Katakura Station

is a railway station on the Yokohama Line in Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East).LinesKatakura Station is served by the Yokohama Line from to, and is located 2.6 km from the northern terminus of the line at Hachiōji.Station layoutThe station consists of two elevated opposed side platforms serving two tracks, with the station building located underneath.

The station has a "Midori no Madoguchi" staffed ticket office.HistoryThe station opened on 28 December 1957. A new station building with elevated tracks was completed in March 1988, coinciding with the doubling of the Yokohama line between Hachiōji and Aihara.Passenger statisticsIn fiscal 2014, the station was used by an average of 5,142 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).


Hachioji, Tokyo
その他 Hachioji タクシー (すべて表示)
みつい台自治会 みつい台自治会
Hachioji, 192-0014


北野駅 北野駅
Hachioji, 192-0911

京王堀之内駅 京王堀之内駅
Hachioji, 192-0355

中央大学・明星大学駅 中央大学・明星大学駅
Hachioji, 192-0351

株式会社 Take on ウィルライフ介護タクシー 八王子 株式会社 Take on ウィルライフ介護タクシー 八王子
Hachioji, 192-0034


南大沢駅 南大沢駅
Hachioji, 192-0364