Airbnb Japan,Fujisawa

Airbnb Japan,Fujisawa

Hi !! We're Jean and Takashi
Malaysi an and Japanese couple. Just got marri ed :)
We're running airbnb in Fujisawa Jap an. Hope you enjoy your stay :-)


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Places that you can visit wh en you stay in Fujisawa!
Hop on Enod en and visit these places!!! You mig ht need more than one day to enj oy Shonan!

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I'm very happy to introduce my activi ty and my farm restaurant for travele rs :)
Finally I organized one experience to ur on airbnb.
It's eating lunch at my restaura nt then going to pick my blueber ry up !

Check out the activity detai ls and book it at:

If y ou are going to travell to Kamau ra or Enoshima Island, my place isn 't so far.

Above link is our bl og !
You can find details here !

Fe el free to ask me any questions.
Ho pe to see you soon :)

Takashi a nd Jean

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We would like to share o ur secret spot in Kamakura with y ou: Hokoku-ji, the bamboo temple in Kamakura.

Hokoku- ji is not as popular as oth er temple in Kamakura because it is a b it far away from the station. Howev er, you can take a bus fr om Kamakura station, or walk around 30 minut es to reach this place. Highly recommend ed to come because it is total ly worth it!

You can find detai ls here

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Limited event while 2018Nov23th~2019Feb17th.

1hour from Tok yo, this is much more beautiful th an I thought !!!
Entrance fee is on ly 200yen !
Lighting up between 5pm~9pm.

I recomme nd going to Enoshima around 2pm.
You c an take a nice walk and s ee beautiful sun-set then enjoy amazing lighti ng up.

It will be memorable time f or sure :)

You can find mo re details below blog.
We are writing mo re about Enoshima and Fujisawa city.

Hope y ou enjoy your stay in Japan :)

#江ノ島 # 藤沢

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Enoshima 江ノ島 island is very enjoyab le place only 1 hour from Tok yo :)
Very nice view, old street, a b it of hiking, special foods, culture etc...
High ly recommend to come to Enoshima a nd Fujisawa city if you are looki ng for somewhere nice place near Tok yo :)

You can find more details bel ow link :)
We are writing more detai ls about Enoshima and Fujisawa city.

Airbnb Japan,Fujisawa updated their business hou rs. 29/11/2018

Airbnb Japan,Fujisawa updated their business hou rs.

Airbnb Japan,Fujisawa updated their business hou rs.

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Sakura is fully in bloom in Kyoto! !🌸




Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa

ホテルのその他Fujisawa-shi (すべて表示)
ホテル法華クラブ湘南 藤沢 ホテル法華クラブ湘南 藤沢
鵠沼石上1丁目6-1 ホテル法華クラブ湘南藤沢B1F エリア: 藤
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0025


Fujisawa-shi, 251-0055


江ノ島ゲストハウス 134 江ノ島ゲストハウス 134
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0035

”海と旅を愛する人が自然と集まれる宿”がコンセプト。 【施設】 江ノ島ゲストハウス134:1人旅・グループ旅行など 江ノ島ゲストハウス134 ANNEX:女性専用・1人旅・グループ旅行など

民宿旅館 重助 民宿旅館 重助
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0036

【江ノ島にある海から歩いて3分の活魚磯料理の静かな民宿旅館】神奈川県藤沢市にある『民宿旅館 重助』のFacebookページです。

8hotel shonan fujisawa 8hotel shonan fujisawa
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0023

「1週間が8日あったら人は、 どんなインスピレーションをそこで抱くのだろうか」 Feel Culture, Feel Local, Feel Social 湘南のビーチカルチャーを体験できるホテル by @shonanlabel

アルモントイン湘南藤沢 アルモントイン湘南藤沢
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0052


江の島アイランドスパ 江の島アイランドスパ
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0036


ホテルウィングインターナショナル湘南藤沢 ホテルウィングインターナショナル湘南藤沢
Fujisawa-shi, 2510052

JR「藤沢駅」より徒歩2分。小田急線&江ノ電「藤沢駅」より徒歩5分。 ビジネスでのご利用はもちろん、江ノ島や鎌倉観光の拠点として大変便利です。

カプセルホテル湘南 Capsule Hotel Shonan カプセルホテル湘南 Capsule Hotel Shonan
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0052

藤沢駅より徒歩7分 カプセルホテル湘南の頁です。

東横イン 湘南鎌倉藤沢駅北口 東横イン 湘南鎌倉藤沢駅北口
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0052