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Here comes an awesome YT video about Kanazawa made by Jan Knüsel:
My favourite city in Japan: Kanazawa 金沢 | A Travel Movie
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A newspaper article about Kanazawa which I found yesterday... Japan for beginners - It is telling only about Kanazawa.
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Eurocentres teach english, german, french, italian, spanish, russian and Japanese. Japanese course in Kanazawa. 語学留学、世界に32校(英語・フランス語・スペイン語・イタリア語・ドイツ語・ロシア語・日本語)、日本語コースは金沢。

Ishikawa Japanese Studies Center Japanese Classes at IFIE 23/04/2019

Eurocentres Kanazawa has closed the school in the end of 2018 due to the Eurocentres ownership change in Europe and won’t offer Japanese courses anymore. We would like to thank all of you who have loved and supported our Japanese program in Kanazawa. If you would like to get in touch with us, you can contact Yasuko Aizawa on her messenger.
If you would like to study in Kanazawa again, the Intensive Private Lesson Courses are available at IFIE in the same Rifare building with the same teachers (Homestay arrangement NOT available).

Ishikawa Japanese Studies Center Japanese Classes at IFIE

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 09/07/2018

18.07.05 Cooking/料理
Ayu, the seasonal river fish and colorful summer vegetables in a cooling glass bowl. The Uruguay student #1 practicing with the special training chopsticks for kids (it was for the left-handed, no wonder it didn't work!). The Urguay student #2 won in the fun Bozu-mekuri card game.

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 29/06/2018

2018.06.26 Ishikawa History Museum
Luckily, there was also a special exhibition of Evangelion and Swords at the museum. 「エヴァンゲリオンと日本刀展」もついでに見ました。このアニメがどんなにすばらしいか30代の学生が詳しく教えてくれました。7月22日まで歴博でやっていますよ。オール写真OK。

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 29/06/2018

2018.06.21 goldleaf chopstick making
The shop offered us to test their new products, goldleaf ice bar! 松任駅前 老舗和菓子屋 田中屋の一日2000本?売れるというアイスキャンデーの試作品を味見させてくれました。冷た~くて金箔も凍る。新しいアイスバーカウンターに集う、いつもフレンドリーな作田のスタッフさんたち。

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 18/06/2018

Students often do something more Japanese than the Japanese do. 刺し子/Sashiko needlework on the traditional design 青海波 card.


18.06.02 Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival
To commemorate the arrival of Toshiie Maeda, the first lord of Kaga (Kanazawa) domain back in 1583. The foot soldiers drilling before the parade departure. Photos in the comment area.

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 06/06/2018

18.06.05 Cooking/料理
切る人(cut)、揚げる人 (fry)、盛り付ける人(serve)、そして、食べる人!(and eat!)


2018.04.19 プラネタリウム Planetarium
Before watching an exciting planetarium show, we played 竹馬 (bamboo horse or stilts) and basketball outside the Center - a lot of fun!
Photos in the comments.


It’s always nice to have a visit by our former students and hear about their updates. 17才と20才の時に金沢で学んだスペインの学生、京都の日本語学校での半年間を終えて、帰国前に友達と寄ってくれた。4年前のスピーチに書いたとおり、次は文科省奨学金で京都大学院に進学し「人類存続のための環境学」を研究するのが目標とのこと。今月参加していたオランダの学生も日本への留学を勧めたら、早速京大と東大の大学院の資料を直接もらいに行ったとのこと!(こちらは環境学でもゴミ問題)。学生たちの将来が楽しみです。

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 19/03/2018

2018.03.16 Presentation on the home countries; Holland, USA and you know from the photo. After the presentation, we played Chihayafuru - NOT, bozu-mekuri fun game.

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 19/03/2018

2018.03.15 class under the sunny sky visiting the nearby Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple, picking omikuji fortune paper.


New Year potluck party. ことしもよろしく!
(sorry if you can't find your teachers, who couldn't come this time)

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 19/01/2018

If you are thinking about when to come…
2018 March & April Special: Eurocenres Japanese course cultural activities.
-Meet with Geisha (March only)
-Cherry blossom picnic (April only)
-Sake brewery tour and tasting (March, April only)

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 17/01/2018

This is what Kanazawa looks like sometimes. Hope you can recognize where. Photos by Kano sensei with a private garden (no Kenrokuen) by Kojima sensei.


あけましておめでとうございます。ことしもよろしくおねがいいたします。If you miss Kanazawa, here is a new promotion video by Kanazawa City. How many places do you recognize?

DANZA IN KANAZAWA The city of Kanazawa seamlessly blends traditional feudal-era townscapes, stunning modern architecture, and natural beauty. It is in this city that two paths...

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 18/10/2017

2017.10.16 igo & shogi 囲碁&将棋
First time to do at a salon as our cultural activity. We used the training version for beginners/children, which has red arrows to help learning the rules. Our German student immediately bought a set to take home!


日本製品大好きなブラジルの学生。Japanese product quality is loved by our Brazilian student. Every time she comes to Eurocentres, she buys many interesting products from amazon. A saw for DIY, leisure knife for forest walk, binocular for bird watching, yogurt maker (you can aslo make 納豆 natto! with this, and on and on.


A2 level class: Students are so motivated that the the topic develops from Kanazawa craft beer festival to emperor’s abdication and Lower House dissolution!


Katharina blends in so well, it is hard to tell which one is her. Photo from our study tour at History Museum 歴博のなりきりショット。Nameちよこ comes from her study area ’choco'late/food engineering.(2017.09.15北國新聞広告を使わせていただきました。皆さん「金沢おどり」にぜひ!)


2017.09.08 visit to Ishikawa History Museum
Our German student sits in the exhibited typical room from the 1960’s, the midst of Japan’s great economic growth. 三八豪雪のニュースを見ています。

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 01/09/2017

2017.08.31 豆腐づくしAll tofu dishes – fresh mix, fried or steamed
鰻のかば焼きもどき broiled eel imitation, using tofu, mountain popato and nori. サンマの棒寿司 sushi with saury autumn fish.(食工房 三会)


17.08.29 雅楽 ’Gagaku’ imperial court music often played in Shinto rituals. Our German student tries 笙(しょう)the replica of the instruments from the 8th century after the lecture and demonstration of Gagaku. 雅楽の演奏を交えながらの講義(学生たちは難しい日本語によく耐えました!)。天から降りてきたような透き通る音色、素晴らしかったです。講義後、正倉院復元の笙(しょう)を触らせてもらえました。

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 25/08/2017

2017.08.25 大好きな「雪見だいふく」アイスでお祝い
Surprise celebration prepared by Ryohei, Katharina and Livio for Julie's 19th birthday on her last day with Eurocentres.

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 27/07/2017

2017.07.25 Samurai Theater/侍館
Fernando with a sword. 初めて午後のアクティビティに入れました。金沢の歴史を物語的に語りながらのショーだから、学生にとっては難しいかなと思いました。でも翌日の授業で教師が学生たちに感想を聞いたら、Farmer(一向一揆の)とか柴田勝家とか前田利家とか金沢城の変遷をちゃんと説明できたそうです。ショーの前に説明しておいた甲斐があって、うれしいです。舞台とお客さんとのコミュニケーションがたくさんあってよかったですよ。

Timeline photos 23/06/2017

One of our very first students back in 1989 visited us with her children and her 28-year-friendship-lasting host family! 平成元年ユーロセンター金沢の記念すべき第一回目コースに参加したイタリア人がお子さんたちと、交流が28年続いているホストファミリーと一緒に訪ねてくれました!

Timeline photos 22/06/2017

A Milano-based artist, who studied at Eurocentres Kanazawa for 2 months, is now active in the nearby seaside village, living in the old Japanese house as his art studio. ユーロセンターの日本語コース参加がきっかけで、石川県内に住み始めた人はタラクさんの他にも何人かいます。和食シェフを目指してワーホリで来沢、その後金沢の女性と結婚したドイツ人(ちなみに今は木倉町のドイツレストラン「ビッテ」にいますのでよろしかったら行ってみてくださいね)、ホストファミリーのお嬢さんを射止めたスイス人、などなど。ユーロセンターを通じた交流で金沢の女性と結婚ドイツに連れて行ってしまった学生もいますよ。ご縁もいっぱいですね。もちろん日本の大学に進学したり企業で活躍の学生もいますよ!
And there are many other students who have achieved their ambition after in Japan!


2017.06.16 Sayonara speech
You can learn to speak this much in two weeks as a very beginner. 日本人も例えばアラビア語などをまったくゼロから初めて2週間でこれだけ話せるといいですね。

Timeline photos 19/06/2017

2017.06.16 プレゼンテーション

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 19/06/2017

2017.06.13 The 2nd grade class (age 7-8)

Timeline photos 09/06/2017

Our lucky students bumped into the crowd welcoming Crown Prince Naruhito who just arrived by Sinkansen to attend the greenery event! Police behind.

17.06.08 Chopstick making in the geisha quarter 09/06/2017

1) Ohhh, baby swallows under the eaves of geisha houses. You can also find the nests on the Kanazawa castle gates.
2) Cut-out masking tape pieces can be recycled to decorate the box. Good idea!

17.06.06 Cooking 09/06/2017

Deep-fried and dashi-marinated colorful veggies. Alfred peeled the yellow-tail perfectly!

Photos from Eurocentres Kanazawa's post 11/05/2017

This annual event will take place in Kanazawa on May 21 (photo source: 2017.5.11 Hokkoku Shimbun). To enjoy the competition more, you can review 82 techniques in 2 minutes→

Timeline photos 24/04/2017

Lost & Found/落し物
In April many students from the past visited Kanazawa to see Sakura, their host families and Eurocentres staff. Among these 4 Swiss and 2 Germans, there is this good story. I had a phone call from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. They called us because there was a Eurocentres emergency card in the wallet brought in to Lost & Found. It was the wallet of our 2010 Swiss student. I called her former host family, who texted my message to the student, who then went to the police station and made it successfully to get the wallet back together with her Shinkansen tickets to Kanazawa scheduled for that afternoon only in a couple of hours! (We give emergency contact cards to all students on the first school day telling them to keep in the wallet as it could work better than the passport sometimes!)

Timeline photos 24/04/2017

Our Australian student, who studied at Eurocentres 4 times, started a new student life at Kanazawa University.


ビデオ (すべて表示)





Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa


月曜日 08:30 - 17:00
火曜日 08:30 - 17:00
水曜日 08:30 - 17:00
木曜日 08:30 - 17:00
金曜日 08:30 - 17:00

その他 Kanazawa-shi ホテル (すべて表示)
宿 宗友 SOYU 宿 宗友 SOYU
Kanazawa-shi, 9200831

金沢国際ホテル ウエディング 金沢国際ホテル ウエディング
Kanazawa-shi, 921-8565

Kanazawa-shi, 920‐0909

Weskii Hotel Weskii Hotel
Kanazawa-shi, 9200031

【金沢駅から徒歩3分の多人数型ホテル】 金沢観光に便利な立地で大人数宿泊可能な アパートメントタイプのホテルです。 旅先でもストレスなく過ごせるよう 最新設備を設置したりお部屋作りにこだわっています。

Kanazawa-shi, 920-0997


Kanazawa-shi, 920-0853

加賀料理 加能(金沢国際ホテル8階) 加賀料理 加能(金沢国際ホテル8階)
Kanazawa-shi, 921-8143

torifito.hotel.pod.kanazawa torifito.hotel.pod.kanazawa
Kanazawa-shi, 9200869

石川県金沢市の中心街、百万石通り沿いに 2021年3月20日開業致しました。 ?

KURO Machiya Heritage Hotel KURO Machiya Heritage Hotel
Kanazawa-shi, 9200912

1日2組限定の町家ヘリテージホテル 築140年の歴史ある町家をフルリノベーション 140 years old ‘machiya’ heritage hotel in Kanazawa, Japan

Azuki旅音/TABI-NE Azuki旅音/TABI-NE
Kanazawa-shi, 9200843

金沢三大文豪・德田 秋聲ゆかりの一軒家。旧菓子屋をリフォームし、宿泊

町屋金沢 菊乃や(KIKUNOYA,Machiya Kanazawa) 町屋金沢 菊乃や(KIKUNOYA,Machiya Kanazawa)
Kanazawa-shi, 920-0908


Guest House Pongyi Guest House Pongyi
2-22 Rokumai-machi
Kanazawa-shi, 920-0868

Guesthouse(Hostel) in Kanazawa city, Japan.