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Japanese Guest Houses is for travelers interested in experiencing Japan by staying at a Ryokan Inn. https://www.japaneseguesthouses.com/

Japanese Guest Houses is for travelers wishing to Experience the Beauty, Cuisine, and Art of Japan by staying at a Traditional Japanese Inn (or Ryokan). We have helped over 100,000 guests from all over the world plan their perfect Japanese getaway. Staying at a Japanese ryokan is a uniquely Japanese experience and one that should not be missed by any traveler. Japanese Guest Houses is a Personal S

Rediscover Tours - YouTube 09/11/2023

Check out videos of Japan from Rediscover Tours

Rediscover Tours - YouTube See what could be included in your trip to Japan with Rediscover Tours. We focus on cultural experiences for travelers to Japan. Rediscover Tours offers visi...


We are sad to inform everyone that Japanese Guest Houses will no longer offer reservations at ryokan or mishuku.


Japan is reopened to international tourists. We hope you can all visit soon to discover the beauty of Japan and spend the night at a hot spring ryokan inn.


Best Bamboo Path in Kyoto prefecture - Take no Michi 18/10/2022

Japanese Guest Houses is happy to welcome travelers back to Japan. If you cannot visit yet then check out our amazing videos that help you discover the beauty of Japan.

Best Bamboo Path in Kyoto prefecture - Take no Michi Take-no-Michi (the Bamboo Path) is located in the northwestern part of Muko city (about 20 minutes away from Kyoto center) and has a total length of about 1....

【速報】岸田総理、来月11日から水際緩和、全国旅行割とイベント割開始を表明(TBS NEWS DIG) 22/09/2022

It is getting more and more official. Japan should be open to tourists very soon!


【速報】岸田総理、来月11日から水際緩和、全国旅行割とイベント割開始を表明(TBS NEWS DIG) 速報です。アメリカ・ニューヨークを訪問中の岸田総理は、先ほどから記者会見を行い、来月11日から新型コロナの水際対策をさらに緩和すると表明しました。▽1日あたり5万人の入国者数の上限撤廃

teamLab, Osaka, Nagai Botanical Garden 25/08/2022

Osaka now has a teamLab for modern art lovers to enjoy!

teamLab, Osaka, Nagai Botanical Garden The new show from teamLab has just opened in Osaka.After nearly two decades of experimenting in the realm of interactive three-dimensional digital art, the T...

Photos from Japanese Guest Houses's post 19/08/2022

My Tokyo based family and I enjoyed the most wonderful stay at Hanaya Inn, Tsumago, last weekend. It was great spending time in this well preserved, peaceful Inn, surrounded by bush and a stream on one side, and a very quite road on the other.
Whilst it is not in the Heart of Tsumago itself, and is a short drive to visit the historic town, the location for us was perfect. The town itself, is closed to traffic from 10am until 4pm daily, so, if we had stayed at an Inn in the main town we would have needed to walk (with our suitcases) from the designated parking area. There is a cost for using the park, and it Is some distance away.
The Inn Keeper at Hanaya, along with his family, were very welcoming to us. As with most accommodation, guests are left to do their own thing. Ok; there are set breakfast and dinner times (but, remember, this is a guest house; not a 24/7 convenience store).
The food was absolutely delicious. Each guest group had their own space. The sleeping rooms were very clean and the soft pillows a dream to rest my tired head on. I would recommend this Inn to anyone venturing to Tsumago. I shall most definitely stay here on my next trip to Japan.
This has been a highlight trip for me. Thank you, Hannah Smith


Osaka offers travelers great food and some fun ads like this one for Glico!


Kumano Ancient Trail Tour of the Kansai area of Japan is a great trip for hikers looking to travel off the beaten path in Japan.

Our other COVID-compliant tour is an exploration of the Kumano Ancient Trail and the Kansai area of Japan.



This is a great tour to join while we wait for Japan to reopen to independent travelers.

We are pleased to announce a new tour that follows the current guidelines for travel in Japan.

Explore old Japan with our Nakasendo and Kiso Valley small-group walking tour.


Kokedera, Moss Temple, Kyoto 30/06/2022

So much beauty is one place

Kokedera, Moss Temple, Kyoto Kokedera, Saiho-ji, Moss Temple,... This temple has many names and even more rules that could keep you out of its woods but finally I decided to make the req...

Photos from Rediscover Tour's post 29/06/2022

Looks like some aloe is needed!


Vending machines like this one make the rainy season in Japan easy to deal with.

This is such a great idea for travelers visiting Japan during the rainy season. An umbrella vending machine! It is even in the shape of a robot which is so Japanese. I saw this one at Kyoto Station yesterday.

Midosuji Street Sculptures 27/06/2022

Keeping your eyes open while traveling is important. Do not look over the small stuff like street art.

Midosuji Street Sculptures The most important street in Osaka, Midosuji runs from Umeda to Namba. The avenue is lined with a fabulous border of gingko trees and sculptures from great a...


A few weeks back, my family and I took this Hankyu train from Osaka to Kyoto. The train is really nice and carefully planned.

Photos from Japanese Guest Houses's post 13/06/2022

Yesterday I joined an excellent cycling tour of Nara produced by Japan Tour Adventure in Nara. Remi, our tour guide, did an excellent job of leading us and taking us to places most people never visit. I highly recommend you check out this company for your sightseeing in Nara

Photos from Japanese Guest Houses's post 11/06/2022

A beautiful day at Nanzenji Temple, Kyoto Japan. Hope to see you here soon!

Riding the Shinkansen 08/06/2022

Every traveler should ride the Shinkansen bullet train at least once while in Japan. It is amazing how smooth, quiet and comfortable it is.

Riding the Shinkansen Running at about 320 km/h, the shinkansen is known for its punctuality (like most Japanese trains it departs on time by the second).It's very comfortable (re...

Photos from Japanese Guest Houses's post 08/06/2022

I was walking around Kyoto the other day and found these 3 guys with good advice - see, speak and hear no evil!

Japan scraps airport COVID-19 tests for arrivals from low-risk nations 25/05/2022

Before departing for Japan last week we had to take a COVID test which makes good sense. We then took another test upon landing. This took a long time but was well organized and they processed us smoothly. At that time, Japan was only allowing in 10,000 people a day so it would be fairly easy to manage. I would think this would be unmanageable to do once Japan is open to tourists. I am also guessing that very few people tested at the airport tested positive and had to fly back home. Hopefully, Japan can reopen to tourists very soon.

Japan scraps airport COVID-19 tests for arrivals from low-risk nations The government is aiming to avoid overburdening airport quarantine staff through the drastic relaxation of its COVID-19 border control measures.

Heart of Nature Bike Tour in Nara City - Full Itinerary 24/05/2022

While in Nara, I suggest you take a look at this biking tour that will take you well off the beaten path to see a side of Japan most tourists never see.

Heart of Nature Bike Tour in Nara City - Full Itinerary Thank you very much for watching our videos.HEART of NATURE Bike Tour in Nara CityITINERARY :Kikuichi Knife ShopTop of WakakusayamaRuins of Kofukuji TempleUg...

Koé Donuts 18/05/2022

Japan has a ton of bakeries that bake and sell everything from simple bread to amazing pastries and DONUTS like what you will find at Koe Donuts in Kyoto.

Koé Donuts Kyoto has hundreds of great sights and you might be very tired after sightseeing, so take a break. For example Koé Donuts offering a large variety of organic...

Japan to ease COVID border controls like G-7 states in June: Kishida 06/05/2022

Japan in June anyone?

Japan to ease COVID border controls like G-7 states in June: Kishida Japan will further ease in June border controls implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and bring them on par with other Group of Seven nations, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida saiys.




10-5-401-1-(2) Sakae-machi
Kawanishi-shi, Hyogo

その他 Kawanishi-shi 輸送サービス (すべて表示)
栄町11-1-12, パルティK2ビル1階
Kawanishi-shi, 666-0033