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Fussa, TokyoのGovernment Organizationsを見つける。リスティングに含まれるもの Yokota Force Support Squadron, Exchange, Yokota Arts and Crafts Center, Yokota Community Centers, Yokota AB Veterinary Clinic, 515th Air Mobility Operations Group (AMOG).

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Yokota Force Support Squadron A Yokota Force Support Squadron

The Best Serving the Best! FSS

Exchange B Exchange
Unit 5203, Bldg. 4018
Fussa, 96328

Shopping the Exchange pays dividends! Army and Air Force Exchange Service generated $223 million for military Quality-of-Life programs in 2018. Shopping and dining at the Yokota Main Exchange generated $509,706.21 in MWR dividends.

Yokota Arts and Crafts Center C Yokota Arts and Crafts Center
Bldg. 334, Yokota Air Base

Your source for all creativity! 225-7837

Yokota Community Centers D Yokota Community Centers

Taiyo CC Yujo CC

Yokota AB Veterinary Clinic E Yokota AB Veterinary Clinic
Bldg 4145C
Fussa, 96328

Phone: 225-4363 Monday - 0800 to 1530 Tuesday - 0800 to 1530 Wednesday - 0800 to 1530 Thursday - 0800 to 1400 Friday - 0830 to 1530 **Closed for lunch every day from 1130 to 1300**

515th Air Mobility Operations Group (AMOG) F 515th Air Mobility Operations Group (AMOG)

Welcome to the 515 AMOG! Our Mission is to enable global Air Mobility for America and our partners through the pacific; Safely, By the Book...Then On Time!

374th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Yokota Air Base G 374th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Yokota Air Base

Disclaimer: This page is for official events, media, and inquiries regarding the 374th Logistics Readiness Squadron, not to display or solicit personal items or services for sale. Posts containing profanity or disparaging remarks will be removed.

Samurai Cafe Dining Facility H Samurai Cafe Dining Facility
Fussa, 96326

Authorized Patrons: Enlisted Members entitled to SIK (Meal Card) Enlisted Members Drawing basic allowance for subsistence (BAS) Unit Commanders or Directors, their deputies and c...

Wakamono School Age Care I Wakamono School Age Care
Building 3258 Yokota Air Base West Side
Fussa, 96326

Facilitate family self-reliance and reinforce military values. Ensure availability of predictable programs and services for eligible children.

Retiree Activities Office Yokota Air Base J Retiree Activities Office Yokota Air Base
Building 535, Room 108, Yokota Air Base
Fussa, 197-0001

The Retiree Activities Office provides information and assistance to military retirees and their families in the Tokyo area and is staffed by volunteers.

Yokota Sponsorship K Yokota Sponsorship
Yokota Air Force Base

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