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Yokota AB Veterinary Clinic


21-22 FEB- President's Day & Family Day
28 FEB- Inventory Day
Good morning Yokota Pet Community,

Our office will be closed today 31 JAN to conduct our End-of-Month Inventory.

We will re-open tomorrow TUES 01 FEB with our normal business hours.

Thank you.
Good morning Yokota Pet Community!

This is a friendly reminder that the clinic will be closed on MON, 31 JAN for End-of-Month Inventory.

If your pet needs a prescription re-fill, please call the clinic at 225-4363. You can leave a voicemail with your pet's name, last name on the account, what prescription you need re-filled, and a good contact number to reach you back at.

All prescriptions MUST be picked-up by COB on FRI, 28 JAN. Any prescriptions not picked-up will be returned into inventory.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Good Morning Yokota Fam! Don’t forget to apply for our Vet Tech job opening! 🐶 We are looking for a positive, energetic team player who can dive right in after being hired. We are desperately short-handed, so you can expect lots of hands-on and a fast paced schedule 🏃‍♂️ 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏻 We hope to eventually open our services to dentistry and surgery (once fully staffed!), so previous experience in these areas will make you a front runner 😁

Please apply at:

This job opening was posted last minute by our HR team, and is only open for another five days! ✋

(other benefits include unlimited snuggles from our clinic dog, Re*****on)
Good Afternoon Yokota! We wanted to inform our clients that with the new COVID precautions, we have been forced to run our clinic with half of our usual staff 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃🏻 For this reason, you may have difficulty reaching us by phone, or experience a delay in response to emails 😩 We assure you we are doing our very best to keep up, there are just too many pooches and not enough people! Some recommendations:

1) Urgent matters that require a response within 24hrs, please stop by the clinic 🏥

2) If you are in need of a prescription refill, and cannot reach us by phone, you can swing by the clinic to inform us of the refill, and we will request that you come back in 24 hours to pick up 💊

3) If your pet is not in quarantine, please consider seeking off base care. Veterinary care IS considered an authorized reason to leave base.

4) If you are in ROM, please consider having a friend take your pet off base for care.

5) If your pet is quarantined, or you are unable to take your pet off base, you may call our front desk to make an appointment, but your best bet is to come into the clinic in person for an appointment. Please keep in mind that January is mostly booked up, as there has been a HUGE influx of families PCSing with pets

Thank you everyone for your patience! We have received a lot of “I called but there was no answer!” and we are deeply apologetic for being unable to support you all better. We will get through this together 💪🏻 In the meantime, please enjoy this MWD photo from CPT Anthony, that won first place in the 2021 Vet Corps Photo Contest 🐶
Good morning Yokota Pet Community,

Our office will be closed today 30 DEC 2021 to conduct our End-of-Month Inventory.

We will re-open Monday 03 JAN 2022 with our normal business hours.

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's weekend!
Good morning Yokota Pet Community!

This is a friendly reminder that the clinic will be closed on THURS, 30 DEC for End-of-Month Inventory.

If your pet needs a prescription re-fill, please call the clinic at 225-4363. You can leave a voicemail with your pet's name, last name on the account, what prescription you need re-filled, and a good contact number to reach you back at.

All prescriptions MUST be picked-up by COB on WED, 29 DEC. Any prescriptions not picked-up will be returned into inventory.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Upcoming Holiday Schedule & Closures

23 DEC- Half Day 0800-1200
24 DEC- Clinic Closed
30 DEC- Clinic Closed for EOM Inventory
31 DEC- Clinic Closed
Importing your pet into Japan can sound daunting but it's not as scary as it sounds! It's time consuming and tedious, but it can be done smoothly with proper preparation. Below is an owner's account of events of importing their pet into Japan. It's not an official checklist, but hopefully can help provide some insight, answer some questions, or help ease your nerves a little about the process.

Also located in our albums is the Import Packet for importing pets into Japan. This is a great resource on how to contact AQS and complete the 40 day advance notification if flying in commercially.

For official sources on how to prep your pet for Japan, please review these two websites for more information. They provide all the information needed to help you and your pet(s) get here properly.



(1) Microchip Implantation (on or before 1st rabies vaccine)

(2) Two Rabies Vaccines (1st rabies must be done at least 30 days apart from the 2nd rabies. The 2nd rabies should be done before the 1st expires and should be current)

---Example: 1st rabies received on June 18th 2021
*expires June 18th 2022*

---2nd rabies received July 19th 2021 (31 days apart)
*expires July 19th 2022*

(3) FAVN – Rabies Titer Test (can be done on the same day or after the 2nd rabies before it expires) *Usually takes 4-6 weeks to receive the results in the mail*

---The 180 in-home quarantine begins the day the
FAVN is drawn.

(4) Obtain a Health Certificate completed by a USDA Veterinarian for travel (only good for 10 days).

*If you still have questions, please feel free to call us at 225-4363 or email us at [email protected]*
UPDATE as of 22 DEC 2021:

We are still experiencing ROVR outage issues. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Yokota AB VTF Staff
Good morning Yokota Pet Community,

We are experiencing major delays with the Remote Online Veterinary Record (ROVR). We are unfortunately having difficulty accessing records, prescriptions, and the scheduler.

***IF YOU HAVE A SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT TODAY, PLEASE ARRIVE TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. We will continue to see our already scheduled appointments! :) ***

***Prescription Re-fill Requests***
We can record prescription requests but will not be able to fill the scripts until we can access pet records. Expect re-fill delays. If you have already been notified that your prescription is ready-for pick up, you can still pick up and fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form for us to check-out the charges at a later time.

If you have called and left a voicemail, we will return your call as soon as we are able to view pet records so we can better assist you.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

The Yokota AB VTF Team
UPDATE: This is now closed. Thank you for those who donated!


To receive a 33lb bag of Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed 💰a $58 value💰for FREE, come by our office with a $20 value children’s gift (or several!), as a donation for our Japanese Orphanage Toy Drive. If gifts require instructions, please stick to Japanese! 🇯🇵

Come get yours soon, as there are ONLY THREE BAGS available! We will update the page as soon as all three bags are claimed 🐕

Thanks Yokota Family!! 🇺🇸
Happy Thanksgiving fellow dog & cat parents! 🦃 Quick reminder of table scraps that are healthy for your pups, and ones that should be avoided 🙂 Have a happy and safe holiday everyone! 🍗🥂

Photo Credit: Working Dog Magazine

DSN: 225-4363
US Commercial: 011-81-42-552-2510 ext. 54363
Japan Cell: +81- 042-552-2510 ext. 54363 Patients are seen by appointment only. Please allow 24-48 hours for prescription refills.

Off-base clinic packet is located in our albums. This facility cannot support emergency care or hospitalization. Emergency cases must go off base for care.


Good afternoon Team Yokota,
In observation of Juneteenth, the clinic will be closed Monday 20 June & Tuesday 21 June family day. ☺️
We will re-open Wednesday 22 June with our normal business hours.
Thank you.


Good Afternoon Team Yokota,

The Vet Clinic staff has received a short notice tasker at Camp Zama tomorrow, 10 June. We will unfortunately not be able to open our doors tomorrow. Thank you for understanding!

We will reopen our doors on Tuesday 14 June, after celebrating the US Army’s birthday on Monday! 🥳


Team Yokota,

The clinic will be closed today 06 JUN for training.

We will re-open tomorrow 07 JUN with our normal business hours.

Photos from Yokota AB Veterinary Clinic's post 31/05/2022

Is your pet on a Grain-Free Diet? If so, please keep reading!

In June 2018, the FDA issued an alert that there was a strong correlation to pets eating a Grain-Free Diet, and pets that were developing a fatal heart condition, Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). DCM is a condition in which the heart becomes weak and oversized. Without treatment, pets eventually enter Heart Failure, and can quickly die. When the pets in question were switched back to a normal diet containing grains, the condition was usually reversible, if caught early enough.

Currently, the FDA is investigating how Grain-Free Diets are causing this phenomenon. What we DO know is that small boutique pet brands are CONTINUING to market these diets, despite the ever growing evidence that they are causing fatal disease in our pets.

If your pet is receiving a Grain-Free Diet (diets containing legume, pea, lentil, potato carbohydrates) please consider switching them back to a diet containing grains (wheat, corn, barley, oats, rye, rice). If your pet is receiving a Grain-Free Diet due to an allergy or sensitive stomach, attempt to switch them to a sensitive stomach formulation that contains grains, and keep in mind that, unlike people, the culprit for canine food allergies is RARELY grains.

If you’d like to read more, check out this article from the FDA.



Good morning Yokota Pet Community,

Our office will be closed today 27 MAY to conduct our End-of-Month Inventory.
We will re-open WED 01 JUN with our normal business hours.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


We wanted to take a moment to recognize our Greensuiters in the clinic for their recent accomplishments during the Norwegian Ruck March this past Friday!

Veterinary Technicians CPL Griggs and SSG Johnson (middle), with Veterinarian CPT Anthony (right), rucked a combined 43 miles between the three of them!

Physical readiness and resiliency training is one of our most important Army missions. Being prepared for the possibility of deployment, at a moments notice, is a vital part of being stationed in the Asian Pacific AOR. Thank you Yokota Family for your support, and Comms Squadron for hosting the event!


Good morning Yokota Pet Community 🐶,

📌Important Information for owners PCSing OCONUS in June!️📌

Our facility will not have a military VCO to sign and endorse international health certificates ️from mid June - early July. Owners who are PCSing OCONUS with pets during that time can reach out to VTF's in the region such as Camp Zama or Yokosuka to check for availability or contact Japan AQS for authorized off base clinics that can complete international health certificates. ✈️

This does not affect CONUS health certificates.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our clinic at 225-4363 or [email protected].

Thank you!


Good afternoon Team Yokota,

Did you have an experience at Yokota AB VTF that you would like to share with us?

We want to know when our staff is going above and beyond and when you felt that you weren't satisfied with our services. 🐶🐱

Yokota AB VTF now has our own ICE page for your convenience in sharing these experiences with us! You can submit your feedback to ICE: Yokota Veterinary Treatment Facility, under "Health" or "374th Medical Group" or follow the link below.

Thank you all for your support!


Yokota AB VTF Closure Dates for MAY
27 MAY- Closed for End of Month Inventory
30-31 MAY Closed for Memorial Day & Family Day


Good morning Yokota Pet Community,

Our office will be closed today 29 APR to conduct our End-of-Month Inventory.
We will re-open MON 02 MAY with our normal business hours.

Thank you.

USDA APHIS | APHIS Pet Travel 25/04/2022


Hey Team Yokota! It’s that time of year again ✈️ PCS Season! See below for Health Certificate tips and tricks for success in PCSing with your BFF 🐶🐱

1) I’m PCSing back CONUS - This is easy peasy.

☑️ Step 1: Make sure all your pets’ vaccines are up to date
☑️ Step 2: Bring a copy of those records to the Yokota VTF, if they were performed off base. If certificates are in Japanese, have the practitioner translate them using the Rabies Vaccine Certificate form, posted in comments.
☑️ Step 3: Give us a call one month out from your PCS date. We will either book you a slot right then, or if we are full, we will refer you off base. Remember, off base clinics CAN write Health Certificates back to the States!

2) I’m PCSing to another country and I don’t even know where to start - Google is your friend! 🔍

☑️ Step 1: Try visiting this website
This site outlines travel from the US -> Foreign Country. Usually, the instructions outlined will provide a website for your specific country. You may then visit that website, and find the instructions for Japan -> Foreign Country.
☑️ Step 2: Alternatively, type “Pet Import ___name of country___” into Google. It will take you to an importation website if one exists.

3) I’ve found my country’s pet importation info, but it’s just too much for me to cipher through - We see you Hawaii, Guam, Singapore, & Malaysia! 🌎

☑️ Step 1: Create a timeline. Write down your departure date, and begin to outline exactly what requirements are needed at which time intervals. If you don’t know your exact departure date, put an estimate and create the timeline anyway. We can shift left or right as needed.
☑️ Step 2: Dont hesitate to contact the country’s importation services! Once the pet importation website is found, contact information will always be available. Pet importation officers are a wealth of information and can usually answer any questions you may have. They are the experts for their country!
☑️ Step 3: Once you have your timeline, and you know WHAT is needed WHEN, give us a call to book an appointment to accomplish each task. This can include vaccine updates, FAVN draws, Health Certificates, and specialty tests required by the country.

Points to remember:
💬 If your pet is flying commercial, you ALSO need to notify Japan Animal Quarantine Services. There are additional documents they require. You can visit their website here:
💬 We do not create your timelines for you. We are happy to consult as needed on the accuracy of the timeline & requirements you have researched for your country. But there are simply too many countries, too many pets, and too few hours in the day for us to help you in that way. Shipping your BFF is your responsibility!
💬 Plan ahead! Bringing vaccine records into the clinic the day of your Health Certificate exam, calling with 24hrs notice for a Health Certificate, or requesting additional last minute services during Health Certificate appointments, are simply requests we are too understaffed to accommodate, and will be refused.

Thank you all so much for your support of the Yokota AB Vet Clinic! We are proud to be a part of the Yokota Family. We wish we were a bigger facility, with more staff, more doctors, and more appointment slots. But we appreciate y’all’s understanding regardless 💛 Happy PCS Season!

USDA APHIS | APHIS Pet Travel The .gov means it’s official. Federal government websites always use a .gov or .mil domain. Before sharing sensitive information online, make sure you’re on a .gov or .mil site by inspecting your browser’s address (or “location”) bar.


Good morning Yokota Pet Community!

This is a friendly reminder that the clinic will be closed on FRI, 29 APR for End-of-Month Inventory.

If your pet needs a prescription re-fill, please call the clinic at 225-4363. You can leave a voicemail with your pet's name, last name on the account, what prescription you need re-filled, and a good contact number to reach you back at.

All prescriptions MUST be picked-up by COB on THURS, 28 APR. Any prescriptions not picked-up will be returned into inventory.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Good Morning Team Yokota!

⚠️ VERY important information alert! ⚠️

As you may know, one of our primary missions is preparing pets for a possible Emergency Evacuation (NEO/EEP). ☢️ In the event of a natural disaster, act of war, or other scenario requiring a mass evacuation from Japan, we want everyone’s pets to be included in this evacuation. ✈️ Check out the following tips for ensuring your pet will be allowed on the evacuation flight.

‼️Remember, if these criteria are NOT met, the flight line will REFUSE your animal, and they will be forced to stay behind ‼️

☑️Rabies Certificate is presented, is in English, and is up-to-date (less than a year old)
☑️NEO/EEP packet Health Certificate (DD2209, issued by the Yokota VTF) includes your pet’s current Rabies shot (less than a year old)
☑️You have an appropriately sized travel crate

Things that will result in your pet being denied from an evacuation flight

❌NEO/EEP packet Health Certificate (DD2209) has an expired Rabies vaccine on it (over a year old)
❌Rabies vaccine certificate is missing, in Japanese, or is not up-to-date (over a year old)
❌Your pet does not have an appropriately sized crate for travel

Things that the clinic can NOT provide when an Emergency Evacuation is taking place

🐱 Rabies Vaccines 🐱 When a true emergency evacuation is taking place, the Veterinarian is present to in-process and validate pets’ records. We will NOT be updating Rabies shots, as we carry very few at a time, and will not have the manpower.

🐶 Pet feeding & walks 🐶 During a NEO/EEP, pets will be housed temporarily in their travel kennels while pet parents in-process in other areas for the evacuation. You, and a small number of volunteers, will be responsible for letting your pet out for bathroom breaks, and feeding them. We usually recommend that you have a weeks worth of food taped to the top of their kennel.

What can I do to prepare?

🔍 Check your pet’s Rabies Certificate. Do you know where it is? Is it over a year old? Is it in English? Please ensure it is updated, or give us a call if you have questions
🔍 Check your pet’s NEO/EEP packet (DD2209). Do you know where it is? Does it have a valid (




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