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Photos from Kate Paints's post 20/03/2022

loving all the PINK in my feed today 💕
everyone's so inspiring!!! 🥺🥺🥺


Her Excellency, the Sangonomiya head priestess, Kokomi ✨🥺💕 this will be September's Patreon postcard art! 💖 aaaaaa~ I hope you like it!!! 🥰💕
I just finished her story quest and I'm so happy I drew her sleeping gracefully like this~ 🥰💕 because aaaaa this precious little bb really needs it!!! 🥺🥺🥺 did you get her too? ☺️


Thank you so much Cricut Japan for sending me this new Cricut Joy to test out and play with! 😍💕 It's so cute and perfect for my desk! Can't wait to try it out with journaling and crafting projects! 🥰🥰🥰

Photos from Kate Paints's post 28/08/2021

Here are this month's Patreon Mail rewards for the Macaron and Tapioca Tier! 🙌💕 please be sure to sign up until Tuesday, August 31 at 「www.patreon.com/katepaints」 to get them! 😉🎈✨ All Patreon Mails will have in their envelopes the limited edition Japan Post x Pokemon stamps! 🙌🎉✨ please consider it it you want a Pokemon-themed Patreon mail!!! ❤️❤️❤️ hmm~ speaking of themed mails, what theme should I work on for next month? 🤔


Tomoyoちゃん emoji set for this month's Patreon planner stickers! 💜💕 had to draw her cuuuute hairstyles in the clearcard arc!!! 😍😍😍


Tomoyoちゃん! ✨💜💕 this is a preview of July's Patreon postcard that features one of the best shoujo manga girls everrrrr 🥺💜 the all-around talented bestie ever!!! 🥰🥰🥰 you can subscribe until the end of the month at 「www.patreon.com/katepaints」 to get a limited edition postcard-size print! 😘😘😘


Making the second sticker sheet for May's Patreon rewards! ✨🍭🍬💕 The theme is "cottoncandy" 😉

Last two days to sign up! Check out 「www.patreon.com/katepaints」 to join! 💖💖💖

Photos from Kate Paints's post 28/05/2021

Who's excited for the upcoming summer skins on Genshin!? 👀‼️ I know I am! HAHAHA!! 🎉😆💕 So I drew cutie idol ✨Barbara-sama✨ in her new skin debuting soon!!! (WITH BARBARA BATHWATER KSKDHDDJD---) 😆💖 And it's gonna be one of the stretch goal freebies for our Genshin Sweethearts enamel pin kickstarter project!!! 🎉🎉🎉 🎀 Visit our KS page at: 「www.kickstarter.com/projects/katepaints/genshin-sweetheart-enamel-pin-set」

Also updated the $8000usd stretch goal of Diona and Qiqi enamel pin designs! 🙌💕 please share our project to your Genshin friends! Help us unlock more characters!!! 🥺💖 THANK YOU!!! ✨


Been a little behind on promoting Patreon stuff but these are some of the art for the first sticker sheet! ✨🍭💕 Tria's bunny form might just be chibier smol StellaLou HAHA 😆🎀👀‼️

Photos from Kate Paints's post 26/05/2021

Here's a feature and close-up of my third piece for our 「おでかけ」 group art exhibition! 🎉🎈✨ Balloons! 🥰💕 shifted to more vibrant and brighter colors 👀‼️ Also to cater for next month's patreon theme: ✨ more neon and saturated pinks incomingggg!!! 🙌💖 it's been a tradition from the start of my Patreon lyfe to celebrate my love for magical girls! 🥰 So here's Dew in her seifuku form! Gotta draw her as different types of magical girl for the stickers and month! 😉💖🎀

4x6 inches / A6 size, watercolors, gouache and glitters on watercolor paper ✨ Original piece is available for purchase! Send me a DM or email [email protected] 🎀

Photos from Kate Paints's post 25/05/2021

My gallery piece "Theme Park" is included in the limited edition signed 「おでかけ」 postcard set together with the main works of @amgya Karinpyong LOVESOUP and Creamsherry✨🥰💕 If you can't make it to the venue today, it's still available online at Sherry's webshop 「http://creamsherry.art」 😉💖 please check it out! ☺️☺️☺️

Photos from Kate Paints's post 25/05/2021

My second piece for our 「おでかけ」 group art exhibition is "Cottoncandy" 🍬🍭✨ so happy how this one turned out~ particularly super love how the shiny shimmery cottoncandy threads came out (swipe to see!) ☺️💕

This artwork will also be this month's Patreon postcard art with the same theme "Cottoncandy" and my OC, Tria, as the main muse 💖 you can sign up until May 31st to get the limited edition postcard art print! ☺️☺️☺️

Original artwork is available! ✨ Send a DM or email [email protected] 🎀

Photos from Kate Paints's post 25/05/2021

My first piece for our 「おでかけ」 group exhibition, "Theme Park" ✨🏰🎈☺️ a few times that I do watercolor works this big!!! 😆 I wanted it to be fun and vibrant and colorful and filled with magical feels (therefore, glitters 👀‼️)

Original watercolor piece (9x12 inches) is available, please send a DM or email [email protected] 🎀

Genshin Sweetheart ♥ Enamel Pin Set 24/05/2021

Genshin Sweetheart ♥ Enamel Pin Set

Look! The sweethearts are growing in number! 👀‼️ Here's the new banner for our Genshin Impact enamel pin Kickstarter! 💖

We've just unlocked everyone here too! 😱💕🎉✨ so yesssss!!! More pin designs coming soon!

❤️ Check out our project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/katepaints/genshin-sweetheart-enamel-pin-set ❤️

Genshin Sweetheart is a project I have with amazing Filipino artists and pinmakers Cafhune and Sparkle Story PH 🥰💕

Genshin Sweetheart ♥ Enamel Pin Set Enamel Pin Collection inspired by our beloved Genshin Impact Characters!

Photos from Kate Paints's post 20/05/2021

「おでかけ」 is finally happening today!! ✨🥰💕 here are more sneaks of my work for the exhibit! ☺️
There will be a livestream hosted on Creamsherry's Instagram! 🙌💕

We also have a special postcard print bundle of some of our gallery works availble at the venue and online at
https://odekake.bigcartel.com」(image coming soon! No spoilers for now!) 😉

I will be around the venue during the exhibition days, so do let me know if you will drop by so we can meet up! ☺️💖

Photos from Kate Paints's post 20/05/2021

Have a day out this weekend and visit our group art exhibition at デザインフェスタギャラリー Design Festa Gallery Harajuku! ✨😆🎈
The newest lovely works from @dks_amgya, Karinpyong, Creamsherry, and LOVESOUP will be there!!

Here's a sneak peek of mine! 🌈💕

Let me know if you can come to visit! I would love to be there to show you around! 💖💖💖

Livestream will be available for the stay home club on Sherry's IG, don't worry! (https://www.instagram.com/creamsherryart/)


Mi muhe ye! We're reaching the freebie hillichurl pin stretch goal soon! ‼️👀✨ help reach this goal and unlock MORE CHARACTERS by pledging on our kickstarter! ✨ or sharing this project to a genshin player friend or family! 😘😘😘

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/katepaints/genshin-sweetheart-enamel-pin-set

This is a super fun collaboration with the amazing artist and pinmakers Sparkle Story PH and Cafhune 💖

Genshin Sweetheart ♥ Enamel Pin Set 18/05/2021

Genshin Sweetheart ♥ Enamel Pin Set



Thank you so much for pledging to make this pin project into reality! 🎉😍💕

You can help us unlock more character designs by sharing the Kickstarter project to your fellow Genshin player friends! The more pledges we get, the more designs unlock... and we're still making more!!! 👀✨

Let us know who you'd like to see next as Genshin Sweethearts! ☺️

This Kickstarter project is a fun collaboration with the amazing artist and pinmakers Cafhune and Sparkle Story PH ❤️

Genshin Sweetheart ♥ Enamel Pin Set Enamel Pin Collection inspired by our beloved Genshin Impact Characters!


We're Kickstarter-approved!!! 🙌✨


You can visit our page and enable notification on the launch day (May 17) so you get first dibs on the ✨early bird✨ deals!!! Or just sign up to get reminded!!! ☺️

This is a super fun passion project I have with the amazing pinmakers and artists Cafhune and Sparkle Story 💖 HOPE YOU'RE AS EXCITED AS WE ARE!!! 🥺💕


*peeks in* HELLO

I have this enamel pin project with Cafhune and Sparkle Story PH coming soon!!!



Sakura season is here! ✨👀🌸💕 and spring has officially started! 🥰💖 This is the Patreon postcard we have for the month of March! 🌸🌸🌸 sign up until the 31st at 「www.patreon.com/katepaints」 to get this as a limited postcard print on your Patreon happy mail! 💌✨


Sakuraちゃん! ✨🌸💕 Just a little background wash and some editing and she's ready!!! 🥰🎀 you can sign up at 「patreon.com/katepaints」 to get her as a limited postcard print! 😘💕

Photos from Kate Paints's post 26/02/2021

Sharing the retro cafe/kissaten themed Patreon planner stickers for the month of Februrary 🍞☕️✨

Sign up until the end of the month (Feb 28) at http://www.patreon.com/katepaints to get them! 😉💕

Photos from Kate Paints's post 27/01/2021

January's Patreon postcard art for the theme kimono features my girl Nia in human form wearing an elegant hakama~ ✨👘💕 You can still subscribe until Sunday, January 31, to get this limited edition postcard print and the other themed rewards! Visit 「www.patreon.com/katepaints」 to sign up! 😘💕✨

Photos from Rainbowholic's post 29/11/2020

So excited for this!! 😍💕✨


First sticker sheet for the Tapioca Tier this month of November is The Nutcracker themed! ❄️✨ Mouse King is channeling some Kerochan vibes! LOL! 🤣 Next sticker sheet will be more Christmas-y!!! 🎄🎁


November's Patreon postcard art features my girl Fiore as the Snow Queen ballerina from The Nutcracker! ❄️👑✨💕 I really like how this one turned out and I enjoyed experimenting and working on the sheer materials of her crown and her dress (or tutu? haha 😆) limited postcard prints for this artwork is available until November 30th on 「www.patreon.com/katepaints」 Do check it out! 💕 Thank you so much!!! ☺️

Photos from Kate Paints's post 29/09/2020

September's Patreon postcard art is a sparkly portrait of Fiore as a witch with a black cat familiar! 🖤Swipe to see the shiny details! ✨✨✨ ...never too much sparkle, right? 😆👌💕 Sign up at 「www.patreon.com/katepaints」 until the end of the month to get it as a limited edition postcard print! 😊


This week, I've been having fun working on some quick personal projects 🙌💕 will be focusing again on Patreon work next week ☺️ here's a little peek on what I've been doing today ✨ It's just a part of a bigger design so I'm sharing her before she gets lost in the details 😆


にゃー🖤 Black Cat theme for Patreon this month! 🙌💕


Happy weekend everyone! 💕 Just dropping by to announce the Patreon theme we'll be having for September: "Black Cat" 🖤🐱✨ ...in hopes that the September mails will reach you in time for halloween!!! Haha! Yay halloween!!! 👀👻🎃


August Patreon Bonus!

I'm including laminated bookmarks with all Patreon mails this August! 🥰💕💐✨ You can sign up at 「www.patreon.com/katepaints」 until the end of the month to get it!!!


Here's a look at how I used the planner stickers I made for Patreon's August rewards! 👒💐💕 Sign up in the Tapioca tier (15$) to receive these sticker sheets together with the limited postcard as well as digital downloadable stationeries! 😊 Visit 「www.patreon.com/katepaints」 for more info! ✨ This month of August, I'll be including a little bookmark on all Patreon Mails! 💖


Yayyy! I'm done! 💖 Here's the Patreon postcard art for August's "Blush Peony" theme~ ✨🥰💐💕 I'm thinking of making a couple of designs for the postcard, mainly variations of background color/pattern and a ribbon frame. I'll put up a poll on the Patreon blog soon for this! ☺️ I hope you all like this! 💖 I'm glad the piece kinda gives off summer vibes---we're now ready to move on to autumn themes and colors! 🥰

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Machida, Tokyo
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Bluechoumikko Bluechoumikko
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Michael Sturdy Michael Sturdy
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This page is devoted to the Artist and Poet, Michael Sturdy.

白洲次郎 白洲次郎


Hair salon Kette Hair salon Kette
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Hair salon Kette

藤井あきら(東京都議会議員・町田市) 藤井あきら(東京都議会議員・町田市)


Kanae Itou Kanae Itou
Machida, 1446

Kanae Itō (伊藤 かな恵 Itō Kanae?, born November 26, 1986) is a Japanese voice actress and singer who was born in Nagano Prefecture. She is affiliated with Aoni Production[1] and music publisher Lantis.

Prem Narayan Neupane Prem Narayan Neupane
Minaminaruse, Tsuchiya Sou 101
Machida, +81806755-0881

Past President of Nepal Sports Journalist forum, Kaski, Nepal

えのきのこ(Illustrator Noko Enoki) えのきのこ(Illustrator Noko Enoki)


吉原 修 吉原 修

前東京都議会議員 よしわら修 2001~2021年7月まで連続当選5回。都議会自

STRI ストリ 町田 STRI ストリ 町田
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STRI ストリ 町田の公式Facebookページです。

art Studio Naga    /  Lowbrow Kustom Art art Studio Naga / Lowbrow Kustom Art

Welcome to " art Studio Naga " world. from Tokyo Japan. LOWBROW KUSTOM ART , HOTROD , MONSTER