Nara japanese cookery school -Hanezu-

Nara japanese cookery school -Hanezu-


Hi, do you still run this cookery school? Me and my friend would like to join on any dates on 11~14 mar :)
Konichiwa Miyako san,
How are you? Is it still mushi atsui in Nihongo?
We had a wonderful rest of the holiday and back in Melbourne now.
Look what I made for dinner during the week:
Vegetarian miso udon noodle soup.
It was oishi desune
Arigato again for teaching us!
Love Natasha
hi good evening sir or madam i like japanese food can u teach me sam resepi
Thank you for the informative and laughter filled afternoon lesson. We got back to Kyoto in a timely manner using your train instructions.
Nanci and Ellen.
Beside all these, as you can see it was so OYSHI
Long way from our homeland Israel to meet you . A true proffesional. You are a lovely and a warm couple . We felt like in the home of good friends! We had a great time learning not only about Japanese cuisine but also on the culture and daily life in Japan. ARIGATO.
Hi Miyako, thanks very much for our cooking class today - it was fantastic!
hi Nara I want add Friend to u
My sister in law starts cookery school in Ikoma area. If you want to have English cookery school in Japan, please check this!

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The French couple came to my cooking class from Bordeaux. They loved black sesami dressing. Thank you for coming!


Japanese food lovers came to my cooking class from the U.S. They did very well and dishes are so yummy.
Thanks Claire for recommending my class to them.

Nara japanese cookery school -Hanezu- updated their phone number. 09/05/2018

Nara japanese cookery school -Hanezu- updated their phone number.

Nara japanese cookery school -Hanezu- updated their phone number.

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Kakiage(Deep Fried Prawn and sweet corn) and Spring cabbage w/black Sesami Dressing for supper.

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They tried Natto today!
Lucy hates it but Dave loves it!!!

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French travelers made Sushi Roll and strawberry Daifuku!
Thank you, Amandine and Greg.

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Japanese style ‘Korokke’

This dish has come from French ‘croquette’.
It’s one of the popular Japanese home cooking now.

A croquette is a small ball of minced meat or vegetables with mashed potatoes used as a filling, covered in breadcrumbs and then fried in oil.


English gentlemen made a egg omelette today!

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My Boy’s Breakfast “Natto”.

“Natto” is one of the Japanese super food. Since “Natto” is a fermented soy beans has its own strong smell and stickiness. Therefore, even in Japan there are many people who hate to eat it...but,he loves it!


Special Lunch Box!


Autumn Food "Kurikinton"

In Japan, chestnuts are known for autumn delicacy.
That is a small bun made from steamed chestnuts and sugar.

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We were succesful at catching fish.

The Hamachi(yellow tail) was marinated in soy sauce and mirin for Duke-Don.

The Tachiuo( heairtail) was rolled with plum pickles and Aojiso leaves( Japanese herb) for tempura.


Enjoy the picnic at Nara Park with your yummy Bento Box!

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We had a such a sweet girls from Australia today!!
We couldn't stop laughing
during the class
Thank you very much,Claire and Natasha!!

Timeline photos 03/05/2013

Yann came back to our scool with his mom and her husband this time!!

Timeline photos 14/04/2013

Sushi Roll!!
Photo taken by Lieven De Vlaminck

Untitled album 01/04/2013

Untitled album

Timeline photos 27/09/2012

We had new married couple visiting Japan for honeymoon.Chris and Mariam from England made Simmered Fish, Radish with white Miso Sauce, and the sweets. Hope they will always be happy together!!

Timeline photos 18/09/2012

Veronika and Andreas came from Austria!!

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We had the first swedish students today and made Braised meet and vegetables, Peas with deep black sesami dressing, and Deep fried tofu. We can't pay 35 % tax but really envy them for their 3 weeks vacation!!

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Jonathan and Hayley from Canada cooked together in perfect union.They are so lovely couple!! I had a great time talking with them. Thank you for visiting us.

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Nadine,Alan and Natalie took our cooking lesson .They made beautiful Sushi Roll !! Especially Alan made perfect egg omelet=)
Thank you so much for visiting us.

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Ben and Casey from Australia came to our school.Ben made a reservation to make Casey suprise for her birthday.How sweet they are!! We had wounderful time with them and hope to see them and their lovely baby someday.

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Handsome french guys came to our school and made Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba.Thank you so much,Brice and Yann!!

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Today's breakfast
grilled salmon,rolled omelet,moso soup,sweetened black soybeans,pickles,and boiled rice.


Why don't you learn Authentic Japanese cuisine in English?



Ikoma-shi, Nara