Moaura Nails And Sunny Latte, Fussa, Tokyo Videos

Videos by Moaura Nails And Sunny Latte in Fussa. Cafe & Nail Salon right in front of the Fussa gate of Yokota Base (last order 6:30pm)

Gummy Nails💅

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Gummy Nails💅

It’s really warm today, so we put our fan on to cool down the shop✨ We can see the blue sky through the window and it feels so nice🌼 今日は気温が高いので、お店ではファンをつけて涼しくしています✨ 窓から見える外の天気が良くて、とても気持ちが良いです🌼

桜吹雪🌸 サクラが風に吹かれている風景はとっても綺麗で好きですが、散ってしまう寂しさもありますね また来年もサクラの季節が楽しみです✨️ Sakura Snow🌸 It's so pretty when the wind blows Sakura in the air, but it's also a little bit sad to think that they will be gone soon💓 Cannot wait for them to blossom again next year✨️

The Sakura trees in front of the shop are all blooming and it's so pretty🌸 Are you all enjoying the nice spring weather?☺️ お店の目の前のサクラも満開になりました🌸 春らしい過ごしやすい気温で、気持ちが良いですね☺️

Our shop is a very small place with a few cafe chairs and one nail station😊 We hope that all our customers are enjoying the homey coziness of this little shop🏠✨ Also, we have often been asked if it's a cafe or a nail salon. The answer is BOTH! We put our best effort on both cafe and nails, so there's no main business☀️

We have a bench and 2 chairs infront of the shop for our customers to sit outside☀️🪑 On a nice day like today, you can enjoy your coffee and Amazake with the nice fresh breeze outside✨ お店の前にはカフェのお客様専用の木のベンチと椅子をご用意しています☀️🪑 気持ちの良い今日のような日には、コーヒーやあまざけを風に当たりながらお楽しいただけます✨

Sunny-pan & Sakura latte or Bloody Mary? Here or to go? 😋

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We are open today!! It's so windy out and it makes it feel much colder with the wind🥶 Although our view with the clear blue sky from the warm room is such a bless❤ We've been having a problem with the online booking system (AGAIN) since last week and it's been making us worried for a while now😅 We are very sorry if it was causing you any troubles. And we are always taking appointments through messages too✨ 本日もオープンしています! かなり風が強くて気温も余計低く感じる天気ですね🥶 お店の中はとっても暖かくて、窓から見える景色は青空が広がっていてとても気持ちが良いです❤ ここの所、オンライン予約システムの調子が悪くて参っている私達😅 どうしてこうも問題が頻繁に起きるのでしょう😂 ご予約はメッセージでも承っています✨

大雨の後はキレイな虹が🌈 They say "There's always a rainbow after rain." It won't rain forever🌈

This is how it looks with big jewelries on the previous post💎🥰 ひとつ前の投稿のデザインは動くとこのように見えます💎🥰

3D Jewelry Nails💍 It will be renewed every month with birth stone! ~November Topaz~ 毎月更新!3D誕生石ネイル💍 ~11月 トパーズ~

3D Jewelry Nails💍 It will be renewed every month with birth stone! ~October Opal~ 毎月更新!3D誕生石ネイル💍 ~10月 オパール~

How to use the Foil Remover Wrap
《How to use the Foil Remover Wrap》 We've made a video of how to use the Foil Remover Wrap which is for gel removal at home! You can purchase them at our store ¥60 per 1 Foil, ¥500 per 10 Foils *tax included 《セルフでのジェルネイルの落とし方》 今回は、セルフジェルネイルオフのやり方を動画にしました! 「急にネイルを落とさなきゃならないけどサロンに行けない!」などの事態に用意しておけるジェルリムーバーパックを使用した簡単な方法です。 店頭では1パック(指1本)¥60、10パック(フルセット)¥500 税込にて販売しています