettable memories in your hearts.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 10/08/2021

Do you know “SOMEN” ?

It is like Udon noodles but much thinner than Udon or Soba noodles. Somen are usually eaten cold and are considered a summer specialty. We eat cold somen by dipping it into the sauce and sometimes it is served with an ice cube.

It is an ideal food to eat when you don’t have too much of an appetite during Japan’s hot summer.
I can say Somen is a perfect lunch for Japanese during the summer. (Today’s lunch is Somen and Unagi)

It is quick and easy to make. It takes only 1-2 minutes to boil!
You can try somen !

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 10/08/2021

【76th anniversary of atomic bombings of
Hiroshima on 06Aug. and Nagasaki on 09Aug.】

Visited to Hanno Municipal Museum located in Hanno City of Saitama prefecture.
From the trigger of Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic game, telling how terrible the atomic bomb and for the abolition of nuclear weapons, 3 cities Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Hanno made joint plants “Hiroshima & Nagasaki atomic bomb museum”.
76 years ago, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. The displayed thing inside the museum were burnt clock, school uniform and etc.
I felt strong will that this war must not be forgotten.
*Displaying period is until 05SEP2021.


Do you know Unagi day? (土用の丑の日)

Unagi day is a unique summer tradition in Japan, where people eat unagi (Freshwater eel) to keep our stamina in the Summer .

Unaju is one of the popular dishes.
Grilled eel glazed with sticky sweetened soy sauce on steamed white rice.

It is very tasty !!
Please try it when you come to Japan in Summer season 😋

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 03/08/2021

Summer in Japan, we can see the variety of sky. The famous one is fireworks at night, while the river and ocean is perfectly match with daytime clear sky. Not only clear sky, but a white cloud is floating in the blue sky is also attractive.
Lastly but not least, sunset become special moment if the landscape is awesome. Please come and visit Japan and find out your favorite summer sky.


Today, we would like to introduce one of the unique fireworks.

Toyohashi City in Aichi is said to be the location of the origin of Tezutsu Hanabi,or handheld fireworks.
There are the unique fireworks, which shoot out 1.8-3 kilograms of
gunpower packed into a bamboo tube measuring 80 centimeters that has been wound with rope.
People directly hold the tubes by securing them in their armpits and gripping them with both hands.

This is so amazing!
We are sure you have a fun time there !

*The fireworks can be seen at 'Toyohashi Gion Festival' in middle of July , 'Fire Festival' in early September, and ' Hada Festival' in early October.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 21/07/2021

In summer season, Fruit picking is quite popular in Japan. Jul to Aug is a season for peach, then grape and pear season coming right after.

YAMANASHI prefecture is the largest producer of peaches, and accordingly offers the best flavors of sweet and juicy that once you start, you can’t stop.

All you can eat and 2 peaches per person souvenir cost JPY1,800 at Maruiwa Grape(Peach) farm and you could find the similar farm all around the YAMANASHI.

We recommend the fruit picking after Corona, since it's easier and feel better to keep the distance in the open air.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 19/07/2021

Needless to say, Hakone is one of the most popular tourist destination with full of relax hot spring. IHG hotel group recently open "HOTEL INDIGO " at HAKONE GORA area. Each room has different view from the room i.e. Hill and river side. You could also enjoy footbath at courtyard.

At Hotel Indigo Hakone Gora, they've playfully incorporated the best that this traditional onsen (hot spring) town has to offer and given it a striking, contemporary twist, providing an experience that’s wonderfully out-of-the-ordinary.

The competitive-edge in the marketplace is each room has Room bath, and a big bath where you can go together with family and couple with swimming wear if not familiar the naked style. Don't forget to enjoy the meal and drink.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 12/07/2021

Today we want to introduce new featured spot in Tokyo.

A Giant 3D Cat looms on a big billboard in Shinjuku.

New LED screen is installed on the "Cross Shinjuku Vision" building.

It features a realistic-looking cat in 4K resolution on a 155-square-metre LED screen,
and appears in between regular broadcasts.

3D cat wakes up in the morning, meows at people walking by, and falls asleep as of night with the end of the broadcast.

Many people are surprised and takes pictures of the cat!
This movie goes viral on the internet.

The buillboard was created to cheer people up mind the pandemic.

When you come to Tokyo, please do go and see it yourself.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 11/07/2021

As you know, dolphines and sea lions are quite splendid performers.
But do you know they can surf like we do?

In Ibaraki, there's "Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium" as known as having the biggest shark tank in Japan.
And you wouldn't wanna miss their live shows!!!

Here's little sneak peak of their show.
After the dynamic dolphines show,
a little sea otter will be on the stage.
But next seconds, he starts surfing on a whale!!

Only at "Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium", you can see such cute combinations.
Don't forget to check this out!

Plus, there're fish markets near the aquarium. So, why don't you enjoy those fresh seafoods as well?

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 08/07/2021

July is the best season to visit Hokkaido.
Today, We would like to introduce some of the best spots in Furano & Biei, Hokkaido!

When I traveled to Furano & Biei to see Lavender and Blue pond in July,
It was very beautiful !
I am sure you can enjoy and relax.

There are seven fields with unique terrain and flowers in each field.
The best time to visit Farm Tomita is in late June to early August.
During this time the flowers in the garden will be in bloom and can be experienced.
Don’t miss this period if you plan to visit next year the sight of a hill covered in a purple carpet.

Blue Pond is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations.
This pond was accidentally created when Biei River was modified to control erosion,
The pond is though have become blue when the Biei River mixed with groundwater,
Creating a colloid of aluminum hydroxide.
This place in Winter season is also beautiful. you can see beautiful illumination there !

【Seven Star Tree】
A lone oak tree stands on a hilltop.
In 1976, it became the image used for a tourism-edition “Seven Star s” cigarette package.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 01/07/2021

May to July is a season of Cherry.
Today want to introduce you "Sato Nishiki " Cherry.
It is called "King of Cherry" in Japan !
It has beautiful ruby red color and great flavor balancing of "sweetness and sourness"

Yamagata prefecture (Tohoku region) is responsible for approximately 70% of Japan’s entire cherry production.
You can enjoy an all you can pick-and-eat in many places all around the prefecture!

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 29/06/2021

Umm......, body is getting stiff by COVID-19.
From such a sense of danger, I went to Tranpoland Tokyo Bayside.
Btw, have you ever tried trampoline?
It was so good exercise because I could not move the way I want my body to about 3 days.
Tranpoland Tokyo Bayside is located in Urayasu area.
It’s near the Tokyo Disney Celebration hotel (approx. 6 min by walk) which is one of famous Disney hotel for foreigners.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 24/06/2021

Having stayed Shinjuku-area hotels last 4 consecutive week and realized that each one of them having the competitive-edge from my personal point of view.
WASHINGTON is affordable , GRACERY has unique Godzilla , PRINCE can see remarkable night view and KEIO PLAZA has luxury atmosphere.
GRACERY and PRINCE is part of Kabukicho where people enjoy the entertainment and foods. It's getting crowed, but still very calm compare to before.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 17/06/2021

Today, let us introduce one of the popular Japanese handmade fruit liqueur called “UMESHU.

UME flower season (just before SAKURA season) runs throughout Feb and Mar, and harvest time for UME happens in Jun and Jul,
which is early summer in Japan.
Hence, It’s a “sign of early summer” when people start making it.

We can teach you how to make it, since it’s very simple. After we washed UME, we pour base liquor and rock candy to extract UME flavor very slowly.

The point is we use rock candy rather than normal sugar, therefore, it takes at least 3 month to a year depend on the temperature and style of UMESH.

Hopefully, we resume full-scale travel business as well when we start drink it ; end of year to early spring.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 18/05/2021

There is a rainy season(called “TSUYU”) in Japan, in many areas, it lasts about a month and half from early June to mid-July.
However, it seems to be start raining earlier this year than usual.

In general, rainy season is not a good sign which makes us gloomy and humid. Nevertheless, it’s indispensable to grow rice which is the staple food for the Japanese. Also, Hydrangeas (called “AJISAI”) are symbol of Japan’s rainy season. They look more beautiful in the cloudy or rainy skies.

Kamakura is the famous for Hydrangeas(we call “AJISAI”), hopefully we all welcome your visit post Covid-19.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 04/05/2021

May 5 in Japan is Children's day !
Japanese celebrate the “double fifth” as Boy’s Day. (Double third as Girl's day -March 3rd)

Households that have a boy will hoist fierce and colorful carp flags outside their homes, and you can witness the same in various public places across the country. Carps are the symbol of the holiday.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 03/05/2021

Ashikaga Flower Park (Tochigi Prefecture) is the best spots to view Wisteria (fuji) flowers in Japan. You can see Huge wisteria trees with beautiful aromatic flowers !

*The fuji blossoms here typically start opening towards the end of April and reach their best viewing during the Golden Week holidays (early May). This year, the fuji flowers started blooming about a week earlier compared to the average year due to the warmer than average.

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 03/05/2021

Japan e tours start a new project 😊
We approach to overseas tour promotions through food truck service.

Our president director Mr Kurosaki has a cook license
He cooks and sell Sri Lankan Curry in food truck. Yam yam.😀

Photos from Japan e-Tours Co., Ltd.'s post 13/11/2020

Beautiful Autumn Garden in Adachi Museum of Art, Shimane Prefecture
The best time to view the autumn leaves is ..... now !!!


Yokohama MM21 area is nice to walk around in the night 😊
You can enjoy romantic illumination


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