Stepping Stones Ishikawa

Stepping Stones Ishikawa

Stepping Stones Ishikawa (Foreign Operated Organization) We are interested in diversity and creative ideas. Thank you, Justin (of the Netherlands)


Stepping Stones is an organization created and operated by foreign residents living in Ishikawa, Japan. We are just in the beginning stages and hope YOU will help us in molding this organization in an exciting and beneficial direction. The general idea is to make life and experiences in Japan more fulfilling for international residents, locals, and visitors by having useful and interesting informa

2 On Remix (prod. By Ross Munroe) 11/06/2014

2 On Remix (prod. By Ross Munroe) by uknoMunroe

2 On Remix (prod. By Ross Munroe) Full-time Music Producer & Part-time Artist of many threads | | | twitter: uknoMunroe | IG: munfro | For any email inquires you can reach me at: [email protected] |


I just got a phone call from a Clubism Magazine rep - they wanna snap a shot of some international residents and have us fill out a small survey about life in KZ ! Any takers !?!? Please let me know here. They wanna get "us" together by early next week


Don't forget about the SHINTENCHI BLOCK PARTY this Saturday !!! So much fun, and all of the live bands and dancers perform for free ! from 6pm till 11pm !

Timeline photos 06/05/2013

Congratulations to Emil of Kanazawa ! New Middle Heavy Weight & Open Weight Champ !


Hi everyone ! Just a reminder that there won't be a Language Exchange tomorrow because of the holiday. If enough people show Internet though, we can do one on the 13th ( anybody want to go ? )

Also ! We are all looking very forward to the Shintenchi Block Party on May 25th ! More information to follow soon !


Apologies but there will be NO Language Exchange tonight - please come to the Hanami Party Saturday though !!!


Stepping Stones Ishikawa will be on TV from 11:10 THIS morning on 石川テレビ!(^_−)−☆


Language Exchange tonight from 8 ~ 9pm in the Lounge ! All welcome - all free of course


Just a reminder : there will be NO Language Exchange tonight (sick staff member) but there WILL be a Language Exchange next week ! The 11th at 8pm - thanks and hope to see you there !


Hi everyone ! Make sure and check out our event for March ! A HinaMatsuri-Inspired Potluck !


Japan vs Latvia tonight at 19:30 at Puddle/Social Cafe Bar in Katamachi !!! For those who love football(soccer) or wanna support Japan, come on ! Lets watch the game together !


Just to let everyone know: There won't be a Language Exchange on Feb 4th (I'll be in Disneyland!) since the 11th is a Holiday, how about February 6th Wednesday from 8-9pm ??? Anybody want to attend a Language Exchange on the 6th ?

Snowboad/Ski Day trip at Saymour Resort.(セイモアスキー場) 2/16 (Sat) | Stepping Stones Ishikawa 28/01/2013

Please check out Stepping Stones web site!

Snowboad/Ski Day trip at Saymour Resort.(セイモアスキー場) 2/16 (Sat) | Stepping Stones Ishikawa Hey Everyone who LOVES THE SNOW ! Stepping Stones will be putting together another day trip for Snowboarders and Skiers. The event will be held on Saturday February 16th. We will go to the local mountain Seymour, which is a very personable mountain – you can get to know most of the runs in one full ...


Hi Everyone ! Today is the 14th, so there will be a Language Exchange tonight at 8pm IF people express interest here online. If you would like come tonight to practice speaking either English or Japanese, please write here on our facebook Wall, thanks!


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!! Pardon the lack of activity on the wall. Everyone has been busy during the Winter holidays. Just a reminder, there WILL NOT be a Language Exchange tonight. There will be one next week though! On the 14th, thanks!

X'mas desert party 12.1 10/12/2012

今日はLanguage exchange cafe です。


Just another reminder about the Language Exchange tonight at 8 ! Come and enjoy free talking in English and Japanese \(^o^)/


Thanks to all who came today for our Christmas Dessert Party! There were some delicious things, YUM !


Just a reminder that there WILL be a Language Exchange this coming Monday from 8 ~ 9pm !!! Write here for any questions.

Timeline photos 12/11/2012

It's the 2nd Monday of the Month so there will be a LANGUAGE EXCHANGE TONIGHT !!! From 8pm ~ 9pm. Anybody out there need practice speaking English ? Speaking Japanese ? Please post here if you are interested ! thanks! Justin.


Children and Halloween are gold.


If anybody wants to join a Language Exchange tonight, from 19:30 to 20:30 TONIGHT to practice either English or Japanese, please WRITE HERE to show interest! If at least 2 or 3 people wanna join, let's do it! Justin


Stepping Stones lounge

Timeline photos 23/10/2012

Don't miss The HALLOWEEN PARTY on this Saturday!


HALLOWEEN PARTY COMING UP IN 7 DAYS !!!! / Today and tomorrow : Good weekend to check out the Autumn Foliage.. I heard its beautiful around 1300 meters...


HALLOWEEN PARTY COMING UP IN 7 DAYS !!!! Good weekend to check out the Autumn Foliage.. I heard its beautiful around 1300 meters...


Local International Residents Rynan Standage and Ocean Olling have launched a very cool new company. Please check it out ! Those with an eye for design should enjoy browsing "Alphabet Studio" - and should you know any parties potentially interested in acquiring their services, don't hesitate to contact them!

Alphabet Studio


WINE ... Surely someone out there feels like drinking wine, now that Autumn has arrived and the leaves are turning ! Anyway, just to keep people informed about what's going on : THIS WEEKEND at Shiinoki-Geihinkan (which is behind the building across the street from City Hall) there will be a WINE EVENT ! Several booths will be outside selling different kinds of wines as well as foods, such as Italian and Spanish, that will compliment the wines nicely! Some glasses of wine will be as cheap as 200 yen, while others will still only be 300 or 400. Food should also be reasonable, rumored to be in the neighborhood of 500 yen.

ワイン金沢 金沢の食とワインのお祭り


今日の夜9時から日本代表とブラジルのサッカー試合があります!! Some people will watch the Japan Brazil game downtown at Puddle/Social.. Should be fun! GO JAPAN!!!




Shintatemachi 3-61
Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

イベントプランニングのその他Kanazawa-shi (すべて表示)
Cheers Cheers

北陸のコンパニオンCHEERSです。 石川県を中心に可愛くて楽しい女の子をセ

ケィ・シィ・エス ケィ・シィ・エス
Kanazawa-shi, 920-0919

Diversity&works. Diversity&works.

"Extreme Sports"の祭典を全国各地で開催します。 世界トップアスリートと、?