Your online shop for guaranteed high quality products sold and made in Japan. Our store sells pre-loved items that are bought at Japanese recycle shops.

Brand new products that are made in Japan are also available.

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Hello iiShoppers! Ubosin na to❗️❗️❗️
All are in discounted prices para maubos na❗️❗️
These quality but very affordable bags are waiting for you kaya PM na❗️

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2nd batch! Slings, purses, totes, cute designs hand bags
We also accept pasaBuy for some designer items! Please scroll to see! Happy iiShopping!

Photos from iiShopper.Japan's post 10/05/2024

Hello iiShoppers! We’re back! With all original, quality, and in good condition but very affordable bags. Scroll and pili na! We’re very excited to reply to your PMs!
This is our first batch, second batch will be posted in a while!

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Bags Paubos SALE❗️prices on the caption
On hand- Davao City

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Still available! Pili na!
ETA: December 22, 2023

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3rd batch of bags hauled: Small size totes, slings and purses. Very affordable, stylish and cute. Please scroll and Pm for inquiries.
Estimated arrival: December 22, 2023

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Only in Japan kitkat anyone? Pm for orders! 🥰

Photos from iiShopper.Japan's post 10/12/2023

2nd batch bags hauled: duffle bags, light weight large capacity bags, large totes, travel bags. Scroll and PM for inquiries. Pili na!!!
Estimated arrival: December 22,2023

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Hisashiburi iiShoppers!!! First batch of pre-loved bags haul. If you’re looking for very affordable backpacks, f***y packs and sling bags scroll na!! All are authentic and premium quality. Perfect for Christmas gift ideas.
Estimated arrival: December 22, 2023

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The long wait is over😍! On hand items fresh from Edmonton Alberta Canada 🇨🇦
Just DM the Ecstatic Canadian Goodies.ph page❤️

📌100% Legit & Authentic‼️
📌They don’t sell fake items!‼️
📌For a very affordable price only!‼️

✅They are open for a Wholesaler & Reseller.
✅They ship nationwide via J&T.

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Affordable beauty products from Japan!
Coming this July! Pm for orders!

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Happy Sunday iiShoppers! New batch of pre loved bags! Coming this last week of July. Scroll and PM na!
(Please use the code no. of the item for easy inquiries)


flavors: chocolate latte, coffee latte, mixed berries, matcha

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Collecting orders! Arrival is on the last week of July

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Most popular and best selling Japanese beauty products (based on reviews and awards)

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Paubos sale❗️

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Almost all items are 500 and below and are ready to be yours so imine na! (On hand- Davao City)


Affordable whitening serum made in Japan available on hand. Just pm us

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Happy Sunday iiShoppers! These are all on hand na in Davao. Still available pa so pili2 na!

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Hello iiShoppers! Hisashiburi desu! Still available bags and they’re coming to the Philippines this May! Pili na!!!


Your orders are coming this May

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Collecting orders before shipping! Pm na!

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Hello mga ka iishopper pls follow the page of my niece. Thank you.😍

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Happy Sundays iiShoppers! backpacks and more! PIli na!
Estimated arrival: April- May

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Happy Sunday iiShoppers! New stocks! Scroll and pm na!
Estimated arrival: April-May 2023

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If you’re looking for effective and authentic beauty products from Japan here they are. For a healthier, younger looking and more beautiful YOU Pm na!

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New stocks! Totes, slings, backpacks, wallet and a lot more! Scroll na and just Pm us for the price!
estimated arrival: April 2023

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Hello iiShoppers! PAUBOS SALE‼️Some items are in Davao and some are coming this March. Pili na BIG BIG SALE awaits‼️

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Backpacks and more‼️Coming this March❗️
Start scrolling now, and just PM us for the price.
Happy weekend iiShoppers‼️

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On hand BRAND NEW, authentic VICTORIA SECRET bags.Please PM us for the price




Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka

アパレル・衣料品のその他Fukuoka-shi (すべて表示)
PartiR daimaru PartiR daimaru
Fukuoka-shi, 810-8717


Torayachain Online SHOP Torayachain Online SHOP
Fukuoka-shi, 810-0001

福岡の天神エリアにタイプの異なる6つのセレクトショップを展開。 各店

Mentai City Mentai City
Fukuoka-shi, 812-0008

福岡を代表する食べ物を街の名前にしました。 MENTAI CITY ロゴ感が良く気に

McC_Official McC_Official
Fukuoka-shi, 8100024

大切なのはタイミングとストーリー 選んでいただいた方のもの語りによりそう物づくりを行っております。

unripe_fkk unripe_fkk
博多区住吉2-6-17 ウィステアリア 102
Fukuoka-shi, 8120081

UNRIPE 〒812-0018 福岡市博多区住吉2-6-17 ウィステアリア 102 092-271-0801 Open 12:00 ~ 20:00

Doubleheart_sunap Doubleheart_sunap
野間1-15-10 岸川第二ビル103号
Fukuoka-shi, 815-0041

株式会社ボネオ boneo co.,ltd 株式会社ボネオ boneo co.,ltd
Fukuoka-shi, 8140002


Calzedonia Calzedonia
2-1-59, Daimyo, Chuo-ku
Fukuoka-shi, 8100041

ジャランジャラン天神店 ジャランジャラン天神店
中央区天神1-4-1大丸福岡天神店 本館2F
Fukuoka-shi, 810-0001

2022年3月27日閉店いたしました。 近隣店舗のご案内 ●博多駅地下街1F Jastch Viflu(ジャッチヴィフル)博多駅地下店 ●ソラリプラザ3F Jastch Viflu(ジャッチヴィフル)ソラリア店

Kasaneru カサネル Kasaneru カサネル
Fukuoka-shi, 8100021

Reinabiru2F 4-18-17 Yakuin Chuo-ku
Fukuoka-shi, 810-0022