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Photos from 遊水堂's post 15/09/2021

"Kizeto " means pottery that is fired by using a glaze of yellow in Mino province in Japan.

It is yellow and uniquely tone.
It has a mood of Wabi and Sabi.


The tea bowl with a bridge drawn on is Shino ware.
A glaze called Shino-yu is like snow.

I like Shino-yu.
It has a kind atmosphere.



It is a mosquito repellent stick holder in the shape of a pig and is made originally from ceramics.

It is very useful in summer in Japan.
No one wants to wake caused by a mosquito in the dead of night.

Mosquitos don't often appear this year.
Because too hot.


About the tool for making Japanese traditional crafts.

Japanese traditional crafts are declining.
Not only craftsmen but craftsmen who make tools for making Japanese traditional crafts are decreasing.

For example, there is a kind of story.
There is the only company making the tool for the craft.

The situation is serious.


The book was written by Muneyoshi Yanagi.
It is a book which the situation of Japanese handcrafts around 1939.
He is the most famous person in Japanese handcrafts.

He loved Japanese handcrafts and focusing on folk art that was used for living.
The movement is called "Mingei."

The picture on the cover is "Tsugaru-nuri."
And it uses the technique of "Nanako-nuri."
It is an unusual technique.


"Negoro-nuri" is lacquerware which one of the traditional crafts in Wakayama prefecture in Japan.
It is solid and is used, more "Negoro-nuri "grow.
Damage and rub make it cool.

This cup is a black Negoro.
Now it has a rough feel.
But it will be smooth and glossy by continues to use it.

I'm looking forward to it.


An Emergence takes time.

A small impression.


I tried making sweets for first time.
It was bad, I failed.

But, I enjoy.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 06/04/2021

First impressions are important.

When I drunk matcha for the first time, I thought never to drink it again.
So it is too bitter.

As I grew up, I understood there are various kinds of matcha.
And I become to enjoy a bitter taste.

First impressions are important but, reconsidering is too.


遊水堂 updated their website address. 06/04/2021

遊水堂 updated their website address.

遊水堂 updated their website address.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 03/04/2021

I think life is like an art.

The man's way of life is like a paint.
The pictures are various kinds.

I like there are various kinds of arts.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 31/03/2021

Spring has come.
Under the circumstance, cherry blossoms are beautiful.

The world have many beautiful things.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 26/03/2021

Cherry blossoms are not in full bloom.
But I want to appreciate them until this weekend the weather will be stormy.

These are pictures of Negoroji temple, a famous Japanese Buddhist temple.

The weather was fine and suitable for a walk.
The beautiful scenery, the sound of stepping on the gravel, drifting aroma of incense sticks,
they made me peaceful.

Walking in a temple is good for health and mental health.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 23/03/2021

Wajimanuri is a technique of making lacquer.
It began around the 15th century in Wajima, Ishikawa prefecture in Japan.
The features are substantial and elegant quality.

It uses Zinoko( crushed diatomaceous earth) and raw lacquer in a base coat.
It is lacquer many times, so make strong lacquer.
A technique of gold lacquering called "Makie" is developing.
Wajimanuri is one of the famous lacquer in Japan.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 22/03/2021

2021 is the year of ox( One of the Oriental Zodiacs).

The ox is the most slowly in Animal of Zodiacs.
So it means to move ahead step by step toward the goal.

It appropriate to the year's situation.


Matcha was used for drinking in a tea ceremony.
It was for tasting a tea or mental culture and communication with high social classes in Japan.

It is now for drinking or cooking, make sweets and so on.
Drinking matcha could take in whole tea nourishment.
Matcha comes in catechin, dietary fibers, so it is rich in nutrients.

Its health benefits are attracting more attention in the world.

I have drunk it and take a walk for health maintenance.
Health maintenance is the most important in the present situation.

Pray for your health and mental health.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 17/03/2021

Come good fortune!!
So I put on lucky sparrows.
They are cute.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 13/03/2021

Takamakie Yakogai pendant

Yakogai is Turbomarmoratus in Japan
It has a beautiful mother of pearl of an inner shell.
It is for craftworks in Japan.

Takamakie is one of the lacquer techniques.
It heaps up a lacquer works.
This Takamakie is drawn with colored lacquer and silver, gold by Japanese craftspeople.

I love Japanese craftmanship and design.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 11/03/2021

These Wajima-nuri chopsticks patterns are now in fashion in Japan.
They became famous for appearing in "Kimetsu no Yaiba".

But they have been in Japan in old period and used as traditional patterns.
Japanese people called them Ichimatsu and Asanoha.

The power of the cartoon is amazing.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 13/10/2020

Akae is one of the techniques of Kutani ware.

It frequently used red paint which dissolved red oxide.
And it expresses delicately beautiful in fine lines.
The famous artist is "Buzan Fukushima".


We need time to calm down, especially when we are in a hurry.

I think so recently.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 20/04/2020

This is Kutani ware yunomi Yusai.

Saiyu is one of the Kutani ware art techniques.
It uses five kinds of glaze( Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Prussian blue).
And it's painted all over with a glaze.

To paint layers of glazes, it expresses a color change and adds a depth of color.

Yusai is a unique design of Kutani using Saiyu.
It is expressed by glaze gradation.

It is very shiny and difficult to take a photo by reflected light.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 08/04/2020

I went out for a breather.

They are "Koi-nobori" and cherry blossom.

I think an occasional relaxation is a necessity.
Mental health is very important.


Amabie is getting popular in Japanese SNS.
It is a "Yokai"(Japanese mysterious creatures).

It is said to represent its figure in a picture and display to the public so it is an incantation to drive away a plague.
Japanese people contribute Amabie's picture to SNS with a wish.

It is an incantation but people's wishes are true.
And I believe a wish has great power.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 12/01/2020

Icchin is a Japanese ceramic art technique.
It draws a pattern with a tube or a dropping pipet.
A pattern is formed into relief by using slip or glazes.
Ceramicware gains a more rich expression.

It is like a decoration pattern put to a cake by using whipped cream.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 17/12/2019

"Ju-nishi" is Japanese zodiac.
There are 12 animals.
And one animal allocated to every year.
This year is a boar.

Next year is a mouse.
It was also said that a mouse cheated a cat to become "Ju-nishi", so they are on bad terms with each other.

By the way, I heard the most popular animals in "Ju-nishi" are a dragon(the men's) and a rabbit(the women's).

Photos from 遊水堂's post 10/12/2019

Kutani yaki(ware) is a very famous Japanese traditional pottery.
It said that begun in Daisho-Ji(now Ishikawa prefecture in Japan) domain in 1655 by order of lord of domain Toshiharu Maeda.
After 50 years, the pottery had been made called "Kokutani".
It said the origin of Kutani yaki.
As the present time, Kutani yaki craftsmen are improving their skills and continuing to try new things.
They will develop Kutani yaki while inheriting the tradition of it.

I sell it mainly.
But, I couldn't remember to explain about Kutani ware on FB.
I'm a little scared of myself.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 03/12/2019

Hanazume is the technique of Japanese Kutani ware.

It is a flower decoration covers the entire surface, and outlines are painted in gold.
It is a gorgeous style of Kutani ware conspicuously.

Kutani ware has various techniques.
I think it is very attractive.


This year marks the 500th anniversary of Leonard De Vinci's death.
He is said to have created the world's first bird's-eye view.
Various viewpoints are one of the reasons why he is a universal genius.

Following him, I walked up the hill and looked down my hometown from a height to get ideas.

I was out of breath.
Let's be careful, lacking exercise.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 20/11/2019

Winter has come to Japan.
Suddenly, it became cold.

Sparrows have a cold-proof function.
A sparrow that is ruffling its feathers in winter is called “Fukura Suzume” in Japanese.
It has been regarded as a lucky charm for wealth and prosperity in Japan.
It looks very warm and cute.

Honestly, I jealous of that.


It looked like stars to me.
What do you look like it?

It is one of the three "Yohen Tenmoku tea bowl" designated as national treasures in Japan.
The treasure is exhibited at the Nara National Museum now.

A man got too near the exhibition case and crashed.
I'm sure he became absorbed in it.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 09/04/2019

I looked cherry blossoms for the first time in a while.
This place is not famous for its cherry blossoms.
It is only the sight of the countryside in Japan.

But, I think it is beautiful.
I am sure that it is a wonderful thing.

Photos from 遊水堂's post 06/12/2018

It is very funny thinking about how to use the goods.

"Mitate(見立て)" is to find a different method of doing something.
Japanese tea masters often used various goods as Japanese tea things.
For example, a cutting bamboo, a creel.

It is, so to say, they created various new value in these goods.
I think new things are everywhere.
It is very exciting.
I'll find out it someday too.


The good head on beer

This movie is about "Kutani ware".
This cup made the good head on a beer.

If you're interested in, please visit my shop.


ビデオ (すべて表示)

The good head on beer



Hashimoto, Wakayama

ショッピング・小売りのその他Hashimoto (すべて表示)
株式会社かつらぎ産業 株式会社かつらぎ産業
Hashimoto, 649-7206


道の駅 くしがきの里 道の駅 くしがきの里
Hashimoto, 6497102

2021年4月29日リニューアル! フルーツ王国かつらぎ町の四季に富んだくだものや和歌山の逸品を豊富に取り揃え。 「わかやま産品応援店」 運営者・紀農人株式会社のページです。

すみだ園 /フラワーショップ すみだ園 /フラワーショップ
Hashimoto, 648-0018

鉢花・各種園芸資材・門松・祝花・開店花 グリーンサービス(観葉植物レンタル)

Fynda 北欧アンティーク食器と雑貨のお店 Fynda 北欧アンティーク食器と雑貨のお店
Hashimoto, 648-0016

北欧アンティーク食器と雑貨のお店Fyndaのweb shopのFacebookページ

たじり精肉店 たじり精肉店
Hashimoto, 649-7205

各種イベント、パーティー等 出張販売致します。お気軽にご相談下さい!

磨〜migaki〜 磨〜migaki〜
Hashimoto, 6480072

革製品の製作販売、ビーズアクセサリーの製作販売、太極拳で使用する革剣穂の製作販売 革剣穂は意匠登録済み

天然石アクセサリーショップ *miriyu* 天然石アクセサリーショップ *miriyu*
Hashimoto, 648-0024


遊佐氷室 遊佐氷室
Hashimoto, 648-0072


楽農市場 楽農市場
Hashimoto, 648-0081

こうやブランケット こうやブランケット
Hashimoto, 648-0086

シール織製法により毛布・敷き毛布・敷きパッド・ひざ掛け等製造直販しております. 製造元ならではの高品質・低価格でお買い求め安さが自慢です。