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Congratulations on your ten-year anniversary :) Well done on all your hard work and successes :)
I got my prize in the mail today, thank you💕 I hung this year's decoration with the ones I got in the past!!!
As I continue the process of choosing a treasure for myself from your collection (it's been months of indecision now!), one of your bracelets was just gifted to me by a friend--best surprise present ever!
Thank you Erinn LaMattery for my beautiful earrings.
They’re my present to myself to celebrate being sober for 2years today!
Hi - FYI I tried to leave a review after getting a review request email, but when I tried to submit it via the email, I got a 404 PAGE NOT FOUND. :)
Just wanted to share, he wears it every day and it’s his absolute favorite! And they captured this special picture I thought you’d appreciate from our wedding day ☺️ time to order one for me! 😂
I'd like to order a new wrap, have you tried square beads? Thoughts?
I got a word of the year charm for this year. i wanted a combination of two of their products. One Facebook message and we were set. I love it!!!
Wearing our blossom earrings in the blossom 🌸💕
A little while back I requested a special custom order Tree of Life suncatcher. It was a gift in memoriam. Erinn communicated with me through every step and though I had some very specific requests she added her own ideas blending perfectly into something even better than what I was hoping for. The final result was amazing and a beautiful and individual memorial piece. I have had 3 or 4 pieces of different types made by Off On A Whim for myself and others and highly recommend the beautiful handiwork and personal service.
Thank you so much for my beautiful prize! ♥️ them! 💗

Handcrafted artisan jewelry and gifts made in Japan using natural stones. Treat yourself or gift a loved one a beautiful surprise today! Ships worldwide.

A small independent handmade jewelry and gift business, we specialize in custom made pieces designed to customer requests.

Off on a Whim creates handmade custom Japanese Power Stone jewelry. All pieces made in our studio in the hills of Wakayama, Japan, surrounded by nature and nurtured in peace. We work closely hand in hand with customers to bring their requests to reality. Every step of the way we include the customer in the decisions and choices available. All our materials are natural and of the highest quality available. As we don't sell in retail markets, we are able to keep our prices affordable for the individual. Contact us today to get started on your very own custom made piece!



Didn't those turn out lovely! Off and away over the ocean to new homes.

Winter Sky
Sea Swept
Summer Green
Spring Blossoms

All beautiful, all unique, all handcrafted.


~ Mother's Day Gift Guide ~

Last week I worked together with some other small local businesses in Japan to curate a Mother's Day Gift Guide, so many fabulous ideas! I'll be sharing a shop every day with you in case you need some ideas for sending mom some love!

Check out the guide here (insta link in bio!) and keep your eyes open for fun stuff from fun people!


A rare review from a recent Etsy customer. I’m very amused by it, and glad they found the packaging wonderful!

I spent about an hour this morning packaging up a couple orders, it’s not something I calculate into my pricing, the time spent just in packaging:
- print the insert
- stamp the bag
- wrap the item
- write a note
- print the address
- put it all in the box, tape it up then take it to the post office.

Most businesses have a staff member who does it all, but one-woman-shows do it all. I know I can never compete with Amazon‘s free shipping 1-day delivery service, but I’m not superwoman 😂


All done and ready to ship off tomorrow! And I’m down to one last Tree of Life frame so I’ll need to make up another batch of them this week!


Gathering some little sea treasures for the last touches on a Sea Tree of Life Suncatcher. 🌊


A special surprise for mom? Handcrafted silver heart pendant with birthstones for her loved ones. How sweet is that?


Cherry blossom petal snowfall! Even the ending of Sakura season is beautiful.


Have you a little collection of stones somewhere in the house? Maybe some left over from your childhood treasure hunting, or maybe more recent treasures?

If so, you may want to give them a cleansing and recharging once in awhile, reset their energies and clear out any negative energy they've accumulated.

It's not that hard to do, I did a bit of research and pulled together 5 easy ideas you can use for cleansing and recharging.


First time creating oval studs, and those stones, wow! Electric blue apatite stones are pretty amazing!


If you see this on Instagram, it has music! Enjoy my little walk through the Sakura cherry blossoms in my backyard, today was perfect!

Photos from Off On A Whim Jewelry's post 06/04/2022

Purple amethyst stones on silver threader chains, these are a fun pop of color! Threaders are fun to wear, a different style to traditional earrings, the chain hangs down the back side of the earlobe, or you can loop it through other piercings if you have them.

I really like the cut of the amethyst stones, sorta irregular and mis-matched shapes, but in the light they would have a lovely sparkle.

(see them here for more information: )


I say goodbye, you say hello 🎶

Just kidding! The Teenager has discovered The Beatles so we’ve been listening to lotsa great music lately.

And these pretties headed off a few days ago to a new journey, full of the soft delicate springtime vibes! I actually made 2 pairs so I’d have an extra set on hand just in case anyone needed a pair quick :D


A few pretties I worked on last week, I do love stones and color! And making pretty things!


Cherry blossoms in the wild!
Share your 🌸 pics with me!


🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

It's been a gloomy weekend here, which is a shame because the sakura cherry blossoms in our area are full bloom right now, and I got my 3rd booster shot and am feeling a bit cruddy.

But I'm enjoying the season vicariously through all the gorgeous pics my friends have been posting on FB and Insta, bless them! Spring is such a beautiful but temperamental season, we never know if we'll get a chance for a picnic under the beautiful blossoms or not.

And I finally got some pictures of this little Tree of Life pendant in a Sakura Cherry Blossom theme, pink stones with a little flower dangling in the branches. It's a fun way to add a bit of spring to your day all year long! I actually have TWO of these in stock, I was trying to plan ahead a little bit :)

(Check them out here for more information:


This little thing is the result of hours of ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try try and try again’! 😂 I melted down the silver again and again, drilled the hole, set the stone, failed, started over, and over, and over again. I finally did it! Hooray!!

Hopefully Take 2 won’t take so long 🤔

I have a gold ring sent to me with some tiny stones, I’m planning to deconstruct, melt it down and recreate it as a pair of earrings. That’s the idea anyway!


Sakura on Sakura 🌸

Isn’t that a happy picture!


Little Sakura cherry blossom pretties heading off today!


Trying some self-modeling but it's really tricky! Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon, cause my sons really don't want to model hoop earrings for me 😂


Goddess Ring is on its way!
Power and beauty, a constant reminder that you are perfect 😍

Turquoise, moonstone and silver come together in this beauty.


Trying out the choker size out before shipping it. Always fun to make one of these! It also doubles as a double-wrap bracelet ❤️


Testing out some new packaging! I need to get some red ink for the stamp, and maybe thicken the logo’s lines, add in my .com too?

Photos from Off On A Whim Jewelry's post 30/03/2022

Sometimes you just need a simple statement for the day!

These went off in the mail yesterday, simple oversized teardrop hoop earrings measuring about 3”/7.5 cm end to end. Made with silver wire, a bit of boho, a lot of pretty!


Another pair of these pretties are off today! And… I made a little tiny mistake on one pair, I tried to attach a little copper bead but it fell off and left behind a little bit of copper solder… so, if you love these and aren’t bothered by a tiny mishap, I’m offering them up for 20% off.

Use the coupon code HOOPS20 at checkout to apply the discount :)


🌸 Free Gift with Purchase Expiring soon! 🌸

Just a last reminder that the March Free Gift with Purchase offer will be expiring this week!

If you're on our VIP list, check your recent Off on a Whim emails for the code to claim your gift!

If you're not on the list yet, grab it here (link in bio for Insta)


March Bracelet Show and Tell


I named this Dragon Sunset because the original version created in ... 2015? had a dragon charm on it. But I've run out of the charms and haven't been able to replace them.

It's one of my favorite pieces to make, working in those beautiful rich reds and oranges on the gold leather cord, every rendition of this bracelet turns out beautiful.

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