Hachiōji Station

is a railway station in the city of Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). It opened on August 11, 1889.LinesThe Chūō Main Line passes through Hachiōji Station, which is 47.4 kilometers from the terminus of the line at Tokyo Station.

The Yokohama Line (to Higashi-Kanagawa) and Hachikō Line (to Komagawa) terminate here. The station is also served by some Sagami Line trains via the Yokohama Line, although the Sagami Line itself does not actually reach Hachiōji.Keiō Hachiōji Station on the Keio Line is located about 400 metres northeast from here.Station layoutThe station consists of three island platforms serving four tracks wit




Hachioji, Tokyo


月曜日 04:30 - 23:45
火曜日 04:30 - 23:45
水曜日 04:30 - 23:45
木曜日 04:30 - 23:45
金曜日 04:30 - 23:45
土曜日 04:30 - 23:45
日曜日 04:30 - 23:45

鉄道のその他Hachioji (すべて表示)
高尾山口駅 高尾山口駅
Hachioji, 193-0844